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Make your own fairy and your transformation (please make)

Date: 03/15/12 8:00 PM
From: bloomcool0





birth parents

my big dream is

fav color

describe your transformation

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Date: 01/31/14 3:09 AM
From: fairyhere

Ruby and Lope Oblefias
I dreamed that I was a water fairy and I will look amazing
Yellow and Shiny red.
Water clothes that will dry quickly when I am up on vinair and Fly with water wings and I will have a gorgeous time

Date: 01/30/14 8:38 PM
From: IvySparkle

Name: Ivy
Power: Enchanted Stars
Transform: Sirenix
Birth Parents: Queen Liliana And King Charmlen
My Big Dream Is: To Stop Evil
Fav Color: Blue
Describe Your Transformation:Ivy's Sirenix form consists of a dark blue one-sleeve, one-strap, mermaid skin top that has pink wave holes and a light gold ruffled skirt. Under the skirt she dons periwinkle and cyan attached leggings that have gold and pink designs with matching cyan boots with periwinkle bases and light pink/light blue striped ruffles on the back of her leggings made to look like fins. She also has dark cyan and periwinkle ribbons tied around her right arm from her shoulder to her wrist. Her hair is in two ponytails with dark blue streaks. When she is underwater her hair is strawberry-blonde with black streaks. Her wings are sea-shell shaped and are multi-colored with shades of blue, cyan, pink, periwinkle, and gold with dark blue and hot-pink striped borders. Her eye-shadow is light pink and she has blue nail-polish.

Date: 01/28/14 11:27 PM
From: Bre1DPuppy

Name:Kaelyn Snow

Power:Animals and Music

Birth Stone:Ruby


Birth Parents:Niall Horan and Sklar Horan

My Big Dream Is:To become a animal rescue cop,a kids doctor,and a famous singer and to meet One Direction and spend the day with them and keep in touch with them.

Favorite Color:Blue and Purple

Outfit:I have a grey off the shoulder shirt with a black tank top under it,on the grey shirt i have blue sparkly heart on it,jeans,black boots,and my wings are a light blue with pink gems on them



Date: 01/28/14 7:34 PM
From: loveglowo5

Name: Crystal
Power: Healing
Birthstone: Aquamarine
Level: Bloomix
Parents: Queen Lili. Dad is dead.
Dream: To get my cousin Issac Princess Lena for marriage.
Favorite Color: The Sunset
How I Got The Level: I was in the Jewel Dimension one time with two Galaxy Explorers Lexi and Sherbet. The starship got stuck in a Galatic Whirlwind, and Sherbet got trapped in it. So I used a Sirenix spell called Medicine Magnet to save her. And I got Bloomix. I now have a upgraded Medicine Magnet.

Date: 01/27/14 9:04 PM
From: bloom76809

power:dragon flame
birth parents:mike and Vanessa
my big dream:is to became stronger
fave color:orange red and yellow mostly and more
describe your transformation:Bloomix

Date: 01/22/14 12:29 PM
From: kattak12

NAME: Lily



BIRTH PARENTS: King and Queen of Cloveria

MY BIG DREAM: To help everyone in the World!


DESCRIBE TRANSFORMATION: I earn my Charmix by saving my sister from a HUGE Moss Monster.


Date: 01/19/14 8:11 PM
From: djcody

name claire
power winds/air

birthstone emerald

transform enchantix

birth parents ?

my big dream is to be in winx club

fav color lime green

describe your transformation ?


Date: 01/18/14 2:55 PM
From: Annie24112

Name: Alex Call me Annie

Power: Seasons!

Birthstone: What does that mean?

Transform: Bloomix

Birth parents: Queen Teainta >Tee uh ent ta< and King Engeo > E On Gee O< Of the seasons

My big dream is: to join my parents and my big sis and help change the seasons!

Fav color: White, pink, yellow, and orange The color of the seasons

Describe your transformation: When The trix attacked my home my friends weren't there my famliy was tied to the walls and I did 5 backflips in a row and Kicked Darcy in the Face! I started to feel a tingeling feeling and transformed! I had a top that had my fave colors on it
same with skirt and shoes and tights my wings had hearts on them and I felt a lot stronger.

