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Haunted School *Characters and double needed*

Date: 02/10/14 11:22 AM
From: lilly7789

Hi every1!!
This is my 1st Fan fic! So at night time every1 *victorious children* go down to HA because they have heard some strange noises... is it a ghost? or is it all in their heads?

5 kids *I'm 1*

6 kids *I'm 1*

10 kids

4 kids *I'm 1*

Name: Sierra Maria Imogen Vega/ Kailey Kiara Izabella Oliver/ Logan James Harris
Parents (for people who are not ghosts): Bori/ Trina/ Jandre
Crush: none/ Logan/ Kailey
Believe in Ghosts or not: No/ Yes/ No
Song: Sierra sings Best Friends Brother/ Kailey sings a new song called Believe in your self/ Logan sings a new song called I wish I was with you
BFF: Kailey/ Sierra/ Any1 who likes sports
Enemies: Ghosts, Logan/ Ghosts/ Ghosts, Sierra
Ghost or not: No/No/No

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Date: 04/12/14 4:50 PM
From: healer144

@lilly7789 and sing11love,


*The kids are transported to the Oliver house*
Tori: Where'd you kids come from? And where's Kaylie?
Logan: *pale* The ghosts put her under a spell.
Beck: Oh, no.
Liv: Mom, Dad, Dark said that he'll see us tomorrow at the solar eclipse.
Cat: *groans* Just like the legend said.
Tommy: What now?
Robbie: Remember that I told you about the legend of Dark? Well, he overpowered the natives during a solar eclipse. The solar eclipse enhances his power by over 100%, even more than the night would. Every solar eclipse he was awake on, he used it to destroy the land and people. It also weakens Light, the spirit of Light.
Bella: Light's protecting us. Dark can't touch us or you guys because we're related to his victims.
Cat: That's good. Light's a good spirit.
Alexa: So during the solar eclipse, we'll be touchable?
Robbie: Not as much as the other people in the city. He can't touch us too many times or he'll be weakened too much.
Sierra: Well, then. I guess it's up to us to save the town from Dark! He tortured the natives here and he shall not again!
Logan: Is everyone in?
Everyone else: YEAH!!!
Tori: We'll help in any way we can.
Sierra: First, we need to get Kaylie back.
*Something rushes through the window*
Liv: What was that?
*Something reveals herself as Madison, looking scared and paler than usual*
André: Madison! Uh-oh.
Madison: André, forget about the past! Focus on the present!
Ian: Madison, what's wrong?
Madison: Dark! He's going to use Kaylie unless all of you come. He wants me, Katie, Sapphire, and Valerie to switch with Lola, Liv, Alexa, and Bella, respectively.
Lola: What's the point now?
Madison: He's going to use fresh souls to power up during the solar eclipse! He's going to power up Night, too!
Sierra: What if you don't switch with them?
Madison: Then he'll make Kaylie destroy all of you, then take your souls!
Logan: Let's go!
*Everyone runs out*
André: Madison, again, I'm really sorry that-
Madison: André! I don't care anymore! It wasn't your fault! Blame Dark! *flies out of the house*
Tori: Well, at least, she forgives you.
André: *nods*


Date: 04/12/14 11:35 AM
From: Lilly7789

Can you skip my chapter, I am so busy

Date: 04/12/14 8:57 AM
From: sing11love

sorry can you skip my chapter i keep trying to do it but i am very busy so can you please just skip mine.

