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Who is my sister

Date: 08/12/14 1:55 PM
From: arabel52

All I know about her is
Parents:Michelle and David
And she's a merfairy.Help me find her please !
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Date: 08/25/14 12:25 PM
From: arabel52

Today I found a mark on my back looks like the map of the UK ( no joke! ) sticked to the map of my country maybe my sister is from the UK ? I don't know but if she is I can find her!

Date: 08/12/14 10:34 PM
From: Mermaid459

A merfairy! Hmmm, me and my sister are mermaids, but we live in a place called Tailena! hair, a girl with a tail and wings? Serena help me! Okay, Okay, Sofia, calm down! I've seen a girl like that! Her name is Anna! I know her, really I do! I've seen her one time, and she had red hair, and she was a merfairy! Please read our other posts! Please, no one hardly reads them, be in my fanfic to!!!!!

Serena and Sofia