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Hola Fairies! I'm new! :3

Date: 08/22/14 12:09 PM
From: toph989

Hey guys! I'm Sona! I am the Protector of Dreams! I live on the moon! I'm a very quiet person...but I would love a few friends! My pet is a very adorable snow white kitty with big purple eyes! :3

Name: Sona
Gender: Girl
Power: Protector of Dreams! She can also control ice and water!
Hair Color: Light Purple (Natural)
Hair: Always in a braid
Clothes: White short-sleeve, a light purple sweater, white leggings, light purple converse
Transformation: Charmix
Pet: Dreamy (Her kitty)

And that's all! :3


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Date: 08/26/14 3:01 AM
From: maddyalix

did somebody call? hey! I'm Maddy, Fairy of the Shy Ocean Pearls! i believe Elizabeth said i would be good to ask for a double fan fiction? i would love to write with you! what did you have in mind for the story? here is my info!
Name: Maddy
Power: Shy Ocean Pearls
Planet: Andros
Gender: Female
Hair colour: Dark Curly brown
Hair: either out, or up in a ponytail.
Clothes: Yellow sleeveless button-down, white shorts and an aqua belt. white boots that go half way up my leg.
transformation:pre-sirenix (untransformed)
Pet: my dog Rory (choodle (( chiuwauwa poodle cross)) i can't spell chiuawauwa)
personality: CRAZY!! AS well a clumsy, but I'm pretty smart and kind. i love to listen to others!!

please tell me what you think about the story!!
Maddy, Fairy of the Shy Ocean Pearls,
Member of the Alix Club,
Headmistress and teacher at the Believer Academy for All!


Date: 08/25/14 7:46 PM
From: WinxWeekly

Hi! Here's my info!
Name: Vita
Age: 17
Gender: Girl
Power: Life and Death
Planet: Magjiiro
Parents: King Draven and Queen Lyricca (They died when I was 3)
Siblings: My 18 year old brother, Vance.
Hair: Red shoulder length and wavy.
Hair: Bangs are usually pulled to one side. The rest of my hair flows freely down my neck.
Clothes: Turquoise shirt with purple lace and blue pants.

Date: 08/25/14 4:20 PM
From: toph989

Awesome!! ^-^
Nice to meet you to, dear! :D
Sona Protector Of Dreams

Date: 08/25/14 1:52 AM
From: SappireJem

Sona,Sure we can be friends! :D -Jasmine-Zoe-Isabella

Date: 08/24/14 8:47 PM
From: rosa1875

Hello Sona!I am Destiny!I just love cats!I have one named Misty!She is a SUPER sweet cat!Well,goodbye for now!I have to go!

Date: 08/24/14 5:01 PM
From: toph989

Hi, nice to meet you! :3 Wanna be friends? :D
He-he! ^-^ Nice to meet you! Wanna be friends? :D
Hi there girls! Nice to meet you all! Wanna be friends? :D Dream Powers.... UNITE! :3
(Super sorry for the same response, I'm tired xD
Sona Protector Of Dreams

Date: 08/23/14 2:55 PM
From: readreadre

greetings, fellow fairy! im Luna, fairy of the hawiian way!
my power is growing flowers, and helping animals!

alhoa, Luna


Date: 08/23/14 1:10 PM
From: winxlove50

sona i'm new to!:)
i've got a dog named duke!
he's a mut with big brown eyes!
I have the power of ice, snow and frost
my hair is a light brown coller that is in a waterfall braid
my planet is icelalite and my trans is chamix! maybe our pets could have a playdate! i'm a princess to!

Date: 08/23/14 2:45 AM
From: SappireJem

Hi! Name:Jasmine . Gender:Girl. Power:Sky Dreams(Me and you both have Dreams!) Hair color:Aqua. Hair:Mostly down. Clothes: Blue Dress with tan shoes and belt. Transformation:Charmix. Planet:Skylaria. Parents:Fiona and Phillip. Pet:A griphon named Fay.Age:12. Siblings:Zoe and Isabella.

Name:Zoe. Gender:Girl. Power:Sparkling Dreams(Yup me to!) Hair color:Pink. Hair:Down mostly. Clothes:Blue shirt with a star,star earrings,jean skirt and heels. Transformation:Charmix. Planet:Skylaria.Pet:Peep the polar bear.Age:12. Siblings:Jasmine and Isabella.Parents:Fiona and Phillip.

Name:Isabella. Gender:Girl. Power:Breezy Dreams(Yes,Yes,me to!) Hair color:Orange yellow. Hair:Down mostly. Clothes:Purple shirt with leaves on it and jean skirt with heels. Transformation:Charmix. Planet:Skylaria. Parents:Fiona and Phillip.Siblings:Zoe and Jasmine.Welcome to the boards!!!! :) -J-Z-I


Date: 08/22/14 7:42 PM
From: toph989

Hey Sakuri! :3 Merfairy of peace and kittens!!! How cute :D
Yes, I did travel with someone from Serena. And, Thank you! I'll definitely ask some of the talented writers!! :D I'm pretty sure everyone is! And yay! It will probably be up when I find someone to do the double with! xD
Princess Sona Protector Of Dreams

Date: 08/22/14 7:04 PM
From: michimu100

Hi I am Sakuri! Oh I love cats I am a merfairy of peace and kittens :3 -Sakuri

Date: 08/22/14 5:52 PM
From: Parisluv

Too bad she left, perhaps you will find another one someday. Did you travel to the Spirit Creature World with someone from Serena? (only way you could go and find out) I would love to join your fan fic, although I don't know about the writing part; I'm working on two multis on the Stories Boards. Kiaria though, she's a talented writer. There are actually a lot of talented writers on here. You should ask Maddy, she's great at writing. I can't wait to read it!
~Princess Elizabeth Merfairy of the Sparkling Waters

Date: 08/22/14 5:11 PM
From: toph989

Oh! You have an love for alicorns too? I used to have one, but she wasn't really mine. She was my sister's alicorn... Until she left me, and my family behind. She was a protector, just like me. She was jealous since my power of protecting is the greatest of them all. And then she left. My spirit creature is The Dream Deer. It's powers are unbelievable! Anyway, I would love to get to know you Elizabeth! :3 Maybe you could join my fanfic...and we could write it together?

Date: 08/22/14 4:23 PM
From: toph989

Hello, Kiara! :3
Greetings, Princess Elizabeth! :3
Hope you guys will join my fanfic when it's out! >.<

Date: 08/22/14 3:42 PM
From: Parisluv

Hi Sona! Here's a little about me:
Name: Elizabeth
Age: 15
Power: Sparkling Waters
Planet: Serena
Level: Sirenix
Parents: Queen Athena and King Poseidon (both died when I was 5)
Siblings: Older brother, Ember
Pets: An Alicorn (winged unicorn) named Sapphire, and a Zebra fairy pet named Zafrina
Spirit Creature: Serena (the Great Alicorn)
It's great to meet you!
~Princess Elizabeth Merfairy of the Sparkling Waters

Date: 08/22/14 2:34 PM
From: LOKorra12

Hi Sona! I'm, Kiaria! :D

Kiaria, Fairy of Stars and Moon