Date: 04/10/14 11:54 PM
From: healer144

@sing11love, it's your turn

Date: 04/06/14 1:32 PM
From: healer144

Sierra: Wait, Logan I thought you broke it!
Logan: I did! They must've put it back on!
Katie: You know what? I'm sick of this! Why are we fighting with our family members? They didn't mean it!
Sapphire: Yeah.
Valerie: And we've been double-crossed!
Madison: So now what?
Dark: If you join your cousins, you will wish you never had!
Valerie: Why?
Dark: Because if you do, their parents will be destroyed right in front of them!
Alexa: Go ahead and destroy my husband-less mom. She's annoying!
Justin: Eh, I'm okay without Mom.
Sapphire: I totally understand you guys! Trina is soooo annoying! I can't stand her stupid singing, if you want to call it singing!
Sierra: I know, right? I can live without Mom. She doesn't even care about us!
Dark: Shut up! What about the Oliver kids?
Liv: I love my mom! And my dad!
Jenny: Me too! I can't live without them!
Night: Quiet! Dark, let's just destroy them now!
Dark: Good. *attempts to attack Sierra but is blocked by a shimmering yellow light* What? Ow!
Sierra: What just happened?
Sapphire: A shield of some light.
Dark: *attempts to attack Jenny but is blocked by the same shield* Ow! What is going on?! *attempts to attack Bella but gets blocked again* Ow! Why is this happening? Night! Attack Logan!
Night: *attempts to but is blocked by the shield* Ow! It stings!
Liv: How is this happening?
Madison: *gasps* Of course! Legend says that family members of anyone destroyed by Dark or Night will forever be protected by the spirit Light.
Dark: Light! She wrecks it again!
Tommy: Ha! So you can't destroy us! Or our parents!
Dark: *smiles evilly* But I can still destroy your schoolmates and the rest of the city! I'll destroy all of Los Angeles!
Logan: We will destroy you!
Dark: We'll see about that! See you tomorrow at the solar eclipse!

Date: 04/05/14 11:50 AM
From: Lilly7789

*Justin and Jenny try to use their powers and the earthquake stops*
Dark: One last thing, We still have Kaylie... and she's bad
*It says in my last chapter*
Jenny: What?
Justin: We have to get everyone back into the bodies first!
*Jenny and Justin mutter something and everyone is back in their bodies*
Logan: Now give us Kaylie back!
Night: Only we can undo the spell you know, but here she is!
*Kaylie comes out of the shadows*
Everyone: Kaylie!
Liv: My sister! Why are her eyes purple?
Night: The spell
Alexa: Kaylie? Hello?
Kaylie: Who are you?
Sierra: She doesn't remember us...
Logan: Great... Just great!

Sorry 4 the short chapter


Date: 04/04/14 4:50 PM
From: sing11love

Jenny's P.O.V:
Me: *stares*
Katie: How dare you!!
Sapphire: YEAH!
Night: *chuckles* Too bad!
Dark: *smiles as he starts to mutter something and so does Night as the HA High starts to crumble*
Me: *unloses ties*
Lola: HELP US!!
Justin: JENNY!
Me: Justin we need to use our powers!
Justin: We havent used our powers ever since we where 5!
Me: i know but just try!

Date: 04/03/14 7:55 PM
From: healer144



Night: Oh, we will.
Alexa: Sapphire, you will not take my body!
Sapphire: Okay! Then Kaylie will be beheaded! And Ian!
Ian: What?!
Sapphire: Kidding! I'm not that bad! I'll take your body, Alexa, whether you try to resist or not!
Dark: All right. Let's do this! And don't mumble it! Say it out loud!
Katie: Okay! I, Oliver Katie, tollet, et vivat in aeternum, quia corpus Sierra Olivia Oliver!
Liv: W-what's that?
Katie: Latin spell.
Sierra: Wait, Liv's real name is Sierra?
Liv: Yeah, but I got nicknamed Liv so we wouldn't get mixed up. AHHH!!!
Katie: *goes into her body* Yes, I'm Liv!
Tommy: And looks like her! Where's Liv?
Liv: Here! *in a glowing box*
Alexa: Get out!
Liv: I can't!
Dark: Madison, your turn.
Madison: Yes! I, Harris Madison, tollet, et vivat in aeternum, quia corpus Lola Harris! *goes into her body* And I'm Lola!
Lola: Help! *in the box with Liv*
Justin: NOOO!!!!
Valerie: My turn! I, Shapiro Valerie, tollet, et vivat in aeternum, quia corpus Bella-Rose Harmony Shapiro! *goes into her body* Yes, I'm Bella!
Samantha and Amelia: No!
Dark: Sapphire?
Sapphire: I, Vega Sapphire, tollet, et vivat in aeternum, quia corpus Alexa Marie Vega! *goes into her body* Yes, I'm Alexa!
Ian: No!
Valerie: So what now Master Dark? We're human, now.
Dark: You just became human just to die again.
Sapphire: Humma?
Dark: You see, my real plan is to destroy this school and everyone in it!
Madison: What?! But we-
Dark: Were just merely pawns in my game.
Night: Good night, everyone. FOREVER!!! *laughs evilly*
Katie: What?
Dark: You see, I created the earthquake that destroy you girls.
Madison: You? You destroyed them?
Dark: Yes. And I possessed the stairs that you tripped on.
Madison: *gasps*
Katie: You traitor!
Dark: Saying those words. *tsk tsk* Won't help you.


