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the awesomix club please read and make a character please

Date: 05/12/14 3:42 PM
From: hipptyhop1

I was thinking about making a fanfic called the awesomix club where their is the awesomix club orginal, north, south, east, west, east west, north west, south west, north south, east, south, west south, north east, south east, and west east
just fill out the form please

transformation outfit:
which club you want to be in:
please sign up

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Date: 09/11/14 9:02 PM
From: Bloomer395

Flames from the Hearth
Orange frilly tank, long blue hair, Red short skirt, sneakers.
Blue ponytails, Yellow tank with blue flames, purple skirt with pink long belt, same shoes.
Awesomix original.
Fluffy the bear cub
Can walk through lava unhurt

Date: 08/27/14 2:18 PM
From: hipptyhop1

chapter 24 maddy's pov part 1
the leaf and sand village ninjas: (jumping in trees)
the awesomix club girls: (flying above the ninjas)
maddy: hey girls
t.a.c.: (screams) maddy?!?
kakashi: I thought Priscilla took over you
maddy: she did for a bit then I escaped from her
rosaly: I think we should all split up
naruto: serena, layla, maddy, killer bee, and garra can come with me
kiba: akamaru, bella twilight, and dyson can come with me
kakashi: sakura, sai, and lily can come with me
might guy: lee, tenten, kay l. can come with me
temari: kankuro, haley, and annaka can come with me
ino: and the rest of us will come as supports
team naruto: (goes throw a window)
team kiba: (goes underground)
team kakashi: (turns invisible and walks threw walls)
team temari: (swims threw water)
team ino: (disguise their selves as witches)

Date: 08/26/14 10:30 AM
From: hipptyhop1

chapter 23 annaka's pov part 2
layla: and then a ruby came up to him
naruto: (gets scared)
haley: the ghost slowly snunk up behind him
bella twilight: and then the ghost said
awesomix club girls: (disappear behind naruto) BOOO!!!!
naruto: (screams)
annaka: (swimming in the ocean)
sakura: I don't get it
kay l: what
sakura: if we are in a forest then why is their a ocean here
rock lee: wasn't always here guy senshi
might guy: I don't know was it kakashi
kakashi: I don't know was it naruto
naruto: I don't know was it serena
serena: it's probably a jungle
everyone: (goes underwater and swims to annaka's house)
naruto: (sees annaka's house) i wonder if she has ramen noodles
serena: (knocks on door)
annaka: (opens door) hello girls
layla: hi annaka
annaka: what's going on
kay l: it's the witches they teamed up with sasuke
annaka: sasuke?!?
haley: yeah and i think the other girls are probably losing
bella twilight: so we need you to help us
annaka: sure i just need to change into a fairy

Date: 08/26/14 10:19 AM
From: hipptyhop1

chapter 23 annaka's pov part 1
everyone: (sitting around a camp fire)
naruto: (yawning) isn't this nice a whole group iof ninja's and fairies spending some time together like a family
layla: it is nice out here
choji: dose anyone have a bag of barbcue chips?
haley: look at the sun set it's beautiful (points to the sun)
lunar: now the moon should be nice
naruto: (turns around real quick) hey where is serena. she was here a moment ago
lunar: I am serena
naruto: but Serena's powers is the water stars
lunar: I can change my forms
naruto: I don't get it
parrot: (squak) moron. moron
kay l: hey did you guys here that noise from the water over there
lily: maybe it was a ghost
naruto: (gasp) ga gaga ghost
lily: are you afraid of ghost?
naruto: (blushes) what uh me afraid of ghost never
kay l: (turns off the fire with her hand) a long long long time ago there was a boy named naruto
naruto: (gasps)
lunar: he wanted to get some ramen noodles to eat

Date: 08/26/14 10:02 AM
From: hipptyhop1

chapter 22 serenity's pov part 4
sasuke: no stormy quit it
stormy: thunder clap
sasuke: hey that's my move
stormy: everyone has that move especially tiana
serenity: dragon flame
stormy: (breaks threw the wall)
sasuke: I surrender go head and take me to the omega dimesion (puts his hands in the air)
serenity: (puts fire cuffs on and his and flies him to the omega dimeson) (opens a door) alright sasuke here is your cell (tries to take hand cuffs off sasuke)
sasuke: amaterasu! uwlllll!! (puts hand over his eye)
serenity: (knocked out)
sasuke: I guess that means I won (leaves the omeaga dimesion)

