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Victorious meets Shake it up and Good Luck Charlie :)

Date: 06/17/14 11:24 AM
From: Lilly7789

Anyone want 2 double?

Plot: Victorious, Shake it up and GLC's kids are on their way to a boarding school in Canada, they don't know it's haunted, or how many passageways there are... and I know, I made a LOT of characters

Cece and Ty- 4 kids
Rocky and Logan- 3 kids
Teddy and Spencer- 6 kids
Gabe and Lauren- 2 kids
PJ and Skyler- 4 kids
Bade- 4 kids
Tandre- 3 kids
Cabbie- 5 kids

Name: Hermione Holly Duncan/ Olivia Lucy Blue/ Jack Jake Walsh/ Tomas Riley Duncan/ Lily Jade Duncan/
Parents: PJ & Skyler/ Cece & Ty/ Spencer & Teddy/ PJ & Skyler/ Gabe and Lauran
Age *12- 19*: 12/ 13/ 13/ 14/ 16
Crush: Jack/ Tomas/ Hermione/ Olivia/ None
Grade: 7th/ 7th/ 7th/ 8th/ 8th
POVs?: 1st Chapter/ 6th Chapter/ 2nd Chapter/ 4 Chapter/ 3rd Chapter

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Date: 07/06/14 3:37 AM
From: Lilly7789

Chapter 2 ~Hermione's POV~
At 3:00 we got on the plane, and at 6:00 we got off.

"To our hotel!" Leon said looking at mom.

"Yeah!" Everyone agreed, except mom and dad.

"Kids, we're not actually here for summer vacation, we're sending you, and you cousins to boarding school"

Suddenly my holiday mood dropped to complete depressed attitude.

" First we're going to see our old friends from Shake it up, because they're going as well"


Date: 07/04/14 7:19 PM
From: kaya111

my good tv show is every wicth way

Date: 07/04/14 10:43 AM
From: itskateeee

Name: Phoenix Deanne H/Caleb Jonathan W
Parents: Rocky & Logan/Spencer & Teddy
Age: 15/16
Crush: Caleb (not at first)/ Phoenix
Grade: 10/10
POV's: 12th chapter/14th chapter

Hope I'm not too late!


Date: 07/03/14 6:33 PM
From: roselandy

i love that t.v show victorious

Date: 07/03/14 1:17 PM
From: omgitzvik


Date: 06/27/14 12:18 PM
From: ssaniyah

Is good luck Charlie on our no is shake it up on our no is victorious on our no

Date: 06/25/14 10:34 PM
From: 0stampy012


Date: 06/25/14 3:28 PM
From: bella9102

omg!I missed that epoisde but i can still watch it ON NETFLIX!!!!

Date: 06/24/14 12:14 PM
From: dynamicty

Ingrid is Spencer and Teddy's daughter

Date: 06/23/14 5:44 PM
From: katfire4

Sure!I love doubling with you!Please tell me this is good,I had writers block.

Chapter1~Herimone's POV~

Wow,this is going to be great I love Chicago!What,were just going to Chicago?Alisson said with disapointment.Some people don't get to travel like us.Well it's not fair I want to go to Denver.Well were going after we go to Chicago.

Ok!As long as were going to Denver!What was all that about?Thomas added.Well since mom and dad wanted to go to Chicago first for our summer vacation Alisson has been complaining about it all day.

You should hear Leon,he's driving me nuts!WOW!Herimone said sarcastically.Your even worse then Leon!!Hey!I heard that!Leon screamed.Herimone now can you see what I have to deal with?

Now I feel your pain!!!Alisson isn't so bad compaired to Leon.What time is our flight?Herimone said very curiously.

It's at 3:00.Right now it's 11:00 so we got time to pack.One thing,I really hate planes!Herimone!What?Not you to,complaining is very contagious!


Date: 06/23/14 2:00 AM
From: Lilly7789

I know we don't have all the characters, but would you like to start the story?