Date: 04/02/14 11:44 AM
From: Lilly7789

Plz can I skip my chapter? soz

Date: 04/01/14 6:39 PM
From: healer144

*At the Oliver house*
Tori: Hey, where are the kids?
Beck: What if they went back to the school?
Cat: *phone jingles* Text message from Justin. *read it* Kaylie was taken so they went to get her.
Tori: Come on, guys!
*at the school*
Logan: Kaylie?
Sierra: Where are you?!
Katie: *disguises her voice* Here!
*Everyone runs into the trap*
Tommy: Hey!
*The kids are trapped in mid-air by some force*
Liv: What is this?
Dark: All right. Let's take new assignments for bodies. And this time, they will each be from your family. Katie?
Katie: Sir!
Dark: Take Liv.
Katie: Yes!
Dark: Madison, take Lola.
Madison: Yes, sir!
Dark: Valerie, take Bella.
Bella: What?! What did I do?
Valerie: Yes, sir!
Dark: And Sapphire, take Alexa.
Alexa: WHAT?!
Sapphire: You got it, sir.
Jenny: At least I won't lose my body!
*Liv, Lola, Bella, and Alexa glare at her*
Jenny: Sorry.
Kaylie: What about me?
Dark: You'll serve as bait.
Kaylie: *shrieks and cowers*
Logan: You won't get away with this? *struggles*

Date: 04/01/14 8:23 AM
From: sing11love

Lola's P.O.V:
Me: *comes running as i see Justin and his siblings* Come on!
Justin: What's wrong?
Me: Kailey!
Jenny: Lola wait! Logan is down there i dont know who is with him
Sierra: Justin! They need our help!
Justin: I thought you didnt like Logan
Sierra: JUSTIN!
Justin: Fine! But if mom finds out whats going on where going to be in big trouble.
*Justin and Sierra get there coats on*
Ian: Hey! Lola Jenny what is taking so long!
Jenny: Well sorry if there taking so long
Me; *Nods* Lets go
*We run down to the school*

Date: 03/17/14 2:39 AM
From: Lilly7789

Kaylie: The locker wall entrance thingy that Alexa made! *Kaylie slip through the hole in the wall*
Sierra: Come on!!!
*Everyone else goes through the hole*
Lola: That was close!
Jenny: Yeah!
Katie: No! Get back in here!
Night: This is worthless! *whispers* Let's do a different spell on Kaylie, like the one we did before but everything proof!
Dark: Ok.....
Sapphire: *Does spell on Kaylie*
Kaylie: Oww! *Kaylie falls*
Katie: Ha!
Night: She has that spell now!
Madison: That doesn't make any sense!
Night: So?!
*At Logan's house*
Sierra: Where's Kaylie?
Justin: She said she needed to do something
Logan: Like what?
Justin: I don't know but at school, it isn't safe for the youngest person there

