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Genesis Wave

Date: 07/03/14 12:19 PM
From: Raphiel900

Eggman: Finally! After a few months, the Genesis Wave Mark IV is complete! I can finally reset Sonic's world, and his NEW home into my own interstellar Eggmanland!
*Eggman activates his machine, but it malfunctions, and puffs out black stuff*
Eggman: Dang it! Broke down! Well, i'll just get some help from ROD.
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Date: 07/09/14 2:25 PM
From: Raphiel900

Eggman: Oh, no! U broke the decoy.
Super SC: Wait, what?
*Eggman activates the Genesis Wave*
Super Raph: Eggman! What have u-
To Be Continued...

Date: 07/09/14 1:15 PM
From: SheWolf99

Elextri: Um, Help! Clausriphobic dragon in container! HELP!
RiNa: Does that mean your afraid of Santa?
Louis: No, it means she's afraid of enclosed spaces. Quick!
Suddenly, Elextri gets roboticized, and is teleported to Herbert's Cave. Louis uses his Spy phone to join, and he grabs onto RiNa.
R.Elextri: Time to get my return. Now, where is RiNa?(Scans cave)
Louis: Hide!
R.E.: Not found. Now where's my Herby?
Herbert mines up to his cave, and is shocked.
Herbert: Woah, good job, Elextri, or should I say, Bad job for joining the "Dark Side"!
RiNa: (Whispers) Escape!
RiNa and Louis try to escape, but R.E. uses her powers to drag them back to her.
Herbert: Now your stuck with us, and that's bad, as in, we're villains and you two aren't, for long.
Louis: Those containers, they were roboticize and TELEPORT chambers?
Herbert: Ideas from Al and Ivo. Al made the chambers, Ivo programed them, and I "Borrowed" them.
To be continued...

Date: 07/09/14 8:14 AM
From: Bt1229

...Let's just say my latest post came before Sethman's
Eggman:Now I can-
Super SC:I don't think so. (Smashes Genesis Wave)
Evil Sonic:...
...Bowser's Castle...
Evil Sonic:...So you GOTTA revive him! Just find one of those 1-up mushrooms and revive him!
Bowser:...I'll do it on some conditions.
Evil Sonic:Conditions?
Bowser:You and the other traitorous people from the second dimension give leadership of TAG to ??? and QUIT, rejoining DOOM. And you must also promise to NEVER betray us again.
Evil Sonic:...Agreed.
Bowser: (Takes out two mushrooms) On your left is the 1-up mushroom. On the right, the dangerous Poison Mushroom.
Evil Sonic:Isn't that the-
Bowser:And no, not the one from Super Smash Bros. You see, Kamek is gonna determine if I can trust you or not and then whisper the answer. And if I can trust you, you can have the 1-up mushroom. If not... You are getting the Poison Mushroom... and Evil Shadow Chomper is not the one receiving it.
Kamek: (Comes in, stares at Evil Sonic for a while, and whispers into Bowser's hears. Evil Sonic begs to himself that he can be trusted)
Bowser:... (Tosses the 1-up mushroom)
Evil Sonic:Thank you.
Bowser:I want to watch you do YOUR part of the deal.
Evil Sonic:ATTENTION TAG AGENTS! ...Evil Raph, you're fired.
Evil Raph:WHAT!? Why!?
Evil Sonic:...I made a deal with Bowser that if I pass leadership to ??? and have you and me leave this agency and join DOOM again, Evil Shadow Chomper will be revived.
???:So I'm the leader now?
Evil Sonic:Well, duh. But when the time comes and we meet again as enemies, do not even think of going easy.
Evil Sonic: (Revives Evil SC)
Evil SC:Thanks Evil Sonic. Bet you got Dark Raph to get you a 1-up mushroom.
Evil Sonic: (Scratching the back of his head) Not exactly. I made a deal with Bowser.
Evil SC:...What is the deal?
Evil Sonic:I left ??? in charge. We have to join DOOM.
Evil SC:Give me ONE GOOD REASON why I should.
Bowser: (Holds out 3 poison mushrooms)
Evil SC:...We're joining DOOM.
Snaptrap:Sure, you can-
Darkness:NO, Snaptrap! You made bad decisions in the past, but last time Evil Shadow Chomper rejoined DOOM, he betrayed us and made TAG!
Evil SC:I know you don't trust us... but give us ONE more chance.
Darkness:...Fine. But don't expect me to be glad about it. You stole my gauntlets and trapped me in a cage! Not to mention destroying the key.
Light Swallower:Pfft. If I was leading, I wouldn't even make a pass.
Darkness:Well I'm not the leader either, Light Swallower!
Snaptrap:I might have to remove one of you two from DOOM so I don't have to listen to you complaining.

