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TUFF Roads Ahead (Based upon the Series Finale)

Date: 07/27/14 8:42 AM
From: Bt1229

10 years after TUFF nearly ended (TUFF Break Up), it fully did. There was no crime for the last 3 years of it, since the ultimate crime with all of Petropolis' villains teaming up and then being arrested and sent to jail. Knowing they might not see another crime for a long time, they went their separate ways. Sonic, Tails, and Raph went back home to Green Hill Zone, and still fight for justice in their home dimension. Dudley, Kitty, and Keswick parted ways and went back to the jobs they had before they went back to TUFF. Shadow Chomper just stays in his agency and goes around town. His agency, after TUFF ended, became his new home. The TAG agents were robbing a bank and was arrested at that time. Shadow the Hedgehog went to travel the entire world. Nobody had seen him around Petropolis or Paris in days. As for Bt1229... he stayed in a nice home in Petropolis. Nothing was different for him. Yet... they weren't the same, either. After TUFF faded, the search for any missing agents were canceled, for all of TUFF's searching equipment, along with everything in TUFF that is only used for work, shut down.
However, when everything looked peaceful, the villains escaped with the help of Eggman, Bowser, and Dr. Wily. Knowning of this, Shadow Chomper had to regather the TUFF agents... Before it is too late...

So the story is, TUFF has split apart, but after the villains returned to evil doings, Shadow Chomper had to find the other TUFF agents. You can make your own dialogue for your characters. I just guessed Raph would end up back in Green Hill Zone. It doesn't mean we are done, because stuff like this goes on for as long as TUFF Puppy Message Boards still stands. Which is, if we keep it strong, a long, long time.

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Date: 08/15/14 6:01 PM
From: SheWolf99

Louis: Hey, Elextri, (whippers) how about Bowser? Have you seen him lately?
Elextri: (Whispers back) Herby told me that Bowser wants me to join the koopalings. I said, 'Why is bowser still thinking I'm a koopaling?' I realized I had one choice, which is to be human temporally, so then I could talk to mario. Why? I needed him to stop attacking me.
Louis: (Still whispering) I think thats why you got captured to tell him too.
Elextri: (Both done whispering)I think we should go on an adventure.
Louis: Yeah, Adventure!
RiNa: I'll give you a boat and a sail, and Half-sis, put on that!(Points to Toon Zelda costume) Louis, put on the Toon link costume. I will be here waiting. I thought you'll like it.
Louis: Is she doing it*?
Elextri: She's obsessed with *WindWaker.
Louis: THAT explains her personality.

Date: 08/14/14 5:09 PM
From: Low1

Mr. Guns: Started fighting Ridley Tron like an Metroid Boss fight. Sam, Samus! Go and get my "Car!"
Sam: Got it. What should I do?
Mr. Guns: Use its Mega Missle Tank. Shots Ridley Tron.
Sam: Okay. Finishes Ridley Tron. Lets go Dad, and Mom.
Mr. Guns: Come on Samus. Car go to TUFF.
Samus: Puts on suit. Lets go. Then Darkbots, and Robo Bosses appeared.
Mr. Guns: Calls Penguin. Penguin I need your help. Go to right here right now.
Penguin: Okay. Teleports to where Mr. Guns is. Hi.

Date: 08/13/14 7:19 AM
From: bt1229

...The Sonic I use is based on the games

Date: 08/12/14 12:33 PM
From: SheWolf99

As RiNa, Elextri, and Scale were fighting some darkbots, Louis teleported with his phone and blasted the distracting DarkBots.
RiNa: Whew, thanks Louis!
Louis: It's what I could do.
Elextri: Louis? We meet again? Since I was 8 and you were 9.
Louis: Yep, really long. Did you marry a cyborg?
Elextri: No, I married to Shard, which is why Scale is here. How about you?
Louis: Sonia.
Sonic overhears Louis
Louis: Sonic! I thought we were,well, okay! I thought it would be cool if two people with wind powers got married. We did.
Elextri: So, uh, Sonic, Where's manic?
Sonic: He is at my house, with Nicole.

Date: 08/12/14 11:07 AM

3 years after S.W.O.O.M stopped working, their building was condemned and destroyed. The agents working there moved away to somewhere nobody ever knew... until now...

(Story arc)


Date: 08/08/14 11:53 PM
From: sethman13

me:something tells me this is behind my dark self....cause if these are bot of darkness then h-*darkrobots appear again*
me:why with the robots?*sethman jr shoots a kamehameha at 20*
sethman jr:dont ask what kind of training dad puts me in...
me:dont even mention that one fight..
*sees dark me and dark sethman jr*
me:seems you dont give up dont you?
dark me:seems you have your own kid like i do...
dark s.j:I will rip you all into shreds!
s.j:thats a bit harsh...*me and s.j battle our dark selfs till they dissaper*
both of us:lets find the rest of tuff and fast!

Date: 07/29/14 7:16 PM
From: Raphiel900

*Darkbots suddenly surround Sonic, Raph, and Tails*
Darkbots: Ur not going anywhere!
Raph: Oh no ya don't!
*Raph uses his combat skills to knock out all the Darkbots*
Raph: That bought us some time. Now go go go!

