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Sparklix (By Tori)

Date: 08/22/14 9:46 PM
From: GemFairy

The sunsets on the crisp autumn day. "Well its time." I said to myself.
???: "Ancients its time, prepare the locks." I said to the Guardians.
All: "The light that flows down the path of fairy, close the gate to this path, don't let any fairy see this flow of light ever again, by order of the Guardians." The Guardian said together.
A huge burst of light engulf us all. From that moment on Sparklix was lock and the Guardians we lost for entirety.
Chapter 1: New Group
I cross the Alfea courtyard trying to get to my next class.
Mrs. F.: "Tori, Geneva, Milliana, Sonia, Ultear, Melody to my office." Mrs. F. said.
We march to Mrs. F. office hoping we weren't in trouble
Mrs. F.: "Hi girls, all of you know Tori right, well if you don't Tori started out as a fairy, when she was born she was bound to a prophecy, became a witch, and now she a Alfea girl." she said.
Me: "Is that what you called us in for, to make me feel worse. Yeah I've done bad things in my life, but I couldn't handle it. All my life I was bound to that stupid prophecy and not choosing my own destiny until my sisters freed me. I'm done with that life, now its my turn to protect my sisters." I said angrily
Mrs.F: "Tori no you all are here for something else. Sparklix!!." Mrs.F. said excitedly
Me: *Gasp* You know as well as I do my ancestors sealed Sparklix away forever." I said with a grin.
Mrs.F.: "Yes the did, but you and them can break the locks."
Me: "Sorry Mrs.F., but I cant help you I don't have any power to break the locks, not even my mom has." I said with a happy smile.
Mrs.F.: "Yes you can. All of you can and I have chosen you for this mission. Now go earn Sparklix."
We walk out of her office. I glare angrily at them all.
Ultear: "Well isn't the Goth girl useful now." She said. Ultear had bright pink hair that goes mid-back into perfect curls, fair skin, sea green eyes. She was wearing a pink lace crop, white jean shorts, and white sandals.
Me: "I'm not Goth, I just had a dark style." I said worriedly
Milliana: "How are we suppose to trust a ex witch." She said. Milliana had Light blonde hair that waves at the tips, tan skin, and crystal blue eyes. She wears a mint green spaghetti strap, and dark blue mini skirt, and a pair a dark blue wedge heels.
Me: "I'm not like that anymore, my sisters freed me from my curse. Listen here little fairies, Sparklix is on my turf, its on my home planet, where my sisters are. If you hurt anything or anyone on Crystalaria and it will be the biggest mistake you ever made." I said with a evil grin.
Sonia: "Well whose ready to go." she said trying to lift the award aura. Sonia has Sky blue straight hair, olive skin, sliver eyes. She wears a gold tube top dress with a lace belt, and gold knee high boots.
Ultear: "How are we suppose to get there." she said.
Me: "Some specialist are taking us." I said.
We walk to the courtyard to see the guys Tbc
Princess Tori
Note: I'm taking two extra fairies and 3 witches, and 1 wizard feel free to comment your fairies witches and wizard in the comments.
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Date: 08/28/14 3:05 AM
From: WinxWeekly

Would two evil witches be to many? Because I have another witch but she is a twin so they kind of go together. You can use them both or just one if you want.
Name: Dulcy
Age: 16
Power: Lightning
Parents: A mass of energy which is known as "Dark Silence" is their father. Their mother is unknown. But their father remarried a women known as "Dark Mistress" but the daughters always make the mistake of calling her "Stepmother" when she much prefers "Dark Mistress".
Planet: No where. They drift from place to place.
Looks: She wears a short black dress with straps. Going up her legs are black and yellow ribbons. Likewise, up her arms are black and yellow ribbons. (Kind of like the ribbons in Harmonix) Her black hair is in a yellow pony tail directly on top of her head. It separates into to pieces one going to the left and the other the right. She wears black high heels and a black choker with three yellow beads. She also has yellow bead earrings.

