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Victorious meets Regular Show and iCarly?Fan Fiction

Date: 07/01/14 6:53 PM
From: katfire4

Regular Show Cast:
Mordecai&Margret(5 kids)*1 Is me*
Rigby&Ilean(3 kids)

iCarly Cast:
Carly&Freddie(4 kids)
Sam&Gibby(3 kids)
Spencer&Audrey(2 kids)*1 Is me*

Victorious Cast:
Tori&Andre(5 kids)
Jade&Beck(4 kids)
Cat&Robbie(5 kids)*1 is me*
Trina&Sinjin(3 kids)

Here's the form:
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Date: 07/23/14 3:33 PM
From: Isabellade

Name: Skai Rose Shapiro
Parents: Cat and Robbie
Age: 15
Personality: Bubbly, smart, fun, stylish, sarcastic, and sometimes kinda random.
Appearance: long brown hair five feet and two inches
Talents: singing, acting, gymnastics, and swimming
Crush: no one
Clothes in summer dress and flats in winter shirt jacket jeans and boots
Extra: wants to be famous someday
Favorite Emoticon:


Date: 07/06/14 2:10 PM
From: icarlyfanl

name: Emma
parents: sam gibby
age: 14
cla: young taylor swift
personality: sweet, funny, smart, nerdy, charming, social.
appearance: blond hair, blue eyes, glasses.
talents: singing, songwriting, writer, fast reader.
crush: jason/spencer
clothes: tomboy chic.
fave emo:

Date: 07/05/14 10:21 AM
From: katfire4

Name:Elisha/Jayda Gracie Shay/Blake Riley Shapiro
CLA:Young Margaret from Regular Show/Jennette McCurdy/Cameron Ocasio
Personality:Same as CLA/Cool,fun,sweet,and a little risky when it comes to riding roller coasters/Cool,fun,he kinda takes after Beck's attitude
Appearance:Like the younger Margaret from Regular Show/Blonde hair pale skin,5'2",brown eyes and freckles,Great hair pale skin,brown eyes,5'3,and freckles.
Clothes:Same as CLA/Same as CLA/Same as CLA
Extra:Loves animals/Died her hair 7 times/Once did 10 back flips in a row as a part of his school's annual dance off.


Date: 07/04/14 1:29 PM
From: dreamright

Name: Jamie Mina Pucket
Parents: Sam and Gibby
Age: 14
CLA: Mya from Girl Meets World
Personality: Same as CLA
Appearance: Blond Curly hair, Blue eyes, Tall, Skinny
Talents: Fighting, Singing, Acting
Crush: None
Clothes: Same as CLA
Extra: Annabella is her BFF
Favorite Emoticon:

Name: Annabella Mary Shapiro
Parents: Cat and Robby
Age: 14
CLA: Younger Maya Mitchal
Personality: Like Riley from Girl meets world
Appearance: Long Some what Curled Hair, Brown eyes, Braces, Short, Skinny
Talents: Singing, Art, Dancing
Crush: None
Clothes: A pink shirt with a Bunny on it, Blue Jeans, Pink Sandals
Extra: Is BFF'S with Jamie

Favorite Emoticon:


Date: 07/03/14 8:52 PM
From: jump360

Kitty/ Maddy/ Leila Oliver/ Ally B
Rigby/ Mordecai/ Bade/ Creddie
17/ 15/ 12/ 13
Elsa from Frozen/ Anna from Frozen/ Mackenzie Foy/ Willow Shields
Like CLA/ Like CLA/ Like Renesmee from Twilight/ Like Prim from THG
Same/ Same/Same/ Same
Has Ice powers/ Has Fire Powers/ Is a Vampire/ Is cursed to See Ghosts
IDK for all of them
Same as CLA/ Same as CLA/ Same as CLA/ Same as CLA

Hates Powers close to Maddy/ Hates Powers close to Kitty/ Is a vegetarian / Likes talking to ghosts
/ / /


Date: 07/03/14 1:14 PM
From: jellybeann

Should be seddie not creddie



Date: 07/02/14 2:14 PM
From: dynamicty

Emily is Mordecai and Margret's daughter

Date: 07/02/14 12:04 PM
From: dynamicty

Age: 5
CLA:Young Morgan Lily
Personality:Like Millie from Henry Poole is Here
Appearance:Like her character from He's Just Not That Into You
Clothes:Same as appearance
Extra:Loves her siblings,is scared of thunderstorms,loves her uncle Rigby

Date: 07/02/14 9:22 AM
From: LuvLol803

Name: Michael Tyler Harris/ Rachel Anne Oliver/ Christopher James Benson/ Jessica Grace Shay
Parents: Tori and Andre/ Beck and Jade/ Carly and Freddie/ Spencer and Audrey
Age: 13/13/13/13
CLA: Younger Blake Michael/ Younger Demi Lavato/ Younger Freddie *Dad to him*/ G. Hannelius
Personality: Sarcastic, Funny, Awkward, Wisecracking/ Funny, Sweet, Bubbly, Random/ Weird, Awkward, Cocky, Funny/ Smiley, Bubbly, Random, Sarcastic
Appearance: What I said in CLA's with these differences- Michael does not have very long hair *it's like how Blake Michael's is now*/ She has pretty short hair/ No change/ No change
Talents: Dancing, Playing Guitar/ Singing, Dancing, Acting/ Playing Guitar, Dancing/ Singing, Dancing, Acting
Crush: Jessica/Christopher/ Rachel/Michael
Clothes: The style is- Tomboy, Always sneakers/ Girly/ Normal Clothes/ Girly
Extra: None
Favorite Emoticon: / / /