Date: 03/16/14 1:45 PM
From: healer144

*Everyone else bursts into the school*
Logan: Kaylie, no!
Kaylie: *raises her arms*
Logan: *leaps and tackles her*
Night: Stop!
Logan: Kaylie, why are you doing this?
Kaylie: Who are you?
Logan: Just please. *brushes a strand of hair from her face*
Kaylie: *eyes clear* Logan? What happened? Why-
Valerie: Dang it! I told you to come up with a love proof spell!
*Cat, Robbie, Beck, Tori, André, and Trina run into the school*
Robbie: Valerie, stop!
Valerie: Robbie?!
Night: What are they doing here?
Robbie: Valerie, listen to me. Why are you with Dark? He's pure evil! He'll betray you and everyone else!
Valerie: Why should I listen to you?
Beck: Katie, you don't have to do this!
Katie: Why? It's your fault I'm stuck this way! You could've taken me with you!
Tori: Sapphire, you shouldn't be doing this! I know we shouldn't have left you at the earthquake and we're sorry.
Sapphire: Hmph!
Night: Well, Dark? Shall we?
Dark: Let's. *eyes glow red, then the earth starts shaking*

Date: 03/16/14 12:18 PM
From: Lilly7789

oh KK!

*At the school with the ghosts, Kaylie, Liv and Alexa*
Kaylie: What do you want with us?
Dark: Well
Kaylie: Don't well me!-
Dark: Night?
Liv: But what do you want with us?
Dark: You girls have energy that nobody else has, which means you can cast a spell on us: making us stronger!
Alexa: We are not doing that!
Kaylie: MMMMMM!! *Kaylie tries to get to Dark but Night holds her back*
Katie: Whatever she said, that doesn't sound good
Sapphire: Its ok, I will do a spell on 1 of them, they don't all have 2 do the spell... Night, do your thing!
Night: The most spirit energy is coming from.... Kaylie
Sapphire: *does spell* Make this girl stop having frights, make this girl obey Night! (puts spell on Kaylie)
Liv & Alexa: Kaylie!
Valerie: Not only will this spell make her obey Night and Dark, it will make her forget all of her friends!
Dark: Well, Kaylie can you do the spell?
Kaylie: Okay, I will try
Alexa: Kaylie!


Date: 03/16/14 10:28 AM
From: sing11love

Jenny's P.O.V:
Me: Yeah why at school
Robbie: well...maybe our cousins spirts where there and it sommoned Dark and Night
Dark: And your right.... *takes Liv*
Tommy: Liv!
Lola: Oh...not again!
Justin: come on we need to find Kailey and Liv before they take some one else
Sierra: Well...Alexa got taken by Sapphire i think!
Logan: We need to do something and fast
Jesse: Finding them yeah!
Justin: lets get to it!
*we all run down to the school*
@Healer144 and Lilly7789
if you didnt read already but i will be gone for a month but i will be back dont worry in the mean time just skip all my chapters until i come back.

Date: 03/15/14 8:14 PM
From: healer144

Tommy: Mom, you don't understand! We're being targeted by ghosts!
Robbie: *overhears* Tommy? Ghosts? Is one of them Valerie Shapiro?
Tommy: Yeah!
Robbie: *groans* I knew they would come back.
Ian: What are you talking about, Mr. Shapiro?
Robbie: Cat, Tori, Beck, Trina, and I were at the earthquake. We managed to escape, but we left our cousins behind. I knew that they would try to target you.
Tori: Wait, were Katie and Sapphire there too?
Samantha: Yeah! And Madison, Night, and Dark!
Cat: Dark! The spirit of darkness! I never thought he would rise again along with his minion Night.
Melody: What are you talking about?
Robbie: There is an old legend starting almost 200 years ago. The natives living here were troubled by an eternal dark spirit named Dark. Dark had finally managed to overcome them all and took one to become his minion. But then the natives cast a spell during an earthquake and sealed him. The earthquakes must've awaken him!
Liv: But why are they at the school?

