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Species Swap: Sign Ups

Date: 07/08/14 12:30 PM
From: SheWolf99

Well, Creators, you use your characters and swap around their species.(Such as Elextri the Wolf, RiNa Aquari the Wingless Dragon, and Louis the Hedgehog). Almost everything stays the same, only their species change. The story starts like this.

Eggman: I have another plan, aside from the Genesis Wave mark IV. This is to swap everyone's species. This also can make MS Organic, but the one who swapped with him becomes robotic.
Metal Sonic: What? Why do you include me?
Eggman: Request by Polardragonbear2000*. Whoever it is, it apparently likes you.
Metal Sonic: -_- I know her.
Eggman: Doesn't matter, lets set off, THE SPECIES SWAPPER!!!!(Turns on machine)

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