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Callin' all SIBUNAS! (VOTE HERE)

Date: 04/24/14 12:39 PM
From: ohmyhoa

Hey guys! Just for fun, I've decided to make a post where you'll be able to vote for all of your favorite House of Anubis stuff! Post your answers below, SIBUNA.
1. Favourite Girl
2. Favourite Boy
3. Favourite Trouble-maker
4. Favourite Adult
5. Favourite Episode
6. Favourite Scene
7. Favourite Artifact
8. Favourite Villain
9. Favourite Quote
10. Favourite Mystery
11. Favourite Clue
12. Favourite Couple
13. Favourite Teacher
14. Favourite Sibuna member
15. Favourite HOA Game
16. Favourite Main Cast Member (Male)
17. Favourite Main Cast Member (Female)
18. Favourite Minor Cast Member
19. Favourite Spirit
20. Your TOP Favourite House of Anubis memory/moment

Thanks for voting! :) ~ David.

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Date: 07/19/14 7:10 PM
From: ryrykess

1. Amber
2. Alfie
3. Eddie or Alfie
4. Trudy
5. All of them!
6. All of them!
7. Nina's locket
8. Rufus Zeno
9. "To squee or not to squee....squee!" Willow
10. All of them!
11. All of them!
12. Peddie
13. Mr. Winkle
14. Amber
15. All of them!
16. Berkley Duffield
17. Jade Ramsey
18. Poppy
19. Sencara of Amente
20. All of them!

Date: 06/22/14 4:04 PM
From: anubis127

1. Patricia
2. Fabian
3. Jerome
4. Trudy
5. House of Rendezvous/House of Rescue
6. When Sibuna rescues Patricia from Rufus
7. The Mask of Anubis
8. Victor
9. I'd like to see your face in that toilet bowl ~Alfie
10. The well all of them that they have in season 2
11. The one with the dolls glass eyes
12. Fabian and Nina
13. Mr. Winkler (Jason)
14. Patricia
15. Song of Dreams
16. Burkeley Duffield
17. Jade Ramsey
18. Mina Anwar
19. Scinkara
20. Whenever Victor first does the pin dropping

Date: 06/21/14 10:57 PM
From: Sibuna297

1. Patricia
2. Eddie or Fabian
3. Alfie
4. Trudy
5. House of arrivals/House of presents
6. When Fabian gets mad at Eddie about Nina
7. Nina's locket or the Amulets
8. Vera
9. "I'd like to see my face in the toilet bowl" -victor "I'd like to see your face in the toilet bowl" -Alfie
10. Touchstone of Ra mystery
11. Tears of glass for the cup of ankh
13. Mr. Sweet
14. All of them
15. i can't say. my computer never loads them properly
16. Eddie or Fabian. I can't decide
17. Patricia
18. Willow Jenks
19. Sarah
20. Season 3 episode 1. "Nina's not coming back" -Mr. Sweet. Fabian looked like his heart dropped and then when he got mad at Eddie at amber's party and it was so serious and cute and i can't let it go >O<

Date: 06/21/14 9:33 PM
From: anubisblog

1 Nina
2 Fabian
3 Patricia
4 Trudy
5 House of Dolls
6 When Fabian and Nina kiss
7 Cup of Ankh
8 Senkhara
9 Great, just what we need. Another patronizing American who's only reference to the UK is Harry Potter.
10 Season 2
11 dollhouse
12 Fabina
13 Mr. Sweet
14 Nina
15 The Secret Within
16 Brad Kavanagh
17 Nathalia Ramos
18 Francis Magee
19 Senkhara
20 Victor's tears of gold

<o> anubisblog <o>


Date: 06/20/14 3:30 PM
From: JJRoseHOA

1. amber
5.House of Forever
7.Mask of anubis
10.mask of anubis mystery
11.doll house
13. Mr.Winkler
15.Song if dreams
19.Sarah's spirit
20. Sibuna together

9. JEROME: " There's bad, there's really bad, there's completley soul-withering bad.. and then theres you."
PATRICIA: "I'm not saying anything without my lawyer!"
EDDIE: "i'm concussed and i can still see through your oh-so secret code."
ALFIE: "World domination to victor is 6 billion people in bed by 10:00".
FABIAN: "Everybody loves pizza, except for vegans, they don't"
NINA: "But this is weird even for england"

and of course victor's bed time saying


Date: 06/19/14 12:59 PM
From: sibunahoa9

S2 (one when Fabian kisses joy)
When Fabian kisses joy
Nina's locket
When Amber says "Fabian your not going in the girls toilets not now not ever"
Senet Board Part
The alligator bridge
Nina or Fabian
When Fabian protects nina

