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Is HOA finally over or isn't?

Date: 06/23/14 8:42 PM
From: trident12

News have been spread that HOA may possibly have a 4th season. Although there are other rumors saying that HOA hasn't been renewed for a 4th season and has come to an end. So far people have high hopes that there will be a 4th season, but the question is will it?

In my opinion I do want a 4th season to happen. If not maybe a spin-off. I'm sure most fans all agree for a 4th season
For now all we can do is hope.
Keep Calm and love HOA

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Date: 08/19/14 6:34 PM
From: Anubis1053

i hope there is another season. sense they already graduated, it should be about college, or 5 years later when they meet again. i'm not big on the idea of a spin off because i like the original characters and i believe that they should just keep going as the normal Sibuna crew.

I <3 Peddie


Date: 08/19/14 3:50 PM
From: ryrykess

I here there is a season 4 coming on 2015!

Date: 07/21/14 8:51 AM
From: ohmyhoa

Oh my Anubis, I really love this show a lot and it would mean the WORLD to me if it returned for one more season or a blooper episode/spin-off/finale movie, I don't know. I really miss HOUSE OF ANUBIS, it was the best show in the whole wide WORLD and I just cannot believe it's over.

Date: 07/20/14 7:04 PM
From: vjfan814

it better not be the end

Date: 07/20/14 6:06 PM
From: ryrykess

#Keep hoping for season 4!

Date: 06/26/14 7:10 PM
From: pedi

Jade Ramsey, Ana Mulvoy-Ten, and Brad Kavanagh all confirmed that there would not be a season four. :'( This was, however, in November, so we can't lose hope!

Date: 06/26/14 11:23 AM
From: a1meekelly

The directer (Tim Hopewell) tweeted something that sounded like a season 4 of House Of Anubis is coming soon! He tweeted:

Anubis Fans. Keep the faith. Not long now. #Anubis4.


Date: 06/24/14 5:57 PM
From: hoa4ever90

Well, I think the rumors are probably true because one of the producers of hoa asked: 'Does anyone want to discuss a season 4 of House Of Anubis?'. So, I think he was looking for peoples' opinions' on it. All us Hoa lovers have to plea for a season 4, because the producer was saying something to us, a hint. In other words, it's most likely coming back next year

Date: 06/24/14 3:26 PM
From: oueng5

Idk if there will be another season but everyone wants one as far as I'm concerned.

Keep Calm and love HOA (future t-shirt!)