Date: 08/25/14 1:04 PM
From: nyamusic

chapter 22 serenity's pov part 3
slesha: never underestimate me dream bomb
icy: (gets hit and then flies over to the witches)
serenity, layla, and slesha: convergence musical dream flame
the trix, tiana and regina: (hits the wall)
sasuke: (charging up chalkra and then sneaks up behind slesha and layla) chidori true spear (lightning comes out of his hands) take this.....
slesha and layla: (knocked out)
serenity: girls......!
sasuke: Karin now!
Karin: (pulls out a bottle of perfume and sprays serenity)
serenity: wow this smells good
Karin: thanks do you want a bottle
serenity: yes please
Karin: (gives serenity a bottle of perfume) I like your outfit
serenity: thanks......
sasuke: don't befriend her, get her
Karin: oh yeah
sasuke: tobi
tobi: hi
serenity: hi?!?
tobi: (takes out paper bombs) tadahh!?!?! (throws them at serenity)
serenity: (picks the up and throws them back)
tobi: (starts juggling them with serenity then they blow up on him)
stormy: perhaps I should help

Date: 08/25/14 9:26 AM
From: nyamusic

chapter 22 serenity's pov part 2
serenity: dragon sphere. the coast is clear lets move
everyone: (flies to the witches dorms)
clarissa: I'll make all the witches have diarrhea (casts a spell on all the witches)
trish: (stomach rumbles) oh no (runs to the bathroom)
everyone else: (flies inside a class room)
mya: i'll make the drown in here (cast a spell to make the witches drown)
slesha, layla and serenity: (flies inside a gym)
layla: wow this place is big
serenity: yeah.....
doors slam close
layla: (tries to open the door) what's going on.......
slesha, layla and serenity: (gets hit by a spell)
regina: glad to see you all showed up and why don't you all say hello to some new friends of mine
layla: it's 3 on about 20
slesha: (sleeping)
serenity: it's actually 3 and a half on about 20
slesha: (wakes up) huh?!? (goes back to sleep)
tiana: dark moon
serenity: dragon shield
layla: sonic blast
stormy: (moves out of the way) thunder clap
slesha: (starts fightning in her sleep)

Date: 08/25/14 9:10 AM
From: nyamusic

chapter 22 serenity's pov part 1
everyone except the other girls in the few chapters: (flying to cloudtower)
slesha: (talking in sleep)wow dose cloudtower look a bit different
serenity: yes it dose, the witch version of the awesomix club combined cloudtower with their school and they have grass and a lot of trees
layla fairy of music: everyone stop and hide behind the trees quick!
everyone: (flies real fast to hide behind the trees)
glory: what's wrong
layla fairy of music: we almost got caught by those guards.
serenity: then some of us are going to have to sacrifice ourselves to get in
slesha: (jumps up from sleep) I just got a dream about that
videl: i'll go first to take out these guards (gets on her skateboard and starts shooting arrows while she rides around the whole building)
everyone else: (goes inside and hides behind a wall)
stellawin3: i'll go next (uses her hair as a lasso to keep the guards tied up)
everyone else: (goes and hides in a closet)

Date: 08/23/14 7:50 PM
From: hipptyhop1

@ mimita78 and annaka
your in and I'll have them in by the next chapter
chapter 21 Priscilla's pov part 2
Priscilla: (appears in the uchia hideout)
Karin: (reading a book)
jugo: (punching a punching bag)
suigetsu: (swimming in a pool)
sasuke: (practing ninjustu)
Priscilla: hello my name is Priscilla and I need your help
sasuke: (doesn't turn around) with what
Priscilla: I need help to destroy the awesomix club girls
sasuke: and why would I help you
Priscilla: because the sand and leaf village are there
sasuke: (turns around) hmm I guess i'll help, (smiles a little bit) alright team are we going to help her
suigestu: (drinks some of his water bottle) yeah
jugo: (jumps up and down) yah for pain
Karin: whatever
Priscilla: (opens a portal) lets go
team hebi: (walks throw portal)


