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A New Quest - Reposted (not-so new anymore)

Date: 05/02/14 7:50 PM
From: sakarrie13

Hello new and old. I'm Karrie, Fairy of the Life Dragon, and I have been given a quest by the Fates. I've been trying to repost the topic, but it hasn't worked yet. So, I'm making this as a make-shift. Here is a brief explanation on what has happened so far:

So, I'm the Fairy of the Life Dragon. Because of this, I have been able to contact the Fates, before. It doesn?t happen very often, and it isn?t like we?re best friends. More like... business partners who don?t know each other personally. Anyway, about six months ago (has it already been that long?) I was relistening to a book on cd, when the voice changed. It was definitely the voice of the Fates. They usually speak altogether, or finish each other?s sentences. They recited the prophecy (below) and told me that I needed to complete this quest, find the others, and save the world. They also said that they would help me do so. I wasn?t sure it was from the Fates at the time, but the next night, I had a vision of them telling me this. I decided to make this topic to help me find the other fairies. The Fates have told me that no one is younger than 6, older than 15, we aren't sisters, no one has similar powers, and we had a wide variety of ages. The clues were very vague, but they still helped.

Later that week, I got another prophecy (below) I thought that it sounded sorta incomplete, but I never got a second part. Next, I had a vision of who was on the quest, but I only saw some of the members, and not very well. That was the last time I contacted the Fates. Now, five+ months later, we?re trying to find the Fates. Nothing is for sure, but we think that someone is blocking them. Some people still has brief moments, but we think that might be because the Fates are trying to contact us, or the person who is doing this, is only blocking their communication with me. Again, nothing is for sure. Also, be weary, there have been strange forces that have been trying to impersonate the Fates, giving people false info, visions, or prophecies. If you don?t know if it is the Fates, you should ask Sariah. I?ll explain about her later.

The dark forces have also tried to threaten us. Be aware, you can leave the quest at any time. At this moment, the people who are on the quest for sure are Savannah (as our guide), Xandi, Aurora, and me (quest members). That means that there are four more fairies out there that are on the quest. I have a lot of people who just help like Anna is our person who will be on a phone or something while on the quest as a type of back up/research/contact type person and Iris is always helping around if I have any questions or something. If you aren't on the quest, you can still help.


Three fairies await the door
To find what destiny has in store
You must thwart what the enemy has planned
Or life will fall into the traitor's hands

Four more fairies will join the quest
But only two will pass the test
Hidden within the secret throne
The heir will find her uncrowned stone

Form (Everyone):

If you have posted on the quest before, you just have to fill out the starred ones.

*Name and (if you have one) Nickname:
*Power/Brief Description:
Abilities (like communication with animals):
*Have you transformed?:
*Transformation Level:
Experience (Have you had any magical experiences or difficulties?) :
Personality (Try to be honest. If you're stubborn or hot-headed, put it down. Most of us are):
This sounds like a really dangerous quest. Are you up to it and dedicated?:
Why you think you might be a member of this quest:
*What makes you unique (Everyone is different. What makes you stand out? (In personality)):
*Other info that might help (Optional):
This part is so that I can identify you in visions:
*Hair Colour:
*Hair Length:
*Eye Colour:
*Approximate Height:
*Defining Characteristics (optional) (Could be a scar, ancestry, unusual necklace, etc):

Wow! That was a lot of typing. Sorry for making it so long, but it?s hard to sum up everything that has happened in the last six months. I look forward to talking to you guys again! Also, I?ll post a get-to-know-me-thing next time.


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Date: 09/29/14 8:40 PM
From: sariah15

Hey, it's Sariah. I'm sorry it's been so long. It wouldn't let me log in. I had to make a new account. I see that Aurora made another thing. I'll repost this there, too. Sorry about waiting so long to get a new account.

Date: 08/27/14 4:06 PM
From: gg2013

Hello anyone its Athena i haven't been on for a long time i been reading though the posts and i don't know if anyone is here anymore? Karrie? Savanaah? anyone? sariah you here still where is everyone i have a problem so if you see this message please anwser and help. Thanks
Athena Fairy of the earths dragon

Date: 08/24/14 12:23 AM
From: xandi

Yeah, sure. I'm gonna be busy the next couple days with school starting, butt when would you want to meet? Also, there's something with my dreams the I need to talk to out about then or whenever. I'll still keep a look out for you though.

