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iVictorious By the Dozen(characters needed)

Date: 06/30/14 2:48 AM
From: dynamicty

I was planning on writing this on Throwback Thursday,But it failed so yeah.The CLAs have to be optional.
Tori&Andre-3 boys(18,12,11)2 girls(16,10)
Jade&Beck-3 boys(19,16,7)2 girls(13,4)
Cat&Robbie-3 girls(12,10,3)2 boys(17,12)
Trina-4 girls(17,13,7*twins,me*,11)
Carly&Freddie-4 girls(19,12,6,3)5 boys(18,14,11,9,5)
Sam(divorced)-5 girls(18,14,12,8,4)3 boys(13,10,6)
Spencer&Audrey-1 boy(13)1 girl(8)
Gibby(adopted)-2 boys(14,7)1 girl(16)
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Date: 08/14/14 11:24 AM
From: widgets

omg i love sam and cat cat is so funny

Date: 08/13/14 3:43 PM
From: wolfs357

Riley Angel Benson/Rick Ray Sharpiro
Cla:Rowan Blanchard/Cameron Boyce
Personality:like Riley's from girl meets world/like Lucas on girl meets world
Clothes:like riley's/like lucas's
Pets:a collie dog named Tech/none
Talents:Tech, sketching, singing,and acting/singing, gutiar, and acting
Extra:love animals gets nervous around crush/loves to dancebut noone knows about it

Date: 08/12/14 10:25 PM
From: dynamicty

Ch.2*Chapter Song:So Groovy-Jocelyn Alice*
Tori:Ok;Ty,you have finals,Blake,I cleaned your trumpet so please don't play with pudding in your mouth again,Tag,
you have lacrosse practice,Amber,your hanging out with your friends so be home by your curfew time,and Isabel you have a dentist appointment so you're going to work with dad
Andre:How did you write all of that so fast?
Tori:I wrote it last night before they went to bed.It wasn't easy

*At the Vegas*
Lola:Mom!*stomps downstairs*Mom,can you please control your child?
Kaleigh:I'm not a child!
Trina:What now?
Lola:She put this in my shirt while I was sleeping last night!*holds out a fake dead rat*
Trina:Kaleigh,it's not okay to prank your sisters
Kaleigh:I gotta admit it was kind of funny*Enter Kim and Jessica*
Kim and Jessica:Hey,Mom
Trina:Hey,you two*hugs Kim and Jessica*
Kaleigh:So Mom,are you picking us up from school?
Trina:Sorry,girls,I have to go to a karaoke night with Mrs.Sullivan and I'm invited


Date: 08/08/14 3:28 PM
From: jawsaw

this show is funny and crzy

Date: 07/29/14 11:49 PM
From: dynamicty

Adam's in!
Tori:Ok,kids,cm'on,chop chop!
Isabel:*banging on the bathroom door*What's taking you so long!?
Amber:Your ruining my consentration!Now I have to start all over again
Andre:*makes Isabel leave*wrap it up in there,Amber!
Blake:Dad,I can't find my hat!
Andre:Which hat?
Blake:The one with the Jets
Andre:Try looking in your closet*Blake walks in his room*
Tori:Andre,have you seen Ty?
Tori:I walked into his room and he wasn't there
Amber:Why are we getting ready anyway?
Tori:It's the last day of school and we have dinner with the other families
Tag:Ty's probably smooching on the phone with Lola
*Andre walks outside and sees Ty playing basketball*
Andre:Hey,you're up early
Ty:I'm feeling energetic.besides,I have my finals
Andre:good choice*walks in the house*

Date: 07/20/14 8:40 PM
From: divastar01

Name: Adam Oliver
Age: 16
Looks/CLA: Like Spencer Boldman
Personality: Funny, Can be sarcastic, athletic, smart
Clothes: Blue shirt, denim jeans and blue sneakers
Likes: Art, Swimming, Music
Dislikes: Being bored
Birthday: September 27
Dating Aaliyah Harris

Date: 07/19/14 4:06 PM
From: dynamicty

@RoseLily91-Raegan and Kaleigh are in!

Date: 07/10/14 9:47 PM
From: dynamicty

@RoseLily91-It's ok
I'll update soon!

Date: 07/08/14 3:37 PM
From: gregoryf

My name's kingsley I'm 16 my BFF is a girl named kylee my fave color is light blue my boyfriend's name is jame's
my friendemey (she half friend and half the person I really hate) her name is emsley my just the person I really hate is this ugly mean and goes to princeipal's offlice ALOT is Donald I want to play the part as tori and andre!

Date: 07/07/14 11:42 AM
From: RoseLily91

Ok. Sorry for the wait!

