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The School Abductions Mystery *OCs and triples needed*

Date: 01/21/14 7:48 PM
From: healer144

This is a kid fan-fic where students at all three HA schools are abducted and the police are puzzled by the lack of clues. It's up to the Victorious kids to find the criminal! I need triples that are kids that I have not done doubles with before.

Bori: 7 kids (I'm one)
Jandre: 6 kids (I'm one)
Cabbie: 9 kids (I'm one)
Trina (divorced with Sinjin): 3 kids


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Date: 03/24/14 6:41 PM
From: healer144

@Mickeyk14, it's your turn

Date: 03/10/14 7:53 PM
From: healer144

Chapter 16: Sierra's POV

Oh, great, my phone's dead! Carly could've called me and thought I was kidnapped! Just great!
"What's wrong?" Alexa asked?
"My phone's dead," I said. "What if Carly thinks I was taken by the kidnapper?
"What's her number?" she asked. "I'll call her and assure her that you're fine."
"Okay," I said.
Teresa nervously walked up to me. "Sierra, I got to tell you something." she said in a small voice.
I groaned. "What did you do this time?" Teresa was notorious for pulling sneaky pranks.
"I-I-I lied about Tessa saying that you were acting mean lately," she swallowed. "That was me."
"WHAT?!!!" I cried. "How could you do that?"
Alexa frowned at Teresa. "You went way too far this time."
"I'm so sorry!" she squeaked. "I feel terrible now because it's my fault she got taken! If you hadn't left her, maybe she wouldn't have been taken."
"Well, Sierra would've gotten taken, too," Tommy said, coming up from behind her. "But still, Teresa, that was really mean."
"I'm sorry!" she squeaked.
Ian came up. "Well, what's done is done. We gotta get this kidnapper! He just took Emma!"
"What?!" Teresa cried. "Her, too?"
"Yep," Ian said. "This is bad. But the good news is that Phoebe, Cole, Nate, Bella, and Amsley escaped."
"Good," I said. "But he still has the others. He even got Maria."
"Okay, how many kids do I not know are missing?" Teresa said, annoyed.
Tommy thought for a moment. "We're still missing Piper, Tessa, Hannah, Maria, and Emma, I think."
"Man, why is everyone gone all girls?" Alexa complained.
"There were guys gone before they escaped," Ian pointed out.
"Whatever!" Alexa waved her hand. "Sierra, I need Carly's phone number before- AHHH!!!!!"
"Look out!" Tommy yelled but he was too late. Before we knew it, the five of us were smothered with wet cloths and we passed out.



Date: 03/10/14 5:26 PM
From: Mickeyk14


It's kinda your turn....


Date: 03/03/14 10:50 PM
From: looloo3182

serenitys POV
i was freaking out thev'e got almost all of us,sorta......i was helping kiera with the kids becuase the said that i got a bit did i think it was unfair,rude? nope cause i know it's true. so i would make sure nobody else went missing,im a little worried though i don't know why...i hope nothing happens,we done a check list,kinda like a roll call,but we would do it every thirty minutes just to be sure.........then i seen it......somthing.....or somone......i walked over to it just in time to see Emma. EMMA!!!! EMMA! i screamed. i ran to help her but it was too late.kiera and the kids ran over i was crying.....alot but how could i not.
kiera: what happend we heard screaming!?
serenity: they took Emma. thats it! this has happend to many times! were gonna fix this....NOW

Date: 03/01/14 3:52 PM
From: Mickeyk14

Sorry, My computers been kind of weird lately, I used notepad and it messed up a few sentences in my chapter.

Date: 02/27/14 9:56 PM
From: Mickeyk14

Chapter 14 ~

Isabella's POV

I wake up to th feeling of someone shaking me gently.
ugh, I must have dozed off

I groan and open my eyes to see Nate looking down at me. "Bella! come on!! We have to get out now " He yells.
I look around and everyone was jolting out of the door over the knocked out kidnapper.

Nate helps me up and we walk towards the middle of the truck.
"Guys! The doors locked!" Cole says.
"Just hurry up, get over the counter, And run!" Nate says and everyone starts to climb on over the counter and into the street.
Nate jumps ob the other side to help everyone else down easily.

