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Nymphix, a fan fic

Date: 11/06/13 3:08 AM
From: Parisluv

So this is a repost because they moved stuff and mine got deleted. i will be posting chapters until i get current so if you have read it just be patient and if you havent read, btw i wrote it all down so i have it word for word.
(this is after season 5, Roxy is in it and has Sirenix, my own character is in it Elizabeth, and Roxy and Daphne are part of the winx club)
~Chapter 1, Elizabeth?s POI, Domino~
Bloom-hey Elizabeth, you made it! what is in your hand?
Me-I?m sorry I took so long, Miss F. needed me to get this from her. It?s some sort of letter.
Stella-what does it say?
Me-'Hi girls! I know you have had some time to relax, but now you need to go higher than Sirenix! :-O a new enemy is rising, Dougless. He plans to turn the world into darkness, you are not strong enough to defeat him or his minions. You must earn Nymphix, go to Serena and find the book labeled Nymphix, it will tell you everything else. Please hurry! ~Miss F.'
Flora-we need to hurry.
Roxy-ready girls?
Bloom-Magic Winx Sirenix!
We all transformed.
Me-teleport to Serena!
We arrived in Serena's royal gardens.
Daphne-lets fly.
tbc i hope you like it!
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Date: 04/17/14 8:45 PM
From: Parisluv

@mimita78 well you weren't in Chapter 45, but you will be in chapter 51 and originally you said your name was Paris and you talked about you finding out that your name is Aqua and earning your Nymphix but this is a minor role; you don't have like anything major happen. sorry if I sound mean but yours and Gracie's roles are very minor, but you do help the Winx fight one of the worst monsters there are.

Date: 04/17/14 4:18 PM
From: mimita78

its aqua thats paris real name why didnt you mention me in chapter 45

Date: 04/17/14 2:54 AM
From: Parisluv

~Chapter 50, Flora's POV, yacht~
the fiery volcano stopped shaking but the silence it left behind was eerie. it sent chills up my spin and left me with a haunting feeling of uncertainty. i waited in the silence when i saw a blue light coming from the top of the volcano, i held my breath hoping that it would be Elizabeth. finally i saw Elizabeth fly out of the volcano; she had earned her Nymphix! she flew down to us and gave Jackson a hug and he spun her around (it's cheesy but so romantic).
Jackson-i told you you could do it.
he set her down and she turned and gave me a hug.
Me-i knew you could do it.
Elizabeth-thanks, it was tough. but i did discover something new about Spirit Creatures that i don't think anyone knows about yet.
Me-really? What did you find out?
Elizabeth-i'll tell you later, let's get back.
Me-i'll call the girls.
~Bloom's POV, Magix City~
my wrist communicator appeared just as i was about to call Flora
Flora-hey, we're on the way back.
Me-come to Magix City.
Flora-were on the way.
the others were on the way, which was perfect because we needed help. i had no idea how we were going to stop this monster but i did know that we had to defeat it.
sorry it's so short

Date: 04/13/14 9:12 AM
From: gracie2027

i love this fanfic, it's so awesome! write more!

Date: 04/09/14 10:18 PM
From: Parisluv

Elizabeth's Nymphix:
a vast ocean at night background with a diamond shaped platform that looks like it's made of ice; water poured onto the platform and Elizabeth appeared on the platform. Serena ran past Elizabeth making the water fly up around her and wrapped around her torso. when it disappeared in a burst of sparkles a knee length, turquoise, strapless dress; the top was a sweetheart neckline and from the waist down there were four layers and each layer had a french lace overlay. Serena's horn glowed and sparkly dust flew out it wrapped around her feet and a pair of Sapphire blue sandels appeared (like the harmonix shoes but flat). it wrapped around her waist and a Sapphire blue belt appeared with a seashell slightly off set. it wrapped around her wrists and a pair of Sapphire blue gloves appeared (almost identical to Flora's Sophix gloves). it wrapped around her her hair and head and her hair grew slightly longer and her right bang was braid and pulled back with the excess in a ponytail, a silver tiara with a diamond shaped Sapphire appeared on her head. it went to her back and exploded into a pair of Sapphire blue and Turquoise wings; the tops are Sapphire blue with a Turquoise trim and are rounded on top with a ruffle like bottom, the bottoms are Turquoise and are kind of leaf shaped, they are covered in different shades of blue sparkles. she posed with more weight on her left hip, her left hand resting on top of her leg, and her right hand up with ice in the shape of a diamond floating above it along with water snaking around it.
Elizabeth Fairy of the Sparkling Waters
(song is soon to come!)

