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Power Rangers Godly Force (need new people)

Date: 02/05/14 3:56 PM
From: memilyjia5

I loved it so much I'm doing it twice!
Red: open boy P: Zeus
Yellow: open girl P: Athena
Blue: open boy P: Poseidon
Pink: open girl P: Aphrodite
Black: open boy P: Ares
Silver: Hailey/ me/ memilyjia5 P: Artemis
Gold: open boy P: Apollo
Green: open boy P: Hades
Purple: open girl P: Hera
Couple list
Red & Silver
Yellow & Black
Pink & Gold
Green & Purple
MUST READ~~~~~~I'll post mine later but you MUST have a profile with the usual things I put or YOU NOT IN!
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Date: 04/09/14 10:01 AM
From: leoisepic5

I'm Hades the green ranger

Date: 03/16/14 12:10 PM
From: kopvoto

nice cool but to night night

Date: 03/10/14 7:17 PM
From: goodman23

so am I in

Date: 03/06/14 11:17 PM
From: prsmemily7

@Fellow Demigod,
well, you were right! I did put the name is Rachel Elizabeth! Totally!

~When In Doubt, Keep Calm, and <3 Percy Jackson~



Date: 03/06/14 4:45 PM
From: memilyjia5

Okay I changed my mind but anyway prsmemily7 when I read your most recent bio I was freaking out! Your characters name Rachel D. Is Rachel Elizabeth Dare's initials!

Date: 03/06/14 8:52 AM
From: gold78912

Dear others,
Memilyjia5 is giving up her computer during lent so she put me and prsmemily7 in charge of her fanfic things.
Thanks for understanding.
The always Golden

Date: 03/02/14 8:51 PM
From: prsmemily7

I'm bored so I'll put in someone else.
Also, Another Half-Blood favor for you, Memilyjia5
Name: Rachel D.
Color: Yellow
Zord: Owl
Parent: Athena
Goddess of: Wisedom, War, Crafts, and Skill
Element of: Skill, Crafts, or War
Weapon: Owl Daggers, Medusa Shield
Attack: Owl Fury, " The Horror "(Medusa Shield )
Secret: Currently has none. Athena sees all, dear child.
Personality: Wise, Experienced, Smart, Pretty,Tough
Looks: Long light brown hair( usually put in a braid ) with strikingly gray eyes. Long eyelashes.
Wears: Gray Owl T-shirt with White Cardigan. Dark blue jean shorts with black combat boots with a Baseball cap.
Crush: Ron Jackson ( Her Ex-boyfriend ), Black Ranger( Current crush)
Oh my gods, so much crossover to process.LOL. Hope I get in ,fellow demigod.



Date: 03/02/14 1:28 PM
From: Emilyfun13

Am I in??????



Date: 03/01/14 4:39 PM
From: goodman23

Name: Lane K.
Color: Blue
Parent: Poseidon
Greek Side:Poseidon
God of: Water
Zord: Seal.
Weapon: Seal Blaster.
Attack: Seal Blast.
Vehicle: Super Water Ski
Secret: He is red's best friend but they fight alot.
Personality: brave, video gamer, loyal.
Looks: Black jacket, blue pants, brown hair and eyes,blue t-shirt,gray nikes
Crush:Dating pink

Date: 02/07/14 2:37 PM
From: tyisen123

you read percy jackson too:-#

Date: 02/06/14 2:59 PM
From: Emilyfun13

Name: Sydney
Color: Purple
Parent: Hera
Greek Side: Ares
God of: Earth
Element: Earth
Zord: Tiger
Weapon: Tiger Daggers
Attack: Tiger Strike
Vehicle: Tiger Jet
Secret: Her sister is Athena.
Personality: Brave, smart, trustful, sweet, she never gives up.
Looks: Black hair, brown eyes, a shy smile, black jeans, purple t-shirt and trainers.
Crush: None.



Date: 02/06/14 10:41 AM
From: skatetrix

Name: Francis.
Color: Red.
Parent: Zeus.
Greek Side: Jupiter.
God of: Sky and Thunder.
Element: Sky.
Zord: Eagle.
Weapon: Eagle Blade.
Attack: Eagle scratch.
Vehicle: Eagle Jet.
Secret: He doesn't like his father, Zeus. Zeus never had time to play and hangout like what a normal boy like him wanted to do. His mom, Leto, never gave him respect. Apollo and Artemis got more respect than him. He hated his life.
Personality: Serious leader, hockey player, loyal.
Looks: Red jacket, blue jeans, red beanie, red eyes when he has his True Potation, black hair, morpher in pocket.
Crush: None, dating Silver.

Anything else I need?


Date: 02/05/14 9:54 PM
From: prsmemily7

I'll be Pink!

Name: Rebecca "Becky" Robin
Parent: Aphrodite
Looks: Long,wavy chocolate-brown hair with Sky-blue eyes
Zord: Deer and dove
Weapons: Deer sword, Dove Daggers
Attacks: Ultra Love Strike, Deer Fury
Wears: Gray Dove t-shirt with white cardigan, dark skinny jeans and brown knee-high boots.
Personality: Dazzling, Smart, Caring, Gentle, Sweet, Humorous, Outgoing, popular
Crush: Gold Ranger
Secret: She found out that her parent was Aphrodite by talking her way out of gym class to put on her lip gloss. Her godly parent talked to her in the bathroom whilst putting on make-up,of course.Her mother asked her if she would step up, and Rebecca agreed willingly, but she is promised to have never told anyone about their meeting except with the rangers.