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Big Time Next Generation! Fanfic

Date: 07/26/14 9:11 PM
From: omgitzvik

PLOT: in 20 years later, The Big Time Rush boys have kids!
I wonder what adventures they'll have together! :DD

Kendall and Jo: 3 girls, 1 boy *1 girl taken, 1 boy taken*

James and Lucy: 2 boys, 1 girl *1 boy taken*

Carlos and Alexa: 3 boys, 2 girls

Logan and Camille: 1 boy, 5 girls

If you want to make a character, fill out the form below!

Name:Kaylei Marie Knight/ Luke Dominic Diamond, Ryan Gerald Knight
Birthday: September 13, 1998/ May 15, 1998/ June 8, 1996
Descent:Portguese and Scottish/ Italian and French/ Scottish and Portguese
Nicknames: Kay *Luke*, Kay-Kay *Everyone*/ None/ Ry-Man *Kendall*, Ry *everyone* Ry-bread *Kaylei*
CLA:Elizabeth Gillies in 2010,but with tan skin and golden blonde hair/ Young Shia LeBouef/ Calum Worthy from Austin and Ally
Looks: Tan skin, golden blonde hair with platinum blonde highlights, green eyes, and dimples/ dark brown Liam Payne curly hair, brown eyes, fair skin, and a dot on his cheek./ Dirty blonde hair,
fair skin, green eyes, and a dot on his nose
Height:5'2/ 5'11/ 5'11
Personality: Friendly, easy-going, out-going, calm, sarcastic, a good listener, and fun to be around./Nice, jocky, sporty, funny, calm, cool, collected, and fun to be around./ Calm, over-portective of Kaylei,
smart, and bookworm
Friends:Everyone/Almost everyone/Almost everyone
Enemies:None/Ryan/ Luke
Crush:Luke/Kaylei/ *Make one for him*
Extra:Has a dog named Bean/ Not as obsessed with his looks as his father/He talks to himself

I hope you love tihs fanfic! :D

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Date: 10/13/14 4:33 PM
From: omgitzvik

For what you are about to hear, I apologize. But, I'm gonna have to cancel this fanfic. Again, I apologize to you, @shieldfan3, and to those who are reading.

Also,thank you as well, for what? Wait, I'll tell you. Thank you, to the readers for reading this fanfic, and thank you @shieldfan3, for being my co-writer for this story, although I put no effort in this story lolz.

Also, I will be taking a break from writing fanfics, like I took a break from the nick boards. But, this one will be longer. Thank you for reading this post.
No, we are NOT continuing this story, sorry.
But, stay tuned for some more fanfics amade by me and shieldfan3 in the future! :DD


Date: 10/12/14 8:22 PM
From: omgitzvik


Date: 10/12/14 4:59 PM
From: Barbie1960

@Omgitzvik is my girl Bradley in??

Date: 10/12/14 2:42 PM
From: dynamicty

Are you still continuing?

Date: 09/28/14 7:08 PM
From: Elsa3Olaf3

@omgitzvik It's okay, I understand! I've been busy lately too! Just wish this wasn't my last year on here !

Mixerectioner, Hayniac, Louis Tomlinson, Jade Thrilwall, & Hunter Hayes Fan FOREVER


Date: 09/27/14 9:14 PM
From: omgitzvik

I'm soo sorry! As far as this story goes, I left you high and dry!! SOO sorry!! I promise I'll do a chapter as soon as possible! So sorry! (Wow, that was the 3rd time XD)

Date: 09/27/14 4:44 PM
From: meganfun55

the story is great keep making more

Date: 09/25/14 1:42 PM
From: Elsa3Olaf3

@dynamicty Oh, I think I see what you are talking about. I didn't put Boo Boo. I put Boo, Boo. He's not saying Boo Boo, he's saying Boo. Boo. It's not one, its twice. Let think of a example of what I m talking about.
Um...Oh do you know that one F.R.I.E.N.D.S. episode when Monica is dating someone and she breaks it off, and everyone is trying to get her attention when she comes into the apartment wearing headphones? they say "Mon. Mon. MON!" and then they get her attention the third time. They aren't saying Mon Mon Mon, they are saying Mon. Mon. Mon, three times, not all Mon at once. So that's what I did with Boo. He's not saying Boo Boo. He's saying Boo twice.
I know it might have been hard to follow a little, but does that clear things up?

