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make your own person to be on HOUSE OF ANUBIS

Date: 07/02/14 6:19 PM
From: catpitcher

Name: Cat Urban
Age: 12
Family: Nina's little sister
Look: long blonde hair, blue eyes, golden pink eyeshadow, hot pink lips
Style: Anubis school uniform, Anubis amulet
Friends: Nina, Fabian, Amber, Alfie, Mara, Jerome, Joy, Patricia, Eddie, Willow,
Personality: like Nina and Alfie funny and cracking jokes but serious when it come to tasks
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Date: 08/12/14 5:39 PM
From: ryrykess

To: Everyone
From: Melody
Hey, I just got to Anubis! It is really creepy here! Well, text me when you get her!

Date: 07/16/14 7:08 PM
From: Elsa15811

Forgot I am adopted

Date: 07/15/14 5:14 PM
From: Spynina

Name:Alexis Martin
Family:Nina and Cat
Looks:Blonde Curly Mid back hair,Blue eyes,Rose Pink Lips
Style:Anubis Uniform,Skinny Jeans,Leather Jacket
BFF:Nina,Eddie,Amber,Alfie,Cat,Patrica,Fabian,Eddie's Sibling,Amber Sibling,Alfie sibling,Patrica sibling,Fabian Sibling
Friends:Mara,Jerome,Joy,Willow and Their Siblings
Personality:Nice,Brave,Feisty,Cool,Funny,Won't Take anything from anyone

Date: 07/15/14 2:15 PM
From: poweratsea

Also Emma S. last name is different because she is adopted and doesn't like using her new last name!

Date: 07/15/14 2:10 PM
From: poweratsea

Oh and for mine I forgot to say the age I think! LOL. Emma S. is 12.

Date: 07/15/14 2:08 PM
From: poweratsea

Name: Emma S.
Family: Amber's little sister (adopted)
Look: Wavy chocolate brown hair. Sea blue eyes. Rose colored lips. Olive skin tone.
Style: Anubis uniform, Silver Locket. (also has an Amulet in secret)
Friends: Nina, Patricia, Eddie, Amber, Jerome, Fabian, Mara, Alfie
Personality: Smart, Funny, and into style like Amber(but not as much!), Can play 3 interments. Violin, Clarinet, Piano. A great actress. She loves to act

Date: 07/15/14 11:38 AM
From: becapoiool

Name: Madison(Maddie) Miller
Family:Eddie's little sister
Look:long wavy brunette hair,brown eyes,red lips
style: when not in HOA uniform flip-flops,amber-ish style

Date: 07/14/14 11:08 PM
From: Elsa15811

Name: Avice
Age: 11 soon to be 12
Family: Willow is my older sister
Look: Rad hair, hazel eyes
Style: Hipster style
Friends: Willow of course poppy, Joy, nina and cat her little sister
Personality: Well I like scary movies, neon colors, werewolves and a lot more stuff

Date: 07/03/14 8:58 AM
From: ryrykess

Melody Rutter
Fabian's little sister
Blond hair that goes down to her shoulders with natural highlights, bright green eyes, and freckles that goes across her nose
Nina, Amber, Patricia, Joy, Fabian, Eddie, Alfie, and Willow

Hope I'm in!


Date: 07/02/14 10:25 PM
From: hoa545

Name: Kalli Miller
Age: 12
Family: Eddie's little sister
Look: Light brown hair with dirty blonde highlights that goes a little past her shoulders, green eyes, light brown eyeshadow, light pink or red lipstick
Friends: Nina, Jerome, Joy, Alfie, Eddie, Willow, Patricia, Mara, Amber
Personality: Like Joy and Eddie combined sarcastic, likes to crack jokes, loves food, and is very stragetic and clever