Date: 04/08/14 3:17 AM
From: Parisluv

~Chapter 49, Elizabeth's POV, Fiery Volcano~
i flew up the volcano thinking about the fact that the fate of the universe was depending on me earning my Nymphix. once up there i looked into the volcano, i saw the lava boiling deep down inside. even from up here i could feel heat; i was about 100 feet above the lava. i flew slightly into the volcano but the heat was getting more and more intense. it was staring to get too intense, i decided to try a shield; i knew how to make them like a freezer on the inside.
Me-Enchanted Waterfall!
i got ice cold but i didn't care because the further i flew the warmer it got. once i was about 50 feet i saw a rock jutting out of the lave and on top was a Sapphire. i started to go towards it when i caught something out of the corner of my eye. i turned and saw a black Alicorn, but it wasn't like Sapphire; it was shadowy and it's eyes were also black. the thing that got me was that it didn't charge. the other girls said that they had gotten attacked but this one was just watching me. it was like it was waiting for something but i couldn't figure out what. i decided to get Serena to help me before it decided to attack.
Me-Spirit of Serena!
Serena appeared flying next to me.
Serena-hop on, we can make the shield stronger and cooler.
i hopped on to her back and she was right, i immediately felt the air around me cool down.
Me-what do we do now?
Serena-i'm not sure, what do you think?
i studied the creature.
Me-perhaps you could try an attack?
just then the shadow Alicorn attacked, it's horn glowed red and it shot a fiery beam at us.
Me-Serena, now!
her horn glowed Sapphire Blue and she shot an oceanic blast at the Shadow Alicorn. the two beams met
and there was a blast of red, blue, and purple. i nearly fell off of Serena but luckily i've been riding since, well, forever.
Serena-i don't think that's going to work.
Me-well, what are we going to do?
my mind scrambled as i searched for an answer, that's when i realized what i was doing wrong. i had told these girls to follow their instincts, to not think about what they were doing, and here i was trying to plan my next move. i had fought so many monsters and enemies without thinking, just doing. so i set to work; i took a deep breath and i let my mind go wherever it wanted. it was like an out of body experience. i knew what i was doing but at the same time i didn't. it's hard to explain.
Me-are you ready?
Serena-yes, why?
Me-when the time is right fire.
the Shadow Alicorn fired at us again.
Serena fired once more at the Shadow Alicorn.
Me-Spirit of Sirenix!
i used my Sirenix special spell and did a convergence with Serena. i had no clue that we could do that so i was pretty shocked when it not only worked but it defeated the monster. well not exactly defeated being that it's like a solid shadow, but it ran off. at first i was in shock but then i realized that i should probably hurry. i flew down and grabbed the Sapphire. there was magic energy everywhere, i had earned my Nymphix!