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Date: 09/24/14 6:26 PM
From: dynamicty

@Elsa3Olaf3-It said Boo Boo

Date: 09/22/14 4:44 PM
From: Elsa3Olaf3

@dynamicty I know! i put it in the chapter.
@kourtnie16 I don't want to but if omgitzvik wants to, that's fine.

SHIELDfan3/ SlyCarm4ev/Hayniac97/Elsa3Olaf3
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Date: 09/22/14 12:44 PM
From: omgitzvik

Sure! You can help! :)

Date: 09/21/14 3:36 PM
From: dynamicty

@Elsa3Olaf3-Logan calls Celeste Becca Boo

Date: 09/20/14 12:23 AM
From: kourtnie16

Can I help? Its fine if you dont want me as a double. But here is a chapter just to help a bit.

Skylar's POV
*After school*
Sky:Grace!!! Are you here?????
Sky:Can you take Jackie and I to the mall?
Grace:Has it been a rough day? (Noticing her eye is red)
Sky:Sure. (Sarcastically) If you call getting no ice after you get hit in the eye with a hard dodgeball,then yeah.
Jackie: Saw it fly right in her eye
Jackie:Can we take photos in the booth?
Boo:I wanna come too!!! *Starts crying*
Grace:Can she? I mean,LOOK AT HER FACE!!!!
Both Jackie and Sky:Fine
Grace:OH NO!!!!! We need a babysitter for Tommy!!!
* Calls Kaylei *
//phone call\\
Grace:We need you!
Kaylei:On my way!!
//End of Phone Call\\

Hope you like it!!!!!

(Can the next chapter be about Grace,Jackie and Skylar losing Boo?)*Suspension!!!!!*


Date: 09/15/14 3:53 PM
From: Barbie1960

@Omitzvik I Know you all ready started but I make a new girl who joins them??
Name: Brianna W. H.
Birthday: October 17, 1998
Descent: American, Canadian, English, and Italian
Nicknames: Bradley *EVERYONE!!* Brad *Her BFF* Haze *Some of the boys*
CLA: Katie Douglas ( She from a show on the Hub called Spooksville)
Looks: Straight brown hair, Tan skin, and Brown eyes
Height: 5'2
Personality: Sassy, Wise, Outgoing, Perky, Fearless, Smart, Witty, Sarcastic, Athletic, A Tomboy/Girly girl and Cute.
Friends: All most everyone
Enemies: One of the other girls
Crush: One of the boys
Extra: Is a grate Singer, and is really good at playing the guitar, Likes to act at times, Skateboarding, and Solving Mysteries and going on Adventures!
Still Hope your letting charters in!!
**Barbie1960** If you would of told me a year ago this would be my new home I would of laughed at you!- Adam Freeman Spooksville

Date: 09/14/14 8:33 PM
From: dynamicty

Can't wait for chapter 2

Date: 08/27/14 8:36 PM
From: omgitzvik

Hey shieldfan3, I know you're expecting a chapter.. i'm really sorry, but, I'm gonna take a short break from the boards. I hope you're not too mad. When I get back, I'll post another chapter, for now, bye.

Date: 08/24/14 9:32 PM
From: omgitzvik

@shieldfan3, of course! :) Good chappie by the way!

Date: 08/24/14 1:37 PM
From: Elsa3Olaf3

Chapter 1 Part 2
Logan's POV
"Okay, Grace, do you have time to drop Jessie, Tommy, Beth & Jackie off at their schools? I have a very busy day today and need to get started as soon as I can" I say. "Well, they will take up the whole room in the Blueberry, but I can get them to school and extra time for me to get to college early." She answered. "Great, I will take Lexi and Boo with me. Thank you Grace." I say praising her and then I pick up Boo. "No problem. Alright kids, let's go!" She said like Camille says every morning. "Question, can we listen to the Frozen soundtrack on our way to school?" Jessie asks as we walked out the door. "FROZEN!" Boo said loudly, luckily the door was closed. I then unlock the car and put her into her car seat. "Yes, we can." Grace said handing Jessie her lunch box, which has Elsa and Anna on it. "Yay!" Jessie says running to the Blueberry, Grace's car. She unlocked the car and looked at me as I closed the car door. "Good luck." I say. She smiles and says "Good thing I like the movie and soundtrack a lot. I am gong to be hearing it all day. Bye dad." she said heading towards her car. "Bye Grace." I say. We both got into our cars and left. I hope Camille enjoys her day. She deserves a day to herself. She does so much for the kids and me, that it would be wrong for her not to have 'her time'.
Hope it was good !

