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*House Of Anubis New Generation!!*Plz Join!!!

Date: 06/26/14 3:56 PM
From: Parisgal10

Hey Friends This Is A Club Where You Can Pick Who You Wanna Be It Will Have Texting And Role Play And If You Want But Im till hinking About This I Might Make It Into A Fanfiction If Anybody Will Help Me Write It!Other Charts Posted Soon!

Eddie And Patrica's Kids~(2 Girls Identical Twins And 2 Boys)
Melody:Bubbly/Rebel/Brave (Like Patrica Too) (Osirian) (Me!!!)
Madi:Girly-Girl/Sweet (Osirian) (Open)
Nicolas:Kind/Childish (Osirian) (Open) (Kinda Like Eddie Too)
William:Shy/SUPER Smart (Osirian) (Open)

Fabian And Nina's Kids~(3 Girls 2 Boys)
Kara:Tomboy/Smart (Open)
Sadie:Stubborn/Sassy (Open)
Tommy:Protective/Bookworm (Open)

Alfie And Willow's Kids~(1 Girl 1 Boy)
Anna:Hyper/Funny (Open)

Jerome And Joy's Kids~(1 Girl 2 Boys)
Talia:Nosy/Preppy (Open)
Jeremiah:Snotty/Curious (Open)
Harry:Jokester/Prankster (Open)

Mick And Mara's Kids~(1 Girl)
Zoe:Mischievous/Fun To Hang Out With (Open)

Josh And KT's Kids~(1 Boy)
Carter:Bad-Boy/Risky/Brave/Rebel (Open)

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Date: 07/21/14 4:18 PM
From: ryrykess

(Nick's POV)
While we setting up the prank at the girls tree house, I saw Jake leave.
Nick: I need to go get more water for the balloons.
Carter: Ok, hurry back we are almost done.
I followed Jake all the way to Carter's tree house and I saw him pick up the board with the initials under it.
Jake: Wow, Carter likes Melody.
I walk in.
Nick: What are you doing here?
Jake: Carter told me to get supplies for the prank.
Carter was going to flip once I told him what Jake was up too.

I know it is shorter then the others, but I hope you still like it!


Date: 07/20/14 6:46 PM
From: ryrykess

@Everyone Hi, I'm helping Parisgal10 out! Here is the next part of the story!

(Jake's POV)
My annoying cousin put me in a group of her friends while she went to the mall with Kara, Annie, and this really cute girl Melody.
Harry, Tyler, Jeremiah, Tommy, and Will: Hey, what are you guys doing?
Right when they said that I saw Carter throw a board on the floor.
Nick: We packed months ago, so we came here.
Will: Well while the girls are out we were thinking of doing something to there tree house. You guys in?
Carter and Nick: Totally, let's go!
Tommy: Oh ya, did you meet Jake? He is Zoe's cousin.
Cater and Nick: Hi, nice to meet you Jake!
Jake: Hi, nice to meet you too!
I was so coming back later to see what is under that board.

Hope you like it! This is my first time writing a fan fic!


Date: 07/20/14 2:42 PM
From: Parisgal10

Right Away If You Could....I Left Off When Carter And NIck Where In Carters Tree House And Nick Found A Board With His Sisters Name Melody On It And Carters Name On It....Then Found Out Carter Liked Melody In Like The 3rd Or 4th Grade(But He Secretly Still Likes her) And At That Moment The Rest Of The Guys Burt In That Where I Left Off But Umm I Was Gona Put In Before I Ran Out Of Room That Zoe's Anoyying Country Cousin Jake Was There And Would be Coming To Anubis With Them

Date: 07/19/14 4:22 PM
From: ryrykess

@Parisgal10 Ya, I would love to help you! When do I start?

Date: 07/16/14 5:14 PM
From: Parisgal10

Sure Anna Is Open And By The Way If You Want You can Help me Write It School's Coming Up And All My Other Stuff I have To Keep Up With So I'm Gonna Have To drop Some Stuff Whitch I Dont Want To Drop Because I'm Also Doing A Fanfic With Cats555 For EWW And I Have Not Wrote 1 Single Thing But Ideas because I'm So Buzy

Date: 07/15/14 2:44 PM
From: ryrykess

Can I please be Anna!

Date: 07/09/14 6:37 PM
From: Parisgal10

Sorry I have Not Been Keeping up I Have Been Really Buzy Latley I'm Not Gonna Tell You How Old I Am Or What Grade I'm In Lets Just Say In Pre-teen To Teen But I'v Been Buzy With Summer Reading HW Getting School Stuff(Prob Just Skip Some To Do This Stuff XD)Umm My Fashion Contest To help Me With My Fashion Mag(Fashion N Style Message Board)My EWW Charachter Contest For My EWW Fanfic,My Winx Club Stuff(Started Before Pre-teens),And My Other HOA Fanfic Thingy So If Anybody Wants To help Write This PLEASE HELP!! But First Ask XD If I Accept we Will set A time And Date To Meet Up In My Room Thanks!!

Date: 07/03/14 3:07 PM
From: Parisgal10

Yes She Can Be Mickara's Other Daughter She's Gonna Be Close Friend's With All The Girl's But She's Gonna Be BFF's With Madi,Kara,Zoe,And Anna Thannks!!!