Date: 04/04/14 3:40 PM
From: Parisluv

~Chapter 48, Musa's POV, Serna~
we were all in the ball room helping Claira and Amore with the party planning.
Claira-Musa, what kind of music do you think we should do?
Me-all kinds of music, why just have one?
Amore-perfect, how's the dress coming along Stella?
Stella-almost done, i'm just working on some details. what color should it be?
Bloom-probably Sapphire Blue.
Daphne-or Turquoise.
Aisha-really any blue in general.
Roxy-yeah, after all blue is her favorite color.
i heard a beep, beep sound; it was Tecna's phone.
Tecna-hey guys there's a monster attack in Magix City.
Claira-go on, we're fine here.
Amore-be careful.
Tecna-we will, have fun party planning.
Bloom-Magic Winx Nymphix!
we all transformed and teleported to Magix City, once we were there i saw the monster. it was the monster that had attacked Serena, the monster that nearly destroyed us all.
Me-Tecna what is that thing?
Tecna-it's a Nightmare Creature, their rare and very dangerous.
i saw a pink blast hit the monster and when i looked in the direction of the shot i saw two fairies. not just any two fairies it was my sister, Gracie, and her friend Paris!
Me-what's my sister doing here?
Paris had a transformation called Bloomix, she had sunset colored hair in pigtails with blonde bangs and a blue bow, her eyes were teal, her outfit was blue and gold, and her wings were also blue and gold and they were torn. Gracie had a transformation called Pieretix, her caramel hair was down with a pink butterfly in it, she had a pink dress with pink heels and pink wings made up of swirls.
Paris-Shadow Wall!
she placed a shield around herself and Gracie.
Gracie-Pirouette Tornado!
she blasted the monster again.
Bloom-let's go help them.
we flew over to them quickly.
Me-Gracie what are you doing here?
Gracie-Musa?! i thought you were on a quest?
Me-i am and this monster is very dangerous.
Gracie-Musa, i'm fine.
Daphne-she's right girls, only Nymphix Magic can get rid of Dougless' monsters.
Paris-well at least let us help.
Aisha-we won't be able to defeat this thing until Flora and Elizabeth get here.
Tecna-than let's do what we did last time.
Roxy-keep the people safe until they get here?
Bloom-yup, i'll call Flora and let her know.
Stella-well what are we waiting for? Solar Eclipse!
Me-Sound Wall!
we continued to deflect the monsters attacks but we needed Flora and Elizabeth.

Date: 04/03/14 4:49 PM
From: gracie2027

suspense! please post next chapter! please!

Date: 03/30/14 3:39 AM
From: Parisluv

~Chapter 47, Jackson's POV, Yacht on Serena~
Flora, Elizabeth, and i were on the way to the Fiery Volcano where Elizabeth had to find a Sapphire. Elizabeth was driving, Flora and i both offered but she said that she wanted to so we let her. it was Elizabeth's turn to earn her Nymphix and i decided to tag along while the others stayed back to keep an eye on Dougless.
Flora-so, Bloom told me about the surprise party.
Me-yeah, i think it will be good for Elizabeth; get her mind off things.
Flora-how exactly are we going to distract her?
Me-i have an idea, but let's wait until after we arrive; i don't want Elizabeth to over hear since we'll be there soon.
i honestly did have a plan but i could see the volcano jutting out of the ocean. it's the only volcano on Serena and nobody goes near it. it's dormant but there's something about it that makes everyone nervous, even from a distance i could tell that there's something strange about that volcano and the idea of Elizabeth going in there did not sound good. She pared the yacht about 15 feet away from the volcano.
Me-are you ready?
she fingered her locket and looked up at the volcano.
Flora-be careful, this place gives me a bad feeling.
Elizabeth-i will.
she gave Flora a hug.
Elizabeth-Magic Winx Sirenix!
she transformed into her Sirenix, then she kissed me goodbye. i hugged her tightly.
Me-don't worry, you can do this.
Elizabeth-i'll be back...
she said something under her breath but i wasn't sure what, than she flew up to the top of the volcano. once she was out of sight i looked away from the volcano; i knew that watching would be like watching a clock.
Flora-so, what's the plan?
Me-huh? oh i was thinking, every year on her birthday Elizabeth goes for a ride and, well i don't know where she goes that's private, but she doesn't get back until noon. then her and Ember are planning on going to lunch and won't be back until about 1:30. so we need to keep her busy until the party which starts at 7:30.
Flora-right, so what are we going to do?
Me-well i was thinking that maybe you and her could do something, maybe the movies or shopping?
Flora-i could find something for the two us to do but i won't be able to keep her busy the whole time.
Me-i know, i'm going to find something for the two of us to do together; perhaps go for a ride together.
Flora-sounds like a plan but i'm going to have to figure out something to do.
there was a moment of silence.
Flora-you know that she knows you worry, right?
Me-yeah, but i can't help it.
Flora-i know, she's the same way, but she'll be okay; she's too powerful and way too stubborn to let something beat her before she's completed a mission.
Me-yeah but she could still get hurt and that's what worries me; if she got hurt too badly...
Flora-there are plenty of healing fairies and books about those kinds of things if it were that bad.
Me-i suppose you're right but i'm never going to stop worrying.
Flora-i know, just don't worry too much; she's strong and she's also has us by her side.
Me-thanks Flora, you're a really great friend.
i heard a loud boom and when i looked i saw the Fiery Volcano shaking.

