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Celestial Sisters: Lost Guardians (FanFic by Vita)

Date: 06/06/14 8:09 PM
From: WinxWeekly

This is a story that happened many years ago. It shows us that everything that happens in the past, is connected to are future.

Amara: "Destin the sky!"
Destin: "We must do it now!" He yelled while pulling his wife off the balcony into the castle. "Gather the girls! We must go to the Chamber!"
Amara: "Destin please I can't do this! I can't do this to my girls!" She cried tears streaming down her face.
Destin: "We must!" But he was cut short by an explosion. "It's too late! It's too late! Run!" They ran. Both crying tears of sorrow and fear.

One day before. In the royal throne room.

Destin: "I don't know what to do." He said laying his head in his hand. "My younger brothers are crazy! Oh! Ogron, Anagan, Gantlos, Demon! How could you betray us? How could you betray me? Your older brother?"

Amara: "They have already started to attack Earth!" She cried rushing into the room. "They've captured queen Morgana! Oh Destin! We're doomed!" She slumped to the floor and cried.

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Date: 09/17/14 8:27 AM
From: WinxWeekly

Do you y'all think the chapters are dull? I feel like they are. Answer truthfully it won't bother me if you think so. If you thin it is dull do you have any suggestions of improvement? I feel like the last few chapters were missing something.

Date: 09/17/14 8:11 AM
From: WinxWeekly

Nixie's POV
Queen Natsuko: "Nixie you did it! I knew you could!" I turned to see the queen swimming towards me. She embraced me warmly. Could this really be the same lady who had left me all alone? "I'm sorry I left you. Forgive me. But you had to be tested. I needed to know if you were worthy."
Me: "Worthy for what?" She smiled. She snapped her fingers and a pearl shot out form her index finger. It hit my locked with a 'thud'. In a blinding flash of light, it had transformed into a beautiful necklace. I was made of pale pink pearls. A big aqua gem surrounded by pearls rested in the center.
Queen Natsuko: "This 'gift' is yours. I trust you will keep it safe." I stared at the lovely necklace in my hand. I could since its wonderous power. "Come. We must free the sand people."
Me: "Are y-you s-sure?" She nodded. Before I could say anything eles she had caught me by the hand and was swimming towards the door that held the people. She pushed me inside. The people stared at us with their empty eyes. Many of them moaned in hunger. They tried to take my necklace! I held it high above my head. Suddenly, the room filled with a marvelous light. The sand people cried out in joy as their bodies transformed into those of nympths!
Man: "Princess! You've freed us!" The people cheered loudly. Some even kissed my hand! Queen Natsuko held up her hand. The people silenced.
Queen Natsuko: "Your princess has saved you but you must let her return home. She will, I believe, rule this kingdom one day. But until then, she belongs with her family. The people cheered loudly. Many of them wished me safe travles. I held the necklace high above my head. Once again I felt its power. I vanished from the room.
Alana: "Nixie! Nixie!" I turned to see Alana my sister! She ran smack into me. We fell to the ground laughing and crying. It had been so long.
Nixie: "Come one! Let's go get mom and dad!" I cried whiler have dragging her with me. We rushed up a hill and stopped short. There, on the grass, was are younger sister.
Both: "Tina!" I embraced my weeping sister.
Alana: "What happened?"
Tina: "It's destroyed! Tir Nan Og! And Mother and Father are gone!"
Narrators POV
The three sisters sat on the ground and wept. They stared at their crumbled kingdom. If they could have travled into the walls were their castle once stood, they would find three pedestals. Each glowing with a beautiful energy. The energy of three sisters who had found their memories and their home. But they couldn't see the pedestals. And they couldn't see, that precious energy, that had formed.


