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Date: 02/21/14 7:47 PM
From: afairy1

Just fill out the form.
Top color:
Bottom color:
When you want the spell:
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Date: 04/18/14 8:07 PM
From: mcgal123

top color; wihite
bottom color: green (skirt)
wings: gren white and blue
power: water and nature
When i want the spell: June 13 9:50
Extra i want to fly when i touch dead plants or trees i bring them back to life and also i want summon water whenever i want

Date: 04/14/14 11:38 PM
From: merturtle5

Top Color: Dark Black
Bottom Color: Bright Red (Jeans Please)
Wings: Midnight Purple, Hot Pink, and Baby Blue
Power:Enchanted Gems
When you want the spell: ASAP please
Extra: I can fly, animals will be more affectionate to me, when I sing Let it Go, people fall asleep;when I sing For the first time in forever, people wake up.

Date: 04/14/14 5:37 AM
From: glitterie

ooooops ! I got the power wrong

tops : woolen pullover (light blue )
bottoms : blue
wings :white sparkling harmonix wings
power : rain
spell time : exactly at 04:10 PM today (GMT+1 time )
Extra : tranform just when i open the boards this afternoon
*the future fairy of rain*


Date: 04/12/14 8:18 PM
From: Isabellafa

fire flame
eny time I have the chance.
TO fly

Date: 04/12/14 3:48 PM
From: merturtle5

This is for someone I know:
Top Color:Gold with Glitter
Bottom Color: Silver with Glitter
Wings: Purple
Power: Weather
When you want the spell: ASAP!!!!!
Extra: Purple Highlights

Date: 04/09/14 11:36 PM
From: nyla1800

Top colour : lilac and silver
Bottom colour : silver and dark purple
wings : gold and silver with a touch of lilac
Power : the Orpheus Orb ( future )
when you want the spell : in about 3 days
please tell me a few

Date: 04/08/14 10:37 AM
From: Genesis510

Top : Purple with Emerald Green sparkles
Bottom : (same thing as the top(I like to match)
Wings : Blooms wings but Emerald color
Power : Darking Emeralds (like my probably sis told me it is not evil it just has a dark touch)
When do I want the spell : 2 or 3 days (that is how much I want to be a fairy)
Extra : I am more comfortable in flats not heels



Date: 04/07/14 6:59 PM
From: singact13

Top color: ice blue. Bottom color: ice blue. Wings: ice blue. Power: ice. When i want the spell: in a week or less.
Extras: i can freeze time and can make it hail and snow. I can freeze things.

Date: 03/22/14 8:35 PM
From: dasha8

Top color: Emerald Green
Bottom color: Acid-wash
Wings: Sapphire blue
Power: Stone/Gems/Stalactites,Stalagmites/Caves...etc
When you want the spell: As soon as possible
Extra: I don't really have any special request.

Date: 03/22/14 8:01 PM
From: roxy04 pink and sparkly all over 2.silver and sparkly all over 3.snowflake designs that are silver with a finch of fuchsia 4.Ice 5. 3/30/14 6. snowflake earing's and a necklace


Date: 03/22/14 4:21 PM
From: g0thg11rl

Top Colour: Purple
Bottom Colour: Black
Wings: Black, Blue, and Purple Tracix
Power: Ice
When: As Soon As Possible! :)
Extra: If my ice powers could be sort of like Elsa's from Disney's Frozen movie, it would be great.

Date: 03/21/14 2:52 AM
From: angela431f

Top color:red
Bottom color:pink
Wings:My own wings with the top red bottom pink
When I want the spell: As long as you want
Extra: I do hav dark brown hair and a hairband on top there is a heart and my shoes are ballet shoes the right one is pink and the other side is red.And I reached the next transformation before the winx and the transformation that they havent reached yet is mythix and that is why i need a spell.

Date: 03/20/14 7:00 PM
From: jermix

- Silver and Blue
- Same as top
- Aisha bloomix
- enchanted animal melody
- by 3/23/14
- blue highlights

Date: 03/20/14 9:04 AM

Dress colour:Blue with white stripes in the top and in the bottom with light blue braces.
Wings:Like Musa's harmonix but bigger and round and round are white and in they are light blue with little yellow sparkling stars.
Power:Night Light.
When I want the spell:As soon as possible
Extra:I have got white hair,I have got a light blue ribbon with the half of a yellow moon on it in my hair,I have got a white necklase with a yellow star in the middle,Ι have got light blue reticular gloves up to the elbows and reticular light blue socks up to the thighs and I have got white heels with gold laces and gold finishing.I have got pink lips and light blue eyeshadow.I want my backround to be the sky!

Luna the fairy of the Night Light!


Date: 03/19/14 10:12 PM
From: kysha67

top color:blooms chamix

bottom:blooms charmix

wings:blooms charmix

power:fairy of animals

when you want the spell:as soon as possibble please

extra:I want to be able to earn my next levels,i want blooms every thing but her power and hair,instead of a two peice i want a dress ,i want aishas hair and last but not least every time i level up i want my costume to level up just the way i said it blooms costume aishas hair tell me if you got that.


Date: 03/18/14 5:51 AM
From: GracieKay1

Top Color: Purple with yellow sparkles
Bottom Color: Pink with blue stripes
Wings: Bloom's Bloomix
When I want the spell: As soon as you see this post.
Extra: Purple Heart background as I transform, also I want to be a Bloomix fairy.

Date: 03/17/14 9:15 AM
From: springfun3

Top color: sparkly light blue
Bottom color: Sparkly rainbow
Wings: Bloom's enchantix
Power: Water
When you want the spell: As soon as you can but I'm not in a rush
Extra: I would like blue highlights and a rainbow bracelet when I transform

Date: 03/16/14 8:43 AM
From: elsafairy1

Top color:blue with a orange belt
Bottom color: blue with the 4 elements symbol
Wings: orange with blue hearts
Power: 4 elements
When you want the spell: as soon as you see this!!
Extra: its okay if i transform at school, and i want to be able to fly, beat monsters with the 4 elements

~ Rosaly,fairy of the 4 elements


Date: 03/15/14 11:21 PM
From: musa137

Top Color: Navy
Bottom: Gold
Wings: Diamond Shaped colored Gold and Navy
Power: Space
When I want the spell: 3/16/14
Extra: My name's Anna and I am 13 and transformed.

Date: 03/15/14 7:39 PM
From: fairycolor

Top Color: Pink
Bottom Color: Black
Wings: Pink
Power: Fire
When you want the spell: Sunday
Extra: Flying