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Big Summer BLOW!! *Characters & Double Needed!!*

Date: 06/25/14 8:50 PM
From: TheRPGMinx

Hey, guys! I haven't been on this board in FOREVER, but I have decided to visit and make a Fanfic. I am Kianas9, but on a different account, for the people who know me.

The Shapiro's, Harris', Van Cleef's, and Oliver's have decided to do a Big Summer Blowout at the Oliver's house! But lets just say, not everything goes smoothly. Now, instead of a "Big Summer Blowout", it's a "Big Summer BLOW."

These are how many people I will need:

Bori- 8 Kids (One is me)
Cabbie- 9 Kids (One is me)
Jandre- 7 Kids (One is me)
Trinjin- 7 Kids


~*My Characters!!*~

Name: Michelle Emily Oliver/Avalon Katie Shapiro/Robert Jameson Harris
Nicnames: Minx *Everyone*, Chelle *Family*, Oliver *Avalon and Robert*/Av *Everyone*, Kat *Sometimes family*, Shapiro *Michelle and Robert*/Rob *Everyone*, James *Sometimes family*, Harris *Michelle and Avalon*
Age: 15/15/15
Looks: Straight chocolate brown hair that goes to her elbows with purple streaks ONLY in the front, chocloate brown eyes, perfectly straight white teeth, not too tan/Black curly hair with red streaks that goes to her elbows, piercing blue eyes, straight white teeth, not too tan/Short brown hair, forest green eyes, perfectly straight white teeth, not too tan
Clothes: Yoga pants, sweat pants, jeans, skinny jeans, shorts, leggings, sometimes skirts, Poncho shirts, crop tops, tank tops, sweaters, camis, Converse, combat boots, DC's/Jeans, skinny jeans, shorts, crop tops, tank tops, Poncho shirts, camis, sometimes dresses, Converse, combat boots, DC's, Toms/Shorts, jeans, DC's, Converse, t-shirts, sometimes polos, Adidas, Nike, sweat pants
Personality: Sweet, funny, fun to be with, tomboy caring, loving, smart, sometimes sarcastic, lovable, gamer, brave, adventurous/Sweet, funny, fun to be with, kind of tomboy caring, loves animals, gamer, lovable, smart, brave, adventurous/Sweet, funny, fun to be with, brave, caring, loving, adventurous, gamer, lovable
Talents: Singing, acting, dancing, playing instruments, Hockey/Singing, acting, dancing/Acting, kind of singing, Hockey
Parents: Beck & Tori/Cat & Robbie/Jade & Andre
Friends: Avalon, Robert, people who are nice to her family and friends/Michelle, Robert, people who are nice to her family and friends/Avalon, Michelle, people who are nice to his family and friends
Enemies: Her cousins (Trinjin family)/Trinjin family/Trinjin family
Crush: Robert/None/Michelle
Extra: Has two Savannah kittens named Kabuki *Buki* and Pip/Has a Husky puppy named Max/Has a Golden Retriever named Goldie

Hope you guys sign up!!

- TheRPGMinX

P.S. I might also need a double!! :D

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Date: 07/14/14 11:31 PM
From: KrismPro

Hello!!! So, I need to keep this topic alive because it has
all you guy's details that I need to make the chapters
as AWESOME as I can. So, I need this alive. IT'S ALIVE!!!
ALIVE!!! Sorry...

<3 !!KrismPro!! <3


Date: 07/08/14 11:27 PM
From: DsnyGrl

Hey guys! We've posted the new may request POV's (Point of View's) and we will get to them!

Please read and comment!


Date: 07/06/14 10:43 AM
From: TheRPGMinx

Yeah. I watch some of his videos. I watched him play
The Witch's House and he died in the first minute!! But
I just got that from Bioshock Infinite. I accidentally
watched Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea first, but then my
sister (Who also LOVES Cry) said that Infinite was the
first, so I had to watch Infinite. Long story short, always
find out which series comes first XD!!!

Go to Big Summer BLOW on this board to see the
chapters!! Chapters 1 and 2 are already up!! Also, you
can request POV's!! Go check it out

- TheRPGMinX

"No, no, no. It's just my new watch!!" -ThRPGMinx


Date: 07/05/14 8:27 PM
From: MistyAnna

It's alright. And I see by the quote in your sig that you like Cry. (awesome!)

Date: 07/04/14 2:56 PM
From: TheRPGMinx

Hey, so I am working on the chapter right now, but, I am
not going to post it on here. I will post it on another
one of these. It will still be the same title, Big Summer
BLOW, just on a different thing on here. So, look for it.
That is where Chapter 1 will be and so on.

You will also be posting the chapters on the new thing.
Just look for Big Summer BLOW and post your chapter

- TheRPGMinX


Date: 07/03/14 4:39 PM
From: TheRPGMinx

I'm sorry, it's just that Cakepup3 has made so many
characters. You did too. But, I am sorry about the

I really don't know why this isn't posting!!