Date: 03/27/14 9:31 PM
From: Parisluv

~Chapter 46, Elizabeth's POV, the secret meadow~
the meadow is one of the most beautiful places on Serena. it's ringed by tall grey rocks and the only other opening goes strait onto a private beach with the crystal clear ocean spreading infinitely out. there are purple, blue, and white flowers decorating the meadow with a huge willow tree in the middle and the meadow is ringed by about a dozen rose bushes.
Me-i've missed this place so much.
Sapphire-well maybe we can go riding more often.
Me-that won't be until Dougless is defeated and the magic dimension is safe from him.
Sapphire-okay, but there are always going to be new people who want to take over the magic dimension.
Me-thanks for being so positive.
Sapphire-no problem.
i laughed a little at that. i got off her back, took her reins off of her bridle and laid them on a root that was raised off the ground. i walked down to the beach and picked up a sand dollar. i heard Sapphire walking through the grass and occasionally stopping to eat a little bit. i looked out at the sparkling ocean. it was so calm and relaxed, it made me feel calmer and less worried. it also made me feel a little bit stronger. the ocean always helped calm me down.
Sapphire-what are you so worried about?
i always forgot that Alicorns can read emotions.
Me-i'm the only one left to earn my Nymphix, what if i fail?
Sapphire-yeah right, like you would fail.
Me-i'm serious Sapphire.
Sapphire-so am i.
i sighed.
Sapphire-look you are a great fairy and are one of the youngest fairies to ever earn Enchantix.
Me-yeah, but--
Sapphire-you never give up, you try your hardest to do the right thing, and you are very understanding.
Me-i could still fail.
Sapphire-but you won't, trust me.
Me-i guess we'll find out tomorrow.
Sapphire-don't worry, you'll do great.
Me-thanks Sapphire.
i put the sand dollar back on the beach and walked back to the Willow and went behind the leaves. i leaned against the trunk and started thinking about what Serena had said. i was always trying to keep things to myself because i didn't want anybody to worry about me, it was my fatal flaw. i couldn't really change it, it's who i am. As the sun went down i continued to think everything over. i decided to tell Jackson about my nightmares and my worries. but i didn't realize until i went to leave that it was after dark. i quickly got on Sapphire and we raced back home. when i got to the stables Jackson was out there looking for me.
Jackson-hey, where have you been?
Me-i went out for a ride and lost track of time.
Jackson-oh, i was a little worried something had happened.
Me-it's okay, actually i want to talk to you. meet me in the garden in 10, i'm just going to brush Sapphire and change.
Jackson-i'll be there.
he walked out and i started to get Sapphire ready for bed.
~Jackson's POV, Serena's Royal Gardens~
Elizabeth told me everything. her nightmares, her worries, and even what happened when she collapsed.
Elizabeth-i should have told you sooner, i just...
Me-don't worry about it. i understand.
which i did. i understood why she didn't say anything, i wish she would have but it's okay that she didn't. i wanted to know but i wasn't going to pry. i looked into her hazel green eyes. they sparkled in the moonlight, i mean literally sparkled. she kind of looked like she was going to cry. my heart sank. this was all so painful for her and there was nothing i could do. she had to dig up her past, face an enemy who torments her constantly, and basically have the weight of the world on her shoulders. it was terrible to have to watch her like this. i wrapped my arms around her and felt her tears fall onto my shirt, i kissed the top of her head. her hair smelt like a sea breeze.
Me-it's okay, i promise you are going to be okay.
we sat on the bench for a little while together. i felt so sad but i knew that i would do anything in my power to protect her; i also knew that no matter what happened i would lover her forever.

Date: 03/27/14 4:43 PM
From: gracie2027


Date: 03/26/14 10:01 PM
From: Parisluv

@Genesis510 thank you for understanding.
@Everyone thank you for reading!

