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Kids Generation

Date: 04/22/14 7:31 PM
From: MistyAnna

Jandre: 3 girls, 3 boys (Two boys are made by me)
Bori: 4 girls (one is made by me)
Trina: 4 boys, 2 girls
Cabbie: 5 girls, 5 boys (One by me)

Name: Ash Braden/Brock Jonathan H
Age: 10/15
Looks like: Ash & Brock from Pokémon
Personality: Same as above
Best Friends: Each other, Misty, May
Enemies: Anyone mean
Crush: May (though most people think he has a crush on Misty)/Misty (though he is a player)

Name: Maybelle *May* Brooklyn Shapiro/Misty Annabeth O
Age: 10
Looks like: May & Misty from Pokémon
Personality: Same as above
Best Friends: Each other, Brock, Ash
Enemies: Anyone mean
Crush: Ash/Brock (though it seems she has a crush on Ash)

Anna, aka Misty
Brock: Oh, this cliff is the perfect spot for our meeting!
Misty: Yeah, as soon as you meet her, you can push her right off.
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Date: 06/02/14 10:02 PM
From: dynamicty

Ruby Finnegan Shapiro
Age: 9
Looks like:Young Kiernan Shipka
Clothes:Like Sally from Mad Men(I only looked on IMDB)
Personality:Like Hazel from The Fault in Our Stars,But younger
Best Friends:Maisie,Rosalyn,Misty,Brock,Trina's son
Extra:Loves Pokemon

Date: 05/25/14 3:00 PM
From: Bigglamer5

Bori's daughter

Name: Jasmine *Jazz* May Harris
Age: 14
Looks like: tori
Personality: funny, sassy, sweet, nice, helpful, caring, sensitive
Best Friends: Jandre girl
Enemies: Cabbies boy
Crush: Jandres Boy



Date: 05/25/14 2:27 PM
From: MistyAnna


Date: 05/25/14 2:41 AM
From: Lilly7789

If you need a double, I'll double with you



Date: 05/24/14 8:28 PM
From: WaffleCat0

Name : Amber Angelina Harris
Age : 14
CLA : Olivia Holt with auburn hair
Personality : Like Penny from TBBT (The Big Bang Theory)
BFFs : Sandy
Enemies : Her dad (he's over protective of Amber)
Crush : Lucas

Name : Lucas Ronny Vega
Age : 14
CLA : Cameron Boyce
Personality : Like Luke from JESSIE
BFFs : Boys around his age in high school)
Enemies : His mom
Crush : Amber

Name : Sandra Jessica (last name of Tara, if there's any female places for Tara's family)
Age : 15
CLA : Peyton List
Personality : Like Candy from GF (Gravity Falls)
BFF : Amber
Enemies : Tara & Hailey
Crush : none


Date: 05/21/14 8:49 PM
From: Lolzater

Name: Kayla, Daughter of Cat & Robbie *Cabbie*
Age: 13
Looks like: Arianna Grande
Personality: Funny, Sweet, Kind, Smart, Crazy
Best Friend: Anyone she meets
Enemies: Anyone rude
Crush: None

Name: Elise, Daughter of Andre & Jade
Age: 14
Looks like: Maia Mitchell *The girl named Mack in Teen beach movie*
Personality: Fun, Musical, crazy, funny, clumsy, nice, shy
Best Friends: Kind of shy..
Enemies: ???
Crush: None

Name: Rain, Daughter of Tori & Beck
Age: 15
Looks like: Her mother, Tori/Victoria Justice
Personality: Random, Crazy, Slightly weird, funny, popular
Best Friends: Kayla
Enemies: Mean popular people
Crush: None


Date: 05/20/14 4:44 PM
From: dynamicty

Rosalyn Alexandra Oliver
Age: 5
Looks like: Bailey Michelle Brown
Personality:Like Janie See Dad Run
Best friends; Maisie,Misty
Enemies:One of Haley or Tara's kids(if they're mean)
Extra:Likes dancing and singing

Date: 05/17/14 10:30 PM
From: MistyAnna

The girls from Freak the Freak Out. I added them because I wanted more characters to be made.

Date: 05/13/14 9:54 PM
From: dynamicty

I have a question:Who are Haley and Tara?