Date: 07/28/14 9:50 PM
From: Bt1229

Shadow Chomper:Nice to see you too, Sethman.
Sonic:...Funny. Eggman came up with nothing here for years. (Sonic gets a call from Shadow. Since it is 10 years in the future, a new type of phones will have holographic calling, and during the 7 years there WAS crime, all the TUFF agents got free versions of them for helping to protect the world) What is it, Shadow?
Shadow the Hedgehog:I'm in Japan. Nice place, besides the facts that there are about ten thousand robots attacking the city. Hold on. (Kicks a robot) We need to regather TUFF and stop this! (Robot hits him) GAH! (Phone hangs up)
Tails:What is it, Sonic?
Sonic:...Tails... bust out the dimension portal. We are going back to the TUFF dimension!

Date: 07/28/14 7:58 PM
From: SheWolf99

RiNa: Sethman? What are YOU doin' here. How old are you anyways? Oops, shouldn't have asked that.
Elextri and her daughter teleport to RiNa. Elextri's(And Shard's) Daughter is Scale the Cyborg-TechDragon.
Scale: Mommy, who is that dog and his dog father?
Elextri: That's, oh, Sethman and "Sethman Jr".
Sethman Jr.: Thats my name!
Scale: Oh, uh, Hi there, S.J.
RiNa: You had a kid?
Elextri: Well, two. Byte, our son,is with his father.
RiNa: Who's the Father? Wait! Is it Dark Vader?
Scale: No Semi-aunt RiNa.
Elextri: Its Shard. that's why Scale is a Cyborg.

Date: 07/28/14 6:40 PM
From: Low1

TV: The T-rex challenged the Velociraptor.
Ridley: Roars!
Samus: This can't be.
Mr. Guns: Reads label stuck on it. Ridley like robot. By Fire Toad. Samus, Sam car trip after we defeat Ridley Tron.

Date: 07/28/14 5:14 PM
From: sethman13

*back at petropuis*
me:i am sure someone is here*looks around but doesn't see anyone*oh great here we go...
sethman jr:yay car trip!
*me and my son drive to hurry to shadow chomper*
note:my son was born before mr guns so after he was 5 he trained his son to fight like him and to defend himself.
*sees shadow chomper in the disctance a few minues after leaving petropuis*
me:there he is! rushes car to shadow chomeper when close enough me and sethman jr attack some darkbots*
me:nice to see yo uagain shadow chomper!

Date: 07/28/14 1:06 PM
From: SheWolf99

RiNa runs towards Shadow Chomper, later noticing the Darkbots.
RiNa: Hi Shadow Chomper! So, whatcha-doing?
Shadow Chomper: Facing these Darkbots. You can help if you want.
RiNa: (Looks at darkbots) Splash-Thrash!(Summons water to attack Darkbots)
Shadow Chomper's Thoughts: I wonder how she got that good at fighting. She once was just a supporter. 10 years do change a lot.
RiNa: Um, SC! We're searching for OTHERS!
Shadow Chomper: H-how did you know?
RiNa: News flies!

Date: 07/28/14 12:34 PM
From: Low1

Also Mr. Guns, and Samus had a Child named Sam witch is a boy. Just incase something happens Mr. Guns, and his Wife trained him.
Mr. Guns: (Makes Coffee) Aaah.
Samus: Mr. Guns you're show is on.
Mr. Guns: Age of Dinos are on. Coming.
Meanwhile with Shadow Chomper.
Darkbot 1 : Bring Shadow Chomper to Darkness.
Shadow Chomper: Wakes up. Bye. Punches 2 Darkbots.

Date: 07/28/14 11:05 AM
From: sethman13

forgot a bit of stuff in my dialog so heres a bonus one for my guy

no one knows that sethman was actully married to a nice wife and had a son that shared his fathers attitude and powers while the mother is ??? the son is named after himself and when heading back to tuff decided to bring his son with him, his son is 10 years old.


Date: 07/28/14 10:24 AM
From: Bt1229

Off to find RiNa, Shadow Chomper is randomly attacked by Darkbots, robot clones of Darkness.
Shadow Chomper: (Takes out his Mega Ray and destroys the robots) Darkness always makes new stuff, even after 3 years.
Shadow Chomper destroyed 10 Darkbots before becoming overwhelmed. The Darkbots knocked Shadow Chomper to the ground and was about to finish him off.

Date: 07/28/14 7:41 AM
From: penguin050

Penguin had became a scientist and inventing things for
other citizens in Pertropolis, and made a very secure
laboratory. He now lives in the laboratory in Pertropolis.

Startstop wanted to see the world too, so he went to
Rome, Italy, Hawaii, etc. He's currently in Hawaii.


Date: 07/27/14 9:37 PM
From: SheWolf99

Minor note: RiNa actually is 18, originally 8. She still wonders what her "Sister" is doing.

Date: 07/27/14 5:16 PM
From: sethman13

note:my guy is about 50 or 49 years old cause he spent 30 years working for tuff and is considerd the grim reaper of justice

Date: 07/27/14 2:56 PM
From: Low1

When Mr. Guns quitted TUFF he married Samus (Metroid), and got an Weapon shipper job. Later Ridley died, and all villainous doings in the universe gotten destroyed. Then he, and Samus just lived in a peaceful house, and Mr. Guns is 40.

Date: 07/27/14 2:02 PM
From: sethman13

after leaving tuff sethman became a vigalantie hoping to relive the glory days but no crimes so took his vigalantie bisnuess to paris for 3 years doing it but doesn't remember anyone from tuff but after he heard about that plan he decided to head back to petropuis for old times sake...