Date: 08/19/14 3:20 PM
From: xandi

Did you try it last night? I know I had a weird dream last night because when I woke up, I knew I had a dream, but I couldn't remember what it was about, but it left me with a really, I don't know, important feeling, like the dream was important. It happens to me sometimes, and I hate it because I feel like I'm missing something that could have happened. Also, I know I'm the same way with asking a lot of questions, don't worry, but it annoys me that I can't remember the details from the dream. I know that at least two of the girls, me and the girl next to me had dark colored hair (brown or black). The other girl either had brown hair or blond hair, I know they're two completely different colors, but I don't know. I'm not sure of Aurora's hair color, but I think the middle fairy was Karrie. I only saw it from a third person view, like I was looking down on it, but I knew I was one of the girls. The sphere was like an energy ball that expanded from him and grew, pushing us back. Um, the girls all looked roughly around the same age, 14-16 maybe. I don?t remember Ash or Ashton from the dream, as he never said his name, but the name sounds familiar. I don?t know anyone with that name, but I think I?ve heard it from someone before; might just be from something unfairy related. Also, who?s Keira? Sorry, I know I should know, but it?s been a while. Also, try to contact me again tonight if you can, I?ll be on the lookout.



Date: 08/18/14 11:50 AM
From: xandi

I know. Maybe she's busy with school and everything starting. I was going to ask for her on one of her posts on the other boards, but I saw you already did it, which is good in case she goes there instead. I know how you feel, but I did have a weird dream last night (I don't have fairy dreams that often), although I'm not sure it relates to the quest at all. Okay, I can't remember most of it, but me and two other fairies were in a tunnel, underground, and there were doors lined up on the side. We were blasting at one of the doors trying to open it. Someone laughed, and then a guy was standing there, just a teenager, maybe 17 with dark hair stood in front of the door. We shot at him, but he made some sphere thing that expanded and I guess I was knocked out. I don't know if this is related to the quest, and it doesn't sound like the crooked nose guy Karrie mentioned, but it might have been the same person from Karrie's tornado dreams. I can't remember how she described him though and I didn?t see the sign with wings and an arrow, but I didn?t get a good look at what he was wearing either. This is weird to me because I haven?t gotten a lot of dream/ visions and stuff on the quest, so I?m not sure what to think of it.

Date: 08/13/14 5:03 PM
From: xandi

Agreed. She doesn't always answer to things right away, but she's normally back on to say something by now. Also, Sariah, I never did get the chance to talk to you personally, but have you got any knew information on the fates? Probably not, but it's bothering me how long this has been put off. We need to plan out what to do, even if we're not sure it's the right move.


BTW, why? Do you think something's wrong with Karrie?


Date: 08/06/14 2:06 PM
From: witchglow

(Nick)name: Red
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Power: Water and air
I haven't transformed yet, but I'm getting good at my powers
Personality: Quiet, thoughtful, dreamy. I like to think of myself as mysterious. With my friends I'm very talkative and often goofy.
Yes I'm up for this quest!! I've been waiting for an adventure for years. I hope to find out things about myself on the quest
What makes me unique: I'm just weird. I'm probably the only person I know who really believes in magic. I'm always daydreaming. I love classical music.
Hair color: Brown
Hair length: A little past my shoulders. I might cut it again soon
Eye color: Brown
Height: About 5'2
I always wear this necklace with an onyx pendant. The stone is shaped like a diamond (not the jewel)
I really hope I'm on this quest, and let me know if there's anything else I can do to help

Date: 08/03/14 11:53 PM
From: keirafairy

Oh! I forgot to say his name I think (I'm pretty sure) is Ash/Ashton. I couldn't do much research, since I escaped before I could gather much information.

Date: 08/03/14 11:47 PM
From: keirafairy

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've been on many quests for my parents. Anyway, about that boy, I've seen him before. It was twice I saw him, actually. He even tried to capture me! So, anyway, I just wanted to say I have seen him before, & I will try my best to find him. I gotta go on another mission. Bye!

