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~Hollywood Arts New Generation~*Double with Oreoeyes*

Date: 06/06/14 3:53 PM
From: katfire4

It's about the Victorious gang's teens going to the amazing Hollywood Arts High School!The school they attended when they were teenagers!This is a a whole new generation!*This Fan Fiction is just like the show*
Here's the form!

CLA(Celebrity Look Alike):
Crushing on Her/Him:
Favorite Emoticon:

Here's my characters:
Name:Madison Oliver/Ryan Harris/Herimone Shapiro/Jayden Vega
CLA:Arianna Grande/Young Carlos Penavega/Young Katy Perry/Cameron Ocasio
Crushing on Him/Her:Jayden/Herimone/Ryan/Madison
B-Day:October 17,1999/June 5 1998/August 16,1998/October 23,1999
Favorite Emoticon: / / /
Here are the parts available!

Bade~3 more kids
2 boys,1 girl

Tandre~4 more kids
1 boy,3 girls

Cabbie~5 more kids
2 boys,3 girls

Trina~3 more kids
2 boys,1 girl
I really hope you join!

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Date: 07/16/14 8:33 PM
From: oreoeyes

Chapter 19: Sky's P.O.V
I walked up to Alex who kept sighing.
Me: Hey, Alex.
Alex: *Takes one look at Sky*
Me: I'm sorry I took it out on you.
Alex: Sure.
Me: It's just I couldn't control my temper.
Alex: *Turns around* I forgive you. *Hugs*
I blushed like crazy. Can you believe it if your crush hugged you? I can't!
Ryan's P.O.V
I was talking to my friends except John who stopped talking to me even at home. When in the corner of my eye I saw Alex and Sky hugging! I ran over to them with my arms crossed.
Me: Excuse me.
Sky: Ryan, he can hug me it's okay!
Me: Well, it's not okay with me.
Me: And you can...*Gets louder* Leave my little sis alone!
Now the whole room was watching us. I didn't care I did not like that Alex character in my sister's storybook.
Jessie and John walked up to us and I noticed them holding hands.
John: Whoa. What's going on here?
Me: Sky and Alex were hugging!
Jessie: So?
Me: So, I don't like Alex and I never will!

Date: 07/15/14 9:55 AM
From: oreoeyes

Chapter 18: Jessie's P.O.V
Okay, fine! I'll just skip to the...last scene.
John: I guess this is goodbye.
Me: Yeah.
John: Safe journeys.
Me: Thanks.
John: Before you go... ()
Me: *Gets in ship and flies into space*
Hermione: The end.
John: Um...
Me: Um...
John: I like you.
Me: Me too. *Blushes like crazy*
John: So I was wondering...will you go out with me?
Me: Yes! Yes! I mean...sure.
John: Cool, you want to go get some ice cream after open house.
Me: Yeah.
John: Kay, see ya then.
Me: Okay, I'll go talk to Sky.
John: Good luck.
Me: *Walks over to Sky who looks pretty sad*
Sky: *Sighs*
Me: Hey, Sky. What's wrong?
Sky: It's... yesterday me and Alex got into a fight.
Me: Over?
Sky: Paris dumping her smoothie on my head.
Me: Well, Alex does look pretty sad himself. *Points at Alex on the other side of the room by himself*
Sky: Do you think he'll forgive me?
Me: I'm sure, you're my best friend. Now go talk to him.
Sky: *Smiles* Okay, thanks Jessie you're the best!

Date: 07/14/14 9:37 AM
From: oreoeyes

Chapter 17: Jessie's P.O.V
It was time for scene one. I was really really really nervous.
Sikowitz: Okay, guys. Go out there and break a leg while I enjoy this coconut.
John: Ready, Jessie?
Me: I guess.
The curtains were still closed while two seniors pulled up the spaceship scene.
I got ready when the curtains came open. I gulped really nervously. Oh well this was John's reputation.
*Scene 1*
Hermione (Narrator): An average alien teenager in human form was driving her spaceship when she was about to crash into a forest on earth.
Me (Allen): Mayday Mayday! We're going down.
Hermione: She crashed. A few minutes later a teenager human boy whom was curious waited to find out what was in that spaceship.
John (Jake): Um...Hello? Anyone in there?
Hermione: A minute later Allen the alien girl came out not knowing where she was.
John: Whoa, are you okay?
Hermione: He helped her up from the ground.
Me: Yeah.
John: What are you doing with a spaceship?