Date: 09/17/14 7:50 AM
From: WinxWeekly

Narrators POV
The two girls fought together in spirit. They could each feel the other helping them through the battle. At the same time, they both struck the same stance and each one called out her spell.
Nixie: "Chain of Pearls!" Pink pearls shot out of her hands and struck Oriannus.
Alana: "Stone Dagger!" A stony sword appeared in her hands. She swiped down on the huge Scorpion tail. Stena screamed in pain as well as rage. She backed up against a wall her mouth foaming with venom. Alana felt the poison leaving her blood. Her leg was turning back to its natural color.
Alana: "Leave me, Stena! Leave now and I will spare you!"
Nixie: "Oriannus, my cousin. Leave this place. This isn't your kingdom." The two dark sisters snarled and screached. Finally, Stena cried out in frustration. She flicked her hands. Her wounded body disapeared through a dark mass of energy. Oriannus, as if sincing that her sister had abandoned the fight, vanished also.
Alana: "Nixie my sister, can you still here me?"
Nixie: "Yes! We did! Alana I missed you!"
Alana: "I'm finishing up here then returning to Tir Nan Og. I can't wait to see Mother and Father!"
Nixie: "See you at the castle!"
Alana's POV
I rushed towards Queen Uraya. I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw that she was okay. She sat up slowly and rubbed her eyes.
Queen Uraya: "What happened?" She stared at me foggily then cried, "Alana! You've awakened! Come here, my dear!" I joyfully flung my arms around her.
Me: "Well that was fun! Oh! And Aunt Uraya?" Ever since I was born she had insisted I call her 'aunt'.
Queen Uraya: "Yes?"
Me: "If my parents want to send me away for the summer, tell them I'll go anywhere except Uranus! I've had enough 'fun' here to last a life time!" The queen laughed good-naturedly.
Queen Uraya: "Oh Alana! I love you!" She hugged me again. "Come, there is much to do." She led me down the hall. To my horror, their were still thousands of scorpions in the hall. I screamed. "Calm down!" I stopped. She waved her hand over my silver locket. It transformed into a gleaming, dark blue stone! It was shiny and completely smooth. "It is your 'gift'! You should know how to use it." I nodded. Oddly enough, I did know how. I held the gem high above my head and chanted a few words. The scorpions bounced up and down like some invisable force was forcing them off the ground. The bounced higher and higher until finally, the transformed into people! Thousands of people! The people stood silently taking in their surroundings. Then, a man bowed. The others followed suit. They stood silently. Then one said. "Hail Princess Alana. She has delivered us. Truly, she is our princess!" The people cheered and clapped. Queen Uraya looked very pleased.
Me: "Thank you. Thank you. You are very good to me. But I can't stay, I must get home."
Man: "Then is is goodbye for now."
Women: "Farewell, princess. I will pray for you!"
Queen Uraya: "Until we meet again." I nodded. Dark blue energy formed around me as I slowly faded from the room.


Date: 09/17/14 7:34 AM
From: WinxWeekly

Narrators POV
Ala and Maddy gasped. Their voices had called out to each other.
Ala: "Maddy!"
Maddy: "Ala!" They could hear each other clearly. Ala looked around. Stena was frozen in mid laugh. Maddy looked around also. Likewise, the sand people and Oriannus were frozen.
Ala: "How is this happening?"
Maddy: "I can't see you, but somehow are voices have connected."
Ala: "In that one second of complete terror, are souls combinded as one." A blinding light filled the rooms. Ala and Maddy both stared, shocked at what they saw. They could each see two figures in sparkling clothes. One with yellow hair and one with aqua.
Aqua hair: "You are correct."
Yellow Hair: "As twins, you two are connected."
Aqua hair: "Awaken!"
Yellow hair: Remember!"
Maddy's Pov
I nodded my head.
Me: "This is for you, Ala!" I raised my hands. "Magic Planet Power.... Celestix!"
Music played through my head as I floated above Neptune. A cool wave washed over me. I opened my eyes and stared down at my clothes. I was wearing a blue strapless v-neck dress, the right of it was cut higher than the rest. Silver shoulder gloves were on my arms with pale pink pearl trim. Pale pink pearls aslo ran up my legs in a beautiful design. I wore a pearl choker and a pearl crown with a blue seashell in my long, curly, aqua hair. My wings were in six parts, three on one side, three on the other. I can't really descibe the shape but I tell you what they looked like. The major part of my wings was a pale blue. Pearls ran through them and connected to dark blue rain drop shaped jewel. Little rain-drop jewels hung down on my wings wtih more more pearls. Silver high heels were on my feet. My transformation, was complete.
Me: "Nixie, Fairy of the Necklace of Neptune!" That was odd. It should have been 'Nixie, Fairy of the Oceans of Neptune' but what I said just seemed the most natural. Oriannus cried out in anger as she took in my transformation. She quickly advanced, her long slimy legs reached for my neck.
Ala's POV
I don't know how, but I found strength somewhere deep with in. Still sitting on the floor, I raised my hands and called out the phrase to activate my powers.
Me: "Magic Planet Power... Celestix!"
Music flowed around me as I floated above the Planet Uranus. My body was filled with new strength as my wounds were quickly heeled. Rocks inclosed themselves around my body but it didn't hurt. I could feel them magically chaning my clothes. I looked down at my clothes and smiled. I was wearing a silver shirt with navy blue trim. It was strapless, and showed my stomach. Silver gloves with navy blue outlines ran up my arms. My hair turned yellow and fell about to my shoulders. It was nicely cut and had cute bangs. A small silver crown with three dark blue stones rested on my head. I had on a pair of short, navy blue, pants, with a sort of half skirt behind it. Navy blue ribbons zigzagged dowm my legs and connected to my silver high-heeled sandles. Simple, light blue wings with navy blue outlines were on my back in four sections. I posed. The power rushed through my body. I was ready to defend myself.
Me: "Alana, Fairy of the Unigem of Uranus!" Bizarre. Whatever happened to the "Stones of Uranus?" Oh well. I guess my power had evolved over the years. Stena screached hideously. Her mouth overflowed with black venom. It fell to the floor and huge drops. Once again, her stinger aimed towards my heart.

