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Make your own fairy and your transformation (please make)

Date: 03/15/12 8:00 PM
From: bloomcool0





birth parents

my big dream is

fav color

describe your transformation

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Date: 04/17/14 2:05 AM
From: Snow362

Name: Angel Marianna Cassandra (just call me angel or Mari)
Power: Snow and Ice Dragon
Transformation: Flyrix
Birth Parent: Queen Serena and King Robert
My big dream is to meet my true parents
Favorite color: Light blue, purple, white and black
Describe your transformation: See stella's flyrix but brown hair, blue and purple dress and same wings

Date: 04/13/14 8:30 PM
From: riven10

birthparents:Queen Jenna and King Jasfer of domino
my big dream is:To save the magic dimention
fav color:Violet,Red

Jenn got her mythix by fighting selina and by giving jenn wand to earn mythix


Date: 04/12/14 4:22 AM
From: nyla1800

Name : Aurora
Power : The Orpheus Orb ( future power )
Birthstone : sapphire
Transformation : Enchantix
Birth parents : King Tristan and Queen Reyna of Aurania
My big dream is : to become a major fairy and to earn Mythix
Fave Colour : turquoise,lilac and silver
Describe your transformation : lilac halter neck dress with silver and turquoise designs,knee length purple sandals with silver stones , big silver and purple wings with turquoise and lilac designs and silver gloves, tiara and necklace.

Date: 04/10/14 6:06 AM
From: sunfairy15

Name: Jessica
Power: Winter (like the season)
Birthstone: Diamond
Transformantion: Magic Winx (Or Magix)
Birth Parents: Queen Crystal and King Noelle of Arcticana
My Big Dream is: To save the Magic Dimension with my friends of the Starlight Club (P.S Read that story on here!)
Favorite Color: Blue
Describe Your Transformation: Snow swirls around her as it creates a light blue short sleeved top that stops just below the chest, more snow creates light pink legging that stop just at the knees, snow makes her light blue ankle boots with wedge heels, she earns lavender colored circular wings.

Date: 04/08/14 9:23 PM
From: bre1dpuppy

Name:Destiney Horan (Call me Destiney)


Birthstone:Red Ruby


Birth Parents:Louis (Dad) Eleanor (Mom)

My big dream is:To become a famous singer

Favorite color (s):Green,Blue,and Purple

I have long dirty blonde curly hair,i have blue eyes,i am wearing a white shirt that says Music is my life with a music note at the end,i have blue jeans,i am wearing black boots,i have no wings so i fly with magic,i am wearing my cross earrings and my One Direction necklace,i also have a little mascara and lip gloss on and i am wearing some really cute black glasses.
Destiney Horan


Date: 04/08/14 12:51 PM
From: handan01

donna fairy of sweets

Date: 04/06/14 5:25 AM
From: stella2805

name: sophia
power:drangon heart
birthparent: king raginald and queen isabella of crystal light
my big dream: fight evil
fav colour:pink

Date: 04/02/14 9:21 AM


Date: 04/02/14 6:50 AM
From: layla31244

name Layla
power shinning rubies

birthstone ruby

transform Crystalix

birth parents ?

my big dream is to transform

fav color blue,gold and red ( in this case, white )

describe your transformation Red dress with a golden belt, and a white cape, and crystal wings, my hair is in a side pony-tail and my shoes match my wings


Date: 03/31/14 7:16 PM
From: MLPFan10

Name: Lily

Power: Music

Birthstone: Diamond

Transformation Level: Bloomix

Birth Parents: My mom is named Amore Lovestruck and my dad is named Arrow.

My Big Dream Is: To get a pet, to become a vet, to become a famous author, reader, and word speller, and to become a famous singer, songwriter, and actor

Favorite Color: I cannot choose! I like most of them!

Transformation Description: I have long, curly brown hair and brown eyes. My eyes sparkle and my glasses shine. Light red lipstick appears on my lips. A purple shirt with black pants and blue jean skorts over the pants appears on me. Then purple and black tennis shoes appear on my feet with sparkles flying around them and then the sparkles disapear. Then, music notes fly around me and I sing "Aaaa." Then I say "Lily, fairy of music!"