Date: 07/13/14 10:04 AM
From: oreoeyes

Chapter 16: Jessie's P.O.V
The next day school went by pretty fast. I had to get ready for open house. My sisters were wearing sparkly dresses, except Jenny she's a tomboy. My brother was putting on his suit. Just then John called me.
John: Hey, Jessie.
Me: Um...hey.
John: ready for open house...and the play?
Me: I-I-I guess.
John: Oh by the way Sky has been really moody lately.
Me: Why?
John: Don't know, she won't talk to anyone.
Me: Oh, I'll try talking to her, see ya then.
John: Yeah, bye.
Me: Bye *Hangs up*
*At School*
Me: *Waves* Hey John!
John: *Walks towards me* Hey, Jessie. Um...I'm really nervous.
Me: Yeah, me too.
Everyone else had gone into the auditorium. So it was pretty awkward with only me and John there.
Me: *Blushes nervously and looks at the ground*
John: Um... You look very pretty tonight. I mean, let's get changed into our costumes.
We both ran grabbed our costumes from the closet. I ran to the girls' bathroom and he ran to the boys' bathroom.

Date: 07/11/14 7:29 AM
From: oreoeyes

Chapter 15: Alex's P.O.V
I tried talking to Sky after school but, she just ignored me.
Well, it's not my fault Paris hates her so much. Before she left the school she told me this.
Sky: Alex, do you know how long it takes to get raspberry smoothie out of my hair?
She looked angry, she turned away, but then she looked at me again.
Sky: And plus I was humiliated for every class I went to including the hallway. This is all your fault!
Me: It's not my fault Paris hates you so much!
Sky: Well too bad!
Now, Sky hated me. Could my life get any worse?
Hermione: *Holding camera* Hey, guys! Miss Info here! Sky Harris and Alexander Shapiro had a fight. How come, Alex?
Me: I don't know, okay! It's Paris' fault! Now off you go!
I then stormed out of school. When I got out Luke, Ryan, and Jayden were there with angry looks on their faces.
Ryan: Did you mess with my sis?
Me: No! I didn't! Paris did it all she dumped a smoothie all over Sky!
I hopped on my bike quickly. Trying to get away.

Date: 07/11/14 7:18 AM
From: oreoeyes

Oops, sorry! I meant chapter 14.

Date: 07/10/14 10:41 AM
From: oreoeyes

Chapter 12: Jessie's P.O.V
After school I was walking home with Sky, Brooke, and Luna. I kept sighing as I stared at the sidewalk.
Brooke: Jessie, what's wrong?
Luna: Yeah, you seem pretty quiet.
I was still quiet as my three best friends kept staring at me waiting for an answer.
Sky: Tell us now.
They knew me too well.
Me: I'm scared for open house tomorrow night.
Luna: Why?
Me: It's just... I'm not ready for the play.
Brooke: I know how you're feeling but it's just one night.
Sky: Yeah, you're just overreacting.
Me: I guess.
Luna: Bye, Jessie.
Sky: See you tomorrow.
Brooke: Bye.
I headed into my house. Mom and dad we're the only ones there.
Me: Where's Rosa, Madison, and Jenny?
Dad: Working on their homework.
Me: How 'bout Benny?
Mom: He's in his room playing video games.
Dad: So are you excited for open house and your play?
Me: Um... I'm really nervous.
Mom: Why?
I could tell she was starting to care more about us.
Me: Well...
I looked at the ground frowning.