Date: 09/16/14 7:32 PM
From: Parisluv

Suspense! I love it! Please keep going!

Date: 09/16/14 6:37 PM
From: WinxWeekly

Ala's POV
They closed in on me. Thousands of Scorpions. They dragged me to the ground. Then, they plunged their stingers into my body.
Me: "Owwwwww!" I opened my eyes. It was a dream but the pain was very real! I was lying on a bed. My arm had been put into a simple splent and my head was bandaged.
Voice: "Try to lay still. I'm almost done." I looked at the person who spoke. She was a beautiful lady in a navy blue dresss. Her yellow hair was chin length and styled simply. She was dabbing a cloth coated in a liquid onto my leg. I winced at the pain but tried to stay still. My leg was turning black!
Me: "What are you doing?"
Lady: "I'm slowing down the poison. Stay still." She finished wiping the sting, then she wrapped my leg in a clean cloth.
Me: "Poison? Oh no." She nodded.
Lady: "I'm afraid this is serious. You see the scopion that stung you wasn't natural. Therfore, I can't make an antidote." I stared at her, shocked. "The only way to save your life is by defeating the scopion that stung you."
Me: "But I can't considering my condition! And there must be hundreds of Scorpions out there! This is just fantastic." The lady smiled slightly at my sarcasm. "Wait a minute. Who are you? How did I get here?"
Lady: "I found you unconscious down in the thrown room. This is my castle. I am Queen Uraya of Uranus. Who are you?"
Me: "I'm Ala. But you would call me Alana." The queen smiled.
Queen Uraya: "I figured you were. You have the same personality as Alana."
Me: "Really?!" She nodded. Suddenly, burning pain overtook my body. I cried out. It felt like my entire leg was going up in flames. It was now completely. The poison was raging through my veins. I didn't have much time. The queen's eyes darkened. She took my hand and helped me out of bed.
Queen Uraya: "Come with me quickly. You don't have much time. I will help you as much as I can." I struggled as she helped me walk. I couldn't support my leg and my right arm was completely useless. My head throbbed from the loss of blood. She led me down the stairs. She waved her hands over the door and it opened. I figured that thousands of Scorpions were pour through the doorway. But they didn't. Instead, they came in like a giant wave of legs and stingers. They seemed to be hiding something in their little wave. Then suddenly, they all plopped off. A girl stood in the doorway. She had yellow shoulder length hair and read eyes. Her body was black. She almost looked human except for her skin color and for the very large tail. It was a scorpions tail. Dripping, with thick black venom.
Girl: "Hello, Cousin! How's your leg?" I glared. She was the scorpion that had stung me!
Queen Uraya: "Who are you? Why are you attacking Alana?!" The girl stared at the queen with boredom.
Girl: "Oh, so you brought the queen along. Let's change that! Go my pets! Get rid of the queen." Thousands of Scorpions flooded over her. Although they didn't sting, the force was enough to throw her to the ground. The girl held up her hand telling the scorpions to stop. "We'll deal with her after Alana!" She stared at me with fake sympathy. "I'm sorry, I haven't introduced myself! I am Stena! Edwyn is my father! And you, I'm sorry to say, are done for!" She moved towards me. Black venom dripped over her teeth and onto the floor. My leg was burning, my head raging, I couldn't move. There was no way to defend myself. Stena... would win. I suddenly felt a singing pain in my heart. It wasn't Stena. It was Maddy. I could since that she was in danger.
Me: "Fight Maddy! You can do it! Even if I don't make it, you must!" I whispered, hoping that somehow, she would here me. Stena paused.
Stena: "What are you talking about?" She shrugged her shoulders when I didn't reply. "Nothing I guess. Prepare youself!" She raised her black tail and aimed towards my heart. With a cry, she plunged her tail down.
Me: "Someone help me!" I screamed with all of my might. Never in my life have I screamed so sincerly and feel of fear.