Name: Raegan Abbey Puckett/ Kaleigh Rebekah Vega
Nickname: None/ None
Age: 14/ 13
Looks: Light Golden Brown, Mid Back Length, Natural Curly Hair, Green Eyes, 5'4, Somewhat skinny/ Beeline Honey Blonde, Shoulder Blade Length, Natural Straight Hair, Blue Eyes, One Dimple on Left Cheek, 5'5, Skinny
Personality: Tough, Creative, Smart, Sassy, Nice, Fun, Funny, Kinda like her mom, Tomboyish, Like Sarah on Cheaper by the Dozen/ Tomboyish, nice, fun, funny, like Eve on Last Man Standing, Sarcastic, Athletic, Talk Back and Sassy, Creative, Smart
Talents/Hobbies: Oboe, Dancing, Acting, Swimming, Hockey, Hanging with Kaleigh, Building, Bowling, Golf, Archery/ Acting, Singing, Bowling, Golf, Swimming, Flute, Writing, Guitar, Hanging with Raegan, Designing, Drawing, Art, Building, Soccer, Baseball, Hockey, Running, Kicking, Archery
Friends: Siblings, Sam, Everyone, Kaleigh (BFF)/ Everyone, Raegan (BFF), Aunt Tori, Siblings, Cousins
Enemies: Bullies, "popular people", siblings sometimes/ Bullies, "popular people", Trina sometimes, siblings sometimes
Extra: None/ None

Again, sorry for the wait!


Date: 07/06/14 4:47 PM
From: divastar01

Name: Aaliyah Marie Harris
Age: 15
Personality: Funny, kind
Looks: Long Curly Dark brown hair, Brown eyes, Tan skin,
BFF: Sam's 15 year old girl
Clothes: Camouflage skinny jeans, Black T-Shirt, Black High tops, Gold hoop earrings
Talents: Singing, Acting, Dancing, Playing Guitar and Piano
Likes: Purple, Cotton candy, cheerleading, acting, dancing
Dislikes: Boring things
Birthday: June 21st

Date: 07/04/14 2:03 AM
From: Lilly7789

Name: Piper Holly B./ Olivia Lucy G./ Jack Jake Puckett/ Thomas Riley B.
Age: 12/ 13/ 13/ 14
Crush: Jack/ Thomas/ Piper/ Olivia
BFF: Olivia/ Piper/ Thomas/ Jack
CLA: Piper Curda/ Dove Cameron/ Nathan Kress/ Nathan Kress
Parents: Carly & Freddie/ Gibby/ Sam/ Carly & Freddie

Date: 07/03/14 10:04 AM
From: RoseLily91

I promise I'll make my characters later! Sorry for the wait!



Date: 07/02/14 7:48 PM
From: dynamicty

I forgot Sophie's name was supposed to be Juliet so I decided to make Jade and beck's
Juliet Kiernan Oliver
Age: 4
CLA/Looks: Mia Talerico
Clothes:Like Charlie from GLC
Personality:Like Kimi from Rugrats
Friends:Sophie,Jessica,Kim,Tori and Andre's 10-year-old daughter
Extra:Follows her older siblings around,is close to her parents

Date: 07/02/14 11:39 AM
From: dynamicty

I need more iCarly kids!

Date: 07/01/14 10:32 PM
From: dynamicty

I also forgot to mention that Trina is divorced.

Date: 07/01/14 10:20 PM
From: k3luver

Name:Mackenzie Rylie Shapiro
CLA or Looks:wavy Shoulder Blade Length Brown Hair,Brown Eyes,
Dimples,Look a lot like Cat
Personality:Like Charlie on Good Luck Charlie
Clothes:like Charlie
Extra:She is etremely close to her siblings.Is a mama's girl.

Date: 07/01/14 10:13 PM
From: WaffleCat0

Name : Amber Jessica Harris
NN : Amb *Tori*, Jessie *Siblings*
Age : 16
CLA : Mackenzie Lintz
Personality : Like Bridgette from TDWT
Clothes : Like Norrie's from Under The Dome, when singing the duet with Dalton, wearing a bright green sparkly dress with not so tall white heels
Crush : Dalton
Pets : A calico kitten named Savannah
Talents : Singing, acting, fashion designing
Extra : Sings a duet with Dalton, which is Tell Me That You Love Me, friends with all girls around her age

Name : Dalton Charlie Shapiro
NN : None
Age : 17
CLA : Colin Ford
Personality : Like Joe from Under The Dome
Clothes : Green hoodie, black pants, white sneakers, usually funny T-shirts, while singing the duet with Amber, wearing a white tuxedo with a black tie and black pants
Crush : Amber
Pets : None
Talents : Singing, dancing, swimming
Extra : Friends with all boys near his age, doesn't really agree with his parents or isn't like his parents at all, loves hanging out with his younger siblings


Date: 07/01/14 7:28 PM
From: dynamicty

Here's my other character
Sophie Gwyneth Shay
Age: 8
CLA/Looks:Taylor Groothuis
Clothes:Like her character from What If
Personality:Like her character from What If
Friends:Jessica,Kim,Beck and Jade's 4-year-old daughter
Extra:Collects things like seashells

Date: 07/01/14 5:29 PM
From: dynamicty

Here's an early update:
Lauren Shapiro
Riley Puckett
Kristen Shapiro
Wendy Oliver
Jamie Puckett
Alissa Shapiro
Emma Benson
13 year old Vega girl and 14 year old Puckett girl*If they get made*