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Sibuna Next Generation <o>

Date: 07/30/14 4:47 PM
From: ryrykess

Thanks for clicking!

Patricia and Eddie's kids: (3 girls and 2 boys)
Addie: Bubbly/sweet/funny-me
Rikki: Sassy/stubborn
Maya: Rebel/fearless
Cole: Athletic/brave
Jax: Rebel/brave

Fabian and Nina's kids: (2 girls and 1 boy)
Clarisse Rutter: Sassy/annoying
Anabeth Rutter: Brave/rebel
Nick Rutter: Athletic/jokester

Willow and Alfie's kids: (1 girl and 1 boy)
Ellie Lewis: Hyper/funny
Danny Lewis: Funny/athletic

Joy and Jerome's kids: (1 girl and 1 boy)
Keeley: Sassy/fancy
John: Rebel/prankster

Mick and Amber's kids: (2 girls *twins*)
Jane: Girly/fancy
Melanie: Fancy/girly

KT and Ben's kid: (2 Boys)
Adam: Annoying/curious
Ron: Athletic/responsible

Hope you join! We will start when most of the spots are taken!

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Date: 10/28/14 9:16 PM
From: ewwhoa1

@ryrykess Do you think you could right next. I just can't think of anything, your writing is so great. Thank so much

Date: 10/24/14 11:00 PM
From: ryrykess

@EWWHOA1 that's ok! That happened to me before too! Do you want to write next?

~Addie #SaveHOA #SaveSibuna

Date: 10/23/14 8:11 AM
From: ewwhoa1

@everyone the people forms I just post wasn't for this it was for Barbie1960 next generation role play

Date: 10/23/14 8:09 AM
From: ewwhoa1

Name: Callie Ana Lewis
NN: Cals or Cal-Cal
Age: 15
Look: tan, blonde hair, hazel eyes, medium height,
Clothes: Skinny jeans and nice shirt, flats ,combat boots or vans, her hair is normally in a fishtail braid, and a necklace all the time
Personality: kinda girly, funny, sarcastic, bubbly, sometimes she is an airhead, and loves her friends
BBF: Sabrina, and Juliette
Backstory: Was liked by almost everyone. Lived a great life, spent so much time with her siblings, she was super popular. Once she turned thirteen her parents told her and her siblings there was unfinished business at Anubis and they needed to go. She was so angry until she met her best friend Juliette and Sabrina
Siblings Nick and Sally
Crush: the new boy Brandon Mitchell
Extra: Would always protect her friends and her family and loves the color yellow
Sibuna: No
Item: a earth necklace
Descendent: Geb

Date: 10/23/14 8:08 AM
From: ewwhoa1

Name: Kevin Jacob Miller
NN: Kevin, Kev
Age: 15
Look: dirty blonde short hair, tall, slim, and hazel eyes
Clothes: t-shirt, jackets, pull-over, jeans, and sneakers
Personality: laid-back and relaxed, quiet and a little secretive
BFF: Nathan, Jax, Even, and Nick
Enemies: none yet
Backstory: Lived in England forever. Sent to boarding school when he was twelve, and was really close to his siblings
Siblings: Jax, and Allie
Crush: Autumn
Extra: His favorite color is green
Item: a gold ring
Descendent: Hathor

Date: 10/21/14 9:45 PM
From: ryrykess

@EWWHOA1 that was great! I will write next!

~Addie and Sally's Room~
Sally= Addie, are you sure you are ok?
Addie= Yeah, I'm fine.
Sally= Ok, well let's get to sleep. That is a lot to take in all in one day.
Addie= Ok, goodnight.
*Sally turns the lights off and goes to sleep. Addie hears noises in the attic*
Whispers= Come up to the attic, Addie.
*Addie leaves her room*
~Jax, Cole and Ron's Room~
Jax= Ron, please don't tell Cole about what Addie found. I don't need all my siblings hating me.
Ron= I am going to tell him and you can't stop me.
Jax= Please, I'll give you money.
Ron= No! He disserves to know and so does Rikki and Maya.
Jax= Great, I am doomed.
~In the Attic~
Whispers= Addie, come hear.
Addie= Who is there? Is someone in the bookshelf?
*She walks over to the bookshelf*
Whispers= Got you!
*The bookshelf turns and Addie can't get out*
Addie= Help! *Screams*

Hope you like it! @EWWHOA1 your turn to write!