Date: 09/16/14 6:36 PM
From: WinxWeekly

Maddy's POV
Me: "Wait!" The figure halted. I suddenly felt a burning pain in my heart. "Ala's in trouble." I mumbled. I could feel it. Ala, the girl I met at the caslte, she was in trouble. "Ala don't give up!" I whispered. Maybe buy some strange magic, she would here me. The figure stepped closer to me. Her trident let of a soft grow so I could now see what she looked like. She was wearing a pale pink dress. Her hair was a bright aqua. She stared at me with cold, questioning, eyes.
Figure: "Who exactly are you? And who is this 'Ala' that you speak of?"
Me: "My name.... is Maddy. But some people used to know me as Nixie, I guess." The queen gasped. Her trident fell to the floor.
Figure: "Nixie! It is you! I should have known!"
Me: "Who are you?" The lady smiled.
Figure: "I am Queen Natsuko of Neptune."
Me: "Thank goodness I found you! You see, I'm trying to get my memories. Can you help me?"
Queen Natsuko: "That depends. How did you get here?"
Me: "By a magic book. A friend of mine at the castle told us about you. She said the ancient queens would help us."
Queen Natsuko: "Ah yes! I'm sure that was Rune. And your friends is probably Vitalia. I'm afraid that I can't help you."
Me: "But... I came alll this way! You have to help me!"
Queen Natsuko: "I'm sorry, but you aren't worthy enough to really be Nixie. Farewell!" She dissapeared. I cried out to her, begging her to come back, but she didn't. I was all alone. In the darkness of the kingdom underwater. I started to panic. I can't stand being completely alone. And the darkness didn't help.
Me: "Is anyone here? Please! Someone help me!" I dashed down many foresaken halls. A light flickered beneath one of the doors. Without thinking, I ran into the room. My cries echoed through the walls. Their were hideous people. Their bodies were made of sand. But they were alive. They inched towards me. Some let out soft moans. I screamed and tried to get away but black magic slammed the door shut and sealed it tightly. I pounded on the door crying for help. But I knew that no one would hear me. The sand people kept moving closer to me. One reached for my neck. "Stop!!!!!!" They stopped. It was like they were frozen. I breathed a sigh of relief. But it was short lived.
Voice: "Hahahahahahahahaha!" I turned. I faced a hideous creature. Her skin was completely black. Her arms and legs were much longer then a normal humans' and four slick tentacles stuck out from her back. She had teeth like fangs and and dark, beady, red, eyes. He aqua hair flowed wildly around her. "Do you like my kingdom? These used to be nympths of Neptune you know! Now they are my people!"
Me: "Who are you? What do you want from me?" The girl laughed.
Creature/Girl: "I am Oriannus. Daughter of the great Wizard Edwyn! The TRUE heir to Neptune! Hahahahahah!" She turned towards the sand people and cried, "My loyal subjects obey your princess! Destroy this girl! She has made a false claim to the thrown! Eliminate her!"
Me: " No!!!! Someone help me! Help me!" My voice faded as the sand people closed in around me.

Date: 09/16/14 5:20 AM
From: WinxWeekly

So I've written a lot but I have forgotten what I posted so I'll have to wait till tomorrow to get the rest up.