Date: 07/08/14 5:23 PM
From: Bt1229

Sonic:Not so fast, Evil Shadow Chomper! (Kicks Super ESC, but it does not affect him)
Super ESC:Ha! Super forms make people mostly invincible, remember? (Notices Eggman and Darkness has Electri and Startstop and Evil Sonic ends them up in a cage that is inescapable... unless you have the key) You aren't going anywhere. You are trapped! And I have the key! (Holds out key and drops it) Whoops. I hope I don't damage it. (Stomps on it) Whoops. I am so clumsy! Uh oh, I am slipping! I hope I don't- (Blasts the key with the Mega Destruction Ray, destroying it) Oops, already did! (Laughs) Now let's get serious here. Nobody is gonna do ANYTHING to ANYONE until I am done. Then
I am gonna dump you all, along with those in Good DOOM and those still in Evil TUFF, in a POOL OF LAVA!
Sonic:You aren't dumping ANYONE into ANYTHING! (Tries to turn super, but notices an emerald is missing) What? Who... who took one of the emeralds?
Eggman and Darkness:... (Both whistles)
Startstop:...You took it, did you? (They both nod)
Sonic:...You do know this was a bad day to do that, right?
Darkness:If you want it, you can have it. It's right in my- (Notices that his Destruction Ray is missing) I thought I brought it with me!
Eggman:And I don't have my radio! I use it to contact my army!
Super ESC:Looking for these? (Takes out Darkness' Destruction Ray and Eggman's Radio, while wearing Darkness' gauntlets)
Darkness:How are you-
Super ESC:Before putting them on I reprogrammed them to be unusable for DOOM and TUFF agents instead of TAG Agents.
Darkness:Note to self, make them reprogramming-proof after making them yours again.

Date: 07/08/14 2:15 PM
From: SheWolf99

Louis: Keep calm RiNa, remember that he may notice us.
A loud crash appears
Herbert(In Drill): Deja Vu, RiNa and Lou.
Louis: I thought you were mining all these times!
Herbert: This is JUST like when Leroy "Leaf" Elm and Scype found me. But this time, a lot easier. You two aren't Pokémon. And, I disabled your powers.
Louis: Leroy and Scype are MY PKMN! What did you do!
Herbert: Put them in Roboticization chambers. Apparently it works on PKMN.
RiNa: Wait, so why to us?
Herbert: You both ALSO get roboticized.

Date: 07/08/14 2:01 PM
From: sethman13

*teleports to super evil shadow chomper with a halo on me*
me:game over evil shadow chomper*grabs him and prepares a kamehameha on him*!
*destorsy dark shadow chomper with the kamehameha then teleports to ???*
shadow hcomper:was that who i thought it was?

Date: 07/08/14 12:02 PM
From: Raphiel900

*Starstop gets captured by Darkness*
Darkness: So, what's this "roboticizing?"
Eggman: It's when people turn into robots, and serve our commands.
*Meanwhile, Elextri is snooping*
Elextri: I feel a strange sense of deja-vu.
*Suddenly, Elextri get's captured*

Date: 07/08/14 10:22 AM
From: Bt1229

Darkness:There you go, Eggman. Your Genesis Wave! (Suddenly the Genesis Wave is taken by a grappling hook)
Evil SC:You mean MY Genesis Wave!
Darkness:It's TAG! They took the Genesis Wave! But why?
Evil SC:So I can rule 2 dimensions as I planned when I first came. And then I will have my revenge on those who beaten TAG! (Gets on top of the roof) And now, first dimension... I bring to you... TAG'S TAKEOVER OF THE WORLD!
Back inside ROD HQ...
Shadow Chomper: (TUFF busts through the windows) Ok, Eggman and Darkness. Where's your new evil machine?
Darkness:In the hands of Evil Shadow Chomper, who is going to use it on his dimension and ours so he can rule over 2 dimensions and destroy us!
Shadow Chomper:Not on my watch! (Climbs on top of the roof, but is knocked to the ground below) What!?
Super ESC:I have learned this from you.
Bt1229:I thought Evil Shadow Chomper could have THIS kind of look.
Shadow Chomper: (Turns super)
Super SC:Let's go then! (Flies towards Super ESC, but is blasted)
Super ESC:I'd probably end this fight with my Super Form's Blasts, but I'd rather do it with a different kind of a blast. (Pulls out Mega Destruction Ray) Goodbye Shadow Chomper...

Date: 07/07/14 9:43 PM
From: SheWolf99

Elextri: No need to warn them StarStop, my creator is trying to beat the Johto Elite 4.
RiNa: I'm confused, why won't you let him tell the TUFF Agents?
Elextri: Wait for it... 3, 2, 1, and this!(Rainbow appears)
Rainbow : So, what'do-ya want?
Elextri: Some water shards, immediately!
Rainbow: Sure!(Grabs some water shards)
RiNa: I'm going SUPER?
Elextri: Only way to stop it, Hydro RiNa.
Hydro RiNa: What? Starstop?
Elextri: No, the 4th genesis wave, or else we'll be robots. And I'll be the new Lien-Da!
Hydro RiNa: What if, you DID act like if you joined "the Dark Side"?
Elextri: Thats good enough, I can do that.