Date: 03/15/14 2:24 PM
From: Lilly7789

*The next day*
Kaylie: *wakes up*
Katie: Hello
*Kaylie screams*
Katie: Shhhh, I got out of the school by a spell, that makes me human for 12 hours, just enough time to get YOU
(The Harris' are in the living room)
Logan: Was that Kaylie?
Ian: Well lets get up there!
Valerie: Not so fast
Logan: Oh yeah? *Runs up into Kaylie's room*
Valerie: No!
*In Kaylie's room, Dark has Kaylie tied up and Katie is reading a book*
Logan: Kaylie!
Kaylie: Logan!
Katie: Aha Kaylie's real name is-
Sierra: *Runs in* Huh?
Katie: Shush! Kaylie's real name is: Kayla Kiara Izabella Oliver!
Logan: Your real name's Kayla
Kaylie: Yep
Dark: All ghosts come!
(All ghosts appear)
Dark: Take Kayla to the old school!
Kaylie: Help!
(Ghosts and Kayla disappear)
*In the Shapiro's Room (Still in The Oliver's house)*
Tommy: What was that noise
Liv: *Runs in* Ghosts!
Logan: They have Kayla!
Melody: Who?
Sierra: Kaylie's real name!
Alexa: Come on we need to find them!
Jenny: The school!
Cat: Wait kids! It's Saturday!

Date: 03/15/14 8:21 AM
From: sing11love

Lola's P.O.V:
Me: *I run faster than every1*
Jenny: Wait up!
Jesse: *grabs Tommy's arm* Run!
Justin: hey look I see my house!
*as we get there we see police by Tori's house*
Every1: MOM DAD!
Mom's and Dad's: KIDS!
Lola: *my hands pulling Logan and Ian* Mom!
Alexa: *runs up to her mom*
Kailey: DAD!
Liv: Mom!
Jenny: *hugs Beck and Tori*
Justin: *him and Sierra hug Trina*
Tori: Where were you?
Jade: *laughs* Kids...I think you need some rest
Me: Mom!
Jade: come on


Date: 03/14/14 6:24 PM
From: healer144

Lola: Ha! Your spell malfunctioned!
Night: Master Dark, why were they the wrong people?
Dark: *remembers* Oh, now I remember! You guys went into the wrong bodies!
Madison: What?
Dark: Katie was supposed to have Liv, Madison as Lola, Valerie as Kaylie, and Sapphire as Jenny.
Katie: So how do we fix this?
Dark: Switch souls again!
Kaylie: Not so fast! *casts a spell and everyone goes back to normal*
Liv: Nice to have my body back!
Alexa: But now everyone RUN!!!
*Everyone runs from the ghosts*
Dark: Get them! Now!
*Ghosts chase the kids*
Ian: How do we get out of here? We've been here for hours!
Alexa: I know how to get out of a school! I do it all the time! *wrenches a locker door off and smashes a wall leading to the outdoors* Out!
*Everyone escapes outside*
Valerie: Dang it! We can't leave the school!
Liv: Tough luck! *runs with everyone else home*

Date: 03/14/14 3:06 AM
From: Lilly7789

Dark: Its too late now
Kailey *In Sapphire's body*: Great
Sapphire: Any minute we can go and fool your friends
Liv: Hold on a sec
Kailey: I still look like me.. but as a ghost
Katie: And I look like me as a person!
Lola: We all look like we normally do but as ghosts!
Madison: And Humans
Night: *looks in book* The spell backfired!! It says if it's used by the wrong ghost you will still get hat you want but something bad will happen!
Katie: Well we ARE humans now and not being a ghost!
Alexa: *Climbs through window* Well we just realised something, Justin and Jenny since you are ghost things you can do spells as well
Sierra: Yeah! *Looks at the kids being ghosts and the ghosts being human* Woah