Date: 09/16/14 2:06 AM
From: WinxWeekly

Narrators POV
The girl with dark skin and aqua hair swam quickly away from the castle. Suddenly, a face appeared before her. It was Edwyn, her father.
Edwyn: "Oriannus!" The girl shrank back from his gaze. "You let her escape! You let her in the castle! You fool! You miserable fool! That's basically an invitation saying, 'Here! Go inside and awaken all of Neptune so you can get your memories back!'"
Oriannus: "But father! I didn't know that the castle was down here! I was trying-"
Edwyn: "Not another word! Get in the castle and stop her!" His face vanished. Oriannus swam furiously back towards the castle. She would destroy her cousin.
Ala's POV
Me: "Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!" I cried as I rolled down a hill of rocks. I tumbled to the bottom and stared up at the black sky. It felt like I had broken every bone in my body. I got up, groaning because of the pain, and looked around. So this was Uranus? Great. A vast, dry, rocky, desert. Just great. That silly book obviously wasn't capable at creating a decent portal. I sighed as I started walking in no apparent direction. I turned my head up suddenly 'cause I heard loud rumbling. It was a rockslide! Rocks fell around me left and right. A big one hit me on the shoulder. I fell to the ground in pain. I opend my eyes after the rumbling stopped. I think I must have been unconscious cause for a moment, I had no idea where I was. I tried to get up but fell to the ground. My entire right arm from my fingertips to my shoulder hurt like your wouldn't belive. I tried to move it but couldn't. It was broken. Badly. I noticed something warm dripping down my face. I had a cut on my forehead. Wonderful. Just wonderful. I gathered my strength together and forced myself up. My arm was throbbing. For every step I took it just hurt worse. But I kept going. Suddenly, my foot crunched down on something. I screamed at what I saw. Scorpions! Hundreds of black scorpions! I ran as fast as I could. They were chasing me! I looked back and saw one of them get low on the ground. It was going to jump! More followed its lead! They pounced. I ran screaming, trying to dodge the scorpions. One landed on my left leg. It plunged it's stinger into my flesh before I could kick it away. A burning pain flowed through my body. My vision grew blurly. I stumbled. I noticed some sort of stone sculpture up ahead. It appeared foggy through my eyes. I ran towards it. Perhaps it would shelter me from these scorpions. Stumbling and crying, I through myself thew the opened door. Then, with all my might, I pushed my injured body against the door till it slamed shut. The sound of a thousand rocks hitting a doorway filled the room. It was the scorpions. They were trying to break the door. I silently prayed they wouldn't get in. With my back against the door, and my head on my lap, I faded out of consciousness.

Date: 09/16/14 1:32 AM
From: WinxWeekly

Maddy's POV
The portal dropped me in mid air! I was falling and falling. Then finally, I hit the surface. But it wasn't dry. If it was, I wouldn't be alive! It was an ocean. I sank deep beneath the water. The shock of hitting the ocean hurt me so much that it was several moments before I realised what had happened. I was at least twenty feet under. I panicked. I swam frantically to the top. My lungs felt like they would burst. I broke the surface and gulped in huge amounts of air. While breathing in the cold damp air I took in my surroundings. It was all water. Like, the entire planet was water! Their wasn't a single speck of land anywhere! And it was dark. I started to shake. The ocean was freezing. There was no way that I could last very long. I hadn't yet mastered my ability to breeth underwater and I wasn't that great at swimming either. Suddenly, I noticed a blinding flash of light out of the corner of my eye. It flashed again. Then it burned steadily on a point a few miles away from me. It didn't seem to be anywhere but I knew that there was a reason. I quickly swam in the direction of the light. I tried to keep my arms and legs moving, but the water was so cold. I started getting slower and slower. Finally, I stoped swimming. I was so tired. I floated on the top of the water trying to get my strength back. I felt something brush against my leg. I shrieked. It brushed against my leg again. I kicked at the water violently. I hadn't seen any fish at all since when I got there. But something was in the water with me. Suddenly, the creature showed it's self. It rose up high above the surface. It was cold and slimy. It had eight long, black, slimy, legs. It was an octopus. I screamed as it's legs wrapped around my waist. It dragged me beneath the water. I kicked and struggled hard, but it held tight. I needed air quickly.
Me: "Acka Fungs!" I shouted through the water. It was really "Aqua Lungs" but the ocean made it come out weird. Nothing happened. I panicked. My Winx didn't activate because I hadn't spoken clearly. With my final breath of air, I shouted with all my might, "Aqua Lungs!" The water rumbled and shook. A cool blue sheild formed around me. I let out a sigh as I breathed in a huge breath. Now I could fight that creature. I aimed a huge blast of magic at it's leg. Pearls shot out of my hands. The creature groaned. My spell wasn't strong, but it was enough to allow me to escape. I pushed the leg away and swam deeper into the ocean. I had to hide. But where? How do you hide from a giant Octopus?! I didn't have time to think. The octopus was chasing me. It wouldn't be long before it caught me. Suddenly, I stopped. Just ahead was a castle on the bottom of the sea floor. It was built out of Sea Shells and pearls. I swam towards it. I came to the front door and pushed hard. It opened! I swam inside then shut the door closed behind me. The octopus let out a furious shriek. I could feel vibrating as it's legs pushed at the door trying to break it in two. But the door was much stronger than it looked. It held fast. After awhile the octopus gave up and swam away. I looked around the big room of which I was floating in. It was very dark. In fact, the only reason I could see was because of the light my breathing spell gave off. I swam towards a big staircase. I was about to swim up when I stopped. I heard a swishing sound. It was like someone was swimming in the room with me. Suddenly, a dark figure appeared floating on the top stair. I could only make out the outline. I think it was a girl. But she was armed. In her hands, was a long, sharp, trident.
???: "Halt! How dare you enter my castle?! You shall be destroyed!:

