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House of anubis season 4?????

Date: 10/09/13 6:01 PM
From: emily450

Will there be a House of Anubis season 4? I really want there to be because i didnt like the ending of season 3, Mara and Fabian gross. I want Nina and Fabian, i hope theres a season for do you? VOTE DO YOU WANT HOUSE OF ANUBIS SEASON FOR. Also whose ready for Hunger Games Catching Fire!!! GOOOO FINNICK!
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Date: 04/21/14 2:28 AM
From: surfer313

HOUSE OF ANUBIS IS THE BEST SHOW ON TELEVISION !! You can't leave us hanging!!!!!

Date: 04/19/14 5:56 PM
From: ohmyhoa

I really would enjoy watching another season of "House of Anubis". Nickelodeon, thank you for this amazing show once again. And you probably got me wrong about these tweets on Twitter (@sibunaseason34) I really didn't mean to spam you, please unblock me?

Date: 04/19/14 11:17 AM
From: Alexkess

Keep believing! If you do, Nickelodeon will have no choice but to give us a fourth season. They will be losing to many fans, and probably get annoyed by the season this and season 4 that. Never give up! Go and make a "we want season 4" post right now!

Date: 04/18/14 10:29 PM
From: Fina28

or wait... It might be just a movie so never mind XD

Date: 04/18/14 10:27 PM
From: Fina28

I don't think Amber would be coming back because Ana Mulvoy-Ten is gonna be in a new show called "The girl in the book"

Date: 04/17/14 7:59 PM
From: gojojo123

To everyone who likes house of anubis get you're hopes up because nathalia ramos is coming back! if there was season 4 brad and nathalia will be coming back but tasie won't. sad i know. also klariza and rumours of victor and kt won't come back.amber will come back

Date: 04/16/14 6:56 PM
From: FabinNinaa

tasie and alex(idk which one) they both said there shouldn`t be a S4 that the ending of S3 was perfect and that touchstone of ra is the end of the show that they cannot do anything else with it!!

Date: 04/16/14 6:45 PM
From: 00anubis0

Some people are giving up! So i just have one thing to say to those people....never give up, you never know what is in the future except when the future comes! keep hope sibuna fans

sibuna <o> <o>


Date: 04/15/14 9:43 PM
From: anubis232

alex said that there might be a new series of house of Anubis with lots of more cool mysteries

Date: 04/06/14 6:04 PM
From: rainbowbit

its april and still no sign

Date: 04/06/14 5:19 PM
From: sparkyyy

Is there a HOA season 4 yes or no. I am a massive fan, watched every season from 1-3 5 times or more! And I always rewatch them till the new season comes out !

Date: 03/30/14 8:00 PM
From: mb321

I want a season 4 too and i think Nina might come back because Eddie lost his Osrian powers during the Touchstone of Ra and Nina said that bad things will happen if there together but bad things wont happen since Eddie isn't the Osrian anymore.

Date: 03/30/14 5:28 PM
From: agssnow

Im soooo glad house of anubis season 4 might air i have proof bc alex swayer said so.

Date: 03/23/14 7:29 AM
From: millanubis

Iv seen that Alex Sawyer tweeted there is going to be another season of Anubis action and then said 'get in there mysteries an fun!!' sooo YAYY


Date: 03/16/14 4:35 PM
From: nina3470

I heard that there is supposed to be a new season starting on March 29, but I am not sure if it is true. But I REALLY REALLY REALLY want the show to come back on! I will be really sad if it does not come back!

Date: 03/14/14 6:01 PM
From: cjsibuna

I heard from the director there is a season 4. People are saying it will be out in March but its not out yet and there are no commercials. Also I don't think the first episode will be called house of hello/house of dolls because that was for season 3.

Date: 03/13/14 5:26 PM
From: bella89784

YES YES I want it back to so bad too come on nick get it back now!!)

Date: 03/08/14 6:42 PM
From: teamwitch

I want house of Anubis back! I miss this show so bad!! when does house of Anubis come back on?????

Date: 03/08/14 10:51 AM
From: justaloser

february1 that's the titles for episodes 1 and 2 of season 2

Date: 03/07/14 5:56 PM
From: sbunia1234