Date: 08/01/14 4:16 PM
From: xandi

Hey Karrie!
I'm back on the boards momentarily as I have to talk to my sisters and I know I never answered you before. Sorry! Anyway, anything new going on?


Date: 07/20/14 2:27 PM
From: bloom1666

My age is 16 sorry if i forgot
~Stay Cool!~
~Emma fairy of ice crystals snowflakes ice and snow~

Date: 07/19/14 10:38 PM
From: july8788

Nightfallina (Lena (Only use if you are one of my close friends))
Gender: Female
Power: Music
Abilities: I can play piano with my hands without touching it. And write music in my head.
Have you Transformed?: Yes
Transformation Level:1
Experience:If you count locking yourself in your room listening to music and erasing your memory of the person that hurt you, Yes.
Personality:Light Era: Happy, Funny, stubborn. Dark Era: Locking my self up, Tearful, Harmful, Breakable.
Are you up to it?: Ask me later... I am in my Dark Era.
Why I might be Part: I need Info for the News. This will make you FAMOUS. No Questions.
What makes you unique?: My crazy Dark Era personality.
Hair Colour: Black w/Mint stripes, you can't miss me.
Hair Length: 18 Inches
Eye Colour: Crystal Blue
Height:5 feet
Defining Characteristic: My Hair
-Nightfallina, herself

Date: 07/19/14 12:57 PM
From: bloom1666

Nickname: Emmi
Power:Ice crystals snowflakes ice and snow
Abilities:I can transform to any arctic animal
Have you transformed: Yes
Transformation level: Bloomix
Personality: Im kinda selfish but im nice also like Elsa a little and alot of like Stella because im fashionible
What makes you unique: I have alot of powers
Hair color:Brown hair that is wavy with icy blue streaks
Hair Length: Very long it reaches to my back
Eye color: Icy blue
Approximate Height: 8.0
Defining Characteristics: A snowflake necklace that can turns me to any arctic animal or any winter thng

Date: 07/18/14 8:36 PM
From: Rainysfun

Hey there! I'm back (temporarily) So what's up with the quest?
P.S.- I missed you!
~Iris, fairy of rainbows

Date: 07/16/14 7:16 PM
From: sakarrie13

Hi. I'm Karrie. Welcome to this topic. Lots has happened in addition to what is above, so it might help if you glance through some of the last posts. Otherwise, you might get confused. The main thing right now is that the Fates have disappeared so they can't tell me who is supposed to be on the quest.

Date: 07/15/14 11:37 PM
From: dash6cat

Name: Tanu
Gender: Female
Power: Fire catcher, guardian of the golden phoenix flame
Description: I can hold fire without burning my hands and I can see the golden Phoenix, They are the 2nd strongest powers.
Abilities: I can communicate to creatures.
I have transformed.
Transformation Level: Mythix
Personality: Kind, Smart, Pretty, and stylish.
I am up to this quest. You can count on me!
I am strong, a great warrior and I have the 2nd strongest power in the world!
I am kind, smart and really brave.
Extra: I don't wear bracelets!
Hair color: Brown (Kinda looks like black)
Hair length: 2 small braids
Eye color: Brown
Height: I don't know. My age is 16 though
P.S I really hope I can help! And I know this is real!

Date: 07/15/14 5:36 PM
From: sakarrie13

Hey guys! I'm back.

Oh... I see what you mean. I don't know how to contact them. Also, I'm not sure if we want to alert anyone.

Good idea. That reminds me...

Hey guys. I've been noticing there are a lot of role players on here and I just want you to know that this is real. So, if you thought it was fake, it isn't. The danger is real and if you are just role playing, please let me know.



Date: 07/13/14 4:03 PM
From: Paurora

@Karrie I dont really know anything about potions sorry.. Maybe if you ask around the boards oh and beware of the roleplayers who dont exactly say theyre roleplaying!

Date: 07/10/14 7:57 PM
From: roxy400

most boys have training from red fountain including wizards

Date: 07/06/14 11:45 PM
From: sakarrie13

Hey guys. I'm sorry, but I won't be able to use the computer next week. I'm going to be out of town. Please keep this alive and let me know if anything happens.