Hope this was helpful


Date: 01/18/14 2:26 PM

Name: Mia
Power: everything
Tranformation: highest level there is
Birth parents: unknown
My big dream is: unknown
fav Color: pink,teal,purple,blue,red,peach,sometimes
green & orange, purplypink
Describe Transformation: unknown

Date: 01/18/14 2:09 AM
From: cattykat05

Power:Ice,Frost and Snow
Parents: King Darien and Queen Cersei
Dream:To be part of the Winx Club
Colour:Ice Blue
Describe Transformation:My nails sparkle for a minute then i spin around.a couple of snowflakes float by and my fairy outfit appears.Then i wave my hands in front of my face and my tiara appears.Frost covers my legs then ankle boots with leggings appear.A snowflake symbol appears on my head then my wings appear
Hair:Pale blonde with one braid

Date: 01/17/14 9:22 PM
From: Roxy58686

Angel also doesn't have freckles or highlighted cheekbones!

Date: 01/17/14 8:13 PM
From: wobbles10

Name: Snowy
Power: Ice and snow
Transform: Bloomix
Birth Parents: King and Queen of the ice planet
My big dream is: To write a bestseller book
Fav color: Pink
Describe your transformation: I leap across ice patches and when I arrive at the scene, I glow. Then I have line of snowflakes following my hand. Soon I spin my hand on my hair and the braid I have becomes long hair. I spin my hand around my body and a snowflake covered blue top and skirt appear and then I swirl my hand around my feet and snowflake tipped shoes appear along with snowflake covered gloves. Then big ice patches appear on my back and when they break, it reveales my wings.

Date: 01/17/14 8:09 PM
From: Roxy58686

Well, I forgot to tell you her normal outfit. She has blond hair, which is straight and long of course. Light skin like's Stella's, and blue eyes like Bloom's. A pink headband on her head. And a white shirt with two plum buttons, light pink ruffles, and a layered pink tank under and the sleeves at the end are light pink too. Plum belt, light pink swirly skirt and regular pink swirly skirt under. And some pair of pink shoes lined light pink under, and a bow on each. A purple blue like purse has the magenta on the closing area, and a very light blue heart on the closing area! Bye!

Date: 01/16/14 8:24 PM
From: derpyforev

name jade

power ice

birthstone ruby

transform belveix

birth parents not yet

my big dream is find the star seeds

fav color blue

describe your transformation
blue with sreads look like iceisales


Date: 01/16/14 7:26 PM
From: Roxy58686

Name: Angel

Power: Stars and Sunshine

Birthstone: Diamond

Transform: Sparklix, to get it you have to believe that you are the most powerful fairy in Alfea.

Birth Parents: On Earth

My Big Dream: To become BFFS with all of the girls in the Winx Club!

Fav color: Angel Pink, Warm Lavender, and True Blue

Described Transformation: First the screen is Bloom's Believix theme and I spin around. Pink hearts, purple hearts, and blue hearts, swirl around me. The pink make the regular , the purple goes in the center, and then the blue one gets smaller and goes to the center of the purple heart. The purple forms a leotard and then, pink stars fly around. It transforms into a skirt and then gets light purple string. Blue stars go on the string, and then light pink heels appear. With clear white socks that don't touch my feet. A purple bow on each and then, Bloom's Harmonix wings appear on me! Angel's hair is blond, her skin is light, and her eyes are blue! Thanks! :)


Date: 01/13/14 11:28 PM
From: kikobunny1

Name: Ally
power: the four elements; water, earth, fire, and air
birthstone: Amethyst
transform: Harmonix
birth parents: King Charles and Queen Elizabeth
my big dream: to stop all darkness
fav color: baby pink and light purple
transformation: harmonix

Date: 01/13/14 7:08 PM
From: 1waterstar

Name: Jennifer
Power: Water Stars
birthstone: Alexandrite
Birth Parents: From Earth
Big Dream: To be in the winx club
fav color: Purple and gold
transformation: The screen is pure gold with my body appearing in silver. The screen swirls with colors, and i am wearing a mini dress with vertical stripes in silver and gold, and my short boots are the color of alexandrite!!

Date: 01/13/14 6:14 PM
From: noiu67

Queen nina and king Micheal of winda

Date: 01/13/14 5:24 PM
From: 2020Grad

fire and light
yes belivex
king Alec and queen Lili
to become a great fairy
green shirt,one strap,a short green skirt and green wings with sparkles




Date: 01/12/14 11:41 PM
From: musa137

King Danny and Queen Wendy
Being a Athlete
Teal tank top. Teal Skirt. Silver high heels. Glittery Teal and Sky Blue Wings.