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Another strange dream

Date: 08/12/14 1:45 PM
From: arabel52

A couple of nights ago I had a strange dream...I found myself with a girl who had red hair
Me:What?Where are we?
Sister:In your house,now let's go
Sister:We must save the world
Me:The movie rental?
Sister:Yes,now go,get this film and I'll tell you why
Me:Okay*enters* WHOA!!!
Sister:What's happening?
Sister:movie zombies!They're hypnotysed(or however it's written)
Me:Here I go...Gotcha!*picks up film* *leaves shop*
-while watching the film-
Me and my sis were absorbed into the movie
Sis:Here is the bad guy!*transforms*Let's show him who's the boss!
Me:I can't!
Sis:It's time to fight,don't mess it up!
Me:here it goes...*transforms*yeah!
After the fight the dream ended...Can you dechipher it?
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Date: 08/25/14 12:03 PM
From: arabel52

we transformed into enchantix..I think so because I had medium wings and an otfit like floras enchantix

Date: 08/20/14 6:39 PM
From: Anniaka

What did you guys transform into?
-Annaka Fairy of Ocean