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*House Of Anubis New Generation!!*Plz Join!!!

Date: 06/26/14 3:56 PM
From: Parisgal10

Hey Friends This Is A Club Where You Can Pick Who You Wanna Be It Will Have Texting And Role Play And If You Want But Im till hinking About This I Might Make It Into A Fanfiction If Anybody Will Help Me Write It!Other Charts Posted Soon!

Eddie And Patrica's Kids~(2 Girls Identical Twins And 2 Boys)
Melody:Bubbly/Rebel/Brave (Like Patrica Too) (Osirian) (Me!!!)
Madi:Girly-Girl/Sweet (Osirian) (Open)
Nicolas:Kind/Childish (Osirian) (Open) (Kinda Like Eddie Too)
William:Shy/SUPER Smart (Osirian) (Open)

Fabian And Nina's Kids~(3 Girls 2 Boys)
Kara:Tomboy/Smart (Open)
Sadie:Stubborn/Sassy (Open)
Tommy:Protective/Bookworm (Open)

Alfie And Willow's Kids~(1 Girl 1 Boy)
Anna:Hyper/Funny (Open)

Jerome And Joy's Kids~(1 Girl 2 Boys)
Talia:Nosy/Preppy (Open)
Jeremiah:Snotty/Curious (Open)
Harry:Jokester/Prankster (Open)

Mick And Mara's Kids~(1 Girl)
Zoe:Mischievous/Fun To Hang Out With (Open)

Josh And KT's Kids~(1 Boy)
Carter:Bad-Boy/Risky/Brave/Rebel (Open)

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Date: 07/25/14 8:26 PM
From: Parisgal10

hey Guys Ignore my last text I Just Got My New Laptop Working And Hooked Up So I'm Going To be Useing That Not This 5 year Old Sour Stained Coffe Stanied And My Little Sisters Spit Up Stained Laptop..My New One Already has This Saved And Its Really Cute Cause Its rainbow Lepord Colored CUTE!!!but The Weird Thing Is I Actually Like Somthing Girly..... :l

Date: 07/25/14 8:06 PM
From: Parisgal10

Ok Guys In A Couple of days The New Will Come Out And This Will be Wiped Away So I'm Just Gonna restart It When It Come sOut But Not from Scratch I'm Gonna Puit Up Who's Still Who And Write Down The Fanfic POV's I have Already Done And When It Comes Out I Will Just redo it That way Just Wanted To Inform You Thanks For Reading This!!

Date: 07/25/14 5:48 PM
From: Parisgal10

(Isabella's POV)
We Where In Are Room The Worst Room Of The Girls.....Probley beause Nobody Likes Us..Well Anyway I Was Just Putting On My Hot Pinky bedspread When Mallory Called A Popular Meeting I'm Only In This because mallory Makes me Anway So Whats the Diffrence If I Ouit...EVERYTHING!!!
Mallory:I Officaly Call This Popular's Meeting To Order!!
Mallory:First Off We Can Tell Carter Likes Melody..YUCK!!Well First Things First We Need To Take Down Melody And Then Take Down her friends..Kara,Zoe,And Anna
Ashley:Totally..Then I Think We Should Get The Guys We Want
Jazmine:yeah Then we Rule The School..
Mallory:And The Houses Too!!!
I Really Was Not Looking Forward To This year I Totally Wanted To Ouit And make Diffrent Friends
(Carters POV)
I Finished Putting My dark Blue Bedspread On My bed And Me Nick,Will,And The New guy Nathan Started Talking I Kinda Started To Zone Out Thinking About mnelody When I heard Voices Calling My Name...

