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Amnesia (NEW RANGERS!) fanfic

Date: 05/07/14 3:07 AM
From: bgummybear

We start at the dojo
Ji: Mike you haven't trained in two days
Mike: that's because we don't have any nighlok sightings
Jayden: Thats no reason to not train...........
Kevin: a samurai should always......
Mike: I know I know.. be ready for an attack...
Alarm Goes off........
Jayden: Ok! lets see if you can still keep up Mike
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Date: 06/30/14 4:04 PM
From: bgummybear

look out for more Bgummybear In the future!
And if your not done..... KEEP READING!..... hopefully the mods will keep it on a little while longer.....



ALSO here is the descriptions on the three rangers
light brown hair Blue green eyes always has hair in pony tail.....

Dark brown hair green eyes always spikes hair with gel

Cody You all know what he looks


Date: 06/30/14 3:57 PM
From: bgummybear

a couple People stand outside
Jayden: Can I help you?
Tommy: No were here to help you.... I'm Tommy past ranger along with some others.... Justin from turbo, Ashley from space, Kira from dino thunder, Theo from jungle fury and Sky from spd.......
Jayden: Wow
Mike: So were supposed to believe you guys are past rangers?
Justin: Yep!
Mike: Ok?
Kai: So what was that battle you were talking about?
Tommy: Xandred has been planning this very battle for centuries......
Ashley: They have been acting as if they had no plan.....
Kira: But we know they do....
Tommy: You guys need to protect Earth from these monsters they are recruiting help from distant Evils so we figured you would need help from distant good by the end of this war you will have met every ranger know to man........ So what do you say are you up to it?
Jayden: Kai, Tyler, Cody? Kevin, Emily, Mike, Mia, Antonio?
(All nod)
------------------THE END---------------

Date: 06/30/14 3:44 PM
From: bgummybear

Kai: Come on we need to give Ji a little grace he raised two kids for quite awhile on his own... and look on the bright side we still ended up together again!
Jayden: Your right.......... (Stands up and walks away)
Kai: (Smiles)
???: Good job Kai
Kai: Oh its you!
Tommy: Those were words of wisdom that take a long time to understand...... by the way you guys better get ready for something you wont even believe!
Kai: Oh we will be the way thanks for the help (Wheels away)
Tommy: No problem
at the Dojo Jayden walks in the doors
Jayden: Ji? Ji?
Ji: Jayden! I have been thinking about what I said I just..... I know it was wrong but I just didnt want to admit it!.........
(Jayden: Ji! I forgive you Its ok
Jayden and Ji hug)
(There's a knock on the dojo doors and the doors open)
Ji: That has not happened in centuries!

Date: 06/28/14 11:21 PM
From: bgummybear

At the dojo.....
Kevin: Good news! Kai has gotten her strength back!
Mike: All right! Where's Jayden I bet he would want to know....
Ji: Jayden Is out He will probably be back later....
All: Ohhh....... Ok?

Jayden is out on the seashore
Jayden: How heartless..... ruthless.... thoughtless (Chuckle) All these years I have looked up to Ji With respect and love but now all I knew of him is down the drain.......
???: You have to forgive those who do wrong to you even when they mean to....
Jayden: Kai?
Kai: Jayden he thought it was the right thing to do! Who knows it might have been! it is easy to forget something but hard to forgive And I doubt he meant to scar our lives forever!
Jayden: True.... but how on Earth are you outside in your wheelchair?
Kai: My strength has come back I am still in pain but I could sense you needed more help than I did..


Date: 06/27/14 12:44 PM
From: pinksamura

this is such a great story i love it keep going

Date: 06/22/14 9:21 PM
From: WinxWeekly

Ouch! I never expected Mentor to be mean. Good job! Keep going!

Date: 06/21/14 11:21 PM
From: bgummybear

At the dojo ji is talking to jayden in a room
Ji: I told her she was too weak.... but no she had to go do her little angry run away act...... I just wish we didnt have to get dragged into this........
Jayden: Im not I am so happy I finally found her its great but we need to find a way to save her...
Ji: Great indeed......
Jayden: What did she do to you! Ever since we met you have been putting her down!
Ji: She was distracting
Jayden: What did she do that was distracting?
Ji: Well her weakness and illness was not focusing you on training I never knew why your father didnt do it sooner......
Jayden storms out of room into the hall....
Ji: He doesn't understand...
Kevin who is in the meeting room is reading a book....
Kevin: Hey Jayden I have a question about.......
Jayden: Sorry Kev I cant talk...
Jayden leaves the house
Kevin: Whats up with him?

Date: 06/19/14 6:23 AM
From: WinxWeekly

Please continue! I just started reading and I want more!