Personality: Tends to make her mother angry. Hates being told what to do. Doesn't like sarcasim. Likes to get things done quicly and HER way.
Name: Darcy (I know there is already Darcy in the Trix but I created these character for my Sailor Moon fanfic and now I'm changing them to Winx characters.
Age: 16
Power: Thunder (Surprise, surprise!)
Parents: Same as Dulcy.
Planet: Same as Dulcy
Looks: Same as Dulcy except her colors are black and purple.
Personality: Doesn't comprehend new stuff very well. Doesn't listen to her parents, she's pretty childish, HATES being told what to do by anyone BUT her older sister, really sarcastic but she doesn't know she is, get's scared really easily, likes to hide behing her sister when she is scared.


Date: 08/27/14 7:08 PM
From: WinxWeekly

Good Witch
Name: Damita
Age: 15
Power: The Bleeding Phoenix Flame
Planet: Unknown
Parents: She was adopted by a good wizard after her parents died.
Body: Pale, thin.
Hair: Long and Black.
Fav Outfit: A short black tank dress, black and red striped tights, black high heels, a red bow bracelet on her left arm with a black, a single black bracelet on her right arm, a big red bow with a black center in her hair.
Personality: Quiet, insecure, secretive, she once did something when she was evil that she will never forgive herself for, she has a good heart but she isn't very good at standing up for herself, she thinks that if she "Follows the Crowd" it is the safest thing to do.

Date: 08/27/14 6:30 PM
From: GemFairy

Chapter 6: The Search
~Tori Prov~
We walk deeper and deeper in the forest. Gray comes up beside me.
Gray: "Why didn't you bring Katania she could of sense it?" he said.
Me: "I can sense the power remember I have my mom's power." I said. The power is getting stronger and stronger as we walk. The power is getting to over whelming for me. *Falls down*
Milliana: "Are you okay?" she ask as Gray help me up.
Me: "Yeah there's so much powerful magic in the air I can't really handle it." I said worriedly.
Ultear: "Weak." she said. I ignore her and keep walking.
Me: "Stop do you feel that, its dark magic." I said. It keeps getting stronger even though were standing still. "Transform guys" I said. *Transforms*
Sonia: *Transforms* "Sonia fairy of Sky Clouds" She has a sky blue one long sleeve top, purple ruffled skirt, navy tights with cloud patterns, with purple arm wrap with white cloud charms, hair in a high pony tail with cloud hair clip with cyan streaks in her hair, cyan and sky blue wings.
Milliana: *Transforms* "Milliana Fairy of Cats." she said. She has a Bright Pink spaghetti strap top, lime green ruffled skirt, lavender tights with paws on them, lime green arm wrap with paw charms, hair in a low pony tail with lavender streaks and cat ears, Bright pink and lime green wings.
Geneva: *Transforms* "Geneva Fairy of Fire Rocks." she said. She has a orange one shoulder top, red ruffled skirt, fuchsia tights with fire patterns, red arm wrap with fire charms, hair in a side pony tail with orange streaks and fire hair clip, orange and fuchsia wings.
Melody: *Transforms* "Melody fairy of Musical Instrument." she said. She has a sea green short sleeve and spaghetti strap top, yellow ruffled skirt, baby blue tights with music note pattern, dark green arm wrap with music note charms, hair in a side braid with dark green streaks and a music note hair clip, sea green and yellow wings.
Ultear: *Transforms* "Ultear fairy of Time." she said. She has a dark purple tank top with rips on her sides, sliver ruffled skirt, white leggings with years pattern on them, pink arm wrap with years charms on them, hair hanging down with white streaks with years clip, and dark purple and white wings.
Elizabeth: *Transforms* "Elizabeth Fairy of Sparkling waters." she said. She has Sapphire blue strapless top, cyan ruffled skirt, purple tights with turquoise circles, hair in a low loose ponytail with sapphire blue streaks, summer flowers (blue and green), a turquoise arm wrap with sapphire blue diamond shaped charms, and lavender and blue wings.
Princess Tori

Date: 08/26/14 9:42 PM
From: GemFairy

~Jasmine, Isabella, and Zoe(Sorry if misspell)
Thank you.
You know I just though of something to make it more dramatic, you can make a good witch. Or either both I don't mind your witches are really good.
Princess Tori

Date: 08/26/14 7:41 PM
From: WinxWeekly

Did you say that you wanted another evil witch or a good witch?

