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A Beautiful Lie (A Beck Double with @8Thunder8)

Date: 01/01/14 3:19 PM
From: 30stmfan01

Hey, so this is a Beck x OC double with @8Thunder8.
So um, I'd put a description but we have no idea what to write right now. Anyways will updated soon.
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Date: 03/31/14 3:58 PM
From: 30stmfan01

Ch.1/Pt.1/Iz's P.O.V:
I felt Jade pushed me into the car's way.
I looked over saw an SUV driving toward me.
I ran to the other side of the road, just as the
car drove by. I collapsed on the curb.
I heard footsteps running toward me.
''Izzy, are you okay?'' Beck asked me.
''Yeah, I'm fine.''
''I'm so sorry about Jade.'' He said.
''Its fine.'' I said back
''Do you me to help you stand up?''
''Yes please.'' I said.
Beck helped me stand and I yelped in pain
and fell back down.
''Are you okay?'' Beck asked as
he knelt down beside me.
''Yeah, my ankle just hurts
Its probably just a sprain.'' I said
while rubbing my ankle.
''You should probably take your
shoes off, those 5 inch heels aren't
helping.'' Beck said smiling.
I slipped my shoes off and
held them while Beck helped me stand again.
''OW!'' I fell down again.
''We should take you to the hospital.'' Beck said.
''How are you going to get me there?'' I asked impatiently.
Pt.2 coming
Mods plz post

Date: 03/14/14 4:38 PM
From: sing11love

C.H 7: Izzy's P.O.V:
Me: * i laugh as he tells jokes*
Beck: He laughs too as he stares at me for a while...
Me: What are you staring at? i ask smileing
Beck: You
Me: *blushes* Meaning?
Beck: Well...Izzy...your just the one person the seems to understand me
Unknown: What about me?!
* He and Beck turn around seeing Jade*
Beck: *face pale almost white* Jade...
Me: Um...
Jade: So i now mean nothing to you! she yells her face flushing red with anger
Beck: *stands up* Jade! Why dont you leave us alone??!!
Me: Beck-
Jade: So when i spened all my time with you that didnt mean anything!!
Beck: Leave-
Me: Beck...please
Jade: *turns to me* You....I AM GOING TO GET YOU!!
Beck: Jade if you do anything to her
Jade: *starts to run towards me*
Me: * i grab my coat and dash out*
Jade: *right behind me* You ruined me! she yells
Me: *the cars moving i run* then a car starts to come
* i stand still in the middle of the road as i feel someone push me* Jade! No!

Date: 03/13/14 10:23 AM
From: 30stmfan01

You are a story saver! I thank you!
I have to study for tests this week, plus help pack my grandma's house; so yes please!! Post the next chap!!
Thank you soo much!!!!

Date: 03/12/14 4:28 PM
From: sing11love

Oh and 30stmfan01 should I make the next chapter or something?

Date: 03/11/14 8:07 PM
From: sing11love

Sure! I would love to!

Date: 03/10/14 5:27 PM
From: 30stmfan01

Yeah, last time she was in physical therapy.
Thxs, for reading this story1
I wanted to know I have one more person to ask but do you want to be @8Thunder8 temporary replacement?
I need help, I'm busy with school.

Date: 03/09/14 7:40 PM
From: sing11love

I was doing this story with 8Thunder8 called party rock but for some reason she stoped writing it btw i love this story! ;)

Date: 03/09/14 3:07 PM
From: 30stmfan01

I will have a new chap up soon, hopefully I just have no idea what to write and I don't have a lot of time.
I'm sooo sorry!

Date: 03/05/14 4:56 PM
From: 30stmfan01

Does anyone know where @8Thunder8 is?
I haven't heard anything from her in a month and I need her to help with this double. If I don't hear anything from her soon I might ask someone to help me write it.
Anyways when I find @8Thunder8 or her temprorary replacement I will or @8Thunder8 or her replacement will write a new chap.
Just keep checking back and don't lose faith in us thanks!

Date: 02/28/14 5:29 PM
From: MyChemfan1

I will update soon on Sunday. Plz don't leave us!
Thxs so much for reading!
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Date: 02/25/14 5:33 PM
From: 30stmfan01

Thxs for reading!
Um, the next chap should be up whenever @8Thunder8 posts it. But of she doesn't post it soon I will post it.
Once again thxs for reading! :)

Date: 02/23/14 9:35 AM
From: MegaZip312

Love this! Will the next chapter come soon?

Date: 02/13/14 1:50 PM
From: Mychemfan1

Thxs, took me forever!

Date: 02/09/14 8:52 PM
From: Forever428

That is cute!!!! ;)
You look breathtaking ;D hehe
"I took her hand in mine!! :D"
Lol I love this!!!!
and it's funny!!!

Date: 02/09/14 3:50 PM
From: 30stmfan01

CH.7/PT. 1/Beck's P.O.V:
I drove up to Iz's house at 7,
I rang the doorbell and
she answered it instantly. ''Hey.'' she said
''Hey, I'm sorry I didn't bring flowers,
I didn't know your favorite.'' I said.
''Its fine, and its roses.''
she grinned.
We got in my car, ''You look breathtaking.''
I said as she blushed. We went to Karokie Dokie.
We ordered and while
we waited she asked me to tell about myself.
After rambling for about an hour,
I asked her about herself.
She smiled, ''Who cares!'' ''I do.''
I took her hand in mine.
She tried to not pay attention. ''Please.'' I said
making big eyes at her.
She smiled, ''Fine. I have an
older sister and little brother.
My parents are divorced,
my sister is in college,
my mom takes my brother all
over world for business trips,
and my dad all over the world too. I get left home alone.
Neighbors come to check on me sometimes,
its just me and my dogs.''

Date: 02/06/14 10:37 PM
From: Forever428

A love song!!!
One from your favorite band!!!
Girl, you need to continue with the story!!!!
I love it!!! So much romance and it's hilarious!!!!!
And I found your story as promised!!!!

Date: 02/06/14 10:34 PM
From: Forever428

Lol Cat XD

Date: 02/06/14 10:28 PM
From: Forever428

:DDD ROMANCE!!!!!!! ;)

Date: 02/06/14 10:23 PM
From: Forever428


Date: 02/05/14 5:32 PM
From: 30stmfan01

I will write the new chap tomorrow.
I've been busy with school.