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Disappearing Kingdom (Fanfic by :GemFairy)

Date: 01/20/14 2:02 PM
From: GemFairy

Chapter One: What's wrong with me
I listen at my parents door. She's not ready to become princess. Darling yes she is. No she isn't, she doesn't follow orders, and she can't even transform yet that's the worst part. Honey she will learn. Never, Amelia will never learn. She is an embarrassment to the kingdom of Tides. When he said that my heart broke. I didn't my father thought of me like that. I ran to my room and pack my things and put it in my backpack. I grab my scepter and said," to Alfea." When I got there the barrier was closing. I ran as fast as I could. I jump through a hole and almost got my legs stuck. I crash landed on the ground. Then the next thing I now I passed out right there. I wake not knowing who there or where I am. I run trying to find Mrs. F. I go into her office finding out Stella is the new headmistress . Hello is anybody in here I said. ..... to be continue
Princess Katania Fairy of Crystals and Gemstones.
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Date: 04/13/14 2:32 PM
From: Genesis510

I want to be in you Fan-Fic sis if ok then here I am

Name : Genesis
Power : Darking Emeralds
Sister(S) : Katania , Layla , and Xandi (when she responds)

Genesis , Fairy of the Darking Emeralds and Princess of Crystalaria


Date: 04/13/14 12:09 PM
From: layla31244

plz put me in your fanfic, could you also try to do a fanfic where all of our sisters are in ? If not, its okay, i could do it, at least try to do it cause i have alot to learn from crystalaria

~ Layla


Date: 03/24/14 7:56 PM
From: GemFairy

I'm having writers block so I'm sorry plus I've discovered two of my sisters so I've been planning for their arrival on Crystalaria

Date: 03/16/14 9:28 AM
From: GemFairy

Chapter 14: Helping Hands part 2
Daisy Prov
"They may be mythix fairies, but their powers are
stronger together" Cosmo said. "Lets go while the
witches are gone" Nicole said. "No I'm not leaving, with
my mom not here I'm in charge of my kingdom since my
father hurt, now be gone" Cosmo said. We walk out of
the palace and to the courtyard. "Was she being bratty
or what" Missy said. "Well lets go back to Alfea I guess"
I said.

Date: 03/09/14 5:17 PM
From: GemFairy

I'm Back
Chapter 14: Helping Hands part 1
Cosmo Prov~
"Guards help my father to his room, call the doctor, and
then have all the guards put on high alert all around the
kingdom" I said." Wow take charge Cosmo" said Zara."
Shouldn't you call your mom" said Nicole." If I do Alfea
won't be protect if she leaves" I said." Isn't the winx
teachers at the school" said Daisy." No Aisha/Layla isn't
at Alfea and without Stella and Aisha/Layla they won't
be strong enough" said Nicole." There mythix fairies
though" said Missy.
I wasn't going to make this part short but something came up with my sisters next part will be out soon

Date: 02/23/14 11:09 AM
From: GemFairy

Guys I'm sorry I haven't written anything in a long time its just I've been training and trying to find my sisters

Date: 02/14/14 12:44 PM
From: lilly36598

its okay i'm reading don't forget about silent readers

Nicole fairy of the sea


Date: 02/13/14 8:00 PM
From: GemFairy

sorry guys I cant post a chapter today I'm going though someone thing on my home planet Crystalaria