I wait for everyone else to get over to the other side, Amsley's next and we start to hear rustling.
"He's awake!!" I yell.
Amsley jumps over the other side and I jump up on the tall counter when I feel something tug on my ankle.
I look up to see the kidnapper yanking at me, trying to pull me back.
I scream terrified at the top of my lungs and hold onto the counter as the man tries to pull me back.
"Bella!!!" I hear screams of my name from the ground below me.
"Just hold on!!" Nate's voice yells above the others.
"I'm trying!" I cry, I feel a painful pop in the joint of my leg and was just about to slip when the man let's go.

"Hurry!!" Phoebe calls throwing her empty can on the ground.
I crawl back onto the counter and over where Nate catches me.
"You okay?" Nate asks and I grunt at the pain in my leg.
"I don't know..." I reply.
I look down at the knee exposed because of my short skirt, And see its swollen and bruised.
Nate tries to set me down and I collapse with pain.
"I can't walk, Just go without me and get help" I tell them as a tear escapes my eye.
"What are you crazy?! We're not leaving you behind!!" Caira says.
"of course we're not" Nate Picks me up and starts running with me in his arms.

"Wow, Nate, Your pretty strong" Phoebe comments looking at Nate carrying me.
"Big whoop, he can carry a ninety pound girl" Cole says and we all laugh.

after I don't know how ling everyone stops and falls to the ground panting, Nate sets me down and sits by me.
"I really Wish I had done those workouts in gym" Phoebe gasps.

Then about then we see a HollyWood arts bus driving by us, It stops and the door opens, And we all open our mouths on shock to see Carly at the wheel.
"Oh my chiz! You guys are okay! Hurry up! Get in!!" Carly calls to us and everyone runs to the bus, Nate picks me up and sets me in one of the seats, then sits by me.

"Your knee looks horrible, How does it feel?" Nate says looking at my knee.
"It's throbbing" I reply.
"I'm so sorry Bells" Nate apologizes.
"It's not your fault" I reply, I pull him into a hug.

"Oh my gosh...." Carly says looking at her phone "Maria's missing" Carly finishes and looks at me.
I look at Ciara at the sound of our little sisters name.

I give Caira a look

They've got our baby sister.....Now their gonna pay

And Ciara nods, understanding what I was thinking.


Date: 02/25/14 9:22 PM
From: healer144


Victorious isn't our show. This is just a fan-fic. And don't worry, Elizabeth Gillies is nice in real life.


Date: 02/25/14 8:43 PM
From: kdawkins

I haven't watch your show in show long but I like beak he is cute and cat is the funniest jade is ohhhhhh I hate her she so rude and mean I wonder if she is like that in real life


Date: 02/25/14 6:19 PM
From: healer144

Chapter 13: Escape!

Amsley's POV
Man, this is the worst day of my life! I'm trapped in a truck with the other kids and we're stuck with the kidnapper! Why?
I looked across the truck to see Nate with Bella. They look cute together, I thought.
I wish I could move around but I can't! While we were knocked out, we've been tied up and gagged. Not exactly the state you'd want to be in when you wake up.
I felt a vibrating in my pocket. I realized that it was my phone! We had a phone in here! We could call for help and escape!
I crawled across to Nate and indicated his pocket with my eyes. He had a pocket knife in it, which he could barely reach. But he managed to get it out and before long, he was free. He took off his gag and began freeing Bella. Then the rest of us were freed. We had to be careful so the kidnapper wouldn't suspect what we were doing.
Finally Phoebe whispered, "Someone bang on the back door, and he'll come running to shut us up, but instead we attack him! And I got my spray!"
It was a good plan. Since I was the oldest, I took the job. I pounded the door with my fists and made grunts. The driver heard us and yelled, "SHUT UP!!!" but I didn't stop.
Finally, the truck stopped and he got out. Phoebe prepared her spray and we grabbed wet cloths to stall him. He opened the door and growled, "So!"
The plan went into action! Phoebe sprayed him, causing him to fall back and cover his eyes. Next, we threw the cloths on his face, knocking him out for a few minutes, then we ran ran ran!


