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The Power of Hope// a fanfic

Date: 07/30/14 11:57 AM
From: Raisin08

Chapter 1
Daisy: Lily! Petal! Flower! Over here!
Lily: Coming Daisy!
Petal: Oh! Look over there! It's Rainbow Sparkle Flower Ocean!
Rose:*running up hill* Sorry I'm late!
Flower: Wait! We can't start yet! Poppy, Iris and Ivy aren't here yet!
Poppy: Wait we're here!
Lily: Poppy! Iris, Ivy!
to be continued...
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Date: 09/19/14 8:36 PM
From: Raisin08

Thank you!
Chapter 21~Emily's POV
Queen: My twin sister, Saralee, wanted to take all of of you children from us, she succeeded. She took Hope, because the rest of you were about to leave and Hope was about to join. That is why I never I gave you her necklace.
Me: We have to save her! Even if we don't remember her. Mom, Dad, stay safe while we're gone.
King: We will. Saralia, our daughters are putting themselves in danger.
Queen: I know.
Violet: You all really have to transform now.
Me: My tracking spell is telling me that Aunt Saralee is over there!*points* Now I remember what happened!
Me: We are here to save our sister Aunt Saralee!
Saralee: Oh, Emily! You won't be saving your sister anytime soon!
Me: We will save her!
Me, Violet, Mary: Hopix!
Me: Emily, fairy of the Daughters of Flower Hope!
Mary: Mary, fairy of Mary Hope!
Violet: Violet, fairy of Violet Hope!
to be continued...
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Date: 09/17/14 6:47 PM
From: Kelly8292

WOW!This is so amazing!I have seen so many fanfics,but this is one of the best!Keep this up!

Kelly fairy of the misty luna


Date: 09/16/14 6:21 PM
From: Raisin08

Great fanfic sis! Oh! Thanks for letting me use your account too!

Date: 09/16/14 5:50 PM
From: Raisin08

I'll give Mary, Poppy, Iris, Lily and Ivy more parts.
Chapter 20~Violet's POV
Emily: It's a long journey to Floweria Hopia.
Daisy: So, if we're your sisters, and we live on some planet called Floweree Hopee, then if we're fairies, what are our powers?
Me: First of all, it's Floweria Hopia. Second, your powers are probably whatever your name is then hope.
Daisy: That is so confusing.
Lily: Daisy!
Daisy: I never expected I would be traveling with Violet!
Mary: We're almost there!
Daisy: Grrrrr........
Emily: We're here!
Me: Mom!
Mary: Dad!
Queen Sara: My daughters!
King Ryan: Wait! Sara, there is only twelve!
Queen Sara: You're quite right! Where is Hope?
King Ryan: It's a question.
Emily: Mother, you never told me about Hope.
Queen Sara: Oh, Emily. I know, I didn't give you her necklace either.
Emily: Why?
to be continued...
-Please read it
-Serena, fairy of Water

Date: 09/15/14 7:39 PM
From: Raisin08

Chapter 19~Emily's POV
Daisy: Why do the necklaces sparkle so much anyway?
Me: Because, you are our sisters, and they will sparkle like that on the sister it belongs to.
Flower: So, you mean we are your sisters?
Violet: Yeah.
Rose: Well we have to go.
Mary: Wait! We all need to find our parents!
Iris: Fine.
to be continued...
(sorry it was so short)

Date: 09/14/14 2:39 PM
From: Raisin08

Chapter 18~Flower's POV
Me: Girls remember what happened at Rainbow Sparkle Flower Ocean?
Iris: How can't we?
Poppy: It was so exiting!
Mary: What happened?
Me: Well, the ocean looked like a rainbow, it sparkled and it looked like there were flowers in it! We had a picnic, went swimming, and did a lot more things too!
Daisy: We also heard a voice that said we are sisters but none of us believed it.
Emily: But it's true.
to be continued...

Date: 09/14/14 1:54 PM
From: Raisin08

Forget the part of Chapter 8 when everyone was at Flower's house.
Chapter 17~Daisy's POV
Everyone: *puts on necklace*
Me: This is much more sparkly than my most sparkly necklace!
Emily: They are our lost sisters!
Violet: If they are, let's transport us all to the Magic Dimension!
Emily and Mary: *transports everyone*
Flower: Where did you bring us?
Lily: It's much more beautiful than our city.
Violet: Now they have to transform, but how?
?: Hahahahahahahahahaha!
Violet: Not the Trix again!
Violet, Emily, Mary: Hopix!
Violet: Violet, fairy of Violet Hope!
Mary: Mary, fairy of Mary Hope!
Emily: Emily, fairy of the Daughters of Flower Hope!
to be continued...

