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Trivia on Hoa

Date: 06/22/14 1:55 PM
From: hoa4ever90

1. What did Patricia pour on Nina at her first dinner in Anubis House?
2. What is Rufus Zeno known as to everyone else in the world?
3. Who is really Trudy's memory doctor?
4. What are the bugs called that Rufus threated Sibuna with?
5. Why does Jason Winkler join the Secret Society?
6. Which Anubis members are part of the Anubis sisterhood?
7. What does Joy say when Denby hands her a robe?
8. What happens to Patricia when she walks across the balance beam for the first time?
9. What are the three reflecters that Victor has?
10. How does Patricia become a sinner?
11. How does Fabian become a sinner?
12. What does KT's key do besides opening up the crypt?
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Date: 07/20/14 7:09 PM
From: vjfan814

rene zeldman
rare dangerous flies
because victor lured him in
joy willow and patricia?
the swinging moons and stuff come out
his watch, dolls eye and glass
she is pulled in
he was called something

Date: 07/20/14 5:35 PM
From: ryrykess

#Save HOA!!!

Date: 06/25/14 2:30 PM
From: JJRoseHOA

correction on #2

rufus zeno


Date: 06/24/14 11:06 PM
From: jJRoseHOA

2.Rene Zeldman
3.Rene Zeldman
4. Red sutekh sand flies
5.his medical condition (degenerative illness)
6.Patricia,kt (and joy only at the first few episodes since she quits sibuna)
7." really don't like robes miss., because iv'e had a lot of bad experiences with them".
8. pendulums start swinging all around her
9. his pocket watch, the stained glass sun
10. she gets captured and sins of spite
11. frobisher tricks him by telling him he wants him to continue his work for him and brings him to the tank room. He sins of shame
12.stops amut and opens up the room to the tank room