Date: 07/24/14 11:04 AM
From: Parisgal10

In Sibuna:
Carter:Co Leader
Know About it:
Not KnowAbout Or In Sibuna:

Date: 07/24/14 10:55 AM
From: Parisgal10

(Melody's POV)
I Had Just Finished When The Mystry Girl Went next On Mallorys Command....
????:Well I'm Isabella Goldsun My Cousins Are Mallory And Ashley And I Like Being In The Populars
Melody:Oh Not Again
Madi:Oh No My Nightmares Are Coming True
Kara:Great Just What We Need the Little Populars here!!!
Zoe:Makes me Sick!!
Anna:I Have never Hated Anybpody In My Life More Than The Populars
mallory:Well You Little Brats Can dealn With It!!Well Anyway I'm Mallory Loyd Sister Of Ashley Cousin Of Isabella head Popular And I Like Boys Fashion And More Boys
Ashley:I'm Ashley Sister Of Mallory Cousin Of Isabella And I Like Glitter And fashion
Jazmine:I'm Jazmine Rush Only Child And I Like Fluffy Animals And Being A Popular!!
????:Well I'm John Smith Brother Of Zack And I Like Art
????:Zack Smith brother of John And I'll Play Any Sport You Can Name
????:I'm Rosemarie And If You Have A Routine There No beat I Can't Dance Too
Trudy:Well That Was Lovley Now Go Wash Up Loves!!

Date: 07/24/14 10:44 AM
From: Parisgal10

(Kara's POV)
It Had Been A Couple Minutes Since We Unpacked And Where Wating For Dinner When Trudys Head Popped In....
Trydy:dinner Loves!!!!
Tyler:Final;ly I Am Starving
Harry:You Just Ate
Tyler:Yep I Did!!!
When We Got In Is How We Sat Pretty Weird Too..Will Sat At The Head Seat At The far End Next To HimMe Then Melody Then Madi And So On In Frount Of Us Was Sadie Nick Carter And Jake Well You Could Have Not Belived House Much Food Trudys Brought Pit Tyoler Was Almost To A Drooling Stage.....
Trudy:There You Go My Loves I'll be back To Clean Up!!
Melody:Well Some Of Us Know Each Other Others Don't So Why Don't We Introduce Areselfs
Mallory:Uggh Whateves
A Girl With Short Honny Blonde Hair Just Zoommed In
????:Sorry I'm Late Mal My Cab Was Late
Mallory:Its Fine BTW Your Roomming With Us
????:Got It!!
Melody:Well I'll Go First Then..*Stands*Well I'm Melody Twin Of Madi Sister Of Will And Nick I Like Pranking Swimming And Sometimes Only Sometimes I Will Not Wear
My Black Skirt....

Date: 07/24/14 10:23 AM
From: Parisgal10

(Melody's POV)
It Had been A Couple Hours Since We Where In Carters Basment Talking About Mallory And I Got To Share A taxi With Kara,Zoe,And Anna When We Pulled Up To This Big School With Bright Colors Everywhere And Everything Looked Like it was Going To be Fun Then We Pulled Up To This Even Bigger House With A Stone Pathway And Rose Bushes Along It With An Lilly or Cherry Blossom Here And There...I Had Just Gotten Out With My Suit cases And Gotten Inside With The Girls....
Robert:Welcome To Anubis House I See And Hope The We Don't Have Anybody Late I Will be Your Caretaker
Me:*Wispering To Kara*I Never Heard That he was So nice
Kara:Bet You 20 Bucks That He Will not Yell This year
Me:Your On!!
Robert:Here Are Your Rooms
Girls Rooms:
Room 1:Melody,Kara,Zoe,And Anna
Room 2:Madi,Sadie,Talia,And Rose
Room 3:Jazmine,Ashley,And Mallory
Boys Rooms:
Room 1:Carter,Nick,Will,And Nathan
Room 2:Tommy,John,Zack,And Austin
Room 3:Tyler,Harry,Jake,And Jeremiah
Robert:Go Unpack Now...