Date: 05/13/14 7:30 PM
From: katfire4

Name:Jordan K. R
Looks like Peyton List from Jessie
Personality: Cool nice awesome risky
Best friends: Maybelle
Enimies: Anyone who is rude to her


Date: 05/10/14 7:31 PM
From: MistyAnna

I?ll make Haley & Tara have children so more characters can be made. Haley will have 1 boy and 1 girl, and Tara will have 2 boys and 2 girls. Oh, and anyone wanna double with meh?
Jandre- Ash, Brock, Jack (3 girls needed)
Bori- Misty, Hermione , Maisie (1 girl needed)
Trina- Olivia, Dawn (4 boys needed)
Cabbie- Annabelle, May, Tomas, Ezzmee, Matthew, Cris, Gary (1 girl, 2 boys needed)
Haley- None yet
Tara- None yet
Name: Dawn Amethyst Vega/Gary Samuel Shapiro
Age: 10
Looks like: Dawn from Pokémon with brown hair/Gary from Pokemon
Personality: Their namesakes
Best friends: Misty, May, Ash, Brock, Gary/Ash, Brock, Dawn (he doesn?t really know May & Misty the way he knows Ash, Brock, and Dawn)
Enemies: Haley?s children/Anyone mean to Dawn
Crush: *gasp* Each other!
Extra: Everyone, including Gary, knows that Dawn has a crush on him./Dawn thinks Gary is a poet like his father (I?ll make Robbie a poet in this story, because oh what the heck), and thinks he is cute reciting poems. But Gary is always happy to say a poem, even an extremely farfetched one, just for Dawn. Also, not even Ash knows he has a crush on Dawn till the beginning of the story.
Anna, aka Misty
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James: Make it double.
Jessie: To protect the world from devastation,
James: To unite all peoples within our nation,
Jessie: To denounce the evils of truth and love,
James: To extend our reach to the stars above.
Jessie: Jessie!
James: James!
Jessie: Team Rocket, blast off at the speed of light!
James: Surrender now, or prepare to fight.
Meowth: Meowth, that?s right!
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Date: 04/30/14 9:21 PM
From: tori1314

Name: Ezzmee Moon/ Matthew Jack /Cris Mckenzie Shaprio
Age: 12/12/12 (Ezzmee and Matthew are fraternal twins)
CLA: Mackenzie Foy/ Cameron Boyce/ Willow Shields
Personality: Like Emma from Jessie/ Like Luke from Jessie/Like Prim from THG
Best friends: Everyone/Everyone/Everyone
Enemies: Bullies/Bullies/Bullies
Crush: None/None/None



Date: 04/29/14 6:49 PM
From: MistyAnna

Jandre: Ash, Brock, Jack (3 girls needed)
Bori: Misty, Hermione, Maisie (1 girl needed)
Trina: Olivia (4 boys, 1 girl needed)
Cabbie: Annabelle, May, Tomas (3 girls, 4 boys needed)

Anna, aka Misty
Brock: Oh, this cliff will be the perfect spot for our meeting!
Misty: Yeah, as soon as you meet her, you can push her right off.
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Date: 04/24/14 1:01 PM
From: dreamright

Name: Annabelle Olivia Shapiro
Age: 12
Looks: Olivia Holt
Personality: Sweet, Kind, Adventurous, Fearless, Smart
Best Friends: A Bori And Jandre girl
Enemies: Anyone Mean or popular
Crush: Bori Boy

Date: 04/24/14 1:43 AM
From: Lilly7789

Name: Hermione Amore Luna Oliver/ Olivia Imogen Vega/ Jack Tyler Harris/ Tomas Nathan Shapiro
Age: 10/ 10/ 11/11
CLA: Young Emma Watson/ Young Kendra Timmins/ Young Logan Henderson/ Young Ross Lynch
Personality: Cute, Sweet, Bubbly/ Like Denise's from Wingin' it/ Like Austin's from Austin and Ally/ Like Logan's from I didn't do it
BFF: Olivia *BFF* , May, Misty/ Hermione *BFF*, May, Misty/ Tomas, Ash, Brock, /Jack, Ash, Brock
Enemy: None *All*
Crush: Jack/ Tomas/ Hermione/ Olivia

Date: 04/23/14 5:53 PM
From: dynamicty

Maisie Soleil Oliver
Age: 8
Looks like: Ava Acres
Personality:Like Marcy from Adventure Time
Best Friends:Maybelle,Cabbie boy,Jandre,girl