Date: 08/22/14 1:57 AM
From: mimita78

Name: Sernerity
Age: 16
Power: Nymph of the Dragon flame
Planet: Domino and Eraklyon
Appareance:her hair it red like blooms and the tips of bangs and hair is blonde she is wearing stella pizza making clip dress in season 6 and her school out fit hairstyle tights and shose season 6
Transformation Outfit:blooms sirenix only ponytail like stella and the pink parts in her wings and outfit eyeshadow are purple like blooms sirenix highlights when not in water
Which club you want to be in: dragon club
Pet:a red chinese dragon with gold spind mustache tale and eyes
Extra: im the long lost princess of my planets I was adopted when I was 5 months old

Date: 08/21/14 7:30 PM
From: Anniaka

Name: Annaka
Age: 10
Power: Ocean
Planet: Oceana
Apperance: Brown straight hair, brown eyes, ears pierced, and tan skin.
My Bloomix Look: I have a side ponytail, light blue shirt, dark blue pants, light blue cape, light blue heels, and long blue pointy wings.
which club you want to be in: Winx Club or Awesomix Club
Pet: Flying Penguin with a blue bow named Squeaky because his feet squeak when he walks.
Extra: I am the princess of Oceana and can sometimes turn into a mermaid and when I am one I get blue hilights in my hair. I wanna be a fashion designer or a marine biologist. Thanks!
-Annaka Fairy of Ocean

Date: 08/21/14 5:39 PM
From: hipptyhop1

chapter 21 Priscilla's pov part 1
Priscilla: (appears in cloudtower's headmistress office)
tiana: (dancing to jungle boogie)
Priscilla: hey....
tiana: what?!?
Priscilla: will you.....
tiana: what?!?
Priscilla: spell of the water stars ( breaks the speakers)
tiana: what?!?
regina: (walks in) welcome back.....
tiana: what?!?
Priscilla: (tries to ignore tiana) the leaf and sand village has joined the awesomix girls
regina: reall...
tiana: what...
Priscilla: (summons a ancient apple and puts it in tiana's mouth) there
tiana: (takes out earbuds and eats the apple) thank you
regina: she had earbuds in the whole time
Priscilla: well she kinda still is the fairy of the musical moon
regina: well were just going to get sasuke uchia
tiana: who?
Priscilla: sasuke uchia a former ninja from the leaf village
tiana: never heard of it but I've heard of a guy named kabuto
Priscilla: okay i'll get sasuke, Karin and the others
tiana: i'll get tobi
regina: i'll get orichmaru, and kabutp

Date: 08/13/14 1:54 PM
From: nyamusic

chapter 20 bella twilight's pov part 2
kiba: would you like to join the wolf clan?
bella: yes
akamaru: (gives bella a wolf clan headband) bark bark (you are officially on of us)
bella: thank you senshi kiba and senshi akamaru
wolves: (slowly appear and attack's bella and dyson)
kiba: oh no, are students ( drops a smoke bomb) lets go akamaru (boom) wolf fang over fang. not finished yet
akamaru: (wakes up bella)
bella: what happened?
kiba: we were attacked by wolves
bella: did we win
kiba: yes
bella: can we have a race
kiba: sure

Date: 08/12/14 1:18 PM
From: nyamusic

chapter 20 bella twilight's pov part 1
naruto: (says real loud) HEY SENSHI KAKASHI WHAT HAP
dyson: (bites naruto's leg)
naruto: OOWWWWWWW!!!!!!
kiba: hahahaaha maybe you shouldn't have talked so loud
kakashi: we have more important things to worry about
serena: what's wrong
kakashi: its...... Priscilla
naruto: who.....
layla: she has the power of ancient awakening.....
naruto: I can beat her all by my self believe it (transforms in to a believix fairy) hey
everyone: (tries not to laugh)
haley: (whispers) its so hard not to
kay l: (whispers back) I turn him back (turns naruto back)
naruto: thank you
kiba: alright bella im going to teach you fang over fang ready
bella: ready
kiba: first make sure to have a lot of chalkra since your a fairy make sure to have a lot of fairy dust
bella: right
kiba: then spin around your partner and yell FANG OVER FANG (does fang over fang)
bella: ( does fang over fang)
kiba: I give 100 gold stars how bout you akamaru
akamaru: bark bark (yeah)