Date: 07/24/14 10:06 AM
From: Parisgal10

(Carter's POV)
We Where All Sitting Around The bastment Looking At The List of Kids In Anubis House This year When Melody Piped Up A Big Girlyish Scream....
Nick:What Is It Mel!?!?!
Melody:Mallory Loyd Is What It Is!!!I Can't Stand her!!!!
Will:Oh No...
Nick:Not The
Madi:Mallory Loyd
Me:Whats Wrong With her??
4 Heads Where Jerked Towards me Right away
Melody:Whats Wrong With her!!!!
Nick:You Should Have Seen What DShe Did To Melody
Will:It Was Bad Very bad...
Melody:I Was 10 Or 11 And I Was Bff's With Mallory Loyd ....Oneday The Group That Called Themselfs "The Populars" Runnded My Elizabeth Popular Came Up To Us I Had Just Left or What They Think I Did I Never left I Hid..Well Next Thing I Knew We Where No Longer Friends Then About 5 Weeks Later Febuary 14th My Birthday In The Lunch Room She Came And Poured Her Drink On Me Started Saying Things About Me That Where Not True And Made Sure Nobody was my Friend
My Mum:Kids!!! Your Taxi's Are Here!!!!!!

Date: 07/24/14 1:13 AM
From: Parisgal10

Character List (UPDATE For What Thier Like)

Eddie And Patricia Kids:
Will:Shy/SUPER Smart(Osirian)

Fabian And Ninas Kids:
Kara:Tomboy/Smart(Chosen One)
Sadie:Stubborn/Sassy(Chosen One)
Tommy:Protective/Bookworm(Chosen One)
Austin:Sporty/Active(Chosen One)

Alfie And Willows Kids:

Jerome And Joys Kids:

Mick And Maras Kid:
Zoe:Mischievous/Fun To Hang Out With

Josh And KTs Kid:

The Loyds:
Ashley:Mean/Will Make Anybody Who Gets In her Way Pay For It

The Rushes:
Jazmine:A Diva/Likes Everything Her way And Her Way Only


Date: 07/23/14 9:46 PM
From: Parisgal10

Sorry Everyone I Almost Forgot To Do The Crush Chart And The Roommate Chart Will Be Up Soon For When They Go To Anubis In The Story And We Will Also be Doing Texting And Rp When They Get To Go To Anubis In The Story!!! So Heres The crush Chart And It Has Some Knew People In it Too

Ashley:Jeremiah(A New Girl From America)
Austin:Jazmine(Austin Is Kara,Sadie,And Tommy's Older Brother Who Is 1 year Older Then Them)
Jazmine:Austin And Carter(A Cute New Girl Who Tries To Steal Carter From Melody)
Mallory:Nicolas(A Newbie Who Gets Taken Over By Sophia From The Touch Stone Of Ra Who Actually Tries To Steal Nick From Kara But Ashley And Her Are Sisters Who NEVER Get Along)

Also Guys Soon There Are Gonna Be Some More Newbies because I'm Gonna Do This Up To Thier last year!!!!


Date: 07/23/14 6:25 PM
From: ryrykess

@Parisgal10 Thanks, I would have never wrote a fanfic if you never asked me to help! That sounds good with me I just sent something in!

Date: 07/22/14 6:19 PM
From: Parisgal10

Ok So I'm Gonna Start Another Thing So We Can Go Back And Fourth With Ideas So It Will Be Easier

Date: 07/22/14 6:16 PM
From: Parisgal10

(Carter's POV)
Jake Had Left For Some Reason Then Nick Left It Was getting Pretty Weird But While They Where Gone We All Talked About Stuff While Working.....Nick Had Just Then Burst Through The Door All Red In The Face And Out Of Breathe
Nick:Carter You Know That Board In Your Tree House With The Thiing One It
Me:Yeah Why???
Nick:Well I Know Where Jake Was At....
Nick:Um Heh Well
Will:SPIT IT OUT!!!!!
Nick:He Was At Your Treehouse Carter And He Looked At The Board!!!!!
Me: I Think I Will Go destroy Jake!!!
Tommy:Why Whats So Secret And Whats on The Board??
Jeremiah:Oh Come On Tommy We All Can See Little Carter Likes Melody
Tyler:Well All Of Us But Tommy And The Girls
Jake Had Just Then Walked Through The Door..........
(Special Thanks To Ryrykess For Helping Me With This And That Ryrykess Your Really Good And I Can Not Belive That was Your First Time For Writing A fanfic For That POV Cause It Was Great!!)

