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Nymphix, a fan fic

Date: 11/06/13 3:08 AM
From: Parisluv

So this is a repost because they moved stuff and mine got deleted. i will be posting chapters until i get current so if you have read it just be patient and if you havent read, btw i wrote it all down so i have it word for word.
(this is after season 5, Roxy is in it and has Sirenix, my own character is in it Elizabeth, and Roxy and Daphne are part of the winx club)
~Chapter 1, Elizabeth?s POI, Domino~
Bloom-hey Elizabeth, you made it! what is in your hand?
Me-I?m sorry I took so long, Miss F. needed me to get this from her. It?s some sort of letter.
Stella-what does it say?
Me-'Hi girls! I know you have had some time to relax, but now you need to go higher than Sirenix! :-O a new enemy is rising, Dougless. He plans to turn the world into darkness, you are not strong enough to defeat him or his minions. You must earn Nymphix, go to Serena and find the book labeled Nymphix, it will tell you everything else. Please hurry! ~Miss F.'
Flora-we need to hurry.
Roxy-ready girls?
Bloom-Magic Winx Sirenix!
We all transformed.
Me-teleport to Serena!
We arrived in Serena's royal gardens.
Daphne-lets fly.
tbc i hope you like it!
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Date: 06/17/14 9:30 PM
From: ToriGood

You know what will be cool. If season 7 is base off you fan fic because on the wiki it says that the winx will have a spirit animal and gain a new transformation what if its Nymphix and plus Roxy will have a bigger part so. It would be really cool so.

Date: 06/17/14 3:21 AM
From: Parisluv

~Chapter 67, Elizabeth?s POV, Nightmare Mountain~
Tears welled in my eyes as I remembered when I first heard those words. I eight and it was the first day of school. My friends were all gone with their families on business trips and I felt so alone. I was outside sitting on a cliff hanging over the ocean when Jackson came and sat beside me. I was thinking about my parents and I really needed someone to talk to, I needed a friend. At first I was kind of shy but even back then he was so easy to talk to. We?ve been close ever since and he is truly my closest friend. I blinked the tears out of my eyes to clear my vision. How could Dougless have done this?
Me-give him back, it?s me you want.
Dougless-True, but he is exactly what I need to get you to fight.
I was so frustrated and angry. If I didn?t fight right here and now then I would lose Jackson, he wasn?t about to give him up without a fight, but if I did I could fail on my own. I didn?t have a choice, the prophecy said I would fight him. It was now or never.
Me-fine, but put him out of harms way.
He set him on a ledge. Jackson looked so weak and beaten down. What had Dougless done to him?
Dougless-shall we begin?
Me-you first.
Dougless-okay. Nightmare Torture!
A gray and black beam shot straight for me, but I flew out of the way.
Me-Oceanic Blast!
A turquoise blast shot from my hand but he placed a shield a millisecond before it hit him. The fight went on for what felt like hours, neither one of us got a shot; we were both too fast for the other one. I tried to come up with a plan, but no matter what I needed at least one of my friends to make sure it would work. There had to be a way to fight him.
Me*thoughts*-Serena, how do I stop him.
Serena*thoughts*-remember the spell book you studied last year?
Serena*thoughts*-then you know the answer.
That?s how Serena has always been, giving me advice while still making me figure it out myself. The fight continue while my brain thought back to the spells. Then suddenly an idea popped into my head, I knew what to do.
Me-Sea Wall!
I placed a shield around me as he continued to attack.
Me-Sea of Courage!
This spell sent courage to every person fighting their fears, or evil, to every inch of the universe. Courage isn?t being fearless, it?s being terrified and not giving up. Whatever harsh task that people were plagued with and wanted to give up on they would have the courage to overcome it. It?s a spell for emergency use only, people need to be able to do it themselves, but this was definitely an emergency.
Dougless-what have you done?!
I knew that he had felt the pure magic from the spell and I guess that he knew what spell I had used. This spell was exactly what I needed to bring him down. I felt the courage rising inside of me and I knew that it had worked, but it needed to work fast; the spell only sent a quick burst which would fade soon enough.