Date: 09/15/14 9:18 PM
From: WinxWeekly

More chapters coming... today! I'm on a role! I have so much inspiration! I'm going to write as much as I can today. I'll try to finish Nixie and Alana's chapter and then maybe start on the next ones! Enjoy!
P.S. Tell me what you think of the next chapters!
Vita, Fairy of Life and Death

Date: 09/15/14 7:19 PM
From: WinxWeekly

Thank you Progressa!

Date: 09/15/14 6:12 PM
From: WinxWeekly

Thank you Elizabeth!

Date: 09/15/14 6:00 PM
From: progressa


Date: 09/15/14 2:18 PM
From: Parisluv

Amazing chapter! Tina/Kat's outfit sounds so pretty!
Awesome song !

Date: 09/15/14 7:21 AM
From: WinxWeekly

Narrators POV
Scara kneeled on the ground, her head nearly touching thr floor. She sat there, silently, waiting for her father to say something. She didn't want to return and tell him that she had failed. But she had too. And now, her older sisters would probably be ashamed to have such a failer as part of the family. Edwyn stood with his back turned away from her. He had, for once, managed to control his anger as he listened to his daughter explain her failer to eliminate Tina.
Edwyn: "What do you have to say for yourself?!" He eyes blazed as he stared down at the miserable wretch on the floor. Scara bowed her head lower. "Stand up!" Edwyn cried with rage. Scara jumped to her feet. She held her head high, like she had been taught to do since the day she was born, but she did not meet his eyes. "Answer me, Scara!"
Scara: "All I have to say is this." She hands tightened into fists. Her eyes blazed. Her teeth were pressed so hard together that they hurt. "I hate my cousin! I'll do anything to get rid of her! Anything!" Then, she let her shoulders droop. She stared at the ground. "I am ready to except any punishment you have to offer." She mumbled. Edwyn stared at his daughter with amusement. He was surprised that she had brought her anger under control so quickly. He sighed.
Edwyn: "Very well. You obviously tried your best." Scara looked up her father with gratitude. But her expression changed as he continued. "But you could have and should have easily defeated her!" He sighed again. "You're grounded. You will stay at home until you can prove to me that you can do much better. That is all." Scara raised her head. She did her best to control her anger and dissapointment but it clearly showed on her face. She stomped out of the room. Edwyn looked into the shadows. A smile crept onto his face. "Oriannus, Stena, it's up to you now! Go after Nixie and Alana! Make Daddy proud!" The shadows formed into figures you could see their teeth glimmering. They bowed their heads as they gave Edwyn there reply.
Shadows: "Yes Master!"