Date: 02/11/14 7:36 PM
From: GemFairy

anyone reading

Date: 02/10/14 6:23 PM
From: GemFairy

Chapter 13:Growing Stronger
Katie and prov~
"Did you find a new member" said the voice."No there no
really evil girls at my CT" said Koren."Just find a girl"
said the voice.I wonder who these people are." Your
wondering who we are" said the voice."Let us show you"
said another girl.Three girls come out of the shadows."
Icey, Darcy, and Stormy" I said.
Cosmo prov~
"Mom can I go home today to see dad today" I
said."What did I say about calling me mom at school,
but yes but take your friends" said Stella.I run back to
the dorm and get my scepter and get my friends to
Solaria."Dad" I said."My little starry" said my dad."These
are my friends Missy, Nicole, Zara, and Daisy" I
said."Your mom told me everything about them and
your quest you know me and your mom use to go on
quest like those too" said my dad."Toxic Ivy" said
Koren.We all dodge the attack."Dad here's your light
sword" I said.I throw my dad's bright green sword to
him.Lets go girls says Katania.Magic Winx Charmix but Missy says Magic Winx enchantix."Enchanted water" said Missy."Charmix convergence"everyone else says.Katie appears out of nowhere."Just get her dad" said Katie.Dark net says Katie."Leave my dad alone" I said."Tell us where the Solaria scepter is" said Koren."You want it come and get it" I said.Katie comes rushing at me.Asteroid Belt I say.I block Katie for hitting me."Koren now" said Katie."Toxic punch" Koren said.The spell goes and hits my dad.Koren and Katie disappear into the darkness."Daddy" I scream."Starry remember this I love you" My dad said."You never gave up on me so I'm never getting up on you" I said. I start glowing yellow and a starry background appears.Stars swirl around me to put my hair in pig tails, to make my a yellow and orange one shoulder alter, yellow and orange mini skirt, yellow sandals that go to my ankles, a tiara, and a chocker with a star hanging from it."Cosmo fairy of stars and planets" I say ending my transformation. I use my fairy dust to break the dark spell."Daddy" I said and hug him

Date: 02/09/14 5:56 PM
From: GemFairy

Chapter 12:Story Time
Missy Prov~
"I've been wondering what happen to Mrs.F" I said."Well
it happen just when the Limphea scepter disappear" said
Cosmo." Mrs.F, Mrs.G had there last battle on Limphea"
said Zara."They were fighting the ancestral witches" said
Nicole."The witches had already taken the scepter and
the princess powers" said Katania." Mrs.F was running
out of winxs and Mrs.G was too" said Daisy."It didn't
help that the ancestral witches had the power of the
princess so they could control the scepter" said Zara."
The last thing anyone saw was a bight light and they
were gone" said Daisy."So could they still be alive" I
said."There's not a huge chance because they went to
oblivion and they're there with the Trix and the ancestral
witches" said Katania."So if we found the scepter we
find Mrs.F" I said."Probably not even the Winx found her
because oblivion bad magic would of harmed her" said
This is a short chapter because that's how I wrote it.

Date: 02/09/14 5:17 PM
From: GemFairy

I'm going to keep writing

Date: 02/08/14 9:45 PM
From: wow27

I read a couple chapters in the story and it is awesome. Please keep writing more fan fic's

Date: 02/08/14 6:14 PM
From: GemFairy

Chapter 11:Something Wrong or is Someone Stronger
The first place to look was the palace but no one was
allow there since the scepter was gone.*Missy cellphone
rings*"Guys I have to go something wrong on planet" I
said.I make my scepter appear and I leave.*On
Tides*The water look pure black instead of crystal blue.
As I walk up to the palace I saw that it all the color was
gone it was just grey.My mom told me with me growing
stronger the scepter needed me to get enchantix, but all
I could do was to use my healing spell on the water to
keep Tides safe."Spreading water" I said.The color came
back to Tides and the water was crystal clear now.It was
okay for now."Well the little princess is back home now I
see" said a voice."Show yourself witch" I sad."I'm not a
witch I'm princess Tina" she said."Why you Magic Winx Charmix"I said."My mom gasp as I transform."Ice storm"
said Tina.I can't beat ."Waves shield"I said."Fine watch this"said Tina."Ice blast" said Tina.The spell was coming
towards my mom."Don't" I scream.I fly as fast as I can.I
get in front of my mom, but I couldn't put up my shield
I fell and went to sleep."What did you do to her princess
Tina" my mom said."She's in a deep sleep for a very
long time" said Tina, then she disappear."My Amelia you
sacrifice herself for me" mom said. I start to glow aqua.I
was a enchantix fairy.I woke up and I was in a new
outfit. My hair was curled and had a blue tiara, a one
shoulder alter bubbles on it, a knee long skirt, and
ankle sandals all in blue, my wings look like Musa but
they were in blue and had bubbles on them.I had a
chocker and hanging from it was a wave."Were is she" I
said.I grab my scepter and go to Limphea."I'm back" I
said."Your a enchantix fairy" said Nicole."Yeah no thanks
to Tina" I said."What did she do" said Zara."She put a
sleep spell with her ice spell together and try to hurt my
mom" I said."Back to the mission" I said.