Date: 06/15/14 7:26 PM
From: Parisluv

I hope you guys are enjoying the story, I will have the next chapter up in a couple of days. Thanks for Reading!

Date: 06/15/14 3:51 AM
From: Parisluv

~Chapter 66, Elizabeth?s POV, Nightmare Mountain~
Me*thoughts*-Serena, are you there?
Serena*thoughts*-What do you need?
Me*thoughts*-I need your help but I want to keep our communications telepathic, so Dougless won?t know.
Serena*thoughts*-okay, if you need my physical help call on me.
Me*thoughts*-I will.
I flew up the mountain under the dark, cruel clouds with the wind violently whipping my hair and dress. Finally I reached the cave where Dougless was at. I landed on the cold, hard ground while I caught my breath, the flight had been long and hard. I wish I had my friends. I couldn?t dwell though, Dougless had to be stopped. I stood up and took in my surroundings. The entrance of the cave was small but it opened up into a large, round room. The walls and floors were made of cold, hard rocks and the walls had jagged edges. Torches light up the cave and at the back of the round room Dougless was sitting on a twisted looking throne.
Dougless-Welcome to my kingdom! Well the beginning of my kingdom, soon I will have the rest of the universe and I can set up my home base in your castle.
Me-Give me back my friends.
Dougless-I am afraid I can?t do that.
Me-what are you talking about?! You control Nightmares so make them give them back!
Anger rose inside of me. My nails dug into the palm of my hand, my knuckles turned white, and my blood boiled with anger. I was angry at the Nightmares that took my friends. I was angry at all of the evil in the universe who made everyone?s life harder. Most of all I was angry at Dougless for all of the nightmares, pain, and suffering he caused me and everyone on the planets he attacked.
Dougless-well I can?t destroy them or make them give your friends back, they come back if the people who dreamt about them defeat them.
Me-if you create them then how is it other peoples faults?
Dougless-because they think of them, I just send them to their dreams and use them later on.
Me-you are a twisted little man.
Dougless-can we get this fight over with now?
Me-after you give me my friends, because if I destroy you then I may never see them again.
Dougless-I thought you might say that. So, I got something to help you get in the mood to fight.
He laughed wickedly and gave me a cruel look. He snapped his fingers and a light glowed in a cave hiding in the shadows. My heart raced as I saw what it was. Would he really do this? That can?t be possible, can it?
Me-it?s an illusion.
Dougless-it isn?t ask them whatever you want.
Me-okay fine. What was the first thing you said to me when we first met as kids?
???-Would you like a tissue? Or perhaps a friend to talk to?
they said weakly, their voice breaking at the end. tears stung my eyes and one of my worst nightmares came true. Dougless had captured Jackson.

Date: 06/13/14 1:45 PM
From: Parisluv

~Chapter 65, Elizabeth?s POV, Nightmare mountain~
Tecna-it just took them!
Musa-how do we get them back?
Me-They?ll probably reappear when we destroy Dougless.
Stella-we need to hurry then.
Me-okay, remember we can?t destroy them so don?t attack.
we continued to fly before coming across another nightmare. It was a giant rat.
Tecna-Center of Technology!
Musa-Heart Song!
they blasted the monster and the same thing happened; it grabbed them and took them inside of the mountain. Our attacks aren?t going to work on nightmares, only the person who?s nightmare it is can destroy it. We flew a little further before coming across another nightmare! This time it was a an evil couch, the nightmares just get wierder and wierder.
Stella-Shooting Star!
Bloom-Heart of Fire!
the blasts didn?t work and the couch sucked them in.
Me-we can?t attack them guys! We need to hurry.
We quickly flew up the mountain, nearly to the cave, when another nightmare attacked us. this time it was a firebreathing, sword wielding bunny rabbit. Why can?t nightmares be normal?
Me-remember, we can?t stop it.
it blew fire at Daphne and, acting on instinct, she attacked.
Daphne-Mystical Winds!
it then slashed at Flora and without even thinking, she also attacked.
Flora-Heart of Nature!
Me-No, wait!
but I was too late the evil bunny grabbed them and pulled them into the mountain. I had a feeling Dougless was behind this, this was how he wanted it. He had home field advantage and I was alone. completely alone, except for one friend who he couldn?t take away; Serena.

