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Trouble in Green Hill Zone

Date: 06/10/14 8:45 PM
From: Bt1229

In Green Hill Zone, at Sonic's House...
Sonic: (Jumps out of bed) Another good day! (Turns around) What are you doing in my house? AAH! (A shadowy figure leaves the house with a bag that contains Sonic)
Back at TUFF...
Shadow Chomper:Where's Sonic? It's not like him to be late. He's too fast to!
Tails: (Comes in) Guys! I found a note on Sonic's door!
Note:I have taken Sonic. -A guy who's name is NOT to be revealed.
Shadow Chomper:The kidnapper might be in your dimension, Tails. We have to save Sonic and find out who kidnapped him

Reminder: I will be the one revealing who kidnapped Sonic, so do not say who it is yourself.

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Date: 07/04/14 2:22 PM
From: Bt1229

Eggman:Fine... you caught me... (Sonic then gets destroyed)
Shadow Chomper: (Gasps) What did you just do!?
Eggman:Ha! It seems that Plan B is working perfectly!
Blastoise:Plan B?
Eggman:Operation Extermination!
To be continued...

Date: 07/04/14 1:42 PM
From: Raphiel900

*Eggman gets away with Sonic, into another unknown place, after TUFF finishes off the Egg Robot*
Raph: Dang it Eggman!
Shadow The Hedgehog: Let's get searching... again.
*The agents split up again*
Raph: The egghead's not in Rooftop Run.
Rainbow Dash: Not in Crisis City.
Raph: -_-
Dark Raph: Not in An Island.
Me: Not in the Egg. Weird. Thought this thing crashed.
Eggman: Uh oh!
Me: Eggman!

Date: 07/04/14 12:00 AM
From: Bt1229

Shadow Chomper: (Peers around) I should've known. Dr. Eggman!
Eggman:Finally, I captured Sonic! Soon, with the speed-bound hedgehog in chains, I will take over this world and destroy it, replacing it with my own world of Eggmanland, where I will be King for LIFE!
Shadow Chomper:Except you forgot one thing. (Eggman turns around) All of TUFF is on your tail, Eggman! Game over!
Eggman:Not this time! I have an old classic. (Suddenly, the platform around Eggman lowers, and a familiar-shaped rim surrounds Eggman. A robot head that looks like Eggman's closes around the rim. A giant robot rises) Behold! The Egg Robot 5! (Sonic Fact: It was used first in Sonic 2, again in Sonic 3 and Knuckles, a third time in Sonic 4: Episode 1, a fourth time in Sonic Generations, and now you are witnessing it's 4th remake and 5th use)

Date: 06/14/14 1:18 PM
From: SheWolf99

Elextri: Okay, whoever took Sonic CAN'T be Amy, because she is not a stealer.
RiNa: Here's my badge!(Show Badge)
Elextri: That, RiNa, is the Cerulean City Gym Badge, and that's off topic.
RiNa: Also, why are you like GARRY OAK?
Electri: Well, uh, (blushes) I like Garry, he's cute.

Date: 06/13/14 3:32 PM
From: penguin050

Penguin: Maybe, it is ???
Startstop: No way! That is way too obvious...

Date: 06/13/14 12:14 PM
From: Bt1229

Later, at Green Hill Zone...
Tails: (The agents enter the dimension) Alright, where would a guy take a kidnapped person.
Bt1229:...Let's go to Scrap Brain Zone.
Shadow Chomper:I think we should try Chemical Plant Zone.
Blastoise:We'll split up! We will go to any place with machinery and see if Sonic and Twilight is there! We will say so on our communicators.
Shadow Chomper:Not at Chemical Plant.
Bt1229:Not at Scrap Brain.
Blastoise:Not at Oil Ocean or Casino Night!
Bt1229:Casino Night is not on the list.
Blastoise:Um... I'm on a train... and I'm going under a tunnel! (Turns off communicator) Alright, one more game and I go back. (Pulls back a stick) I won't fail THIS pinball game!
Light Thunder:Not at Metropolis!
Shadow the Hedgehog:Not at Sky Fortress. Thanks for the call by the way.
Knuckles:Same for me. And he's not in the Egg!
Tails:Not at Collision Chaos! Look at the other places!
Shadow Chomper:Not at Wacky Workbench!
Bt1229:Stardust Speedway has METAL Sonic, but not Sonic or Twilight. ...What are you doing here anyways?
Metal Sonic:At first, I tried to come here to be home. Since I have my place in your dimension, however, I just came here for my vacation.
Blastoise:Not at Metallic Madness!
Light Thunder:Not at Hydrocity!
Shadow the Hedgehog:Not at Launch Base.
Tails:Not at Flying Battery!
Knuckles:Not at Hidden Palace! (Looks at picture) ...I get the Super Sonic thing, but what is the other thing? It looks nothing like Eggman or that machine... Well, it does a little bit... (Suddenly, Evil SC gets in to the conversation)
Evil SC:I know where your friend is.
Shadow Chomper:So YOU captured him!
Evil SC:What? No! I knew because I saw him go to Sky Sanctuary!
Knuckles:...Him? Who are you talking about?
Evil SC:You'll find out yourselves.
Shadow Chomper:So why help us out?
Evil SC:Because I can. (Gets out of the conversation)

Date: 06/11/14 1:50 PM
From: SheWolf99

Somewhere in a resort...
Electri: I can FINALLY have a break!
RiNa: U said it, W00T!
Electri gets message.(Note: She can use her powers to make a FaceTime-like contact)
Electri: Who is it.
Tails: It's Tails, we just found out Sonic's missing, by a mysterious guy.
Electri: RiNa and I would help. RiNa, we have to help.
RiNa: YAY!
Electri: By The Way, we're not the EPF or cops, we could help.
RiNa: Yep!!!

Date: 06/11/14 12:58 PM
From: Raphiel900

Raph: Ahh. Another good day!
Me: I still can't belive u decided to move to Green Hill Zone.
Raph: Not my fault my apartment exploded. Time to get to TUFF!
*Suddenly, Twilight runs into him*
Raph: What the heck?!
Twilight Sparkle: Sorry! I need to study!
*Suddenly, Twilight sees a shadowy figure with Sonic yelling, and she gets kidnapped*
Raph: Alright... Twilight? Twilight?! Oh no! We need to get to TUFF!
*Back at TUFF, Raph explains that Twilight has been captured by the guy who kidnapped Sonic*