Vera Quinn, 14, Crush-Aiden, Parents-Tori & Beck~ DsnyGrl (Btw, I'm sorry, because I put Vera as 14 in my second update when she is 17. Sorry. XD)
Landon Marco, 16, Crush-Raelyn, Parents-Tori & Beck ~CakePup3
Michelle Emily, 15, Crush-Robert, Parents-Tori & Beck ~Me
Cilan Joseph, 15, Crush-Iris, Parents-Tori & Beck ~MistyAnna
Brock Adam, 15, Crush-Misty, Parents- Tori & Beck ~MistyAnna
Samuel Jack, 14, Crush-Parker, Parents-Tori & Beck~CakePup3
Caspar Wesley, 14, Crush-Fargo *But later*, Parents-Tori & Beck~DsnyGrl
Harold Raymond, 13, Crush-Maria, ParentsTori & Beck~ AtGfFan

Aiden Jace, 18, Crush-Vera, Parents-Cat & Robbie~ DsnyGrl
Avalon Katie, 15, Crush-None, Parents-Cat & Robbie~ Me
Raelyn Nicole, 15, Crush-Landon, Parents-Cat & Robbie~ CakePup3
Shyla Lauryn, 15, Crush-None, Parents-Cat & Robbie~ RoseLily91
Tanner Amber, 14, Crush-Blake, Parents-Cat & Robbie~ CakePup3
Parker Michelle, 14, Crush-Sam, Parents-Cat & Robbie~ CakePup3
Fargo Saige, 14, Crush-Caspar, Parents-Cat & Robbie~ DsnyGrl
Lauran Mandy, 14, Crush-None, Parents-Cat & Robbie~ dreamright
May Haruka, 12, Crush-Ash, Parents-Cat & Robbie~ MistyAnna
Gary Samuel, 12, Crush-Dawn, Parents-Cat & Robbie~ MistyAnna
Anabelle June, 11, Crush-None, but celebrities, Parents-Cat & Robbie~WaffleCat0

Bradley Ivan, 16, Crush-Nellie, Parents-Jade & Andre~ DsnyGrl
Robert Jameson, 15, Crush-Michelle, Parents-Jade & Andre~ Me
Iris Melody, 15, Crush-Cilan, Parents-Jade & Andre~ MistyAnna
Kaina Wren, 14, Crush-None, Parents-Jade & Andre~ DsnyGrl
Shelby Karina, 13, Crush-None, Parents-Jade & Andre~ AtGfFan
Maria Anna, 13, Crush-Harold, Parents-Jade & Andre~ AtGfFan
Dawn Hikari, 12, Crush-Gary, Parents-Jade & Andre~ MistyAnna

Alexis Butler, 17, Crush-None, Parents-Trina & Sinjin~ CakePup3
Nellie Collette, 16, Crush-None, Parents-Trina & Sinjin~ DsnyGrl
Blake Joshua, 15, Crush-Tanner, Parents-Trina & Sinjin~ CakePup3
Kerri Elsie, 14, Crush-None, Parents-Trina & Sinjin~ RoseLily91
Misty Blakelynn, 12 *Twin of Ash*, Crush-Brock, Parents-Trina & Sinjin~ MistyAnna
Ash Brendan, 12 *Twin of Misty*, Crush-May, Parents-Trina & Sinjin~ MistyAnna
Ellisa Mae, 10, Crush-None, Parents-Trina & Sinjin~ WaffleCat0

Okay, so I will be starting the chapters soon. So stay tuned!!

- TheRPGMinX

"Don't you touch Ellie!!!" -Cryaotic playing Bioshock Infinite


Date: 07/02/14 11:40 PM
From: MistyAnna

You said some of my characters were made by cakepup3. (Those characters were Dawn, Gary, May, and Iris)

Date: 07/02/14 11:43 AM
From: TheRPGMinx

Okay!! But, when I did the Big Update, I put Holly, so just
say it says Ellise!! Sorry!!

- TheRPGMinX


Date: 07/02/14 9:20 AM
From: DsnyGrl

@Minx Just look it up

Date: 07/01/14 9:52 PM
From: WaffleCat0

@TheRPGMinx, Hmm... I'll have Ellisa in the VanCleef family instead. (Sorry Holly!) XD... But it's ok if you can't accept both,I'm fine with either Holly or Ellisa. Hehe! Can't wait to read the story! :D



Date: 07/01/14 1:09 PM
From: TheRPGMinx


What's TDW?

- TheRPGMinX

"Kill SeaNanners!!" -TheRPGMinx playing Gmod Hunger


Date: 06/30/14 10:17 PM
From: DsnyGrl

@TheRPGMinx I got it from the TWD first episode title...

Also....Vera is 17



Date: 06/30/14 10:16 PM
From: RoseLily91

You can move Shyla into the Jandre family



Date: 06/30/14 7:03 PM
From: dynamicty

Anya Savanna Harris
Age: 8
Looks:wavy chocolate brown hair,freckles,4'4"
Clothes:Anything tomboyish
Personality:Like Hazel from The Fault in Our Stars,but younger
Extra:Likes water squirt guns

Date: 06/30/14 7:00 PM
From: TheRPGMinx

Oh! Sorry, it's just that you made SOO many characters,
I got mixed up!! I love it that you did, though!!

