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House of anubis season 4?????

Date: 10/09/13 6:01 PM
From: emily450

Will there be a House of Anubis season 4? I really want there to be because i didnt like the ending of season 3, Mara and Fabian gross. I want Nina and Fabian, i hope theres a season for do you? VOTE DO YOU WANT HOUSE OF ANUBIS SEASON FOR. Also whose ready for Hunger Games Catching Fire!!! GOOOO FINNICK!
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Date: 03/07/14 5:51 PM
From: sbunia1234

I herd it is coming out in march i just do not know when

Date: 03/03/14 7:33 PM
From: msmyiesha

yes I am ready. and I do wish their was a house of Anubis season 4

Date: 03/03/14 1:33 PM
From: mannatee41

yes, there will be! I think it was the director or someone who said that there is totally gonna be a season 4. Nina
also said that she would be in it, too! But, I also heard that Fabian cannot. It won't be the same without both of them. But I'm just happy that there's another season!!

Date: 03/03/14 8:03 AM
From: 101batman

feburay1 do u no what the season is called

Date: 03/02/14 7:14 PM
From: february1

There is a season 4 and the first episode is called House of Hello/House of Dolls

Date: 03/02/14 7:03 PM
From: february1

There are 11 seasons

Date: 02/23/14 12:03 PM
From: IcyStar5

Want to help get a season 4? Read my whole siggy (aka signature) and then do what it says to do.

#Want it
#Need it
#Make it
#Don't Give Up
#Never Give Up
#We Need You


Date: 02/22/14 8:22 AM
From: sibunaglee

part 2

it would be like old times clues and things like that.
the couples contrevorsaty should be
fara mickber peddie keddie jabian fabina and jeroy

i think fabian should want to get jabian going but joy still like jerome and than jabian break up and so does fara because fabian was cheting and fabina starts and mickber starts again but eddie finds him self kissing kt and patricia sees and kt sends threats to patricia telling her to back away patrica and alfie would come at night to do sibuna to and alfie tries to win amber over. and i think final couples should be
keddie fabina amfie mickra and patricia and jerome


Date: 02/22/14 8:17 AM
From: sibunaglee

I think Nina, Amber, Eddie, Kt, Mick and Joy
should all come back because they missed a lot of school
Mick missed most of seasons 2 and 3
Nina missed 3
Amber missed most of three
Eddie arived in half of season 2
Kt was only there season 3
Joy missed most of season 1

So then i think fabian should come back and help them with the mystery and only at night.

So senkhara and frobisher and rufus and vera and denby are team evil now and have started working together

The secret society is back so is mrs andrews

sibuna will be amber nina fabian kt eddie and maybe 2 other new kids

some of the new kids would have formed isis a new mystery gang

Nina, eddie and kt have the mark of senkhara again and have to reunite the cup, the mask, the staff, touchstone of ra and the tears of gold and a new artifact which they need to find which represents isis somehow. i would really like it if isis and sibuna team up and senhkara and the new team evil team up. thats part 1


Date: 02/20/14 8:14 AM
From: 101batman

I have a great idea to start of season 4 with fara [in my school the grils name is always last] so mick amber and nina are all back so when they see mara and Fabian together mick and Fabian get really mad same with nina and mara once friends no worst ennimes so mick and nina get together to make fara gelous it works and then its mickra and fabina
cool rigt

I love the hunger games chatcging fire was awsome


Date: 02/19/14 4:58 PM
From: speirs7

Totally agree can't wait till next Season

Date: 02/15/14 9:29 PM
From: catlatbat

I hope there will be a season 4 of hoa it was so boring I didn't really watch it and the end it was Fabian and mara it nd to be nina and Fabian = fabina

Date: 02/04/14 8:15 PM
From: sporkie

so sad. i just read online that they graduated and wont b making new seasons. cant have left on a fara note. WE NEED FABINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date: 02/02/14 3:45 PM
From: timmy8344

its not just some show it's called every witch way and i don't think it's replacing every witch way

Date: 01/30/14 3:47 PM
From: 101batman

ya maras my favoret and her and Fabian have a lot in common but Fabian belonges with nina and mara belonges with mick

Date: 01/28/14 11:46 AM
From: dloveanubi

I think House of Anubis should come out because it was really good and Mara and Fabian shouldn't be together, Nina and Fabian should be together bring Nina back. it was more interesting with her in it. BRING HER BACK!

Date: 01/14/14 6:22 PM
From: ktpkd

I totally agree it's meant to be Nina and Fabian not Mara and Fabian. Also here's an idea they could make a season 4 about The Spear of Anubis!?! Has anybody ever seen the mommy if i am correct the second that has The Spear of Anubis?!?! I mean come on it's screaming make a season of House of Anubis about ME! it has Anubis in the stinkin' title!

Date: 01/02/14 9:42 PM
From: rrossg

If there is a season 4 there has to be Nina in it or else I will never. ever. ever! watch that show again! so :( about nina! who is with me?

Date: 12/29/13 6:19 PM
From: latesummer

i agree mara and fabian eww
Finnick is awesome!!! i saw catching fire it is awesome

Date: 12/29/13 5:53 PM
From: Alexkess

If there is not a season 4, I will cry almost as hard as I would if my BFF betrayed me!