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Find your Spirit Creature

Date: 06/30/14 1:11 AM
From: Parisluv

If you read my fan fic "Nymphix, a fan fic" than you know what Spirit Creatures are, if you haven't then let me explain:
Spirit Creatures are you life companion, kind of like Pixies or Selkies but different. They remain in the Spirit Creature world located on Serena, my home planet, until you call on them. They give you advice and help you in battle; they can sometimes go into dreams. All Spirit Creatures, except for Serena (mine) and The Great Dragon (Bloom's), have one fairy and they live as long as that fairy. If you or your Spirit Creature passes away(they can only go in battle) than you both die. They can be dangerous to have, but extremely helpful and a life long friend. If you would like to discover yours fill out the form below.
And that's it, just fill it out and I'll tell you your Spirit Creature. (this includes merfairies, I know because I am one)
~Princess Elizabeth Fairy of the Sparkling Waters
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Date: 10/25/14 5:05 PM
From: nova2001

That's awesome! Thanks

Date: 10/25/14 7:12 AM
From: sappirejem

Just thought I'd tell you girls that Elizabeth is off til next week, so she won't be able to reply! -Jasmine

Date: 10/24/14 6:06 PM
From: bloom5718

I've found another type of creature!It's called a power creature!They can give you the power of the elements!WARNING:If they are hit with a spell of dark magic,they turn evil!That is all!

Emma fairy of the golden dragon flame

Date: 10/24/14 12:04 PM
From: bansheebff

Nevermind that sorry Parisluv...awkward-ness
Well I'm sorry


Date: 10/22/14 6:18 PM
From: bansheebff

Parisluv I could use your help PLEASE!!
I don't know what my power is or what I'm the fairy of nor how I get that information and I was wondering if you could find out for me...Here is what you might need.
Hobbies:Soccer,swimming,chatting with friends,reading,writing,playing with my dog Banshee.
Personality:Fun,creative,loud,funny,weird,awesome,gamer,like that!Thanks!!!


Date: 10/21/14 1:01 PM
From: mlpfan10


Name: Melody

Power: Music and Song

Personality: Very smart, kind, kind of a hothead, a natural-born leader, etc.

Date: 10/20/14 10:24 PM
From: Parisluv

What do you mean about your power? Could you please explain?
~Princess Elizabeth Merfairy of the Sparkling Waters

Date: 10/18/14 5:01 PM
From: Emm53

Name: Aline
Power : Used to be Sparkle Flowers before the Big End came. Now im not sure.
Personality : Bubbly, creative, strong swimmer.

Date: 10/17/14 1:29 AM
From: Parisluv

I did some searching and you are the Fairy of the Creative Night! Congrats! You have a lot of nightly powers, but you also have some powers over creativity (ex. art).
Your Spirit Creature is The Creative Unicorn! This enchanting Unicorn is super creative, very wise, and is a true friend.
~Princess Elizabeth Merfairy of the Sparkling Waters

Date: 10/16/14 6:00 PM
From: nova2001

Oh my goodness! This sounds amazing! I would love to find mine.
Name: Nova
Power: I think it has to do with the stars or moon... Not sure though.
Personality: Bubbly, funny, creative, sometimes quiet.

Date: 10/10/14 2:14 AM
From: Parisluv

Your Spirit Creature is The Gothic Dragon! Most people think this elegant Dragon will be a little ?dark? so to speak, but that?s not quite true. She is very wise, noble, and has a quirky side; she will be a true and loyal friend.
~Princess Elizabeth Merfairy of the Sparkling Waters

Date: 10/09/14 5:15 PM
From: 787babe

you sould put

Date: 10/09/14 5:13 PM
From: 787babe

mine will proble be goth dragon
power:goth dragon fire
age: 8
emoson:weird fun and a little anooying not like i want out of here anooying!

Date: 10/06/14 5:52 PM
From: Parisluv

Quick reminder:
to call on your Spirit Creature say, "Spirit of (the)____" and insert your Spirit Creature; once you have either learned its name or named it you can call on them using their name.
~Princess Elizabeth Merfairy of the Sparkling Waters

Date: 10/02/14 8:58 PM
From: Parisluv

Did you see my reply?
~Princess Elizabeth Merfaiy of the Sparkling Waters

Date: 09/29/14 3:32 AM
From: Parisluv

Your Spirit Creature is The Musical Phoenix! This enchanting Phoenix is very wise, loves seeing those around her happy, and is warmhearted; an eternal friend.
Your Spirit Creature is The Mysterious Polar Bear! This powerful and icy bear is fierce and often feared, but if you look a little deeper there is a heart of gold; can be very stubborn, but will never give up on a friend.
You are in fact: Alaina Fairy of Sweet Emotions! Congrats! Your Spirit Creature is The Swan of Love! This gorgeous Swan is super loving, kind, and wise; a heart of gold.
~Princess Elizabeth Merfairy of the Sparkling Waters

Date: 09/27/14 5:39 AM
From: tfiosfairy

PS Could you also help me find my power?

Hobbies: Soccer, swimming, writing, gardening, so yeah.
Connections: Music (I <3 80s music!!!!!), fire, water, emotions (love).

I personally think that I am the fairy of Sweet Emotions (fairy of love) or the fairy of Harmony (music).

Date: 09/27/14 5:31 AM
From: tfiosfairy

Name: Alaina
Power: ???
Personality: funny, smart, creative, positive, athletic, kind

Date: 09/27/14 2:33 AM
From: IcyFairy

Name: Serena
Power: Omega Dimension
Personality: Quick tempered, she appears cold and closed to stranger but really, she has a good heart. She finds it very difficult to forgive and forget. She will often hold it against someone for weeks, sometimes months. Strong, courageous, can easily take care of herself. An excellent archer.

Date: 09/26/14 11:56 PM
From: BlueIce755

Thanks for the information!~ I will continue doing music to reveal my true self. Here's the form for the spirit creature.

Name: Jenny
Power: Classicial Music
Personality: Quiet when alone but tries to be outgoing with friends, likes to make people laugh, doesn't like annoying or mean people, emotional (I cry when I see sad movies, lol)

And that's about it!

~ BlUeIcE