Date: 07/21/14 4:18 PM
From: ryrykess

(Nick's POV)
While we setting up the prank at the girls tree house, I saw Jake leave.
Nick: I need to go get more water for the balloons.
Carter: Ok, hurry back we are almost done.
I followed Jake all the way to Carter's tree house and I saw him pick up the board with the initials under it.
Jake: Wow, Carter likes Melody.
I walk in.
Nick: What are you doing here?
Jake: Carter told me to get supplies for the prank.
Carter was going to flip once I told him what Jake was up too.

I know it is shorter then the others, but I hope you still like it!


Date: 07/20/14 6:46 PM
From: ryrykess

@Everyone Hi, I'm helping Parisgal10 out! Here is the next part of the story!

(Jake's POV)
My annoying cousin put me in a group of her friends while she went to the mall with Kara, Annie, and this really cute girl Melody.
Harry, Tyler, Jeremiah, Tommy, and Will: Hey, what are you guys doing?
Right when they said that I saw Carter throw a board on the floor.
Nick: We packed months ago, so we came here.
Will: Well while the girls are out we were thinking of doing something to there tree house. You guys in?
Carter and Nick: Totally, let's go!
Tommy: Oh ya, did you meet Jake? He is Zoe's cousin.
Cater and Nick: Hi, nice to meet you Jake!
Jake: Hi, nice to meet you too!
I was so coming back later to see what is under that board.

Hope you like it! This is my first time writing a fan fic!


Date: 07/20/14 2:42 PM
From: Parisgal10

Right Away If You Could....I Left Off When Carter And NIck Where In Carters Tree House And Nick Found A Board With His Sisters Name Melody On It And Carters Name On It....Then Found Out Carter Liked Melody In Like The 3rd Or 4th Grade(But He Secretly Still Likes her) And At That Moment The Rest Of The Guys Burt In That Where I Left Off But Umm I Was Gona Put In Before I Ran Out Of Room That Zoe's Anoyying Country Cousin Jake Was There And Would be Coming To Anubis With Them

Date: 07/19/14 4:22 PM
From: ryrykess

@Parisgal10 Ya, I would love to help you! When do I start?

Date: 07/16/14 5:14 PM
From: Parisgal10

Sure Anna Is Open And By The Way If You Want You can Help me Write It School's Coming Up And All My Other Stuff I have To Keep Up With So I'm Gonna Have To drop Some Stuff Whitch I Dont Want To Drop Because I'm Also Doing A Fanfic With Cats555 For EWW And I Have Not Wrote 1 Single Thing But Ideas because I'm So Buzy

Date: 07/15/14 2:44 PM
From: ryrykess

Can I please be Anna!

Date: 07/09/14 6:37 PM
From: Parisgal10

Sorry I have Not Been Keeping up I Have Been Really Buzy Latley I'm Not Gonna Tell You How Old I Am Or What Grade I'm In Lets Just Say In Pre-teen To Teen But I'v Been Buzy With Summer Reading HW Getting School Stuff(Prob Just Skip Some To Do This Stuff XD)Umm My Fashion Contest To help Me With My Fashion Mag(Fashion N Style Message Board)My EWW Charachter Contest For My EWW Fanfic,My Winx Club Stuff(Started Before Pre-teens),And My Other HOA Fanfic Thingy So If Anybody Wants To help Write This PLEASE HELP!! But First Ask XD If I Accept we Will set A time And Date To Meet Up In My Room Thanks!!