Date: 08/26/14 6:29 PM
From: SappireJem

Great Chapter! -Jasmine-Zoe-Isabella

Date: 08/26/14 5:51 PM
From: GemFairy

Chapter 5: Love is a powerful thing
Me: "Since its almost night so you will be staying in the guest rooms. Go seven doors down from my room and, there will be two extra rooms, one for the girls and one for the boys. Katania will go around to check and give you something to help go around the castle freely. Oh and Elizabeth, Layla request that you stay in her room. She has an extra bed so don't worry about that, its only up to you now." I said.
Elizabeth: "Sure I wouldn't mine." She said gleefully
Me: "Okay you know the way back to the castle, I'm going to the dragons den, and take care of the dragons bye." I said.
~Gray Prov~
We finally get back to the castle, and settle in our rooms. I set on the bouncy railing. I look over all of Crystalaria and see the dragon den. It was made of obsidian and different gemstones. It was beautiful. Why every time I think Tori comes to mind, why when I close my eyes I see her face. I've never felt like this before. I walk out the door and knock on Genesis door.
Genesis: "Yes Gray can I help you with something?" she said.
Me: "Did Tori come back yet?" I ask.
Genesis: "When she's with her dragon she doesn't come back for a while." she said. I walk off and head for Sapphire room.
Sapphire: "Yes Gray." she said.
Me: "I know your powers have something to do with love and I know you can tell when someone in love so would you please tell me if I'm in love." he said.
Sapphire: "Okay sure." she said. *lovely amethyst* "I'm sorry, but you have a block on your heart and I can't find anything." she said.
Me: "Thank you." I said. I walk out the castle and to the dragon den. I was about to walk through the door when I hear talking.
Tori: "Darkness I'm so confused, I don't know what to do anymore. Gray so nice to me, but how can someone like an ex witch." she said. My foot steps on a twig. "Who's there." she said.
Me: "Its just me Tori. I wanted to talk to you." I said
Tori: "Sure go head." she said. I walk over to her and her dragon growls. "Darkness play nice." she said.
Me: : "I don't know why, but I cant get you out of my head." I said.
Tori: "I don't want to hurt you. I am a witch, and a fairy." she said.
Me: "Tori your more than that. You have a great family, loving sisters, you have amazing powers, and your not like others girls." I said. Tori look paler than normal. She faints and I catch just before she falls down. I carry her back. "Katania hurry get to Tori room." I yell.
Katania: "She's going to be fine, its just from where Sparklix is growing in her, but she cant unleash it." she said as she walk out the door.
Ultear: "Come on Gray lets explore Crystalaria." she said.
Me: "No Ultear I don't like you like that. I like someone else. I said.
Ultear: "You mean witch girl right here." she said angrily as she stomp out the door.
~Ultear Prov~
What does he see in her. I'm much more pretty.
Sonia: "So he wouldn't go with you." he said.
Me: "No he likes witch girl." I said angrily.
Milliana: "I wouldn't be worried he will crawl back to you." she said.
~Tori Prov~
After I heard what Gray said I think my heart grew more.
Me: "Gray you really do like me." I said.
Gray: "I even as Sapphire to look in my heart, but I was holding back my feelings." he said.
Me: I set up, and hug Gray. *Whispers* "I like you too." I said. TBC
Princess Tori

Date: 08/26/14 4:16 PM
From: GemFairy

Okay thank you. Your character should be in chapter 6 or 7. You can make more characters if you like, I really cant come up with good witches and I really like yours so if you want you can make another witch.

Date: 08/25/14 9:14 PM
From: Parisluv

Yay! Excellent chapter, just adds to your amazing story. I absolutely love it!
P.S. I may not be posting for a while, it's explained on the Spirit Creatures Post.

Date: 08/25/14 7:39 PM
From: WinxWeekly

Sure she can be evil. Excellent chapter!

