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Season 4

Date: 10/26/13 11:42 AM
From: beach3310

If anybody has any information on season 4 please post it here. Thanks guys! <3

[Note from NICKFrog]

Guys.. there is not going to be a Season 4.

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Date: 03/23/14 1:33 PM
From: vjfan814

Let me straighten this out. iTunes sells episodes in "seasons" there can only be 8 episodes in each, so that's why there are about 12 of them. Really, only 3 seasons have aired.

Now, about the 11 minute long episodes: So you know how each episode is called House of ---- and House of -----? Well, each of those House of ---- is one episode. We see each episode as 22 minutes long, but the producers just broke it into half, like cartoons. I believe season 1 was aired as 1 mini episode at a time in the UK.

Hope this helps!


Date: 03/15/14 11:31 PM
From: 101batman

febuary1 were do you get this info I would like to look at it
bobby lockwood and Louis last name were on wolfblood but theres only 2 seasons and even though it came out 2013 season one was made in 2012 before willow was on hoa but in America wolf boold came out in 2013 and we haven't seen sason 2 in amrica the reason I no is I googoded wolf blood and that's what it said also the info buton on my tv and Anubis unlocked when they talk about willow they say she worked on wolfblood before the show with bobby lock wood I also watched a intervewiw with bobbylockwood and he said he dosent no If he would want to be on a nother season but he would want to be ina nother hoa movie he dosent really no what would happen though he said that last time he was on the show mick had his heart broken by mara even though she is avalible now man Anubis drama got a love it

Date: 03/14/14 9:23 PM
From: jozjoz244

there is going to be a season four but not 11 seasons

Date: 03/14/14 6:06 PM
From: cjsibuna

I saw the message from the director. But where is everyone hearing there will be 11 seasons and that the episodes are 11 minutes long. what show is that long?

Date: 03/13/14 4:39 PM
From: vsnmbffluv


Date: 03/02/14 7:26 PM
From: february1

I'm 100% sure there is a season 4 the first episode is called House of Hello/House of Dolls
ps there are 11 seasons of HOA and Nina is in HOA until Season 8 she isn't in Season 8 Season 7 is her last season

Date: 02/09/14 9:49 PM
From: 00anubis0

Everyone you can see season 1 all over again and re-live every amazing moment of HOA season 1 at this link:

sibuna <O> <O>


Date: 02/08/14 9:54 PM
From: mguava


Date: 02/08/14 9:52 PM
From: mguava

Look, I want it as much as you, but they would've started by now!! They said that it was pretty much over, but maybe they'll bring it back!! I still have faith, but until they make more... RE-RUNS!!!! RE-RUNS!!!!!! RE-RUNS!!!!!!!

Date: 02/08/14 9:42 PM
From: mguava

It would have started by now! I follow the actors and actresses on Instagram and they've said many times that they're upset too, but it wasn't their choice. I mean, Louisa Connolly Burnham is working on Wolfblood and so is Bobby Lockwood. Nathalia Ramos was vacationing in like, the mountains or something?? with her friends... Everyone's moved on and they had no choice. I wish it could go on, but unfortunately not. My dad's a screenwriter and he's in-touch with some famous people and people who could become famous. (Robin LaFevers is an example. She wishes him luck since he's writing a screenplay for one of her books. She also says that if they do make a movie, she wishes me luck at the audition to play Theodosia Throckmorton ) The writers of HOA said that the story's over... It wasn't popular enough to keep going...

And P.S. Nathalia Ramos isn't going to college like she said! And she never did!!


Date: 01/02/14 10:30 PM
From: BandGeek08

One of the director(s), Tim Hopewell, tweeted saying "Anubis fans. Keep the faith. Not long now. #anubis 4."

There is still a chance for a season 4, no matter what people say. The only people I will believe are the directors themselves. So until they say no more HOA, then I still believe that there will be another season.

Sibuna/Fabina Forever!!!


Date: 12/30/13 4:30 PM
From: 00anubis0

There still is a possible chance of a season 4 because the producers of House of Anubis didn't say if there was going to be one or not, I will not listen to anyone else who says there is not going to be because they have no proof. (P.s. NickFrog how do u know there is not going to be one, i thought u said that u were just a mod and that you have nothing to do with the show!!)
sibuna on because there is still hope that there will be a season 4!!

sibuna <o> <o>


Date: 12/02/13 10:00 AM
From: bamboo42

@HOAbunny which HOA blog did you find this?

Date: 12/02/13 8:45 AM
From: DavidAd

Wait until 2014, something big is going to happen.

Date: 11/18/13 8:11 PM
From: ben2222

yes there is next year2014

Date: 11/16/13 10:10 PM
From: yesenia290

thers is not going to

Date: 11/14/13 6:48 PM
From: pinkbow23

@vjfan814 so true they did end all the good shows!:(

Date: 11/13/13 6:24 PM
From: power78912

they said so many people wanted a season 4 why cant they say a plain yes or no.



Date: 11/11/13 10:16 AM
From: HOAbunny

Okay so according to a Anubis Blog there will be something like a season 4. It will be sometime in March 2014. I don't recall the name but it won't be House of Anubis. According to my information everybody will have a reunion and tell the newbies about their adventures at Anubis House. Also Ana Mulvoy Ten(Amber Millington) will play a main part. Nathalia Ramos (Nina Martin) will guest star. The villain is Victoria Duffield Eddie's sister in real life will play a villain not named yet. There will be 11 minute long shows. There will be 30 episodes.

Date: 11/09/13 2:55 AM
From: hoafan999

eddie and patricia were so cute together i really don't want house of anubis to end I'm soooooooo sad