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the last stand(sign up for a fan made movie)

Date: 07/04/14 7:01 PM
From: sethman13

alright i am gonna make a movie on this message board and you can be in it!
NOTE:this takes place before i died the 1st time on RODS*return of dark sethman*
when i have enough people i will release a trailer of the fan made movie so heres a example of the movie sign ups!

agent name:sethman
part in the movie:one of the actors in it
powers:too much
info about the person:baseilly a adpoted sayain from a ??? planet and crashed into petropuluas and was adopted after parents died then they also died and now a very dangerous TUFF agent with super powers of unbelivable power

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Date: 07/17/14 9:14 PM
From: sethman13

alright good news everyone! the fan made movie will be created in a little while so cheer for this fan made movie!

Date: 07/16/14 2:21 PM
From: SheWolf99

I made a trailer for your MOVIE!!!
(And No, I am NOT DJ Cadence, I just have similarities with her.)

Narrator: We all know Petropolis, a well known city with many well known animals. Sethman is one of these many animals.
Sethman: Hello Petropolis!
Narrator: He is known as a Sayain, and he is really strong and powerful.
Sethman lifts up a building
Narrator: But one day, his Dark twin, Dark Sethman, wants to take revenge. With some others helping. Starring Shadow Chomper!
Shadow C.: Oh,(Waves) Welcome!
Narrator: Penguin!
Penguin: You sure about this?
Narrator: Raphiel the Hybrid! And his Dark Twin!
Raph: Hey, anyone seen my soda?
Dark Raph: -_-
Narrator: Elextri and RiNa!
Elextri: RiNa, do you know what this means?
RiNa: Booming TIME!(Explosion happens)
Elextri FacePalms.
Narrator: And some guest Stars; Sonic!
Sonic: Gotta go fast!
Narrator: Tails and Twilight Sparkle!
Tails: We must be near the exit!
Twilight Sparkle: Good, lets find it!
Narrator: In, "The Last Stand"!


Date: 07/15/14 6:47 PM
From: sethman13

to low1
nice trailer but has some stuff they need to be pepaired 1st the title of the movie is after all of the footage of the trailer and i liked how you did the extermination thing and all but heres a sugesstion can you remake the trailer to it make it look a bit better*just for improvement*
note to everyone signing up
: somethings in the trailer will happen in the movie and thanks for all signing up cause i am gonna realease the movie after the next trailer i do! thanks low1 for making the 2nd trailer and for that low1 i will add a new chareter into the movie which is one of your good chareter and fusion with problely me or someone else

Date: 07/15/14 2:51 PM
From: Low1

Tired of waiting. I'll make 2nd Trailer.
In Fire toads lair.
Fire Toad: Finally I can make Operation 604 AKA termination.
Mr. Guns: Oh no.
Evil Mr. Guns: Oh yes.
Mr. Guns: Summons others.
MR. Guns
Mr. Guns: Lets rumble.
Sethman: Come on coward.
Sonic, and Shadow chomper.
Both: Bye evil!
Raph: Can't beat me.
Me: Types wall. Smash time.
Darkness: Fights Shadow Chomper.

Date: 07/10/14 9:19 AM
From: SheWolf99

Elextri: Raphy, don't. My creator is an artist. Also, here's her sign up!

Name: OCStarr/Wolfy/Plasmagirl/OC
Species: Human/Vaporeon
Part of movie: Artist and Designer.
Powers: Magic pencil, becoming a vaporeon.
Info: After getting White1 for hetr birthday, she created Elextri. RiNa, once thought to be a villain, isn't after she cleared up what she is, and ZZNC originally standed for Zap-Zero-Nocard(NoCard is Dracon backwards)
She revised her characters(With some help from MattMiles and SonicFF) and done.


Date: 07/09/14 8:33 PM
From: Low1

Mr. Guns: Can I be in the next trailer. I hope I am good. Fire toad: Oh I have an Ultra Metal Sonic. Low1: Types a soda. AAAAAH.

Date: 07/09/14 5:17 PM
From: sethman13

i am afraid you will have to wait till the movie is ready raph sorry

Date: 07/09/14 2:28 PM
From: Raphiel900

Raph: One question. Can u fuse me and Sonic in the movie?!

Date: 07/09/14 1:07 PM
From: Low1

Name: Low1.
Species: Human.
Part in the movie: Actor.
Powers: Is able to make anything appear with his computer.
Info about person: Is the creator of Mr. Guns, Fire Toad, and Evil Mr. Guns.

Date: 07/09/14 9:12 AM
From: SheWolf99

Elextri: True, I'm surprised by the fusion, but WHY?
Me: You can take what she said as comedy!!!(Yay?)
Elextri: RiNa, we're not making Nick references here.

Date: 07/09/14 12:08 AM
From: sethman13

after the 3rd trailer the movie will start and if you were wondering about the ??? person that was both shadow chomper and sethman i will reaveal his name ONLY! his name is seth chomper a fusion of both shadow chomper and sethman

Date: 07/08/14 5:29 PM
From: Bt1229

Shadow Chomper: (Is clapping. Notices that the others around him aren't, just him and Sonic) Um... Why aren't you guys clapping?
Sonic:I think they are stuck with their jaws dropped. They were stuck like that since the fusion ha. Even Bt1229 is stuck like that.
Bt1229: (Suddenly closes jaw) Ugh, finally not stuck from that jaw drop. Anyways, I like the fusion ha part. In fact I liked all of it. How many people until we get this going?