Date: 09/14/14 1:32 PM
From: Raisin08

Chapter 16~Emily's POV
Me: They will also sparkle more than any necklace on any girl, when they are on the right girls.
Violet: I just realized when you said that Emily, that we could tell each of them to take out a necklace and then switch until they have the necklace that matches their name!
Mary: Fantastic idea!
Me: One more thing, they have a great amount power.
Mary: Come here you guys!
Daisy: What is it?
Me: Take one out the switch until the flower matches your name.
Me: Now put them on.
to be continued...

Date: 09/14/14 9:40 AM
From: Raisin08

when I aid Flowerix in chapter 9 and Hopix (Hope-ix) in chapter 14, they earned Hopix sometime in between.
Chapter 15~Violet's POV
Daisy: *suprised*
Flower: I think all of us are speechless!
?: *laughs evilly*
Rose: What, was that!?
Me: It's just the Trix. Wait! What!? The Trix!? What are you doing here?
Icy: To fight you little fairies, of course!
Mary: Time to fight! Hoping Marys!
Me: Hoping Violets!
Emily: Hoping Daughter Flowers!
*Half hour later*
Emily: Mary! Violet!
Mary: What is it?
Emily: I remember how before we were sent away from our planet, Mom told me that this bottle has each of our sisters little flower shaped diamond necklaces in it. The diamond is shaped like each of the sisters names, except our sister named Flower and mine. Flower has a flower and I have a flower for each of our sisters and an E on mine.
to be continued...

Date: 09/13/14 9:37 PM
From: cow07

I like the names, they are all flower names. Cool!

Date: 09/13/14 9:27 PM
From: SappireJem

Great chapters! Please continue! -J-Z-I

Date: 09/13/14 8:59 PM
From: Raisin08

Chapter 14~Daisy's POV
Me: Now tell us, Violet, what your little secret is!
Violet: I-I can't tell you!
Me: Tell us now!
Violet: These two girls are my sisters and I think you're one of our nine lost sisters Daisy!
Me: .........
Flower: Explain.
Emily: We are fairies and we are three of the lost princesses of Floweria Hopia. Nine are still missing.
Me: Not true.
Lily: Daisy-
Me: How should we believe you?
Mary: Because! Sisters!
Emily, Violet and Mary: Hopix!
Violet: Violet, Fairy of Violet Hope!
Mary: Mary, fairy of Mary Hope!
Emily: Emily, fairy of the Daughters of Flower Hope!
to be continued...
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Date: 09/12/14 5:54 PM
From: Raisin08

Chapter 13~Mary's POV
Daisy: It's gone too far!
Lily: What's gone too far?
Daisy: We have to go over there and find out what's happening!
Rose: Daisy-
Daisy: We have to!
Flower: Daisy!
Daisy: What!

Daisy: So, Violet, this is your little secret!
Violet: *turns around* D-D-Daisy!?
Daisy: Yeah! Who are these two girls anyway?
Violet: Um! Um! Um!
Emily: I'm Emily.
Mary: I'm Mary and who are all of you!?
Daisy: *introduces everyone*
to be continued...


Date: 08/27/14 5:49 PM
From: Raisin08

Chapter 12~Emily's POV
Me: I sense 9 over there!
Violet: All of them! We better call Mary!-calling Mary-

Flower: What are they doing? And who is that girl?
Daisy: No idea.

Mary: What is it?
Violet: Emily found our sisters!
Mary: All nine! Wow! now all twelve of us can be together again!
to be continued...


Date: 08/26/14 7:06 PM
From: SappireJem

Nice chapter! -J-Z-I

Date: 08/26/14 6:29 PM
From: Raisin08

Chapter 11~Violet's POV
-2 hours later-
Me: We finally ended that fight.
Emily: We must go back to Earth to find our 9 lost sisters, counting the girl who you think is one!
Me: Right!
Emily: I will use my special tracking spell. Flowery Tracking! No, no, no, no, yes!
Me: Good thing we're untransformed!
to be continued...

Date: 08/24/14 6:17 PM
From: SappireJem

We're reading! Please continue! -Jasmine-Zoe-Isabella

Date: 08/23/14 6:14 PM
From: Raisin08

Chapter 10~Icy's POV
Emily: Hope of the daughters!
Me: Ice blocker!
Violet: Hope of Violets!
Stormy: Attacking storm!
Violet: Violet shield!
-shield disappears-
Violet: Yikes!
Emily: Shield of Flowers!
to be continued...

Date: 08/23/14 5:26 PM
From: Raisin08

Their wings are the same colors as their clothes. Do I have anyone reading? Anna? Gracie? Anyone!?

Date: 08/22/14 11:05 AM
From: Raisin08

Violet: Black hair over one eye, violet eyes. Transform: hair in braid, same eyes, violet shirt, black ruffly skirt, violets in hair
Emily: Normal: Curly blonde hair, blue eyes. Transform: Same eyes and hair, glittery blue shirt, glittery yellow skirt