Date: 08/12/14 11:12 AM
From: nyamusic

chapter 19 kakashi's pov part 3
maddy: why aren't you sleep yet
kakashi: I used sub. jutsu
maddy: well then i'll just make you sleep ( blast a spell)
kakashi: (uses sub. justu and gets behind Priscilla) secret finger leaf justu thousand years of pain
maddy: (turns into Priscilla and hits the wall)
kakashi: (gets out book and starts reading)
Priscilla: what are you doing
kakashi: reading this book
Priscilla: why
kakashi: to find out what happens in it
Priscilla: well since ur distracted im going to get (summons the a spell from the 9 tailed fox) here it comes (blast senshi kakashi)
kakashi: ( behind her) this will end here (lightning blade twin lightning shiver)
Priscilla: (gets up)
kakashi: (tries to charge chalkra but none comes) um
Priscilla: yes (summons a spells from the 8 tails and blast kakashi: now to get back to sasuke and the other
kakashi: (sitting on a rock reading his book) (he was reading his book the whole time)
everyone except kakashi: (wakes up)

Date: 08/03/14 1:23 PM
From: nyamusic

its back
chapter 19 kakashi's pov part 2
haley: will he be alright
serena: yes he heal in like 45 minutes
naruto: so.... can we eat yet
maddy: I can cook it
naruto: is it ramen
maddy: yeah
naruto: (yells so loud the earth shakes) YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sakura: naruto be quiet
naruto: im getting ramen
maddy: ramen's don....
naruto: (takes bowl) thank you
maddy: your welcome (gives everyone a bowl)
everyone: thank you
kakashi: (in a vision sees Pricilla) ( looks at maddy) (inside head) Priscilla must be hiding inside of maddy but if I make it seem like I feel for it she will reveal herself ( eats ramen)
maddy: does everyone like
everyone: yeah
Priscilla: (inside maddy) the witches back at school will be happy to see this
bella twilight: (talking to kiba) so you can teach me fang over fang
kiba: yep its not hard to do right akamaru
akamaru: bark bark ( right)
everyone but kakashi and maddy: (falls asleep)

Date: 07/27/14 1:55 PM
From: Jayblue22

I'll Do it!



Date: 06/27/14 12:17 PM
From: nyamusic

everyone who signed up is in and I need someone to take my place please and continue the story

Date: 06/12/14 6:34 PM
From: athena1263

Sorry about how late this is.

Bella Twilight
Ice and Knowledge
Student Lives
Short Brown Hair, brown eyes, light blue shirt, jeans, black shoes.
Braided, long, brown hair, brown eyes, light blue jump suit, black combat boots,and wings with black snowflakes on them.
Dyson the Bulldog
I love dogs, the cold, and learning


Date: 06/11/14 5:11 AM
From: winx4life8

sorry if this is late, i only just saw this post! the story looks awesome though!
Age: 13
Power: Oceans of Neptune!
Planet: Tir Nan Og
Appearance: Dark brown curly hair, chestnut brown eyes and olive skin. my signature colours when not transformed are yellow, blue and white, and i usually wear a yellow tee shirt, blue denim shorts with star imprints, and white sandals.
Transformation: silver and aqua sirenix outfit, with one wing silver and the other aqua.
Which club: South please!
pet: fairy pet turtle named Twyla!
Extra: i am EXTREMELY optimistic, and a celestial fairy. also, i have an evil fairy OC if you want her...
Name: Priscilla
Power: the Ancient Awakening
Transformation level: Ancientix
Planet: Tir Nan Og
Status: Citizen
Description: sandy blonde hair, brown eyes and pale skin. freckles and red specks in her eyes. her signature colours are Dark red and Midnight blue. she has a black O mark on her upper right arm.
Personality: usually Smart but stubborn. she always wants it her way, but even with this personality, she is loyal and kind. she has been put under a spell by Oblivion, to get to Maddy and the other fairies. when under the spell, she is even more stubborn, and the girls find it hard to put up with her.
Passions: Priscilla loves ancient history and reading, and used to get teased about being a nerd. she also loves to act and is great at hiding her emotions, which makes it hard for her friends to tell how she feels. she doesn?t have many friends, because of her bossy personality. she is also an amazing chef, and can cook an amazing meal out of anything!
Extra: she is a distant relative of the Celestial fairies
Maddy, Fairy of the Oceans of Neptune!