Date: 03/30/14 2:40 PM
From: kite123

Nakya(thats me)transformation:stellas belivix background shows and i make a rainbow ball and throw it at the screen then it turns so bright then my blue shirt appears with a rainbow pin on there.then i make a rainbow and a dragon flame and they both mixed and make a hot pink skirt like flora's.then a magic wand show up and then i drew a star and the stars explode with so much colors of the rainbow and shaped my wings like stella then i pose and said"Nakya,fairy of the rainbow flame"

Date: 03/30/14 2:33 PM
From: kite123

well if im creating my person/fairy,then i will put it like this:
name:takya(my fake sister)
power:the music flame(related to my powers called the rainbow flame)
birthstone:we both have emerald
birth parents:well technacially im on earth and she is at my homeplanet:rainbowtopia
our big dream:is to go all the way to sirenix
fav color:takya fav color is purple and hot pink and mine is blue and hot pink
describe your transformation:
Takya's transformation:we on belivix so it goes like this:
musa's enchantix background shows and she dances in it then a magenta ribbon goes around her and a purple top shows and the hot pink skirt shows.then she does 3 cartwheels and her shoes show.then a musical note shows and she pops it and some musical nots burst into flames and shaped her wings like musa's wing and she poses and says"takya,fairy of the music flame".
Nakya(thats me)transformation:on the next post

Date: 03/28/14 4:29 PM
From: musaroxy

Name: Stephanie
Nickname: Steph
Age: 15
Birthday: October 31
Planet: Solaria
Parents: King Radius and Queen Luna ( sister is Stella )
Transformation: I don't have one I am a fairy and a witch
Clothing: White tank top under a black shirt with green design and white jeans with blue boots ( hair is platinum blonde with blue streaks )
Personality: Strong, Stubborn, Odd, Random.

Date: 03/28/14 2:02 PM
From: Parisluv

power:Sparkling Waters
transform:Harmonix, just earned it
birth parents:Queen Athena and King Poseidon
my big dream is:to become the strongest fairy i can be
fav color:any shade of blue but mainly Turquoise and Sapphire Blue
describe your transformation:
my chocolate brown hair is in a low ponytail and tied with a turquoise ribbon and seashell, also has a turquoise tiara with a seashell shaped Sapphire slightly off set on head. the ribbons on my shoes are turquoise and Sapphire blue. my dress is a strapless, turquoise, ruffled top with a cyan belt at the middle of my torso and the bottom is several layers of ruffles (each ruffle is off set) that are turquoise and Sapphire blue. my cape is turquoise with Sapphire blue diamond effect on it. my wings are Sapphire blue, with a kind of torn effect on the edges and a little seashell shaped with a turquoise diamond shaped effect.

Date: 03/05/14 6:25 PM
From: elsafairy1

name Rosaly

power: elements

birthstone: ruby

transform: diamondix

birth parents : emilia and John

my big dream is: to transform in reality

fav color : blue and pink

describe your transformation: ruby on my forehead , my hair in an elsa coronation bun ,a light blue dress with a ruby belt and ruby shoes, my wings are blue at the closest part of my back and let lighter and lighter to be at the end crystal blue


Date: 03/02/14 6:35 PM
From: salena5992


power:the griffin cyclone (air)


transform:gemix you gain it when you bond and are truly one with your powers

birth parents: queen Allyah and king Onix of Aerus

my big dream is: to friend and become one of the winx.

fav color: orange and gray in every shade

describe your transformation:my extremly dark brown, Long hair is in a fishtail braid with curly bangs that frame my face.Around my is the amulet of Aerus. A bright orange cropped tube top with light gray trim.flouncy lace trim. cascading dark gray swirls all over it and on the middle of the top trim a garnet gem.dark orange short shorts with a gray garnet encrested belt. and matching swirls on the shorts.gray tights underneath. knee-high sienna orange boots with gray wedges and laces. my wings are like a butterfly's.but there bright orange with light gray edges and tiny dark gray swirls all over except for on the trim.


Date: 03/01/14 10:27 AM
From: Raisin08

name: Ruby

power: The Golden Diamond Flame

birthstone: don't know

transform: Wingix how i got it, I used a spell called Golden Flame Diamond and I saved my whole planet

birth parents: Queen Diam and King Mond of Diamondland

my big dream: is to be one of the Winx

fav color: pink, blue and red and gold

describe your transformation: a sleeveless pink shirt, with blue stripes, my hair goes into a ponytail, with a little braid, a golden head band appears that kind of goes on my forehead with a diamond in it and going all around the headband, a blue and red tutu, red and pink heels, a tiara made out of diamonds and gold that holds all my power and the Trix really want it.


Date: 03/01/14 8:36 AM
From: lovecom

The King and Queen of Weatheria
To see every place in the world.
My hair is reddish brown with claret highlights when I'm in the air,my top is claret with two big orange tiger-type stripe.There is a strap of the top on the left side.
My skirt is green and my leggings are purplish blue with concentric circles of darker shades of purplish blue.

Date: 02/02/14 1:07 PM
From: cool14120

king and queen of Esiana
to be in the winx
turn into sirenix

Date: 01/31/14 4:59 PM
From: clangclang





Flying in the air seeing mermaids in the waters diving and swimming and seeing colorful fish swimming and diving up and down like mermaids and I like to see the whole world.

Blue and Tangerine

Blue and Gold glitter on my Sirenix Dress and Tangerine and Pink shoes, Sky blue ribbon on my arm, a brown ponytail hair with a flower.