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Joy's Drama

Date: 06/23/14 9:14 AM
From: misssteevi

I was watching the HOA marothon on Teenick and i felt so bad for Joy. She didn't have to act so different i liked her when she was nice when she wasn't trying to get Nina out of the way. Even know that Nina took like most of her stuff away(not really her stuff )


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Date: 08/23/14 6:07 PM
From: ryrykess

I feel bad for Joy too, but she did do some pretty bad things.

Date: 07/25/14 10:47 AM
From: hoasibuna9

I did feel bad for Joy in season three when Jerome and Joy broke up.

Date: 07/14/14 3:05 PM
From: becapoiool

In the first 2 seasons I absolutley hated joy but in the 3rd season she was my fav charecter ever! Go Joyrome

Date: 07/14/14 9:56 AM
From: misssteevi

Thank you guys for responding,I really liked all of your thought and post that you put. thank you.
~ misssteevi

Date: 07/10/14 6:48 PM
From: becapoiool

I didn't like Joy. Just being honest.

Date: 07/08/14 5:39 PM
From: hoa4ever90

I don't really know why people feel bad for her. I mean, sure she was taken away and a lot of stuff changed but that doesnt mean she has the right to do bad stuff to Nina. Nina didn't do ANYTHING to Joy, but yet Joy is mean to her. Joy writes a mean article about her, she kisses her ex-boyfriend, and she even flirted with Fabian while Nina and him were still dating! It's not right. And Joy shouldn't have done all that stuff because she was angry, it's just not right. I'm sorry if that was a little harsh, but I'm a serious fabina shipper, so.



Date: 07/08/14 1:07 PM
From: anubis234f

Welll, they were her actions when she kissed Fabian and stuff so she should've expected this to come.

Date: 06/25/14 10:24 PM
From: ivy321

I feel really bad, especially when she would cry. Because in Season 1, Patricia is SUPER worried that Joy wasn't there, and that her "BFF" wasn't there. But now that Joy came back, Patricia rarely talks to Joy in Season 2. BUT, Joy shouldn't have done the things like the Article on Nina. So I'm 50/50



Date: 06/24/14 4:26 PM
From: Sibuna297

Trueee BUT we can't forget how in one of the episodes of season 2 joy kissed fabian while he thought she was nina. Fabian and Joy had a thing for each other they were't going to date or anything they just really liked each other and they were really close friends. Joy saw how happy he was with Nina and she didn't care she was being selfish. She broke Nina's heart and Fabian may have broken hers but not on purpose. He likes Nina a lot more and Joy should have respected that. i don't like joy that much in season 2. And Nina didn't take her stuff. She didn't replace her or anything. Nina didn't even know what Joy had they never knew each other in season 1. It wasn't Nina's fault. Plus in season 1 joy said she wasn't coming back to the school so Nina could make herself at home.



Date: 06/24/14 2:02 PM
From: hoasibuna9

It wasn't Joy's fault that she had to leave and she was just upset because once she was back in the house she ignored and everybody's eyes were on Nina. The truth is that Joy is really nice and if people had treated her like they did Nina then Joy wouldn't feel left out.

Date: 06/24/14 10:48 AM
From: 1Amber1

I know right! People need to put themselves in her shoes. The poor girl had to stay away from her friends and be the chosen one. And her and Fabian were about to be an item (at least I think so), but then she had to leave. Next thing you know, she comes back and Fabian is with another girl. That would be heartbreaking. And in Season 2 episode 1, she walked in and nobody was that excited to see her. "Joy..." and "NINA!". You see the difference? I am a total Fabina shipper, and that article wasn't cool. But to be honest, I wasn't really mad when she kissed Fabian at the ball. I was actually impressed. If you ignore the whole Jabian/Fabina drama, Joy is actually a really nice, happy, and funny character.