Date: 02/23/14 9:55 PM
From: looloo3182

alexa's pov

I sat there waiting on carly to come back they said anyone under 12 is to "young" so we had to wait in the walkway of the school with Kiera. I mean I know that whats going on right now isn't good but they could at LEAST give us a little bit of Intel. but I guess I shouldn't worry about it for now. serenity came running towards Kiera, she looked really upset but I couldn't really tell since they were away from all of us but they could still see us, after serenity stoped talking kiera looked upset too. I hope nothings wrong.......again . maybe it was just them saying they don't know who it is or something.
serenity: they've got them too
kiera: who?!
serenity: nate, phoebe, cole, Ciara , and Alyssa
kiera: calm down, we can't have them worried either. just stay calm
serenity< thanks kiera
kiera: welcome just keep me updated..okay
serenity; gotcha (she walked back over to the rest)
maria: HELP! H....................
kiera: maria?! MARIA?!........ MARIA!!!!!!!!


Date: 02/22/14 1:19 PM
From: healer144


It's actually your turn now.


Date: 02/21/14 11:13 PM
From: looloo3182

thanks! just let me know when its my turn

Date: 02/20/14 6:35 PM
From: healer144


Sure, you can take Lilly's place.


Date: 02/20/14 1:03 PM
From: Mickeyk14

Chapter 11~ The Key.

Aaliyah's POV

We sat there watching as Nate, Phoebe, Cole, Ciara, And Alyssa went up to the truck and as everything happened, all of us standing as still as a statue, We hear loud banging, Then everything went quiet.
Then the next thing we know the truck takes off down the street.

"guys!!" I exclaim turning around to the girls behind me, Who look just as confused and scared as I feel.
"Their still in there..." Kiara mutters under her breath.
"This isn't happening..." Serenity whispers falling to the ground.
"What do we do now?!" I yell in frustration.
"I have no idea" Carly says rubbing her temples.
We have to do something!! Kiara screams.
"I know that!!!" Carly snaps back at her.

We all stand there in silence, I think, Where did he go...The trucks probably packed with kids...that's it!!
"Guys!! We have to follow him!!" I say aloud and everyone looks at me.
"Are you crazy?!" Carly shakes her head.
"Aaliyah...No" Kiara gives me an intense look.
"Just listen, he probably has too much kids in there then he can fit, And he probably needs to move them somewhere secret so he can get more, We just have to follow him to see where he's going" I tell my plan out.
"That could work.." Serenity says.
"We have to try" Kiara agrees.
"Can you drive us?" I look at Carly.
"I didn't bring my car..." She replies, And the other girls sigh.

"Wait a second..." I murmur.
"what?" The three girls say together.
"The bus" I say and we all start smiling.

We all run to the parking lot where the bus is and the doors are shut.
"How are we suppose t-" Kiara starts talking but I put my finger over her lips.
"I know where Bob hides the key" I inform them.
"You have a bus driver named Bob?" Carly questions.
"yes, Bobs nice, Everyone likes bob" Serenity replies.

I go over to the headlight in the front of the bus and open the side a tiny bit, I slid my finger in until I feel the key then I bring it out.
I hold it up proud of myself and the girls smile and look at each other with content.


Date: 02/19/14 2:40 PM
From: looloo3182

if u need any help with the story I can take lillys place(hopefully that didn't sound pushy)

Date: 02/19/14 1:25 PM
From: Lilly7789

Yep I will still be reading though!

Date: 02/19/14 12:40 PM
From: Mickeyk14

So, Does that mean it's my turn to post a chapter?

And I'm really sorry if we haven't mentioned your characters yet!
It's just theres so much of them, And we're trying to give them all a chance in the spotlight.


Date: 02/18/14 8:10 PM
From: divastar01

@People who are writing the fanfic
Hey guys. Not to ruin your flow on the Fanfic, but I haven't seen EITHER of my characters names in the Fanfic. Would you please put at least one of my characters names I the Fanfic??? ( Aaliyah and Kiara )

Date: 02/18/14 12:08 PM
From: Lilly7789

Sorry I am really busy with my other fanfics, I think this is awesome!! but I cant do this anymore sorry

Date: 02/18/14 12:03 PM
From: Mickeyk14

Who's turn is it now?