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Fighting For You*Sequel to Breakout Star*

Date: 08/09/14 4:30 PM
From: lizy21

You probably would need to read the first story to understand it.
I think you will catch up somewhere in the story.
Things happened between the first story and Sequel
-Kendall and Jo decided to get married when she's 4 1/2 months.
-Only Katie knows what they're having.
-Katie is Jo's maid of honor.
-Carlos is Kendall's best man.
-They colors are ice and medium blue.
-The bridesmaid are wearing ice blue and so are the
-Katie and Carlos are wearing medium blue.
-Kendall's cousin Maddie is the flower girl.
-Jo's cousin Liam is the ring bearer.
-The total number involved in the wedding is 14*I think*

Please leave suggestions on what gender and name.

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~Kendall Schmidt

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Date: 08/24/14 1:05 PM
From: lizy21

Chapter 2
(In an apartment somewhere in LA)
Avril-He's getting married!?!
Selena-Yeah. I saw the ClevverTV interview.
Avril-He can't he's mine. Did the kiss mean anything to him?
Selena-Av he's 18. You're 11 years older then him.
Avril-Age is just a number.
(Palmwoods 2J)
*The boys walk in and Kendall covers Jo's eyes.*
Jo-Kendall I know it's you.
Kendall-Awww.*He uncovers her eyes*
Jo-How was the interview?
James-All we talked about is Kendall's engagement!
*He does a girly clap.

"Life's To Short To Be Organized"
~Kendall Schmidt


Date: 08/13/14 1:12 PM
From: Winx22192

Girl: Saphira (Sa-FEAR- uh)
Boy: Jake

Info: Saphira is the name of Eragon's dragon in the book series Eragon. Saphira is caring, smart and a little feisty. Jake is a common name, but can have some great value.

Wow, I sound like an old lady!



Date: 08/13/14 12:09 AM
From: kourtnie16


Date: 08/12/14 6:52 PM
From: lizy21

I'm changing the wedding to when she's 5 months.
Also does anybody want to double?

"Life's To Short To Be Organized"
~Kendall Schmidt


Date: 08/11/14 12:00 AM
From: lizy21

Chapter 1

*Kendall kept poking Jo*
Jo-Stop it.
Kendall-Fine. Me and the guys have an interview to go to.
*He said munching on a pretzel stick*
Kendall-Idiots come on.
*The guys come out*
*They leave*
Katie-Why are you getting married to him again?
Jo-Your brother's lucky he's cute.
*At Clevver TV Studio*
Dana-Hi I'm Dana Ward. I'm here with the one and only Big Time Rush. So the first thing I want to about is your engagement Kendall. What's the ring like?
Kendall-It's a one of a kind. James's stepmom made it for me. It has the traditional diamond and on the side it has a vine running down and it has two flowers on each side.
Dana-So you have the wedding all planned out. Do you have butterflies in your stomach?
James-Not quite little Kendork still has to write his vows.
Kendall-I didn't really plan it. My mom, aunt, and Jo actually planned it all. They said pick your best man and you're done. Jo's stepfather will be there because her real one doesn't approve of the baby


Date: 08/10/14 10:08 PM
From: kourtnie16

Hannah Katelyn=Girl

Can I be a cousin bridesmaid?Her name is Skylar Candace Jackson.Liam (Jo's other cousin) Jaymes Jackson is her little brother.
Skylar's nicknames/age:
Sky *Every1*,Candi *Jo*,Canda *Kendall*,Jackie *Li*/16
Liam's nicknames/age:
Liam *Every1*,Li *Jackie and Jo*,Jay *Kendall*/11


Date: 08/10/14 8:14 PM
From: SHIELDfan3

I'll leave two :) !
if a girl, Gracelyn
if a boy, Jacob

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