Date: 02/07/14 7:04 PM
From: GemFairy

Chapter 10:The Quest part 2
Daisy Prov~
Limphea is a beautiful place.You can see the flowers
bloom, smell the sweet scent cascades across the wind
flying spreading its scent.Everything was peaceful here
and the only sounds you heard was the sound of joy,
laughter, and the chatter of the elders.It was home to
me and everyone on Limphea.Everything is wonderful
here and always.We finally arrive at Limphea. Our
search begins but its no where close in ending.The
challenge has just begun and we are ready for it so
whatever they have for us we ready get ready everyone
we at ready so come at us.
Sorry guys its so short my favorite thing come on tonight so I didn't want to miss it.
Well get back on normal chapters soon so hope you enjoy

Date: 02/06/14 11:38 AM
From: GemFairy

I have to wait to write a chapter I really busy with school but there might be a chapter later today or tomorrow

Date: 02/04/14 11:13 PM
From: GemFairy

Chapter 10:The Quest
Daisy Prov~
"Mrs.F come on if I find the scepter" I said but got
caught off."Daisy if you find the scepter you become a
princess and won't be able to be with us not being a
normal girl" said Mrs.F."What if the book call to me
because I am the lost princess" I said."You have never
use a scepter and if you get out of control with your
magic your planet can disappear forever" Mrs.F said."We
would have all the scepters so that should count to help
me" I said."Alright then you can look for it" Mrs.F said.I
hug Mrs.F and run out the door."So how are we suppose
to find this flower scepter" said Cosmo."The last place it
was seen was on Limphea" I said. To be continue
sorry this part was short I was really busy and I needed to post a part so enjoy next part will be out sometime today.

Date: 02/04/14 10:50 PM
From: GemFairy

Sorry I haven't been posting been super busy with school and my magic training

Date: 02/03/14 3:11 PM
From: lilly36598

i'm reading don't forget about the silent reader's

Date: 02/03/14 12:11 AM
From: GemFairy

Chapter 9: The accident part 2
Missy prov~
"What does that mean" I said."Let me tell you the story"
Stella said."A long time ago when the ancestral witches
was a threat all the kingdoms made special scepters
with a gemstones carve in a shape of what they thought
there home represent.The queens gave them to the
princess to keep them safe.It let princess to grow
stronger and unlock levels faster so they could come
and help there kingdom fight.Most of the scepter were
lock up for safe keeping, but one was lost.The Limphea
scepter was lost and no one could find it.How many of
you have one." she said."Everyone except Daisy has
one" I said."Keep them safe you'll need them later" she
said."Why do we need them" I said."The witches that
attack you are from Dark light they has strong magic"
she said.I leave her office to go tell the girls."What do
you mean our scepters and very important" said Zara."
Lets go read up on it" said Daisy.We go to the magic
Daisy prov~
I see a book in the corner of my eye that's calling
me."Girls come here" I said.I open the book and start to
read it.The book said So you've found me I want to tell
you how to find Limphea scepter.The only way to get
the scepter is the other scepters."Man we have a quest"
said Katania."Oh don't complain" said Nicole."Why did
we have to open the book" said Missy.