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Supah Ninjas Ending (Fan fiction)

Date: 06/10/14 11:36 PM
From: Pearliy

This starts from the last episode.

Mike wakes up tied up and in a clear unbreakable tube.
Mike: Where am I
Evil Gramps: You are in my lair.
Mike: What do you want from me?
Evil Gramps: Something that has been taken from me may years ago.
Mike: It was never yours.
Evil Gramps: YES IT WAS NOW BE QUIET! Or else.
Back at the Dojo
Amanda: Where is Mike. It has been 2 hours and he still hasn't shown up for practice.
Owen: AWW. You miss him
Amanda pulls a sword near Owens throat.
Owen: OK then (frightened tone)
Holograms: Mike is missing. I think he has been taken by evilgramps.
Amanda: Oh no
At the lair
Mike struggles to get out then a mysterious figure shows up...

TBC If anyone would read it if do comment below.

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Date: 08/09/14 2:33 PM
From: grinder360

let it continue!!!!!!

Date: 07/14/14 10:30 PM
From: camo331

please please please continue

Date: 06/26/14 4:13 PM
From: atikna2


Date: 06/14/14 9:03 PM
From: sakarrie13

I'll read it. Please continue.