- TheRPGMinX

"Don't you touch Ellie!!" -Cryaotic playing Bioshock Infinite


Date: 06/30/14 6:57 PM
From: TheRPGMinx

Hey guys!! Sorry I posted the update twice. I didn't see
it coming up on here, but, it did. I have see so many
more characters, and I loved them all. But, there was
a Harris I needed, and I got one: Skylar made by AtGfFan.
I did realize that RoseLily requested a spot in the
Shapiro family before I did the second update, and there
were no more open spots left, but, I will allow her character
to be in. She has not made her yet, but I will wait. In the
meantime, I will try to make the first chapter, then
Dsnygrl will do chapter two, and so on and so forth.
After this, I will do a BIG update. Sorry. I just love
doing updates!! :D

- TheRPGMinX

"Oh . . ." -Cryaotic


Date: 06/30/14 6:35 PM
From: katfire4

Name:Alice Amy Harris
Looks:Pale skin,pure blue eyes,freckles,short dirty blonde hair in a high pony tail,5'5"
Clothes:Light brown jacket with a laced crock top the top is black and the laced part is hot pink,blue and white bleached looking skinny jeans,blue high-top converses
Personality:Cool,fun,sweet,and very risky
Talents:Gymnastics,drawing,singing,dancing,and swimming
Extra:Has a bunny named Bruno and a cat named Gracie

Date: 06/30/14 1:56 PM
From: TheRPGMinx

I guess I'll do another update!

Landon, 16 (CakePup3)
Michelle, 15 (Me)
Cilan, 15 (MistyAnna)
Brock, 15 (MistyAnna)
Samuel, 14 (CakePup3)
Caspar, 14 (Dsnygrl)
Vera, 14 (Dsnygrl)
Harold, 13 (AtGfFan)

No Kids needed!!

Aiden, 18 (Dsnygrl)
Avalon, 15 (Me)
Raelyn, 15 (CakePup3)
Tanner, 14 (CakePup3)
Parker, 14 (CakePup3)
Fargo, 14 (Dsnygrl)
Lauran, 14 (dreamright)
May, 12 (CakePup3)
Gary, 12 (CakePup3)
Anabelle, 11 (WaffleCat0)

No Kids needed!!

Bradley, 16 (Dsnygrl)
Robert, 15 (Me)
Iris, 15 (CakePup3)
Kaina, 14 (Dsnygrl)
Shelby, 13 (AtGfFan)
Maria, 13 (AtGfFan)
Dawn, 12 (CakePup3)

1 Kid needed!!

Alexis, 17 (CakePup3)
Nellie, 16 (Dsnygrl)
Blake, 15 (CakePup3)
Kerri, 14 (RoseLily91)
Misty, 12 (MistyAnna) (Twin: Ash)
Ash, 12 (Misty Anna) (Twin: Misty)
Ellisa/Holly, 10/12 (WaffleCat0)

No Kids needed!!

Okay, so, WaffleCat, you need to choose either Ellisa or Holly as a Van Cleef.

Only 1 more kid left!!!

- TheRPGMinX

Did you get "Why are you an orange?" from a Prop Hunt episode when Dlive was an orange, or something else?


Date: 06/30/14 12:56 PM
From: RoseLily91

Name: Shyla Lauryn Shapiro
Nicknames: Shy *Kerri sometimes*
Age: 15
Looks: Like Haley Pullos
Clothes: Like Liv on Liv and Maddie
Personality: Caring, Sweet, Girly, Nice, Can get sassy when mad, Nerdy, Lovable, Creative, Smart
Talents: Oboe, Clarinet, Acting, Singing, Swimming, Bowling, Writing, Soccer, Running, Archery, Golf, Tennis
Parents: Cabbie
Friends: Everyone, Kerri *BFF*
Enemies: Bullies
Crush: None
Extra: Has a kitty thats gray named Muffin, wants to be an actress



Date: 06/30/14 12:03 AM
From: AtGfFan

Name: Skylar Taylor H
Nicknames: Sky, Skylark, Tay
Age: 14
Looks: Red hair, blue eyes, fair skin, braces
Clothes: Blue tank top with snowflake, skinny jeans, sparkly black Converse
Personality: Nice, sweet, caring, kind, empathetic, helping hand
Talents: Singing, dancing, acting, art, writing, rollerblading
Parents: Jandre
Friends: Everyone she meets, Harold, Maria, Diana
Enemies: None
Crush: None
Extra: Has a Hatsune Miku doll that she got from Japan (it speaks Japanese) as a little girl and she LOVES it

Name: Diana Angel S
Nicknames: Di, Ana, Diane, Dia, Angie
Age: 14
Looks: Black hair, glasses, perfectly straight white teeth, black hair
Clothes: Pink long-sleeve shirt, black crop top with a red heart, denim skirt, leopard print thigh highs, boots
Personality: Cool, popular-nice, smart, always happy, cute
Talents: Singing, dancing, acting, art, writing, math
Parents: Cabbie
Friends: Everyone nice to her, Maria, Harold, Skylar
Enemies: None
Crush: None
Extra: Like Harold she makes an effort to be friends with Shelby