Date: 07/08/14 2:18 PM
From: SheWolf99

RiNa: Sorry Sethman, but I think you have to change our role-ish. I think my adopter should have some MS interactions.
Elextri: (Blushing) Uh... Yeah, involve what she said, eh.

Date: 07/07/14 9:51 PM
From: sethman13

alright since this is about enough i will release the 1st trailer but remember you can still sign up and i will make new trailers so enjoy!
*trailer starts*
*the trailer starts in a desert with shadow chomper nearly motionless and sonic on ground and me in broken clothes*
me:you will never get away with this you!
*the wierd person sethman was talking about was fire toad and eggman in a metal sonic*
ultra metal sonic:you'll never win!
*me and ultra metal sonic clash*
shadow chomper:YOU LITTLE!
super sonic:YOUR DONE FOR!
both:this is done for!
*it goes black then it goes back to desert*
me:shadow chomper now!
shadow chomper:alright!
both of us:fuuuu....soin!...HAA!
*after a puff a smoke a black robe like gray dog stands before ultra metal sonic and it goes super sayain*
*trailer ends*
hope you enjoyed it!

Date: 07/07/14 4:32 PM
From: Low1

Name: Fire toad.
Species: Toad.
Part in movie: The main villain actor.
Powers: Fire powers, and shape shift.
Info about the person: Is an Doom agent. Is the rival of Mr. Guns.

Name: Mr. Guns.
Species: Hybrid.
Part in the movie: Actor.
Powers: Guns, tekiness, Robo Knight mode.
Info about person: Unknown.

Name: Evil Mr. Guns.
Species: Same as Mr. Guns.
Part in Movie: Henchman actor.
Powers: Same as Mr. Guns.
Info about person: Alternate Mr. Guns.


Date: 07/06/14 6:48 PM
From: SheWolf99

RiNa and Elextri are coming!
Agent Name: Elextri Amberdust-Draconir
Species: Wingless Dragon
Part in Movie: Supporter with Secrets
Powers: Most Electrical substances.
Info: Although both her parents passed away due to an illness, she and her brother went off to discover new lands. Her brother, Sparex, is unknown where he is. Elextri adventures to help who she wants, but usually with a cost. She currently lives in RiNa's home, adopting her.

Name: Just call her "RiNa" Aquari
Part in Movie: Unknown, helper to Elextri.
Powers: Hydrokinetic
Info: Raised by her parents, Ricky and Natalie(Ri + Na) Aquari(Who are still alive), this hedgehog of the coast discovered Elextri at age 5(When Elextri was 8). She got to keep her, or at least Elextri kept her.


Date: 07/05/14 2:18 PM
From: Raphiel900

Agent Name: Raph
Species: 75% Penguin, 5% Kangaroo, 5% Pegasus, 10% Hedgehog, 5% Other
Part in the Movie: Actor
Powers: Flying, Homing Attack, Extendo Arms/Legs, Super Form, and much more.
Info: Once a ordinary Club Penguin resident, Raph was tooken by the Kraang and was 25% mutated. Raph escaped before he was fully mutated, but crashed into Petropolis. After 1 year of hiding, Raph came across TUFF, and joined them. Since then, Raph has channeled his powers, and is still learning new powers, becoming the 2nd most powerful TUFF agent, and now lives in Green Hill Zone.

Date: 07/04/14 11:58 PM
From: Bt1229

Agent Name:Shadow Chomper
Species:Grey Cat
Part in the movie:Actor
Powers:Mega Blaster, Super Form (Not to be used in movie, since it came WHEN Dark Sethman attacked)
Info about the Person:Once created by Snaptrap, escaped and joined TUFF. Later became just a grey cat, but all of that is a long story.

Agent Name:Sonic
Part in the movie:Actor
Powers:Speed, Super Form, Homing Attack, Spindash. Need I say more?
Info about the person:The world's fastest hedgehog and hero of his world, Sonic was battling Metal Sonic when he was sucked in a portal with his enemy and a bunch of Pokemon. Making friends with the agents, Sonic, along with his friends, decides to help TUFF with danger like Darkness, Light Swallower, and other bad guys.

Agent Name:Darkness
Species:Black Cat
Part in the movie:Actor
Powers:Destruction Ray
Info about the person:Shadow Chomper's main enemy and leader of ROD, Darkness one day stepped in when Light Swallower left. How he became evil, nobody knows.

Agent Name:Metal Sonic
Species:Robotic Hedgehog
Part in the movie:Actor
Powers:Rocket Launcher Arm
Info about the person:Built by Dr. Eggman to defeat Sonic, and replacing the destroyed Silver Sonic (Sonic 2), Metal Sonic captured Amy and raced against Sonic. After losing, he returns years later to get his revenge. The catch? He thinks he's the real Sonic. Defeated by the Sonic Heroes, he returns again in Classic Form, battling Classic Sonic. Then he was fixed up and was tested. Battle ready, he raced Sonic once again. And again, he was defeated. Metal Sonic still believed he was the real Sonic, so he fought against Sonic in what would be the last battle... If a certain portal didn't interrupt. Chasing the Hedgehog through the TUFF Dimension, he was beaten. His path home lost, he made partners with Light Swallower, then Darkness, then both, then Darkness again. Later on he figured out he wasn't the real Sonic. However, the rivalry between him and Sonic did not end. He is the leader of DOT, Second-in-command of ROD, and agent of DOOM.

Agent Name:Bt1229
Part in Movie:Camera Crew
Info about the Person:Being a Message Board user instead of an agent, Bt1229 appears every once in a while to say a message to another agent or something. His messages to other users are said in a void that no TUFF agent originally enter... unless the door is left open.