~Addie #SaveHOA #SaveSibuna

Date: 10/18/14 4:42 PM

Nicole:*sits on Jax's bed with Addie* Addie are you okay? You're looking a little pale.
Addie: It can't be real can it?
Ron: I don't know, maybe?
Sally: No, no Jax couldn't, he couldn't
Jax: *walks into the room* couldn't I what
Addie: *looks at Jax* Huh
Jax: What couldn't I do?
Ron: Who is Dr. Evil, Jax?
Nicole: *stands up* And why do you have plans to take over the world.
Jax: Addie? *picks up laptop* Why are you looking at my stuff
Addie: We were looking for my pictures from my phone. Jax?
Jax: Um I ?
Victor: It?s ten o?clock you have five minutes precisely and then I want to hear a pin drop
Jax: Um I . . .
Victor: *knocks on the door* Did you not hear me, go to your rooms Sally, Addie. Oh and Miss Hart socializing I see, well see me in my office . . . NOW!
Addie, Nicole, and Sally: *leaves *
Victor: Bed now, boys *leaves*
Hope that was okay

Date: 10/16/14 5:44 PM
From: ryrykess

@EWWHOA1 ok, I will write next! Sorry, it is hard to write, so much school work.

~On the stairs~
Nicole= Thanks, for the help guys.
Addie= Jax, can I please have my phone back.
Jax= Sure *Runs away*
Addie= Great he deleted all my photos.
Cole= They are probably on his laptop.
Addie= Nicole, Sally want to sneak into Jax's room with me?
Sally and Nicole= Yes!
~Jax, Cole, and Ron's Room~
Addie= Hey Ron...
Ron= On his bed.
Nicole= Thanks!
*When the girls look on his laptop they find a message from someone named Dr. Evil*
Addie= Ron, does someone you know go by Dr. Evil?
Ron= What?
*Ron comes over*
Sally= Plans to take over the world?
Ron= Addie, your brother plans to take over the world.
Addie= What?

Hope you like it! Who wants to write next?

~Addie #SaveHOA #SaveSibuna

Date: 10/14/14 8:25 PM

@ryrykess can you write next

Date: 10/13/14 9:42 PM
From: ryrykess

@EWWHOA1 that was awesome! I don't care about the crushes. You can make anyone like anyone, I really don't care!

Date: 10/12/14 9:15 PM

Nicole:Seriously? We are trapped down here, and it is my first day, ON SCHOLARSHIP
Addie: Nicole calm down you are okay. If you get in trouble we get in trouble
Nicole: You are telling me to calm down. Sally over there looks like she is going to faint.
Clarisse: will you guys stop arguing it is giving me a headache
Annabeth: what about brainstorming ideas to get out
Adam: Great idea that is like the only good one I've heard
Annabeth: coming from the guy who came to save us and got us trapped instead
Addie: Everyone just stop, and relax
Nicole:how 'bout we all yell help at the same time really loud so people can find us
Sally: Won't we get in trouble
Addie: We are already in trouble. Lets do it 3,2,1
Nick:Guys I think I hear something*walks over and pulls up a floorboard*
Cole:We found them
Nick:I found them
Jax:*looks down* Guys stop yelling and come on
@ryrykess hope that was okay and can you make up a crush list thanks

Date: 10/03/14 9:37 PM
From: ryrykess

@EWWHOA1 sounds good with me!

*Under the Stairs*
Addie= Annabeth, Clarisse? What are you doing down here?
Clarisse= What are you doing down here?
Annabeth= What she means is we saw you guys come down here, so we fallowed.
Nicole= Let's get out of here.
Sally= Ok.
*Runs into Adam*
Clarisse= Watch where your going.
Adam= Sorry.
Nicole= Can we please get out of here, I'm getting scared.
Addie= Ok, let's go.
*Try's to get out*
Adam= The board is stuck.
Addie= Ok, I will texted someone for help.
Adam= Jax has your phone.
Addie= Oh boy.

@EWWHOA1 I hoped this helped you a little bit!

~Addie #SaveHOA #SaveSibuna

Date: 10/02/14 8:25 PM

I am having writers block. Can you write next and I write after that. Thanks anyway!

Date: 09/27/14 10:41 AM
From: ryrykess

@Everyone I will write next!

~Under the Stairs~
Addie= Wow, this is so cool!
Sally= What is this place?
Nicole= I have no idea.
Addie= Let's explore!
*The girls go in to a room. Someone taps them on the back*
Addie, Sally, and Nicole= Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
*In the kitchen*
Adam= What was that?
John= I have no idea.
*Ron, Cole, Danny, and Nick walk in*
Cole= Jax, stop trying to scare everyone.
Jax= That wasn't me.
Cole= Ya, sure.
*Adam texts Addie. Jax pick up his sisters phone*
Jax= Addie, where are you? Ha, Adam you are a dork.
Cole= Jax, shut it.
*Cole and Jax start fighting*
Nick= Typical brothers.
Adam= Will you help me.
Danny= Sorry, can't.
*Danny leaves the room and so does Adam. Adam goes upstairs and finds a wobbly floor board *
Adam= I think I found the girls.