Date: 06/11/14 1:50 PM
From: Parisluv

~Chapter 64, Elizabeth?s POV, Nightmare Mountain~
The dark, ominous mountain rose high above us. The peak, hiding inside of layers of thick, stormy grey clouds. Thunder and lightning crashed, adding to the nightmare effect. The mountain had jagged edges with crevices hiding terrifying things. It was on an island floating in it?s own realm with nothing else, just a sea of infinite darkness.
Me-we need to be careful guys. I read up on the place and it holds the worst nightmares known.
Stella-sounds absolutely dreadful.
Flora-sounds like it fits Dougless perfectly.
Bloom-let?s fly winx.
as we flew up the side of the mountain the words of the prophecy echoed through my head may or may not survive that hour. I felt so mixed up. The prophecy was coming true but I had this awful feeling in my gut; one of us was going to win and my stomach felt like it was in knots. Would Dougless win? Would I? If I won would I survive? What will happen if I lose? These thoughts weren?t helping with how I felt and it didn?t help that with every flap we were getting closer and closer to Dougless.
Daphne-are you okay?
Me-yeah, just nervous.
Flora-we?re all here for you.
Roxy-Winx Club forever, right?
Me-you?re right, we can do this together.
Tecna-strength in numbers right?
Aisha-you?re right Tecna, we can stop him.
Bloom-our powers alone are strong, but together we are unstoppable.
Musa-Dougless doesn?t stand a chance.
Me-thanks guys.
We flew up the Mountain for a few moments when we came across a monster. It had the head of a lobster and the body of an octopus, it was very freaky.
Daphne-what is that thing.
Me-it?s a nightmare.
Flora-what do you mean?
Me-everything here, except for the mountain itself, is from someone?s nightmare.
Musa-well who thought up that thing?
Me-I don?t know, but be careful. Nightmare?s are dangerous creatures.
Aisha-well let?s take it down. Morphix Energy!
she blasted the creature.
Roxy-Spirits of the Animals!
she hit the creature from the other side. Before we could react it grabbed them, slipped into the mountain and the crevice sealed.

Date: 06/09/14 1:38 AM
From: Parisluv

~Chapter 63, Elizabeth?s POV, Flying over Serena~
the silent beating of our wings filled the still air with a soft flutter. The silence was like unbearable, everyone wanted to say something but nobody knew what. I kept on thinking about when I said goodbye. Claira and Amore were sad to see me go but said that they had faith in me. Ember was definitely worried but kept it light hearted, as usual. Then there was Jackson. We talked, I promised him I would return and he promised to help my brother no matter what happened. We kissed each other, it felt like a goodbye kiss. We hugged for what felt far too short, letting go of his hand was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. I was flying a little ahead of the others, leading them to Dougless. Flora flew a little faster until she was next to me.
Flora-it?s going to be okay, you know that right?
Me-no, I have no doubt in you guys but I could easily fail.
Stella-you have some seriously unecissary self doubt.
Me-excuse me?
Daphne-Stella?s right, you shouldn?t be doubting yourself.
Me-don?t you see? If I fail he wins. The others may hold him off for a time but eventually he will win.
Musa-Thanks for the confidence in us.
Me-it?s not my lack of confidence in you, it?s my lack of confidence in myself.
Roxy-what do you mean?
Me-Do you know why Mrs. Faragonda told us we had to stop him fast.
Aisha-No, do you?
Me-yes I do, but I?m not sure if you want to know.
Tecna-what is it?
I didn?t know how to tell them. Should I tell them?
Bloom-Elizabeth, we need to know.
Me-When Dougless defeats an enemy, even if he doesn?t do it directly, he takes their powers.
Tecna-so if he defeats you then he will have your power?
Me-yes, then he will use it to destroy everything in his path.
Stella-well then we simply can?t let him take it.
Me-If I fail then it?s my fault, but he will go after you guys and then the rest of the universe.
Flora-don?t worry, there is no way he will get past you.
Me-I hope you?re right. Follow me.
We came across some mountains at the edge of a forest, I flew towards the tallest one. I flew around the side of the mountain and into a cave with the others following. the sound of our wings echoed through the long tunnel. I had a sudden image of the nightmare I had about my parents. For a split second I lost focus and nearly crashed. I pushed the thought of my nightmares aside and focused. The cave dipped down before opening into a small room with a pool of water in the center.
Aisha-what is this place?
Me-it?s the gate to Nightmare Mountain.
Roxy-the gate?
Me-It?s the only way to get there, not many people know of this place.
Tecna-is it deep?
Me-not too deep, once we dive in it will only be a moment before we arrive at the base of Nightmare Mountain.
I looked around at my friends. This may be our last mission together, this may be the last time we see each other. They had worried looks on their faces.
Me-if you can?t do this, I understand. I?m asking a lot of you guys.
Stella-let?s see, we are going to fight an evil wizard who wants to take over the universe? sounds like a normal day to me, I?m in.
Aisha-I?m with Stella, nothing new than the usual; let?s do this.
Musa-Dougless won?t know what hit him.
Tecna-based on our success rate, power level, and his abilities the probability of us succeeding is about the same as us failing; I?m in.
Roxy-I trust you guys, I?m in.
Daphne-nothing we haven?t done before, I?m in.
Bloom-You?ve put yourself in danger for all of us both now and in the past, I?m with you.
Flora-Just another day in paradise right? Let?s go stop an evil wizard.
Me-thank you guys.
on that note, now that I knew they were sure about this, we dove into the pool and came up at the base of Nightmare Mountain.