Date: 07/07/14 3:35 PM
From: penguin050

Startstop: (eats a doughnut) These are the best doughnuts in town! (sees Eggman with the emerald) I'll
bet there making a plan.. I gotta go warn the TUFF agents!

Date: 07/06/14 6:54 PM
From: SheWolf99

RiNa: ESC, I took a thing to find you. And the Wall.(4th one)
Elextri: Also, I hope the genesis wave doesn't hurt us.

Date: 07/04/14 11:59 PM
From: Bt1229

Evil SC:Here's a question for you guys: how did you know I was here?

Date: 07/04/14 5:26 PM
From: SheWolf99

RiNa: Wait, ESC(Evil SC), what about me?
Elextri: He needs to know about me.
Louis: Why exactly?
Elextri: Metal Sonic Date, its better than Dark Raph. Why? Well, I would want to see Albert instead.
Louis: Are you making that he AND Albert AND Herbert take over 4 dimensions?
Elextri: No, of course no. Herby is, well, Hard to say. Albert, well, I don't want him to come here.
Louis: (Looks at Elextri's ProtoMan Poster) You mean Wily?
Elextri: I'm serious!
RiNa: Here's the Good Rod!
Elextri: Louis, thats why RiNa is a wall breaker.

Date: 07/04/14 2:46 PM
From: Bt1229

Darkness:I will help you out. A deal's a deal.
Evil SC: (Outside the window) A machine that changes the world? That's exactly what I need to get my revenge on this dimension AND the 2nd dimension! Soon I will rule TWO worlds! And EVERYONE who opposes against me will BOW TO THE AGENTS OF TAG! And my punishment to those who remain in Evil TUFF, and the agents of Good DOOM and TUFF: Public Extermination!

Date: 07/04/14 1:34 PM
From: Raphiel900

*Eggman sneakly swipes a Chaos Emerald from TUFF*
Raph: What was that noise?
Sonic: I have no idea.
*Back at ROD*
Eggman: Here's ur Chaos Emerald. Now, my Genesis wave has broken down from those 3 other times I used it.
Darkness: 3 other times?
Eggman: I used it 3 times to reset Mobius. The first 2 times helped my rule over Mobius. The other time just turned Mobius back to normal. Problem is, I don't know why it broke down.

Date: 07/03/14 11:29 PM
From: Bt1229

Darkness:Yes! I have made my new destruction ray!
Metal Sonic:A new one? What's bad about the old one.
Darkness:You know how Evil Shadow Chomper used the power core for it?
Metal Sonic:Yeah. Why?
Darkness:He had to take apart my machine to. So I rebuilt it. Now, to find someone to test it on.
Metal Sonic:I happen to have built a lot of test robots any time I get free time on my hands. You can use one of them. (Sends out a test robot) It does not talk. It only does what I tell it to do. Stand still robot! (Robot stands in it's place) Good. (Backs away) OK, Darkness, go ahead.
Darkness: (Tries to use destruction ray, but it puffs out black stuff) Darn! What is wrong with this thing? (Opens power containment) By the way, I made a button to open it so when if a bad guy needs the power source, they can open it. (Looks at power source, which is uranium) Uh oh. It dried out. I need something that can have closest to limitless power that I can place in here. But what has that sort of power? Hm... (Snaps fingers) A chaos emerald!
Metal Sonic:Who would you send to go get an emerald? Sonic has kept them safe since the last time they had to search for one.
Darkness:Why, the evil genius of the Sonic World himself, Docter Eggman.
Metal Sonic:Eggman? Who knows what he's up to?
Sir Spellacus:Darkness, Dr. Eggman has been spotted. It seems he needs something from us.
Darkness:...That was a coincidence.
Darkness:A Genesis Wave, huh? I'll help you on one condition.
Darkness:You have to help me with a little something. I need you to go to TUFF and steal a Chaos Emerald. It has almost limitless power (ALMOST, considering they been drained before), and I need it to power up my new destruction ray so I can destroy Shadow Chomper.

Date: 07/03/14 3:16 PM
From: SheWolf99

Elextri: Hold it, EggDoctor, I have to say something. Can I go on, well, a date with Metal Sonic?
RiNa: Lex, remember, you could be robotized, or what that thing was during Worlds collide.
Elextri: Wait, YOU were there?
RiNa: Nicole told me! How else?
Elextri: Well, come to think about it, that makes sense. And your technically my adopted sister, right?
RiNa: Like OF COURSE!(Both fist bump)
Louis: I'm new here. According to the script, I'm owner of team Krystal. And I'm the power part of the Team Elementz.
RiNa: Good timing, Louis the Wolf. I waz looking for you, but the board was "Invalid".
Louis: Its okay, now I guess we have to have a minor break before we beat the EggBrain.