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Want a pet, pixie or selkie? Ask me, and i'll give you one!

Date: 08/09/14 4:57 PM
From: mermaid459

I'm running a shop called Sparkle Pets! I will give you a fairy pet, pixie or a selkie for free!! I love giving away pets and things!! Tell me if you want a pet, pixie or selkie, then if it's a fairy pet, tell me what kind of animal, if its a pixie tell me what outfit, and power, if its a selkie, tell me power, tail, know! The clothes, the name, the tail, wings, power, you know! I will post what your fairy pet, selkie and fairy is!!!! Please get one!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!

Sofia and Serena

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Date: 08/27/14 4:58 PM
From: jhesley24

I want a pixie with a hot pink top and long hair and light blue pants and her powers is to make my wishes come true.
p.s when will my pixie come to me???? please answer!!

Date: 08/27/14 3:16 PM
From: Arabel52

I want a pet and a pixie
Wings:Do they really have wings?If yes then blue wings
outfit:just a blue little dress and purple shoes
I just want pixie of rain her style is not that important

Date: 08/23/14 1:59 PM
From: kenzie46

can i have a pet bunny????????

Date: 08/23/14 1:50 PM
From: winxlove50

I would like a fairy pet black and white small dog a mut name duke like the one my real life! :o}

Date: 08/23/14 6:41 AM
From: BlueIce755

May I please have a selkie?
She will be exactly like Bloom's Selkie; Serena, personality, appearance, outfit, tails, wings, EXCEPT! Her power will be wish granting and she can grant impossible wishes too. Easy wishes will take only 1 second to grant, but impossible wishes will take 1 minute, and the wishes are unlimited, but I can only wish for 3 wishes in one day so I can control myself.

~ BlUeIcE


Date: 08/21/14 11:14 PM
From: Musae

Can I please have a horse fairy pet? Thanks!

Rose, Fairy of Peace and Seasons


Date: 08/21/14 3:16 AM
From: SappireJem

........... so where is it?....... -Jasmine -Zoe .......

Date: 08/18/14 11:08 PM
From: glammer33

can i get both please i will give you new magic powers and fairy money

Date: 08/17/14 6:19 PM
From: SappireJem

Soo... have you got a fairy pet yet???? -Jasmine-Zoe

Date: 08/16/14 8:33 PM
From: creepy101

I'm not sure if my first one went through, so if you can I'd love a kitten fairy pet!

Date: 08/16/14 10:57 AM
From: sapphiregi

Can I please have s selkie!
Power: Emerald Ocean
Tail: Any
Name: Sirena

Date: 08/15/14 5:26 PM
From: treehunger

May I Have A Fairy Pet Please! :) please can it be a white brown fluffy puppy! sincerely,Ally Fairy Of The Flame And Princess Of Arcflamus

Date: 08/14/14 6:14 PM
From: mermaid459

Ok, all of you will get what you want, give me about 1 day, to get everything you need!! Bye!!

Date: 08/14/14 1:41 PM
From: progressa

Can I get a pixie!!
Name: Shimmer
Outfit: long light brown hair, a sky blue dress with flower
Power: Golden Dragon love
If you can please add transform level and wings it
would be nice
Transform level: myth ix
Wings: golden hearts

Date: 08/13/14 8:22 PM
From: nyamusic

can I have a pixie please
name: Bridgette
power: waves and music
outfit: she has long curly brown and black hair with a blue bandana with water signs on tops, a purple and blue short sleeve shirt that says love music and waves, a blue skirt and purple boots with glitter
wings: violet purple

Date: 08/13/14 6:18 PM
From: SappireJem

Hi,we're looking for a fairy pet for our sister,so do you have one? What kind of animal?:Is it possible to get a baby tiger?'Cause that's what she wants! Thanks! -Jasmine-Zoe-and Isabella

Date: 08/13/14 9:53 AM
From: creepy101

Can I please have a fairy pet? If possible I'd like a kitten, one thats small and fluffy. Perferably with the fur colour of orange and black with dee blue eyes and purple wings!

Date: 08/12/14 7:42 PM
From: marie18809

OK can I have a selkie!? This is how I want her to look like:
Power: fashion songs (if that power is a thing)
Tail:pink and purple
Name: Melody
Wings: I don't think selkies have wings but erm... I want Hot pink wings!

Thanks also can you give me pixie sight? FOR REAL I need it! (BTW I wear glasses!) And I'm not a merfairy (maybe) and I didn't transform so I hope that's ok, ... OK thanks!

Marie but I have 2 first names Marie-Ester but call me Marie

I also hope this is REAL and when is my selkie gonna show up and where is she gonna show up thanks!