Date: 03/26/14 3:46 PM
From: Genesis510

It's fine I understand I loved my chapter and that's good enough



Date: 03/26/14 2:09 PM
From: Parisluv

@mimita78 and Gracie2027 just wanted to let you know that you will also be in chapter 50, also the roles are pretty minor but you do help the Winx. i hope you will like your parts.

Date: 03/26/14 2:07 AM
From: Parisluv

i'm back, here's the next chapter.
~Chapter 45, Elizabeth's POV, Serena~
everyone was kind of busy doing their own thing so i decided to go riding. i haven't seen Sapphire, my Alicorn, a whole lot lately and a ride sounded perfect. i opened my closet and took out some riding clothes; a pair of dark blue jeans, knee high black riding boots, a purple plaid shirt, and a pair of black riding gloves. i put my hair in a mermaid tail braid and headed outside. once i got to the stables i immediately felt energized. i love the stables, between the horses and being out in the fresh air it is probably one of my favorite places on Serena. i walked past the stalls until i arrived at Sapphires. The bottom part of her deep brown stable wood door has a Sapphire Blue Diamond shape engraved into it and says SAPPHIRE in the same color directly above it. the top half of her door was open and she walked right over and nuzzeled my arm when i walked up.
Me-hey girl.
i stroked her nose gently.
Sapphire-where have you been? i've missed you.
i know that you are probably shocked but i can talk to all horses and sea creatures; well not really talk, i say something out loud and than they sort of communicate inmy mind. Horses are said to have ome from the sea, so that's probably why.
Me-i just got this new quest and i've been really busy, but i missed you too.
Sapphire-are we going for a ride? it's been so long!
Me-yeah we are, but we aren't going to fly today.
Sapphire-that's okay with me, i love to run!
Me-okay, let me grab your tack from the tack room. do you need to be brushed?
Sapphire-no, i already got brushed.
Me-i told them i prefer to brush you.
Sapphire-your brother is the one who brushed me, said something about you being busy and you didn't need to worry about every little thing.
Me-yeah but he knows i like to brush you.
Sapphire-oh well, can we go now?
Me-give me a sec.
i went into the tack room and found her stuff. i grabbed her blue blanket, black saddle(western), and her black bridle. i carried it down and went into her stall; i put her tack on the bottom part of her door.i touched her soft mane checking it for tangles nad making sure her coat was clean. she's so beautiful; her coat, mane, tail, wings, and horn are pure black and when the light shines on her she shimmers Sapphire blue. her eyes are also Sapphire blue; the name Sapphire just seemed to fit. once i got her tack on i headed outside.
Sapphire-what trail are we taking?
Me-i was thinking we could go to the secret meadow.
Sapphire-i love that place!
i got on her back and we took off. the wind whipped through my hair as we rode down the path. we passed by trees, animals, lakes, rivers, and a few other riders but we were going to fast to stop and look. i love riding! there is nothing like the feeling of riding a horse (or alicorn in this case). we rode down the path for a half an hour before we slowed down. we approached a stone wall that didn't look any special, just a regular old wall. that is unless you know where to look.
Me-do you hear anybody?
we walked right up to the wall. i felt along for the tiny little hoof print in the rock, once i found it i pushed it. it shined sea green and the rock began to move a doorway opened big enough for a horse and rider. we entered the Secret Meadow.

Date: 03/26/14 1:59 AM
From: Parisluv

@Genesis510 i'm sorry but i already have the story figured out and i can't fit anyone else in, but if i do another fanfic(i don't know when)than i may be able to use Genesis again; she's a great character but i can't fit her into the story

Date: 03/25/14 9:38 PM
From: mimita78

im looking forward for my part plus she on chap 49 she gets nymphix her color are gold and blue like daphnes blue thanks her hair turns purple back blue when she finds out she is not paris bu aqua

Date: 03/25/14 9:28 PM
From: mimita78

oh its mimita78 or paris weell paris finds out in chapter 50 her name is aquamarine aqua for short and that she ia long lost princess of whisperia and her real powers are magic dimension golden water dragon heart and imperial crystal an intesive petals plus icy winds ok

Date: 03/25/14 8:06 PM
From: Caring9292


Date: 03/25/14 6:02 PM
From: Genesis510