Date: 06/09/14 1:33 AM
From: Parisluv

roughly 10 more chapters. Thank you!

Date: 06/08/14 9:45 PM
From: WinxWeekly

Dear Elisabeth,
I want to say I'm really enjoying your fanfic! You kind of inspired me to write my own. Great job on doing the emotions! I can't wait to see what happens in the end! How many more chapter do you think you are going to write?



Date: 06/05/14 4:29 PM
From: Parisluv

~Chapter 62, Jackson?s POV, Serena~
Me-no Elizabeth, you?re not ready.
Elizabeth-I have to do this, it?s now or never.
I paced along her balcony trying to wrap my brain around what she was telling me.
Elizabeth-I know it?s sudden but I have to do this.
She leaned her back against the railing, trying to get me to understand. i knew this day was coming but I didn?t know it would be so soon. I was so afraid of losing her and now, this may be the last time I ever saw her. I leaned down on the railing feeling my body weaken from the mere thought of losing Elizabeth. her soft footsteps sounded on the floor and her gentle hand touched my shoulder.
Elizabeth-I?m sorry to do this to you, but I have to. I can?t handle this anymore; he sends monsters to destroy us, tortures me in my dreams, and if I don?t stop him he will stop me.
my heart sank, I felt like a jerk. All I cared about was keeping her alive because I couldn?t deal with losing her, but in doing so I was causing her more and more pain. I turned around and looked into her eyes; she looked exhausted, afraid, sad, and above all, more determined than ever.
Elizabeth-I can?t leave without you being okay with it.
Me-I?m going to be worried about you and I probably won?t be able to do much of anything until you come back but I?m okay with it, I realize now that this is something you have to do.
Elizabeth-thank you.
she wrapped her arms around me and laid her head on my chest.
Me-let?s go tell the others.
~Elizabeth?s POV, Serena~
I stood in front of the winx, my friends, the specialists, and my brother as I told them that we were going today.
Ember-are you sure you?re ready?
Me-honestly, no. I may fail you all miserably, but I have to try. It is now or never, Dougless isn?t getting any weaker and it will probably take him a month or two to completely weaken me and destroy me.
Flora-are you strong enough now?
Me-I don?t know, but the longer I wait the weaker I will get.
Claira-What happens if?
She faded out.
Amore-if Dougless wins?
Amore finished for Claira.
Me-then it will be up to you, if he stops me then he may be able to stop the rest of the winx then he will set his sights on Serena. It will be up to all of you to stop him. You can?t blame yourselves if something happens to me. If I don?t come back then I don?t, but you have to do everything in your power to stop him.
Ember-Elizabeth if you don?t come back the magic dimension could be thrown into chaos. You have to pass down the power to the next generation.
Me-I know and who knows what will happen if I don?t, but you can?t focus on that. You have to make sure Dougless doesn?t succeed.
Jackson-we won?t have to, because you are coming back.
Me-Jackson you can?t be sure--
Jackson-you are coming back, I need you. I know it?s selfish but it?s the truth.
Me-I?ll try. We need to get going.
Tecna-how are we getting there?
Me-we have to fly, it?s the only way to get there.
Bloom-to get where?
Me-Nightmare Mountain.

