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TUFF Wars (Star Wars/ TUFF Parody movie sign ups)

Date: 08/24/14 11:32 AM
From: Low1

Welcome to my new post in the new forums. It is a TUFF parody. You can make your agent a actor that has a different name than the past one, or a Movie OC.
Actor's name: Mr. Guns
Person's name: Luke Skyguns
Powers: Has tons of guns, in the movie he has the force, and a lightsaber
Side: Good

Actor's Name: Fire Toad
Person's name: Darth Toad
Powers: Fire power, in the movie he has the force, and a lightsaber

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Date: 08/25/14 7:29 PM
From: SheWolf99

Thanks for liking Lex-lia and R8-N8
"Beep Beep!"-R2D2

Date: 08/25/14 3:34 PM
From: Low1

All is in.

Date: 08/24/14 11:16 PM
From: sethman13

actors name:sethman
persons name:han soman
powers:in real life has so much but in movie has the same thing as han solo guns...
dont even ask why han solo but i counl't choose obi wan or luke skywaker due cause 1 obi is old and died and luke is token

Date: 08/24/14 8:17 PM
From: SheWolf99

Actor Name: Elextri Draconir
Person's name: Princess Lex-lia.
Powers: Lightsaber, Electrical Levitation/Grabbing.
Side: Good
Actor Name: RiNa L. Aquaria
Person's name: R8-N8
Powers: Acts like a Robot, Projects Images and videos.
Side: Good