Yes There Are 4 Osirians So There Are 4 Chosen One's Kara,Sadie,Tommy,And Thier Sister Who's In 8th Grade Elizabeth(Izzy) (Hint It Says 3 Girl's And 2 Boy's For Fabina's Kids So The Secound Fabina Kid Austin Will Come In Later Too!! But He's Not The Chosen One For Many Reasons)

Talia's All Yours

Sure!! The More The Better!!!

Very Sorry But Talia Has Just Been Taken Is There Anybody Else You Have In Mind

I'm Very Sorry I Was Not Here For The Last 2 Day's I Was With My Mom And I Will Be With Her Tomorrow Just Wanted To Let You Guys Know!!! Thanks!!!


Date: 07/02/14 11:24 AM
From: Barbie1960

@Parisgal10 I love the idea of next generation characters! But I was wondering if I could have a kid form
Mick and Mara's group my character could be Zoe's
sister her name would be Drusilla but people call her.
Drew's Fearless/Witty/ Sarcastic/ Smart!


Date: 07/02/14 10:32 AM
From: azaleaiggy

I would totally love being Talia
I'm British and preppy

Date: 07/01/14 3:30 PM
From: zoe392

Can I be Zoe because my name is Zoe plz plz plz plz plz

Date: 06/30/14 6:48 PM
From: 101batman

can i be Talia or zoe?

Date: 06/30/14 11:02 AM
From: hoa545

Can I be Sadie if taken Anna?

Date: 06/29/14 7:55 PM
From: anubis7042

Is there a chosen one?

Date: 06/29/14 3:41 PM
From: ryrykess

Grace is rebel/ funny/ hyper girl! (Sorry if I forgot to put in something)

Date: 06/29/14 3:39 PM
From: ryrykess

Ok, can she be Mick and Mara's kid! If you need help just ask, I'm in! Thanks!

Date: 06/29/14 1:52 PM
From: Parisgal10

Nick?s POV:
"Me And Carter Had Finished Packing Weeks Mabey Even Mounths Ago So We Decided To Go Play Video Games At His House....After Awhile We Got Baord So We Decided To Go Hang In His Treehouse Know That I Think Of It I Think We All Have Are Own Treehouses....We Played Alot Of Games Then I Was Looking Around On The Bookshrlf For More Games And There It Was...!!!"
Nick:Hey Carter What This Board Hanging Out For
Carter:No Don?t!!!
"I Pulled The Board Out And Flipped It Over And There It Was A Black Heart And Inside It Was MM And CJ And It Hit Me Melody Miller And Carter Jones!!!My Best Friend Liked My SISTER!!!!"
Nick:You Like My Sister!!!*Says In Stunned Voice*
Carter:Hehe That Was From 5th Grade...But You Liked My Cousin!!!
Nick:In Kindergarden!!Wow My Best Friend Likes My Sister....Shoulda Seen It Coming
Carter:Ummm Why?
Nick:Cause My Mum And My Dad...Yeah Never Mind
Carter:Ohhhh.....*Looks At His Feet*
*Harry,Tyler,Jeremiah,Tommy,And Will Burst Through The Door*

Date: 06/28/14 7:42 PM
From: saphire09

I Forgot To Put It In The Other Thingy But If You Want You Can Help Me Write The Fanfic Im On Everyday

Date: 06/28/14 6:43 PM
From: saphire09

BFF Chart(If Ryrykess Choses To Be Josh And Kt's Daughter I Need To Know What Shes Like But For Know Im Gonna Leave Her Out Of It When I Know I'll Update) :
Rebel/Brave Ones/Funny Hyper Ones/Tomby BFF Chart For Girls:
Melody:Kara,Zoe,And Anna
Kara:Zoe,Anna,And Melody
Zoe:Anna,Melody,And Kara
Anna:Melody,Kara,And Zoe
Girly-Girls/Snotty Ones/Preppy Nosy Ones BFF Chart For Girls:
Madi:Sadie,And Talia
Sadie:Talia,And Madi
Talia:Madi,And Sadie

Boys BFF Chart(Witch Is Not As Weird As The Girls One) :
Jeremiah:Jake(New Kid)

BTW Im Adding Jake A New Kid And Zoe's Annoying Cousin Hes Anoyying And Can be Curious So If Anybody Wants Him Hes Up For Grabs!!
-Parisgal10 Aka Saphire!! PEACE!!


Date: 06/28/14 6:16 PM
From: saphire09

Yes You Can Be Madi
Yes You Can be Kara
Well I Made It So There Would Only be 4 Millers But If I Do Accept Her She Would have To be KT's And Joshes Daughter Or Mick And Mara's Daughter Shes In As Long As Shes Mick And Maras Daughter Or Josh And KT's Daughter Let Me Know Witch One

Im Gonna Post The Crush Chart,Bff Chart,And Room Chart(Im At The Point Where There All Gonna Go To Anubis House So When They Are There In The Point Of The Fanfic I'll Post The Roomies Chart)

-Parisgal10 Aka Shaphire!! PEACE!!!