Date: 06/03/14 2:16 PM
From: Parisluv

get a basic plot and develop it as you go, having a basic plot will help you develop it because you will have a direction. Also, be descriptive in your writing; describe the setting, characters, and what's happening. If you're not sure how to describe something than use an analogy to help your reader understand what you are trying to convey. Good luck with your fan fic.
thanks for reading and I am glad that you like the story, I just posted chapter 61 and chapter 62 will be up in a couple of days.

Date: 06/03/14 5:28 AM
From: Parisluv

~Chapter 61, Elizabeth?s POV, Serena~
the moon and stars shone down on us as we lit up the sky with our magic. The Crackle was attacking Serena as we circled it.
Me-hey Stella could you give us some light?
Stella-No problem. Eternal Light!
light shone onto the Crackle so we could see it better.
Aisha-sounds good to me.
Me-wait, just hold on a minute.
Flora-what?s wrong?
something felt off about this. Dougless tried his hardest to torture me and make my life miserable, why would he send his easiest monster?
Me-Tecna, can you scan it?
Tecna-yeah, just give me one second...and?done! okay it seems to have an extra layer of something...let me analyze it really quick...oh no.
Me-what is it?
Tecna-it has a bounce back added to its armor, if we shoot at it our spells will bounce right back.
Musa-good thing we didn?t shoot.
Roxy-what do we do now?
Daphne-how can we defeat it if we can?t even touch it?
Stella dodged an attack.
Stella-an idea would be good right now.
Me-I can?t believe I didn?t see this.
Bloom-didn?t see what?
Me-Dougless is meticulous and careful, he sends out each monster for a reason. Don?t you see?
Flora-see what?
Me-he continued to send Crackles preparing for the moment when he could send this one, it?s like a chess game; he sacrificed his weaker monsters to make us think beating him would be easy, preparing for when he could send out a strong attack with a powerful monster. This entire time he?s been one step ahead of us.
Aisha-okay, so how do we stop it?
Me-I read a book once about defensive armor, the only flaw to bounce back is that it leaves an open weak point.
Roxy-where is it?
Me-we have to find it.
Musa-how do we do that?
Flora-I have an idea. Twisting Vines!
vines grew out of the ground and poked around at the monster. Many of them bounced off and moved along the Crackle. except for one, it didn?t bounce off.
she said as she pointed towards the Crackle.
Flora-under its chin.
Me-than that?s where we hit.
All-Winx, Nymphix Convergence!
Our Nymphix powers came together and we hit it right where Flora told us to. there was a bright light and a strong blast; it may have had a weak spot but it was still powerful. We were blown back a few feet as the monster turned to dust and disappeared. The light Stella had created faded and Serena fell silent. We flew down to the palace and turned back. The people cheered for us as we headed back inside for the rest of the party. I enjoyed it, for the most part; I had this awful feeling in my gut all night and then came the nightmares.
~Elizabeth?s POV, Elizabeth?s Dreams~
I was back in that room where I first met Dougless. I turned and found him staring at me through the mirror. He had this calm and cruel aura that drives people nuts, especially me.
Me-what do you want Dougless?
Dougless-did you have a good birthday?
Me-no thanks to you.
Dougless-well torturing you is one of the few things that bring me joy.
Me-very funny.
Dougless-so have you decided to give in and let me win?
Me-yeah right, i will never give into you.
Dougless-okay, but it will only end badly.
Me-is that all?
Dougless-yes, but I?m not about to let you off easy.
He did his usual turn into bats and shifting my dreams into his own twisted ideas of it. There were plenty of my fears and heartache. I decided then and there that we were going to take dougless down the next day, no matter what.