SHIELDfan3/ SlyCarm4ev/Hayniac97/Elsa3Olaf3
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Date: 08/24/14 1:35 PM
From: Elsa3Olaf3

Chapter 1 Part 1 *I have to do it in two parts*
Logan's POV *Point of View*
I woke up and yawn. Can't believe its morning already. I got out of and got dress without waking Camille. She is always getting up early and helping the kids get ready, so I decided I would do it by myself today. I walked out of our room and closed the door slowly. I then walk down the hall to Gracelyn's, our 19 year old daughter and oldest out of the kids, room. I knocked on her door and then said "Grace, wake up, time to get ready for school." "I up, dad. Just getting the last things together for my first day." she responded. She is starting her freshman year of college today, so don't want her to be late. "Okay, good." I said and then started walking to Alexis room. I made it to Alexis', our 18 year old, room. "Lexi, are you up?" I heard movement "Now i am." "Okay, get ready, you don't want to be late." I said and then turned around and walk a few steps and then I make it to Jacqueline's & Skylar's, our 16 year old's, room "Jackie, Beth, time to wake up." "We are up dad!" They both said at the same time. "Okay, good." I said and the I walk down the hallway and make my way to Thomas', our 10 year old and only boy, room. I knocked on the door and it open a little "Hey buddy, you up?" I said and then he opened the door "Yup, and I am ready for breakfast too!" He said grabbing his backpack. "I'm sure Grace is making something. You can't keep her out of the kitchen" I said "And she is a better cook then mom." Tommy said. "Agreed, but don't they mom that!" I said. Tommy gesture his lips are locked then he heads to the kitchen. I then turn around knock on Jessica's, our 8 year old, room "Jessie, are you up?" I hear her yawn and then she says "Barely." and then she walks out "Who made this stupid rule that school starts so early in the morning!" "The man, that's who." I said and the kiss her head. "I can't wait until our next vacation." she said and then headed towards the kitchen. I then made it to Celeste's, our precious 4 year old daughters, room. I open the door slowly and peeked in. I saw her sleeping, I hate waking her up, but she starts preschool today. Wow didn't notice that our oldest was starting college, our second oldest was starting her senior year in high school, and our youngest was starting pre-k. Where does time go? I walked into her room and saw her tightly hugging her dumbo stuff animal. I smiled and then said "Boo, Boo, it's time to wakey wakey." I saw her slowly open her eyes and the she puts a big smile on her face and said "Daddy!" She jumped up and hugged me. "Alright kiddo, time to get dressed." I got her dressed, then I picked her up and we went to the kitchen. Grace was cooking, just as I thought, and already had the lunches packed and ready to go for everyone. She even had a cup of coffee made for me! And it has only been about 10 minutes! I grab my coffee and drank from it. "Great cup of coffee Grace." I said. "thanks dad." Grace said setting down the last plate she made, which was for herself. "so, I take it that you are excited to be starting college?" I asked her. "Excited, yes...And nervous!" Grace said. "Why?" I asked her curiously. She is good at making points, and I like hearing them. "Well, It's like starting your first day of high school, but this school, you already know who you are and what you want to be most of the time. Which is why I am both excited and nervous! I mean what if what I want to do I turn out being HORRIBLE at! What will I do for a degree if that happens?" Grace said starting to freak out. "Okay, Grace, clam down!" Lexi said then added "It won't be the end of the world of that happened." "Easy for you to say, you are in your final year of high school. You have no idea what is in store for you! I loved not knowing. And now I know all about these kinds of things!" Grace said. "She makes a good point Lexi. She is in the world while you are just now entering it. She has join mom and dad as an adult now, and you are next. Just wait, you will be like her in a year." Tommy said. "Thanks for being right there with me as usual, Little Tom." Grace sad. "You," Lexi said pointing at Tommy "are too smart to be only 10" "I know! And I love it!" Tommy said and then sipped has orange juice.

Date: 08/24/14 1:32 PM
From: Elsa3Olaf3

@Omgitzvik Can I change my characters age to 19 *Grace, Louis, Riley, & Jacob*? Since the are other characters in some of the families who are 18?
First chapter next !

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