Date: 07/09/14 6:43 PM
From: oreoeyes

Chapter 13: Luna's P.O.V
I was sitting at a table by myself behind Ryan's table. And 'yup, I saw the whole scene. I can't believe Luke was so cruel! And just to think I was going to ask him to hang out after school! I walked over to Ryan's table with my hands on my hips.
Ryan: Whoa, back it up redhead. No unpopular kid is suppose to be like three inches within this table.
My face flushed with anger.
Luna: me a redhead!
Jayden: But, you have red hair?
Luke was quiet. But, I could tell he had a hand over his mouth. I could also tell he was trying not to laugh. I walked over to where my brother was sitting.
Alex's P.O.V
Luna made a big scene to Ryan and his gang. I think it was because she was mad they picked on me.
But anyways. Paris dumped her smoothie on top of Sky's head just as Luna headed this way!
Me: You ruined Sky's hair!
Paris: I do not care. Her hair was too hideous to look at before anyways.
Paris walked off. Sky walked into the school with tears of anger.

Date: 07/09/14 6:31 PM
From: oreoeyes

No it's fine. Luna can have a crush on Luke instead.

Date: 07/08/14 9:38 AM
From: oreoeyes

Chapter 12: Ryan's P.O.V
At lunch time I sat at one table with Sky, Jayden, Luke, and John. Just then, Alex came and sat at the table.
Me: Ugh.
Jayden: Quit stalking us!
Sky: Hey! Let him sit wherever he wants!
Alex: *Whispers to Sky* Thanks.
Me: You're not sitting here, deal with it! *Pushes Alex off of bench*
John: You know something. You guys are starting to turn into bullies! I'm out! *Walks over to table where Alex is sitting*
Sky: Me too! *Sits with Alex*
Alex's P.O.V
I sat at a table when John and Sky came over to sit with me. Sky glared at Ryan. So did John.
Sky: Don't mind my brother, he's a real bully.
John: Yeah, in first grade he spilled apple juice all over Jessie. On PURPOSE!
Jessie walked by and sat down.
Jessie: Hey, did you guys hear about open house?
Me: When?
John: The night of my play.
Jessie stared straight ahead.
Jessie: Yeah, and there's a... s-s-scene. That I don't want to talk about.
Then Paris walked towards us and stood behind Sky holding a smoothie!

Date: 07/07/14 11:49 PM
From: mgh21

I loved Alex's POV but I'm a little confused because you said you made him in to a Harris but I am fine with the way you did it so please do not change it :p

Date: 07/07/14 7:14 AM
From: oreoeyes

Chapter 11: Alexander's P.O.V
When I walked down the hallway, I wasn't watching where I was going so then I accidentally bumped into Sky and spilled coffee all over her.
Ryan: You just spilled coffee all over my little sis, dude!
Sky looked mad for a second but when she saw it was me she smiled forgetting about her wet and filthy clothes.
Me: Sorry!
Sky: No, it's okay.
Ryan: Sis, come on! You're going to miss Sikowitz acting class!
Sky: *To Ryan* But, he's a hippie! And plus one time when he drank a coconut he was acting weird!
Ryan: We have to go! *Grabs Sky's arm and drags her to Sikowitz' class*
Sky: Bye Alex, see you later!
I had a strange feeling Ryan didn't like me...not one bit.
I also forgot we were in the same classes! I ran to Sikowitz' class and sat down next to her. Ryan sat behind me snarling. He was one of the most popular kids in school. Paris liked me so she was enemies with Sky and she would do anything to ruin her life just to date me.

Date: 07/06/14 4:10 PM
From: oreoeyes

Chapter 10: John's P.O.V
The next day I waited for any sign Jessie was at school yet. Seems like she wasn't, but her siblings were. Rosa walked up to me and looked around to make sure someone wasn't there. Then all of the sudden she leaned towards me and whispered something...something shocking, even I couldn't believe! She told me Jessie liked me and that her diary's cover said Mrs. John Harris in cursive all over it! It was too bad I also liked another girl at this school, it was a girl I was dating, her name was Lindsay Smith. Okay...FINE! I don't exactly like Lindsay. Her dad is a really famous actor and he said he would videotape my play and turn it into a short movie so I could become famous myself. I'm worried if I break up with her then that might not happen. Any ways later on in The Theater Box, Madison, Jessie, and I were describing the costumes. Madison forced us to act out the play. But, I forgot there was a scene in it!

Date: 07/04/14 10:36 AM
From: katfire4

From: Katfire4
Oreoeyes you can take over this Fan Fiction I'm starting a new one.