Date: 06/03/14 3:55 AM
From: winx4life8

Hi Elizabeth, wow! you sure have a talent when it comes to writing (amongst your many talents!) you put so much thought and emotion into this fan fic and you can really feel that. i am currently writing a fan fic myself, got any tips? i really admire your work!
Madyy, Fairy of the Oceans of Neptune!

Date: 06/02/14 8:16 PM
From: WinxWeekly

Good job on the last chapter! I like your descriptions on their clothes. You must know a lot about fashion.

Vita, Fairy of Saturn's Life


Date: 06/02/14 6:22 PM
From: gracie2027


Date: 06/02/14 1:51 PM
From: Parisluv

Hey guys, so I've been a little busy but I'm out of school so I'll be posting new chapters every 2-3 days. Keep your eyes open, because this story is about to take off!

Date: 05/31/14 4:04 PM
From: Parisluv

~Chapter 60, Elizabeth?s POV, Serena~
When we got back Jackson said that we were all going to go out to dinner. I headed into my bedroom to change when I saw a beautiful dress hanging in my closet with a card from Stella. A part of me wondered if that was what she had been working on. I quickly got dressed and did my hair. Once I was done getting ready I checked my reflection in the mirror and something inside of me just felt, well, magical. The dress Stella made me was a floor length, A-line, sapphire blue, strapless, sweetheart neckline with a turquoise belt and a lace overlay on the bodice. My hair was down except for a layer was tied up slightly with a turquoise bow. My shoes were sapphire blue ballet flats with turquoise ribbons wrapping around my legs. I accessorized with a pair of wrist to nearly shoulder turquoise gloves, a silvery turquoise tiara (similar to Bloomix tiaras) with a diamond shaped sapphire (yes, practically all of my tiaras have a diamond shaped sapphire in them), and my locket from my mom.
Me-oh no! I need to hurry up!
The clock said 7:28 p.m. and we were leaving at 7:30 p.m., so I had two minutes to leave. I quickly left my room and headed to the family room where Jackson was waiting for me. I entered the family room as my footsteps silently sounded on the floor. Jackson was standing in the room checking the time on his watch, he seemed a little nervous. He was wearing a black suit, white shirt, Sapphire blue tie, and a blue rose boutonniere.
Me-I?m ready to go.
Jackson-come on, the others are waiting.
I looped my hand through Jackson?s arm as we walked through the palace; as we made our way through the maze of hallways and corridors that I knew better than anybody and something was off. We were taking an odd route, a longer route than Jackson would normally take. I thought about questioning it but decided against it, even if I asked he wouldn?t tell me. We stopped in front of the ballroom doors, which I found very weird.
Jackson-there is one more surprise for you behind these doors.
Jackson-you have to close your eyes though.
I sighed but did it anyway. I felt the wind of the doors opening and he led me through them.
Jackson-okay open your eyes.
I opened my eyes to see tons of people in the ballroom, which was decorated beautifully. I recognized most of them and some faces looked familiar but I couldn?t place them.
Me-oh my gosh
I was completely shocked.
Claira-did we surprise you?
Me-who? how? when? what?
Amore-I?ll take that as a yes.
Me-who put this together?
Bloom-well, it was Claira, Amore, and Embers idea but we all helped
Flora-I was worried you would figure it out.
Ember-it?s odd that you didn?t.
Me-my brains been busy and this never even crossed my mind. thank you!
I hugged them tightly.
Me-Stella thank you for this amazing dress!
Stella-no problem, it was fun.
the winx were wearing their ball gowns (from ?The Secret of The Lost Kingdom? movie after they saved Domino). Daphne was wearing a celeste blue, floor length, princess style, spaghetti strap dress. Roxy was wearing a mint green, floor length, mermaid style, strapless dress. Amore was wearing a dark green, floor length, empire waist, cap sleeve dress. Claira was wearing a lavender, floor length, princess style, strapless dress.
Me-how long have you been plotting this?
Roxy-only since Flora earned her Nymphix.
Me-wow, I have been seriously distracted.
Jackson-no kidding, come on let?s go enjoy the party.
It was an amazing party; there was great music, food, dancing, and a light hearted atmosphere. After some time I got this awful feeling that something was wrong, which majorly bugged me. I mean it was my birthday and my friends went through all this trouble, if this was Dougless I was seriously going to get mad. After about 10 minutes I heard a loud crash outside; but it wasn?t a normal crash like lightning, it was a crash like something huge being destroyed. Everyone went silent at the noise, as if someone had turned off a t.v. or radio. The girls and I ran outside to see what was going on, the other guests stood at the windows and doors watching in shock. A Crackle was attacking Serena.
Me-seriously Dougless? you are getting on my last nerve! let?s go girls.
Bloom-Magic Winx Nymphix!
We transformed and flew towards the Crackle. I thought this would be a piece of cake, these are his easiest monsters, but I was very wrong.