Date: 06/19/14 1:48 AM
From: bgummybear

At the dojo
Kevin and Mike are training and Mia and Emily are too... Jayden walks inside
Mike: Whats up with him???
Mia: I dont know
Jayden walks back in
Kevin: Whats wrong?
Jayden: That was Cody, Kai woke up....
Emily: Thats great!
Jayden: Partially, she doesn't have any symbol power
At Cody's Jayden and Kai are talking
Jayden: you cant even thunder bolt?
Kai: No and its not just symbol wise I cant even get in my wheelchair
Jayden: Isnt that normal?
Kai: No I can usually move my arms but I just dont feel like it.....
Jayden: Does it feel perament?
Kai: I dont know but I hope not

Date: 06/10/14 9:56 PM
From: bgummybear

Cody and Ty are talking at home.......... a couple of days later.....
Cody: Has she?..... you know......
Ty: No.... she is still asleep...
Cody: If shes this weak now how weak will she be when she wakes up?
Ty: Well I have already seen a pretty sick Kai this isnt even close to what she looked like when I first met her....
Cody: Which was........
Ty: six years ago making us both Six years old......
Cody: How did you ever get into hiding?
Ty: My dad was the Green ranger when he died I was to young to take his place so the back up family was used and thats Mike's family I went into hiding because Any offspring of the rangers to the nighlok seemed like good bait.......
Cody: Thats makes sense..... but how did you both meet six years ago and get here?
Ty: Luck I guess.......... I just dont know what it would be like without her....

Date: 06/05/14 1:33 AM
From: bgummybear

Octaroo: Ooh ah ooh... finally that purple ranger stopped talking all the power being taken away is draining all of her energy.... If this goes as well as planned the orange and black rangers will be a piece of cake.........
All: Yes!
Octaroo: Just when I thought we were done with you Moogers attack!
All: Aah!
Jayden: Cody Tyler go untie Kai and Me Antonio and Kev will deal with Octoroo......
Cody Tyler: Got it
Octaroo: Red ranger... you look mad..... or is it just the color of your suit?
Jayden: Shark zord!
Kevin: Hydro bow!
Antonio: Light zord!
Octaroo: Ahhh ooooooh no!
???: Octaroo Report back to nighlok world immediately!
Octaroo: See ya punks! (Disappears and so do the moogers)
Jayden: Is she ok?
Tyler: I think so.... with all the energy drain you would be passed out too but we should get her home....
All: Ok!

Date: 05/30/14 8:16 PM
From: bgummybear

Octaroo: Ooh ah ooh like what ever power brat! Jokes on you! those ropes your hanging in are sanzu river vines they suck al of your energy until your nothing but a wimpy symbol powerless Human!
Kai: Oh no!
Octaroo: Oh no is right purple ranger!
at the dojo
Jayden: Any ideas? or how to even find her?
all: nope
Cody: Ty! Remeber april fools day?
Tyler: Oh my gosh I forgot about that! (Gets samuraizer out)
Kevin: Whats going on?
Cody: For april fools day we put a tracker chip on Kai's samuraizer so we could drop spiders on her all day
Tyler: And we forgot to take it out good thing we did!
Mike: See Kevin! practical jokes are good!
Kevin: You keep thinking that.....
Tyler: I got her! she is in the woods!
Jayden: Lets go!

Date: 05/28/14 7:48 PM
From: bgummybear

Octaroo shows up
Octaroo: Where did your power ranger friend go?
Kai: Who are You?
Octaroo: Ooh ah ooh I am Octoroo Master Xandred's personal helper.. And I am here for you! (Tentacle Taze!)
Kai: Ah! (is knocked out)
Octaroo: Now lets go before Your little friends get here!
Both disappear
At the dojo
Ji: The gap sensor!
Cody and Ty meet The rangers there
Cody: There gone....
Ty: But Kai was definitely here (Points to symbol burnt in grass)
Mike: Is it possible?
Ty: I don't know but I know she likes her symbol so she draws it all the time......
Tommy: your friend was captured by Octaroo and is being used as bait so be careful..
Jayden: Who are you?
Tommy: It doesn't matter who I am go save your friend!
Kevin: Right we need to find her
In the forest Kai is hanging upside down with a band of moogers around her and Octaroo is waiting for further instructions.
Kai: I always wondered what it would be like to be a bat
Octaroo: Be quiet! someone will hear us!
Kai Like they didnt just hear that

Date: 05/26/14 4:13 PM
From: bgummybear

Kai: You were a power ranger? what group
Tommy: four, mighty morphin green and white, zeo red, turbo red, and dino thunder black
Kai: Wow.... but what does this have to do with my symbol power
Tommy: When I was the green ranger I was summoned up by Rita Repulsa she gave me the powers of the green ranger but..... they were temporary when I started to be on the good side they started to drain.... I lost my powers for a long time all of my friends were still fighting but I could not...
Kai: But...
Tommy: Zordon Surprised me by giving me the full powers of the white ranger.....
Kai: Well thats good for you but if I lose my powers and my symbols I will be done for good...
Tommy: Just one more thing I want to ask you what is more important? that you help? or that you have a suit on with all the power in the world... because most power rangers are still making a difference even after leaving the force
Kai: I never thought of it like that... (Looks down) Thanks! (Looks up) Hey where did he go?

