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Big Time Horse Ranch

Date: 07/08/14 6:15 PM
From: lizy21

Plot:BTR and 5SOS meet eight girls at a horse ranch.
Kendall's crush is closed.

Name:Alexandria Mikaela Reeves
NN:Alexa*The other girls*,Alex*BTR*,Lex*5SOS*,Lexi*Kendall*
Age:19*19 or 20*
CLA or Appearance:Straight Shoulder Blade Length Light Brown Hair,
Brown Eyes,Light Freckles Across Her Nose and Cheeks,Dimples,Light Tan
Kind Of Horse She Has:Light Brown Horse named Kenzley
Regular Clothes:Like Cece on Shake It Up
Riding Clothes:Purples,Grey,White Plaid Skirt,Relaxed Jeans,Brown Cowgirl
Competition Outfit:Blue and Green Plaid Shirt,Skinny Jeans,Brown Cowgirl
Extra:She has a black kitten and a grey one too.The black one is Starlight
and the grey one is Smokey.

"Life's To Short To Be Organized."
~Kendall Schmidt

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Date: 07/14/14 7:13 PM
From: theword56

hey thanks you

Date: 07/10/14 12:50 PM
From: SlyCarm4ev

@lizy21 Thanks !
Name: Gracelyn Emily M
NN: Grace *the other girls* Emma *BTR* Emmy *5SOS* Lily or Lil *Logan*
Age: 20
CLA or Appearance: Straight dirty blonde hair with a headband in her hair all the time and a blue streak on the left side of her head and a headband in her hair all the time, chocolate brown eyes, fair color skin, 5'9", skinny, straight white pearly teeth
Personality: Very Sweet, friendly, likable, lovable, very funny, kind, honest, caring, adventurous, outgoing, childish, curious, fun to be around, goofy *but serious when she needs to be*, talkative, a good listener, down 2 earth, & smart *doesn't act it though; their secret smarts*
Kind of horse she has: A Painted Horse name Skye *girl*
Regular Clothes: Hot pink dress, pink leggings, blue sequin jean vests, blue headband, silver horse necklace, pink/blue keyboard necklace, silver horse earrings, pink flats
Riding Clothes: Pink, blue, and white plaid shirt, silver horse necklace, pink/blue keyboard necklace, silver horse earrings, boot cut blue jeans, pink headband, blue cowgirl boots
Competition Outfit: pink and white plaid long-sleeve skirt, blue skinny jeans, silver horse necklace, pink/blue keyboard necklace, silver horse earrings, blue cowgirl boots
Crush: Logan
COH: Logan
Friends: Everyone
Enemies: None
Extra: She is American & British & she has a British accent *mom is British & dad is American*. She loves singing, acting, dancing, cooking, drawing, scrap-booking, swimming, roller skating, bowling, playing guitar, bass, violin, keyboards/piano, having fun & hanging out with her friends. If something starts to go wrong, she attends to start freaking out *her friends are usually the ones who calm her down* She is OBSESS with the video game series Sly Cooper *all 4 of the video games plus PlayStation All Stars* & Disney INFINITY. When she plays Infinty she likes to be either Elsa or Vileot. She has an orange tabby kitten named Carmelita *girl* that she named after a character from Sly Cooper.

Thank you again !
SHIELDfan3/ SlyCarm4ev/Hayniac97/LouLogFan9/OHMYLOU97/BTR1D97
Mixerectioner, Hayniac, Louis Tomlinson, Jade Thrilwall, & Hunter Hayes Fan FOREVER


Date: 07/09/14 11:26 PM
From: reable10

Can you plz save me Michael's crush?

Date: 07/09/14 5:00 PM
From: lizy21

How old is she?

Logan's crush is reserved for SHIELDfan3.

"Life's To Short To Be Organized."
~Kendall Schmidt


Date: 07/09/14 11:59 AM
From: SHIELDfan3

Can you save me Logan's crush plz? I am leaving to see a movie. I will post her when I get back!

Date: 07/08/14 11:55 PM
From: DsnyGrl

Name: Saige

CLA or Appearance: Elbow length straight Black hair, Piercing Chocolate brown eyes, light tan fair skin, 1 small dimple next to mouth, Pretty tall*about 5'10
Personality: Nice, Sweet, Competitive, Hard-working, Prankster, Smart, Music lover, Fun, Calm, Rebellious, Risk-taker, Shy*sometimes*
Kind of horse: A white Connermara Pony Horse named Indie
Regular Clothes: Crop tops, shorts, baggy sweatpants, Graphic T-shirts, Band t-shirts, hightops, hair in ponytail when in public
Riding clothes: faded Black denim jeans, white tanktop, red flannel plaid shirt*not buttoned up*, Usually Black converse but sometimes cowgirl boots
Competition Outfit: Black skinny jeans, Cowgirl boots, Red Blazer with black lining, white tanktop
Crush: Ashton*a little (doesn't want to admit it)*
COH: Ashton
Friends: Everyone
Enemies: None, Sometimes Ashton and a couple others who challenge her
Extra: She loves playing on the drums and singing, She has been riding horses for 8 years, is allergic to strawberries