Date: 05/26/14 4:47 PM
From: fabina9

1. Patricia
2. Mick
3. Alfie
4. Trudy
5. S2E1
6. Where Patricia was sitting on the intercom button and accidentally told the entire school Eddie's secret
7. Nina's Locket
8. Rufus
9. "Ok, Rufus is a fruit loop!" -Patricia Williamson
10. Mask of Anubis AND Cup of Ankh
11. Sarah's Doll House
12. Amber/Alfie
13. Mrs. Andrews
14. All of them
15. Senet (I actually know how to play)
16. Bobby Lockwood
17. Jade Ramsey
18. Nikita Ramsey (Jade's/Patricia's twin sister)
19. Sarah and Senkhara
20. Everything but Season three and The Touchstone Of Ra

Date: 05/25/14 7:54 PM
From: hoa4ever90

1. Patricia
2. Fabian
3. Jerome
4. Trudy
5. The finale of season 1
6. When Peddie got back together in season 3
7. The Cup Of Ankh
8. Rufus Zeno
9. "Anyone who does not have a pendulum swinging in front of their face, shut up!" -Patricia
10. The mystery about Joy
11. The ones tht they found under the stairs.
12. Peddie/Jeroy
13. Mr. Winkler
14. Patricia
15. The Secrets Within
16. Brad Kavanaugh
17. Jade Ramsey
18. Um, I guess whoever played Poppy
19. Senkhara
20. When Patricia and Eddie threw carrot shavings at each other.

Date: 05/25/14 10:39 AM
From: insurgent9

Jason Wincler
House of Rivals
End of season 2
"World domination to victor is having 6 billion people in bed by 10 o'clock"-Alfie Lewis
The horn mystery
Can't say
Jason Wincler
Secreats Unlocked
Fabian/ Brad Kavagh
Nina/ Natalina Ramous
End of season 2 kiss

Date: 05/11/14 12:32 PM
From: HOAheart

1. Willow Jenks
2. Fabian Rutter
3. Alfie Lewis
4. Harriet Denby/Trudy Rehman
5. House of Rainbows
6. KT spills cereal on Patricia
7. The Cup of Ankh
8. Senhkara
9. "Not in this outfit! Wait did I just say that?" Patricia (Touchstone of Ra)
10. Touchstone of Ra mystery
11. Sarah's doll (season 2)
12. Fabina (Forever and always!)
13. Mrs.Andrews (Left so Mara can stay)
14. Joy Mercer
15. Senet (in the show)/Song of Dreams
16. Eugene Simon (Jerome)
17. Tasie Lawrence (Mara)
18. Suzy Kane (Caroline Denby)
19. Sarah Frobisher-Smythe
20. Graduation!
HOA forever and always. SIBUNA!

Date: 05/09/14 4:32 PM
From: anubis7042

1. Patricia
2. Eddie
3. Alfie
4. Trudy
5. House of Rendezvous/House of Rescue
6. When Sibuna rescues Patricia from Rufus
7. The Mask of Anubis
8. Victor
9. I'd like to see your face in that toilet bowl ~Alfie
10. The original one (Joy)
11. The one inside Corbierre
12. Peddie
13. Mr. Winkler (Jason)
14. Patricia
15. I forget called but the original one that follows season 1
16. Burkeley Duffield
17. Jade Ramsey
18. Mina Anwar
19. Scenkara
20. Whenever Victor first does the pin dropping! So monumental!

Date: 05/01/14 10:30 PM
From: motafam

1- Nina/amber
2- Fabian/eddiie/alfie
3- alfie
4- mr. jason/Mr. sweet/
5- house of pressure/house of dejuvu
6- when nina and fabian kissed in the end of season2
7- senkhara's head piece
8- senkhara
9- "if someone gives you their heart, you have to be careful not to drop it wether you asked for it or not" -willow
10- all of the cup of ankh
11- the chandelier
13- Mrs. Denby/Mr. Jason
14- Nina/Eddie/Fabian
15- senet board
16- Brad Kavanagh (Fabian)
17- Nathalia Ramos (Nina)
18- Louisa Connoly Burnham (Willow)
19- Sarah??
20-ok, so when fabian said "you know your my one" and nina said "the chosen one" then Fabian said "well, my chosen one" and then i cried.... Also every scene because HOA is my favorite show


Date: 05/01/14 3:16 PM
From: gosubina12

1: Patrica
2: Eddie
3: Jerome
4: Mr. Sweet
5: Peddie get's back together
6: Anything with Peddie
7: Don't have one
8: I'd say Sankara
9: Eddie kisses Patrica "I'm sorry I stood you up"
"That's okay"
10: I like S2 and S3
11: Don't have one
12: Peddie
13: Like them all
14: Patrica
15: Don't have one
16: Burkley
17: Jade
18: don't have one
19: don't have one
20: Touchstone of Ra with Mabian, Peddie, Willow and Alfie and Jerome and Joy.

