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Sibuna Taught Us - Game!

Date: 04/04/14 1:21 PM
From: ohmyhoa

Hey guys! Just wanted to make a little game to remember what awesome things our favorite show has taughts us during these 3 years, and wanted to share this idea with you! All you have to do is remember & comment:
'Sibuna taught us that... (For example: Sibuna taught us that we'd never give up on our dreams etc.)' something like that. Wanna join? Start commenting! :
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Date: 07/20/14 6:01 PM
From: ryrykess

Sibuna taught us that you can't trust everyone. (When Patricia became a sinner, everyone thought that KT was the trader.)

Date: 06/26/14 11:41 AM
From: a1meekelly

Sibuna Taught us:
1.True Friendship.
2.(Amber really taught us this but who cares) That just because we're ditzy doesn't mean we're incapable of doing great things.
3.Stick up for your friends
4.Don't listen to old men (Who are 95+) who say don't go in the cellar or Attic
5.Breaking the rules now and then isn't always bad. It can result in saving the world.
6.Don't trust teachers
7.Just because you started off on the wrong foot doesn't mean you can't come together as one. (At the beginning Patricia hated Nina,they became close friends. Eddie and Patricia didn't get along,they became boyfriend/girlfriend)
People taught us (this is for people who are/aren't in sibuna and they taught us something):
1.(Patricia taught us this) British people don't like when you refer them to Harry Potter. She says (after Eddie called her Hermione) "Great another patronizing American Whose only reference to the U.K. is Harry Potter!"
2Alfie-If you try hard,love will come for you.

Date: 06/22/14 12:01 PM
From: sibunahoa9

Sibuna taught me don't always trust teachers.
Trust the ones closest to you.
Also that the one your closest to if they deceive you sometimes they didn't mean to.
Keep your friends close but your enemies closer

Date: 06/21/14 4:29 PM
From: babw907

Jerome Clarke taught us that when the going gets tough, Mara gets going.

Date: 06/19/14 6:05 PM
From: jJRoseHOA

sibuna taught us.....

teachers cant be trusted
everything is worse than it seems
u havee 5 minutes when you here a pin drop


Date: 06/19/14 11:47 AM
From: kitpup12

Sibuna taught us what it is like so obsess so much over a show



Date: 05/26/14 4:22 PM
From: fabina9

Sibuna taught us that when the going gets tough never, EVER give up!!!!!!!

Date: 05/24/14 2:33 PM
From: katfire4

Sibuna has taught us everything we need to know in life!

Date: 05/17/14 7:19 PM
From: hoa4ever90

sibuna taught us that you should never trust creepy caretakers with stuffed ravens.

Date: 04/28/14 7:27 PM
From: magic810

sibuna taught us that not everything is what it seems all the time and don't ever trust Jerome

Date: 04/18/14 5:00 PM
From: sibunari

Sibuna Taught Us that there's no other better show on Earth than HOA

Date: 04/18/14 11:31 AM
From: 101batman

Well I don't no about u but sibuna taught me:
Rufus is a foot loop (Patricia quote)
The plot can always get thicker(jerome quote)
Don't trust Jerome
Don't get on amber bad side
Don't get on patricias bad side
u can't get on willows bad side just not possible

Date: 04/16/14 3:26 PM
From: BurkleyD33

Sibuna Taught Us.........
1. That you can never just give up
2. Patience pays off
3. True friends will always be there for you
4. Be careful who you trust
5. One word...LOVE
6. Don't judge a book by its cover
7. Things could always get worse
8. How to be patient (while waiting for Season 4)
9. No one is who they seem
10. The meaning of courage
11. How to use your minds
12. Not all teachers are bad
13. Believe in yourself
14. Never let anyone tell you your not good enough
15. Be brave

and sooooo many other great lessons that we should all live by.

HOA has taught my almost all my life lessons!!!!!!!!!


Date: 04/15/14 7:46 AM
From: arianahoaa

Sibuna taught us about how you need to stand for yourself and be whoever you wanna be

Date: 04/14/14 6:17 PM
From: bubblesjaz

Sibuna taught Us don't judge someone right away! (For example Patricia judged Nina before she even met her, but once Patricia got to know her they became BFF's)

Date: 04/05/14 9:09 PM
From: sk8rgrl44

Sibuna taught me that my problems are nothing compared to Sibuna's, lol.

Date: 04/04/14 2:09 PM
From: galiot

Sibuna Taughts Us: That you can't trust anyone in this life, except the ones you know very well. Because sometimes it's the people who you think are your enemies are there for you, and the ones you really trust are actually out to get you.