Date: 06/21/14 11:45 AM
From: dynamicty

Ingrid Jean
Parents: Spencer & Teddy
Age: 12
Grade: 7th
POV: 9th Chapter

Date: 06/21/14 1:53 AM
From: Lilly7789

Sure, I'd love to double

Cece and Ty:
Jack Jake Blue *moved him to this family*
Nathan Logan Blue
Emily Marie Blue
Ryan James Blue

Rocky and Logan:
Alyssa Lynn Hunter
2 Kids Needed

Teddy And Spencer:
Olivia Lucy Walsh
Carrie June Walsh
Saige Elizabeth Walsh
3 Kids Needed

Gabe and Lauran:
Lily Jade Duncan
Jacob Mark Duncan

PJ and Skyler:
Thomas Riley Duncan
Hermione Holly Oliver
Alisson May Oliver
Leon Duncan
Full (Yay! :)

Logan Tyler Oliver
Ezzmee Moon Oliver
Matthew Jack Oliver
Cris Mackenzie Oliver
Cilan Jason Oliver
Full (Yay

Imogen Anna Harris
Burgundy Avril Harris
1 Kid Left

Iris Selena Shapiro
Madison Shapiro
Isabelle Shapiro
2 Kids left


Date: 06/19/14 4:06 PM
From: dynamicty

Lennon Diamond Oliver
Parents: Jade&Beck
Age: 12
Grade: 7th
POV:3rd Chapter

Date: 06/19/14 2:24 PM
From: katfire4

Name:Isabelle Shapiro/Madison Shapiro/Ryan James Blue/Leon Duncan
@Lilly7789 can we double?

Date: 06/19/14 12:39 PM
From: Lilly7789

whoops, scrap the first update!

Date: 06/19/14 1:47 AM
From: Lilly7789

Hermione- Chapter 1 & 9th, Olivia- 6th, Jack- 2nd, Tomas- 4th, Lily- 3rd, Carrie- 5th, Allison- 7th, Logan- 8th

______________ Update 1_________________________

Cece & Ty-
Olivia Lucy Blue
Nathan Logan Blue
2 kids left

Rocky and Logan-
No kids yet
3 left

Teddy and Spencer-
Jack Jake
Carrie June
4 kids left

Gabe and Lauran-
Lily Jade
Kristen Rose

PJ and Skyler-
Hermione Holly
Tomas Riley
Allison May
1 BOY left

Logan Tyler
Sierra Isabella *I'll make her after*
2 kids left

Imogen Anna
Rosie Emma *I'll make her after*
1 left

None yet...
4 kids left


Date: 06/19/14 1:12 AM
From: MistyAnna

Name: Iris Selena Shapiro/Cilan Jason Oliver/Burgundy Avril Harris
Parents: Cat & Robbie/Beck & Jade
Age: They're all 15
Crush: Cilan/Iris/Cilan
Grade: 8th
POVs: Whenever is fine, as long as they're not too minor
Personality: Like Iris from Pokémon/Cilan from Pokémon/Burgundy from Pokémon
Extra: Cilan was her best friend since childhood./He won't admit his crush./Burgundy pretends to hate Cilan when in reality she has a huge crush on him, thus leading to jealousy for Iris.

Date: 06/18/14 7:27 PM
From: XoxoRose

Name: Alyssa Lynn Hunter *I think*/ Isabella Grace Oliver/ Saige Elizabeth Walsh
Parents: Rocky & Logan/ Beck & Jade/ Teddy & Spencer
Age: 14/14/15
Crush: None/None/None
Grade: 9th/9th/9th
POV's?: 3rd Chapter/4th Chapter/4th Chapter

Date: 06/18/14 5:58 PM
From: tori1314

Name: Ezzmee Moon Oliver / Matthew Jack Oliver / Cris Mckenzie Oliver / Emily Marie Blue / Jacob Mark Duncan
Parents: Bade / Bade / Bade / Cece and Ty/ Gabe and Lauren
Age: 12 / 12 / 12 / 14 / 16
Crush: None / None / None / None / None
Grade: 7th / 7th / 7th / 8th / 8th
POV: 7th / 8th / 10th / 11th / 12th