Date: 09/15/14 6:40 AM
From: WinxWeekly

Me: "Tina, Fairy of the Pendant of Pluto!" I called out. But it seemed weird. I clearly remembered that my power had been "Pluto's Past" not the "Pendant of Pluto". I don't why I said that, but I did. Although I didn't have much time to think about that because time had gone back to the correct order. Scara stared at me with rage as I dodged her fatal attack. I looked around and noticed that Tina was gone. I guess since I had awakened she didn't belong in this time anymore. I silently thanked her. "Why are you doing this, Scara? If you're really Uncle Edwyn's daughter then stop fighting and come back with me!" I called out to her. But she ignored me. As we fought, I didn't exactly pay attention. Slowly, my memories were coming back. I remembered Scara. For every daughter born to Destin and Amara, there was also a daughter born to Edwyn and his wife. She was my cousin. She was my exact age and did actually slightly look like me. I noticed that she had the same hair and style as me. But she was no longer the Scara I once knew. She was a monster. I also remembered that Scara had been jealous of my power for quite some time. But even if she was jealous, why did she want to destroy me? I dodged another blow. Without knowing why, I raised my hands and called out, "Time Barrier!" Magic blasted from my gloved hands and hit Scara. She screamed as a cage formed around her. I sank to the ground with relief. I don't how long I sat there listening to Scara's cries as she demanded I release her. Finally, Scara quieted down. She layed her head down on the floor and appeared to be asleep. I watched her steady breathing. Suddenly, she stood up with a cry of triumpth. Dark magic floated around her as she vanished in front of my eyes. I stared at the cage for awhile in shock. I knew she would never come back to Pluto. I got up and prepared to leave the room when the queen rushed in. "Queen Persephonie!" I cried, as I embraced her. I remembered her now. She was like a second mother to me. And I knew I was like the daughter she never had. She stroked my head softly.
Queen Persephonie: "Oh, Tina! I knew you would remember!" She hugged me tighter. After a few moments, she released me. "Come with me, Tina." She said softly. I followed her over to the silent clock. "It needs the key."
Me: "What do you mean?" The queen smiled. She waved her hand over my locket. The locket transformed into a beautiful key on a chain! It was encrusted with red and black gems.
Queen Persephonie: "You have the key to start the clock! It your 'Gift'! Use it wisely!" I nodded, then walked towards the clock. I took a deep breath, then plunged the key into the clock. The entire room vibrated violently. After a few moments it stopped as suddenly as it started. The queen smiled as she took my hand once again. She led me onto the balcony that I had seen in my vision. I looked out and gasped at what I saw. People. Thousands of people. They were cheering loudly.
People: "Tina! Tina! Hail Princess Tina, heir to the thrown of Pluto!" They cried over and over.
Queen Persephonie: "You've done it Tina! You've awakend Pluto!" I smiled as I stared at my surroundings. Pluto now had an atmosphere. The sky was a beautiful black. The grass was green and free. Plants and flowers I had never seen before bloomed in all places. After a moment, my smile faded.
Me: "I so happy! But... I must get back. I must help my sisters. And my parents." The queen nodded but I noticed the sadness in her eyes. She sighed and embraced me.
Queen Persephonie: "Do what you must. I have faith in you." She kissed me softly on my forehead and let me go. "I love you, Tina."
Me: "I love you too!" I ran from the room with tears flowing down my cheeks. "Take me to Tir Nan Og!" I cried. A flash of black light exploded around me. The fog cleared and I noticed that the spell had worked. I was back on Tir Nan Og. I ran up the hill quickly. I was so excited! I hadn't seen my parents in thousands of years. I came to the top of the and stood silently. Frozen in shock. Tir Nan Og palace, my home, was in ruins.

Date: 09/15/14 5:45 AM
From: WinxWeekly

Here are the lyrics! Thanks Maddie!
The night has come, the planets awake, we lay in bed in darkness?s embrace.
Our power is strong, our will is free, it?s all of us together, you and me.
And we will stand strong, against evil?s might, no matter what we?ll put up a fight.
Because we are Celestix, all of us together. 11 sisters standing strong, where could we go wrong.
Together we are one. We are Celestix.
Through the universe, there is no-one, who could match the love and care in our hearts. We work as a team, living the dream. There?s nothing that can stand between us now!
Cause we are Celestix, standing together strong. 11 sisters might and love, we will always win.
Together we are one, we are Celestix! x2
11 sisters standing strong, where could we go wrong, together we are one.
We are Celestix!
Here is the transformation!
Kat's POV
I seemed to floating in outer space. I looked down and saw a darkened planet. Pluto. Then music played through my head and I started to do a series of moves and dances. Magic as black as night, poured over my body. I closed my eyes and let it surround me. Before I knew it, I had transformed. I looked down at my clothes. My hair and eye color had changed greatly. I wore a black v-neck tank dress with a big, thick, silver belt, silver tights with black ribbons ran up my legs. Likewise, silver gloves ran up my arms close to my shoulders they had layered black trim at the top. Black high heels were on my feet, and black choker with three silver beads was on my neck. My long black hair was put in a pony-tail directly on top of my head, it seperated into two pieces, one going to the left and the other, the right. My wings were in four sections. On my left and on my right the wings were long and thin they curved downward. On my lower left and right, the wings were a little smaller but curved upwards. Black outline went through the center of each wing. On the outline were dark red crystals. Dark red crystal also hung off the side of my wings. My bags were trimmed nicely and my blue eyes sparkled brightly.