Hope you like it! Who wants to write next?

~Addie #SaveHOA #SaveSibuna

Date: 09/14/14 7:29 PM
From: ryrykess

@Everyone after what ever happened to the message boards I will write to start us up again!

*The stair case at Anubis*
Nicole= Thanks for making me feel more welcomed then Keeley did.
Addie= Your welcome, Keeley hates all newbies.
Sally= How do you know?
Addie= Just a wild guess.
*The girls step on the first step and it slips open*
Addie= Wow, awesome! Let's go down there!
Sally= Ok.
Nicole= Are you shore.
Sally and Addie= Yes.
*Sally and Addie jump in to the hole*
Nicole= You guys are crazy!
*Nicole jumps in after them and closes the step*

Hope you like it! Who would like to wright next?

~Addie #SaveHOA #SaveSibuna

Date: 08/28/14 12:16 PM
From: ryrykess

@EWWHOA1 that was amazing!

@Everyone who would like to wright next?

~Addie #SaveHOA #SaveSibuna

Date: 08/27/14 2:36 PM

Nicole:*knocks on door and opens it* Hello I am Nicole. The Devil's roommate, opps I mean Keeley. *giggles*
Addie: I am Addie
Sally: I am Sally
Nicole: Why are you wearing orange juice, wait was it because of the Devil
Addie: No it is because I like the smell so much I was thinking I would wear it as a perfume. Just kidding it was because of her
Nicole: I couldn't doubt that anyway I thought I'd make some friends in other rooms so I can hang out there and avoid my room as much as possible
Sally: Really
Nicole: No I genuinely wanted friends.
Addie: Well you can count on us. Just come downstairs in like ten minutes and I can properly introduce you to my friends at Anubis.
Nicole: okay, thanks you guy are-
Keeley:*in her room* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Nicole: Oh no the Devil, she is calling me goodbye. I left my suitcase volcano on the floor with my clothes exploding out just to bother her I got to go see you guys in ten minutes
Addie, Sally: bye
How was it?

Date: 08/26/14 10:58 PM
From: ryrykess

Here is the roommates chart!

*Already lived at Anubis*
Maya and Annabeth
Rikki and Ellie
Jane and Melanie
*Newbies (with some already lived at Anubis)*
Addie and Sally
Keeley and Nicole
Clarisse, Maeve, and Aneria

Adam and John
Nick and Danny
Cole, Jax, and Ron

Date: 08/26/14 10:46 PM
From: ryrykess

@EWWHOA1 that was great!

@Everyone I will go next!

Addie= *Get's up and bumps into Keeley* Sorry, Keeley. I didn't mean too.
Keeley= I can't take you newbies. *Pours orange juice on Addie and Aneria* Now where is Sally, Nicole, and Maeve?
*Adam and John hold her back*
Aneria= Well, we should probably go change.
Addie= Yeah, probably. *Addie and Aneria leave*
Adam= Seriously Keeley, orange juice?
Keeley= Yo are just saying that because you like Addie. *Stomps off*
Adam= *Yells* I do not.
John= Yeah, you do. You would be laughing right now if you didn't.
Adam= Ok, so maybe a little, but don't tell anyone.
John= I wont.
~Addie and Sally's Room~
Sally= What happened to you?
Addie= Keeley. Why doesn't she like us?
Sally= I don't know, but she doesn't scar me.
*There is a knock at the door*

Hope you like it! Keep posting to save the HOA message boards!

~Addie #SaveHOA #SaveSibuna

Date: 08/26/14 6:11 PM

Nicole:*walks in and drops suitcase* Hello? *hears noises and goes into the dinning room and the room gets quiet* Oh hello everyone I am new from America. I mean my names not new it's Nicole.
Keeley: Oh great it's another newbie.
Victor: What do you think your doing?*is behind Nicole*
Nicole:*jumps a little at the sound of Victors voice* Um looking for you your the caretaker right, Victor.
Keeley: easily frightened newbie.
Nicole: No.
Victor: Mrs. Hart the thing you should've done was come see me not socialize
Nicole: Thanks for the tip, anyway where is my room?
Victor: Since Mrs.Clarke has her own room with two beds you will be rooming with her.It's to the left upstairs at the end of the hallway.
Nicole: okay
Keeley: Oh that little rat.
John: ouch. The newbie got it bad, real bad
Nicole:*grabs suitcase and goes to room* Lucky me *plops onto her bed*
How is it?