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Anyone wanna do a double? :3

Date: 08/22/14 7:38 PM
From: toph989

Hey guys! Sona here! Anyone wanna do a double? xD Here is the form for your character! :3

Name: Sona
Age: 15
Power: Sona is the Protector Of Dreams, the most important and powerful Protector
Birthstone: Diamond
Princess (yes or no): Yes, but she doesn't know it yet!
Level of Transformation: Charmix
Pets: Dreamy, A snow white kitten. Nessa, A crystal phoenix
Spirit Creature: The Dream Deer, it has powers that are unbelievable. It guides Sona through her dreams, and tough times.
Personality: Shy, Sweet, Strong, Calm, Girly, Bubbly, Smart
Now here is the form for YOU! :3
What you want to be called: Hannah
When you can post: Sunday, (and basically any day!)
And that's all! Hope you guys wanna double! :3
Princess Sona Protector Of Dreams

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Date: 08/25/14 10:15 PM
From: Musae

Ok! Here is the other form:
Name: Rose
Age: 13
Power: Rose is the Fairy of Peace and Seasons
Birthstone: Pearl
Princess: Don't know parents or planet so I think no
Transformation: Charmix
Pet: Trying to get one
Spirit Creature: The Phoenix of Seasons, it is very kind, wise, and sweet. Also, it is a true and understanding friend.
Personality: Shy, quiet, and sometimes very talkative

Rose, Fairy of Peace and Seasons


Date: 08/23/14 10:35 PM
From: Parisluv

Hey! I can't write, but here's a character for you (it's me!)
Name: Elizabeth
Age: 15
Power: Sparkling Waters
Birthstone: Sapphire
Princess: Yes, and she knows it.
Level: Sirenix
Pets: Sapphire, a black Alicorn
Spirit Creature: Serena, the Great Alicorn; she is one of the two most powerful Spirit Creatures. Her and the Great Dragon created the Magic Dimension, the two of them are the only Spirit Creatures who will live forever.
Personality: Courageous, kind, stubborn, bubbly, slightly short tempered, smart, and lovable.
~Princess Elizabeth Merfairy of the Sparkling Waters

Date: 08/23/14 9:03 PM
From: toph989

Thanks for the application! I'll get back to you later! :3
@Musae (sorry i forgot it)
Rose, a double is when two people write a fanfic together. It requires A LOT of work, patience, and teamwork! :3 Of course you can fill out the longer form, you will need it to be in the fanfic! Back to the Doubles, It goes like one person writes a chapter, and then the other person does. You basically take turns... :3 You just need to talk, A LOT! Hope this helped! :3
Sona Protector Of Dreams

Date: 08/23/14 1:52 PM
From: kenzie46

Age:9 in a few days
Pets:Kiki,turquiose bunny
spirit creature:no idea
personality:sometimes aggressive,funny,active
Want to be called:Kayluv
every day
here is my friends form he wants in
Power:hame-hame-hah(he is a supersane)
Pets:black horse,rage(rasge)
spirit creature:unknown
personality:tough,funny,awesomly awsome!!!!
Want to be callled:Goku
every night

Date: 08/22/14 11:35 PM
From: Musae

Name: Rose
When I can post: Friday and Saturday
Can I fill out the longer form too? What is a double? Thanks!

Rose, Fairy of Peace and Seasons