Date: 05/28/14 4:24 AM
From: Parisluv

~Chapter 59, Jackson?s POV, Serena~
Elizabeth and I rode up the path in the forest.
Elizabeth-where are we going?
Me-you?ll see, it?s a surprise.
After some time riding we came out of the trees into a little meadow with a hill overlooking Serena; the palace, the ocean, the people, and part of the forest. I had set up a blanket with a few snacks, strawberries, oranges, water, etc., with a sketchbook and some pencils.
Elizabeth-oh my gosh!
Elizabeth-Jackson, did you do all of this?
Me-it was nothing really, just something for the two of us to do. I was worried I wouldn?t get some alone time with you on your birthday.
Elizabeth-well, I?ve been hoping to spend some time with you, I just wasn?t sure how or when we would get to.
We sat down on the blanket together and let Sapphire and Spirit, my Alicorn (yes, I really have an Alicorn but my mom gave him to me; she said that I should learn how to ride), roam in the meadow. We ate a little but mostly talked, after a time Elizabeth started drawing. I brought the sketchbook for her, she loves to draw.
Me-how was your day?
Elizabeth-good, after lunch with Ember Flora and I spent some time together.
Me-what did you guys do?
Elizabeth-shopping, mani pedis, girl stuff.
I was watching her draw and was pretty fascinated; her hand moved quickly and lightly, most people would think that she was doodling something random just to keep her hands busy but I knew her better. She saw inspiration and created something beautiful and new; she?s also a really good multitasker.
Me-sounds like you had a good day.
Elizabeth-I did, it was a quiet day but it was a nice day.
She went to close the sketchbook before I could see her finished drawing, she never felt like they were good enough.
Me-wait, let me see.
she reluctantly handed over the sketchbook. Her drawing was beautiful; she drew a border of the ocean and in the center there was the sun setting behind a forest with a palace rising in the center, but the palace reminded me of a quiet little cottage with a straw roof and white, wooden walls like you would see on a cottage.
Me-Elizabeth, this is beautiful.
Elizabeth-it?s not that great.
Me-what are you talking about? the detail is amazing and it looks enchanting.
Elizabeth-thank you.
I closed the sketchbook and we sat together, watching the sunset. We talked together, she lenaed into me as we watched the stars come out. I showed her some constellations and we talked about their meanings. It was perfect and I was so excited to take her back to Serena and give her the party she deserved.

Date: 05/25/14 1:48 AM
From: Parisluv

thank you! POV does mean "Point Of View" so if I say Elizabeth's POV and when they are talking it says "Me" it's her POV or whoever I say at the start of the chapter or when I shift scenes. I actually love writing this, writing is one of my many passions, so I have tons of fun when I write.
Thanks for reading the next chapter will be up in the next 2 or 3 days.

Date: 05/24/14 8:41 PM
From: WinxWeekly

I'm kind of just reading a little here and there but when I got to the chapter where you visit your parents I stopped to read the whole thing. Great job on showing emotion!