Date: 07/03/14 6:24 AM
From: oreoeyes

Chapter 9: Rosa's P.O.V
When Jessie, Madison, and I got home the rest of the family was eating dinner we sat down except for Jessie she stomped upstairs and slammed our door.
Benny: What's with her. *Rolls eyes*
Jenny: I told Rosa that she liked John.
Madison: Then Rosa decided to tell at least the whole school! Which started this all!
Jessie's P.O.V
I started writing in my notebook that said... "Mrs. Harris" in cursive all over the cover.
Dear Diary, I thought Jenny was the one who told everyone I liked John, but it was actually Rosa. Jenny told me the only person she told was her. Rosa is so untrustworthy! I hate her! I am so not talking to her ever again! Even if I get punished for it! That's all diary, later. -Jessie



Date: 07/02/14 9:43 PM
From: mgh21


Date: 07/02/14 7:29 PM
From: oreoeyes

Chapter 8: Luna's P.O.V
Me: Actually it did.
All of the sudden Jessie started screaming hysterically!
Brooke: Oh my gosh! She can scream louder than an old lady being robbed!
Sky: *Yells over screaming* I think she damaged my eardrums!
John: *Claps hand over Jessie's mouth*
Nichole: Finally my brother is useful!
My brother Alex walked into the room.
Alex: John, your girlfriend needs to calm down!
John's face became red, really red!
John: *Yells* Jessie is not my girlfriend!
Everyone just stared at him.
Sky: Well you sure are making a big deal out of it.
Nichole: Yeah, I read your diary it said you liked...
I clapped my hand over her mouth.
Jessie: *Still mad from screaming* I'm going home, bye.
John: Okay, just meet me and Madison at the Theater Box tomorrow. She can design our costumes.
I followed Jessie to her house. When she got on the porch. I talked to her.
Me: Jessie?
She ignored me! She looked over her shoulder and just walked into her house. I sighed and walked away.

Date: 07/01/14 6:38 PM
From: katfire4

your a great writer,now i'll take over writing chapters 7,8,9,and 10 so you can enjoy your summer!

Chapter 7 Madison's POV
Me:*I see Jessie on the floor and rush over*What happened?
John:Do I have to explain this again?I told Jessie she got the alien girl part and I got the part of the guy.
Me:This is what happens when you do this to her!My sis is a legend!
John:How are you exited?
Me:*I roll my eyes and call my sis Rosa*Hey Rosa come to the drama room quick,it looks like Jessie had a panic attack.
Rosa:OK!I'll be there in five minutes!
*Five minutes later Rosa busts in the door with Sky and Luna*
Me:What are they doing here?
Luna:Excuse me?
Sky:There's no time for that!What happened?
Rosa:I'll tell you guys later!
*Jessie wakes up*
Jessica:What happened?
John:I'll explain later.
Jessica:*She looks very confused*All I remember is that I got the part and I panicked.
Sky:*Sky tries to make her believe all of that never happened*That never happened.


Date: 07/01/14 9:55 AM
From: oreoeyes

Chapter 6: Brooke's P.O.V
While Jessie and John were writing the play, I randomly burst out laughing.
John: What's with the laughing?
Jessie: John, wait here. *To me* Brooke, a word with you?
We walked into Nichole's room whispering.
Jessie: Why did you do that?
Me: I couldn't help it! Your notebook said *whispers* Mrs. John Harris all over it!
Jessie: You're lucky John didn't see it. *Rolls eyes*
We walked back in his room.
John: Oh! And the FBI capture her!
Jessie: Yeah! Then the guy takes her back secretly. Then he helps to fix her spaceship then she goes back to her planet. The end!
Me: Who will be playing the guy?
John: Me.
Jessie: The alien girl?
John: You.
Just then Jessie fainted!
John called his parents.
Mrs. Harris: What happened to your girlfriend, John!
John: *Blushes* Mom! She's not my girlfriend!
Mr. Harris: Well what happened?
Me: When John told her he was going to be playing the guy and then he told her she was going to be the alien girl.
Mr. Harris still confused.

Date: 06/30/14 6:23 PM
From: katfire4

I'll do chapter 6,7,and 8.