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Power Rangers Godly Force (need new people)

Date: 02/05/14 3:56 PM
From: memilyjia5

I loved it so much I'm doing it twice!
Red: open boy P: Zeus
Yellow: open girl P: Athena
Blue: open boy P: Poseidon
Pink: open girl P: Aphrodite
Black: open boy P: Ares
Silver: Hailey/ me/ memilyjia5 P: Artemis
Gold: open boy P: Apollo
Green: open boy P: Hades
Purple: open girl P: Hera
Couple list
Red & Silver
Yellow & Black
Pink & Gold
Green & Purple
MUST READ~~~~~~I'll post mine later but you MUST have a profile with the usual things I put or YOU NOT IN!
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Date: 07/13/14 7:42 PM
From: frog0518

I'll take ANY color! Protecting this world is my best. I'll fight my hardest for the helpless people! Sorry. I'm not good at fourms. But Can I join? Thanks!!

Date: 07/06/14 12:47 AM
From: mhilal

I love it so mush
My favourite red ranger Jayden
blue rangers Kevin
green ranger Mike
yellow ranger Emily
pink ranger Mia
gold ranger Antonio
red rangers who is a girl also Luren

Date: 07/05/14 5:48 PM
From: frog0518

You messed up the colors and forgot three gods. If you wanted to correct it, this would be the way to go.

Yellow: Zeus
Blue: Poseidon
Black: Hades
Green: Demeter
Purple: Hera
Pink: Aphrodite
Orange: Athena
Silver: Artemis
Bronze: Hephaestus
Gold: Apollo
Gray: Dionysus
White: Ares


Date: 07/02/14 6:36 PM
From: memilyjia5

Okay this has been a long, long time but I'm not ready for stories yet we need our black ranger here is the cut
Red: Francis/skatetrix
Yellow: Rachel/ prsmemily7
Blue: Lane/ goodman3 (or 23 IDK)
Pink: Becky/ prsmemily7
Black: OPEN!!!!! p: Ares
Silver: Hailey/ me/ memilyjia5
Gold: jwalb2001/ Josh
Green: Gary/ leoisepic5
Purple: Sydney/ Emilyfun13
So couple list
Francis & Hailey
Rachel & BLACK
Becky & Josh
Gary & Sydney

Date: 06/12/14 12:40 PM
From: jwalb2001

Please make a character on power rangers storm force

Date: 06/09/14 2:41 PM
From: angelenano

can i still join? if not,can you make a character on power rangers soul keepers?

Date: 06/08/14 5:24 PM
From: jwalb2001

WHo got the apollo part

Date: 06/06/14 6:32 PM
From: optimus101

name ares color black weapon axe zord wolf gender boy relationship with yellow

Date: 06/06/14 4:01 PM
From: optimus101

name ashton color gold

Date: 06/06/14 10:05 AM
From: jwalb2001

Name: Josh
Color: Gold
Parent: Apollo
Zord: Griffin
Weapons: Griffin Blade(sword), Griffin staff
Attack: Blazing Strike( because apollo is the olympian of the sun)
Personality: Calm, cool, funny, extremely smart
Looks: Tall, Gold Shirt, Black Hoody, Whit and black high tops, jeans, gold eyes
Crush: None, He is dating pink
Secret: Afraid of the dark(because dad is sun olympian)

Date: 06/05/14 10:39 PM
From: jwalb2001

Name: Josh
Age: 17
Color: Gold
Parent: Apollo
Looks: Brown fohawk, black glasses, gold shirt with black hoody, black and white sneakers, and jeans
Personality: Archer, happy, popular
Crush: None, dating pink ranger
Weapons: Gold bow

Date: 06/05/14 10:25 PM
From: jwalb2001

Name: Josh
Age: 17
Color: Gold
Looks: brown fohawk, gold shirt and black hoody with white hightops
Personality: Archer, popular, athletic, and rich, loves outdoor

Date: 06/05/14 3:41 PM
From: jwalb2001

what do i have to do to be red

Date: 05/23/14 2:19 PM
From: chieffan22

i'm a god coooool...................................TOTALLY NOT

Date: 05/23/14 1:34 PM
From: marytrzos

Name: Savannah
Color: Yellow
Parent: Athena
Zord: Owl
Weapons: Owl bow and arrow, Owl spear.
Attack: Ultra Jab
Personality: Calm, sensitive, athletic.
Looks: Black hair in a braid, yellow eyes, yellow bracelets/cuffs, silver shirt, yellow shorts, silver high-tops.
Crush: Black
Secret: Her brother is Apollo.
Relationship: BFF's with silver.

Date: 05/08/14 4:44 PM
From: kara2166

name Becky

Date: 05/03/14 7:32 AM
From: leoisepic5

Name: Gary
Color: Green
Parent: Hades
Zord: Cerberus
Weapons: Cerberus Fang Sword, Cerberus Fang Daggers
Attack: Ultra Bite
Personality: Cool, Fierce
Looks: Black Hair, Green Eyes, Green shirt, pants and shoes.
Crush: None. Dating the Purple Ranger.
Secret: He dug a hole into Hades' temple.
Relationship: Green and Red both work at the zoo.

Date: 05/02/14 4:35 PM
From: memilyjia5

Who's in list
Red: Francis/ skatetrix
Yellow: Rachel/ prsmemily7
Blue: Lane/ goodman23
Pink: Becky/ prsmemily7
Black: open ARES!!!!!!!
Silver: Hailey/ me/ memilyjia5/memilytia5
Gold: open APOLLO!!!!!!!
Green: open HADES!!!!!!!
Purple: Sydney/ Emilyfun13 (Ares is a boy! Hera is a Girl! Ares is Greek! Hera is Greek!) THIS IS A GREEK GOD FANTIC!

Date: 04/21/14 11:35 AM
From: memilyjia5

Okay everyone is in but leoisepic5 although I agree with you I need the detail's. I'll post mine tomorrow maybe I'm busy with getting fantics back and running.

Date: 04/09/14 10:01 AM
From: leoisepic5

I'm Hades the green ranger