Date: 05/25/14 7:47 PM
From: bgummybear

Ji: She left
Tyler: Why did she leave? where did she go?
Ji: I don't know........
Tyler: Ok she probably is at home..

A couple days later at the dojo Cody comes by
Cody: Have you guys seen Kai?
Mia: no why?
Cody: We have not seen her since we left your house the other day.......
Mike: Where could she have gone too?
Cody: we don't know but if you see her just tell us?
Jayden: Ok we will watch out for her.....

At the seaside Kai is sitting on a bench
Kai: Mentor is right what if I do lose my powers I would have no purpose no life no friends.....
???: I thought that too but everything will turn out alright trust me.....
Kai: Who are you?
???: Just call me Tommy
Kai: Ok? I am sorry but you have no idea what I am talking about.....
Tommy: You are a power ranger I was once one too


Date: 05/22/14 3:14 PM
From: bgummybear

Kai: It was my only friend until Tyler got transferred here with me...... It also helps me practice my symbol power........
Ji: You should not be using your symbol power... your already ill enough......
Kai: Tell that to Kevin, you know the guy who I raised from a coma.......
Ji: You may be able to do it now but your just getting higher and higher eventually your going to fall..... hard.
Kai: I am willing to take that risk..... for the world....... Besides...... I am a power ranger........
Ji: Technically, your not also your not even supposed to be alive!............ I thought you were getting way too sick so I sent you away because I didn't want Jayden to have to deal with the grief.......
Kai silently wheels out.......
Ji: (Well.... she was going to have to know..... besides she is just a kid they don't take things as hard as teens do.)
Kai wheels behind the building.....
Kai: This is hopeless he's right I am worth nothing... SYMBOL POWER OUT!
Kai morphs away
Tyler: Hey where is Kai?

Date: 05/20/14 11:33 AM
From: bgummybear

Ji: (looks down at his staff) Well at the time I thought I was doing the right thing.... so Jayden could pay more attention to his training....
Kai: And he couldn't do it with me around?......
Ji: Maybe..... but I felt with his caring spirit for you I really had no choice...
Kai: Did you even know where I was going?...
Ji: Yes and no..... I knew who you were going with but not where you were going to be kept in hiding...... (Sees Kai holding the wolf zord (Box form)
Ji: Jayden gave you that before you left didn't he?.....
Kai: Yes?........
Ji: I knew he would.......... you two always played with the wolf zord......

Date: 05/19/14 3:18 PM
From: bgummybear

At the dojo.... Kai Tyler and Cody are there......
Jayden: Are you going to....
Kai: Yes I think I am......
Jayden: Good Luck..... (Walks away)
Kai walks outside where Mentor is sitting looking at the trees
Kai: umm Mentor?
Ji: Yes....
Kai: I need to talk to you about somthi....
Ji: I know it is you....
Kai: How did you know... Jayden said you didn't believe...
Ji: I didn't until I saw your arm...
Kai: (looks at arms) huh.... oh yeah my scar..... (Looks at long thin scar on the back side of her left arm)
Ji: I remember the day that you got that scar you fell off the side of the courtyard deck right about there (Points to corner of the deck)
Kai: (Sits down next to mentor) Yes I remember that hurt so bad....... Why did you give me away?

Date: 05/17/14 2:41 PM
From: bgummybear

Tyler: Its not my fault it hurt!
Cody: But you were screaming I heard you from down the hall.....
Tyler: The only one I would be worried or not is Kai... You never move or make a sound it scares me even more than knowing I am going to pop out this belt!
Kai: Its called containing your emotions I had to do a lot of it then (Looks at Jayden) so I do a lot of it now.....

Kevin: Cody.... I never would have thought of you as a ranger.....
Cody: Me?..... After the deal with the Bullzord I got pretty bored... these two were already rangers so I decided to join them.....
Tyler: And it was the best decision ever.... (Pats Cody on the back)
Mia: Dont you have to have a zord.......
Cody: I didnt show it to you guys but I do have my own personal zord..... the tree frog (Holds out a tree frog zord)
Emily: Where is your zord Ty?
Tyler: Oh Bat? he is quite the eavesdropper.. (Motions to look up)
All: He he


Date: 05/15/14 10:00 PM
From: bgummybear

Kevin Mia and Emily: SPIN SWORDS!
Antonio: LIGHT ZORD!
Byler: Oh Noooooooo (Blows up)
Byler: (Grows) Ha ha! Your friends belts will not deactivate until you defeat me like this! hya!
All: Yikes!
Jayden: We need to act fast before he can regain his balance after his attack!
(Everyone gets up)
All: FINAL STRIKE! (Swings swords)
Byler: THAT DID NOT GO AS PLANNED!!!! (Falls over and blows up)
Jayden: Samurai Rangers.... victory is ours....
later at Cody's....
Mia: Are you guys ok?
Kai: Yeah the only thing that hurts right now is my ears from all of Ty's yelling.....
Everyone looks at Tyler....