Date: 04/29/14 3:06 PM
From: afkaj34515

1. Patricia & Amber
2. Eddie & Fabian
3. Patricia xD
4. Mr. Sweet
5. house of unity
6. Food fight, Amber's goodbye (sad one)
7. Mask of Anubis
8. Rufus & Denby
9. We're the only students in school who know all about this. We're a club. Sibuna!
10. Season 3 mystery
11. Sinners walk among you
12. Peddie & Fabina
13. Andrews
14. Patty, Fabs, Osiris, KT
15. Song of Dreams! (hope there are more hoa badge games in the future)
16. Brad Kavanagh
17. Jade Ramsey; Ana Mulvoy - Ten;
18. Frances Encell (Poppy)
19. Senkhara; Ammut

Date: 04/26/14 6:42 AM
From: musaflora9

1.Patricia Williamson
2.Eddie Miller/Fabian Rutter
3.Alfie Lewis
5.House of Silence / House of Warnings
6. Peddie's First Kiss/Date
7.Mask Of Anubis
10.Quest for the Mask
11."Lift the wings to find the book"
12.Peddie(so obvious)
15.Song Of Dreams
16.Brad Kavanagh/Burkely Duffield
17.Jade Ramsey/Alexandra Shipp
18.Mina Anwar
19.Sarah Frobisher-Smythe
20.I cannot choose the show is soooo awesome
and every scene is awesome!

I hope I voted right and I can't wait to see the results!



Date: 04/25/14 3:50 AM
From: anubishouu

1. Patricia Williamson / Amber Millington
2. Fabian Rutter / Eddie Miller
3. Patricia Williamson
4. Mr. Sweet and his happy dance with Willow
5. House of Arrivals/House of Presents
6. Where Amber leaves, it was funny & sad.
7. The Mask of Anubis
8. Rufus Zeno / Senkhara
9. We're the only students in school who know all about this! We're a club - Sibuna!
Sibuna? Anubis - Backwards. See what I did there? I'm a little bit of a genius.
10. The Mask of Anubis mystery
11. Hidden in this book of old, water of life & tears of gold;
12. Peddie & Fabina!
13. Mrs. Andrews
14. Amber. Patricia. Fabian. Nina. Eddie. KT.
15. House of Anubis:The Song of Dreams
16. Brad Kavanagh (he's a perfect singer also)
17. Jade Ramsey & Ana Mulvoy - Ten (amazing actresses)
18. Frances Encell (Poppy)
19. Senkhara
20. Oh... This will be hard to decide. All House of Anubis scenes from every season & the movie! :) HOA is the best and will always stay in my heart, Nickelodeon is the best for showing us this show

Date: 04/24/14 5:38 PM
From: Lolz020

1. Nina
2. Eddie or Fabian
3. Patricia ( Lol )
4. Trudy
5.1st of S2
6. Food fight scene, and every other scene ( Cant pick :P )
7. Cup of Ankh
8. Scenkara
9. Not sure...
10. Cup of Ankh mystery
11. Through the tears of glass the eye shall see
12. Fabina!!
13. Mr. Sweet or Denby
14. Nina, Patricia, Alfie, Eddie or Fabian
15. The Song of Dreams
16. Burkley Duffield
17. Ana Molvy-Ten
18. Not sure
19. Ammut
20. When Nina and Fabian kissed at the dance

May the odds be ever in your favor
Faction before blood
One choice can transform you


Date: 04/24/14 4:20 PM
From: mst5710

Jerome or alfie
house of who when eddie comes
in season 3 when eddie a patricia kiss for the first time
the cup of ank
ms. denby
" sibuna is Anubis backwards clever right" said by Amber
the season 3 mystery
" through tears of class the eye shall see" season 1
Peddie or Joyrome
either ms. Andrews or mr. winkler
amber or Fabian
I don't have one
Willow or Trudy
When alfie runs over the picnic for amber with a Zamboni in season 2 or when nina and Fabian kiss at the dance in Season 1