Date: 09/15/14 3:10 AM
From: WinxWeekly

Me: "What are you?!" I backed up against the wall, my legs trembled so badly that I could barely walk. She laughed again. That terrible, choking, laugh.
Girl/Creature: "I am Scara. I serve the great Wizard, My father, Edwyn. And it is my duty to see that you never get you're memories back!" She leaped towards me. I jumped out of the way just in time. She let out an angry cry. "If only you had listened to me and destroyed the clock! You wouldn't need to be destroyed! Come with me, and serve my master!"
Me: "No! I'll never serve him!" I cried as I dodged her again.
Girl/Creature: "So be it!" She opened her mouth wide and some sort of black smoke floated from it. I was thrown against the wall with such a force that I was almost unconscious. I tried to get up but couldn't. My strength was gone. She blasted me again. And again. I couldn't focus my eyes. My mind was blank. I was fading in and out of consciouness. The creature walked over to me and yanked my head towards it's hidious face. "Poor, poor little Tina! All alone! You were always pathetic! You never did have enough power to defend yourself!" She backed up and raised her hands. The final blast was coming. With a cry, she shot the magic strait at my heart. I prepared myself for the final blow. I knew that I wouldn't make it. Time seemed to be in slow motion. It inched closer and closer. Then it... stopped? I raised my eyes up as a blast of black light filled the room.
Voice: "Kat! Kat, can you hear me?" I looked up. I was staring at a girl who looked about 12. She had black hair and pale skin. Something about her was weird. Then it struck me. She was me. The REAL me. She was Tina. She got down on her knees and took my hand in hers. "Kat, you must wake up! You must remember! You sacrificed your life to get here! Don't give up! You are never alone! Please remember for the sake of your family!" I tried to sit up, but failed. Tina had tears in her eyes. "Come on! You can do it! I used to feel so insecure, and useless. I never felt I had enough power, but I do! You do! Remember now!" With that last word energy flowed threw my body. I closed my eyes. Images flashed. Pictures flooded my mind. I Kat, no, I Tina, could remember. I stood up and raised my hands. "Yes! Go on Kat! Go on!" Tine cried.
Me: "Magic Planet Power.... Celestix!"

Date: 09/15/14 3:09 AM
From: WinxWeekly

Kat's POV
I was running down the halls just taking every turn I came by. I didn't even have to stop and consider which turn to take, I just kept running. As I was just starting to run out of breath, I saw a light under a doorway. I slowly opened the door. It was the clock room! How on earth did I make it back here?! I was pretty sure that I hadn't gone in circles. I stepped inside and gasped. There was that girl who claimed she was me. She stood in front of the big silent clcok chanting something. Black magic licked around her fingers as if it were ready to burst out of her hands. I got closer and caught sight of her face. She didn't look like me anymore. In fact, she didn't look like anyone. Her face was black. Completely black. Two evil red eyes stared at the clock with hunger. I took a step closer and the old wooden floor let out a creak. The girl turned suddenly with a gasp. She touched her face with her fingertips as she turned. She looked like me again. She had a big smile on her face. But it was nervous.
Girl: "Tina!" She cried. "What are you doing? Why didn't you destroy the clock?" I stared at her coldly.
Me: "You know why." I whispered, my teeth clenched. The girl laughed nervously.
Girl: "Really? What are you going to do then?" I was about to reply when the girl changed. She had the same black face and the cold, red eyes. Instead of teeth she appeared to have at least fifty fangs. Her clothing seemed to burn away with black magic. Her slick black skin was layered. Scars curved up her arms and legs. Her fingernail and toenails grew longer until they had changed to some sort of claw. She was no longer a girl. She was a hideous black creature. She laughed with a horrible choking sound. A forked tounge flicked in and out of her mouth. She slowly advanced towards me.