Date: 08/25/14 6:19 PM
From: GemFairy

Chapter 4: Pearl of the Wind
We walk out the castle. Except for me I was flying.
Geneva: "Why do we have to go to some graves?" she ask.
Me: "Because my sisters passed out because someone was disturbing the graves." I said. We get closer to the graves and we feel the magic get thicker as we go.
Hunter: "Wait I see someone or something." he said.
Me: "Who's there." I said.
???: "Tori is that you?" the girl said. As we come closer we see the girl. She has dark chocolate brown, wavy, long hair in a side ponytail. Hazel green eyes and lightly tan skin. black ballet flats with a lavender bow, a navy blue knee length skirt, a turquoise tank top with a purple belt, and a silver locket.
Ultear: "Who are you?" she said.
???: "Tori you don't recognize me." she said.
Me: "Oh my gosh is that you Elizabeth." I said.
Elizabeth: "The one and only." she said. I run up to her and hug her.
Me: "What are you doing here, and why are you at the graves."
Elizabeth: "Well Mrs. F. sent me here to help you on your quest. Oh I saw some flashing light over here so I decided to check it out, then I saw your sisters fall out of the sky." she said. "Where's Layla and the others?" she ask.
Me: "They're awake in their rooms. Let me send them a message." I said. I sen the message and Layla will be coming out in a few.
Ryan: "Why don't we search the graves to see what happen." he said. We walk around the graves and then we see it. A huge chunk in the ground was blasted away.
After I have the barrier let them through, we walk down the stairs where the chunk was there. It was amazing a Pearl and Quartz walls, sapphire and ruby floors, and eight crystal thrones. "Wow this is amazing." I said.
Gray: "I know, I cant believe we get to see something like this." she said joyfully. In the center of the floor was eight holes, that clearly held gemstones.Milliana: "Look over there, there's an Obsidian wall." she said. I walk over to the wall. *Obsidian Fly* The wall separates and we walk through. *screams*
Ghost: "Only a person on royal blood can enter this tomb, turn back now if you don't want to be hurt."
Me: "I'm of royal blood. Princess Obsidian Fairy of The Bleeding/Healing Obsidian. Daughter of King Eric and Queen Jacqueline." I said. The ghost lets us pass and we continue down the tunnel.
Brian: "Why is there a breeze in this tunnel?" he ask.
Hunter: "We near the surface ." he said.
Me: "No we close to the powers archive, so no one touch anything. Some of the powers are curse, lock or own by my family." I said. We reach the powers archive and each orb is glowing.
Ultear: "What's the give thing in the middle?" she said.
Me: "The planets power or now its called Katania power." I said. Gray: "This room is amazing." as he walks around looking at the powers.
Me: "Be careful Gray your in the area of the active powers. Ultear your in the curse powers stay away. Simon get away from the lock powers. Milliana your in the rare powers be careful my mom power is over there." I said.
Ultear: "This power says Bleeding Obsidian." she said.
Me: *Dark Shield* "Stay away from my powers." I said angrily.
Milliana: "Wait this power says Pearl Wind, but its not lighting up." she said.
Me: "That's my mom, she doesn't have that power, my sisters and I have except for Katania. Here's the room to Sparklix." I said
Ghost: "Princess Obsidian, and Princess Elizabeth good to see you." the ghost said.
Elizabeth: "How do you know me?" she ask.
Ghost: "One of the ancients was related to you." the ghost said. We keep walking and we see the big Pearl Throne.
Me: "Ancients listen to me how do you unlock Sparklix?" I said
Ancients: "Princess Obsidian so you were freed from your curse. You know Sparklix is lock." The Ancients said.
Me: "I know that, but we have to some people are after it."
Ancients: "Find there is eight gemstones, and eight sparkles you will need to find. Here is the book and the first gemstones is the Pearl of the Wind." They said.
Me: "Thank you." I said.
Ancients: "One more thing bye my beautiful granddaughter." she said.
Me: "Bye grandma." I said as I run out crying.
Gray: Gray grabs my hand. "Its okay." he said.
Princess Tori

Date: 08/25/14 2:58 PM
From: GemFairy

You'll just have to see what happens with this romance its going to be amazing. The new chapter should come out later tonight and im 95% sure your going to be in it

Date: 08/25/14 2:20 PM
From: parisluv

Crazy awesome chapter! I absolutely love it! And I see romance blossoming...yay! Thanks for putting me in, oh and I forgot to tell you that my planet is Serena. Please keep writing.

Date: 08/25/14 1:11 PM
From: GemFairy

I realize that I didn't give you the guys info so here it is.
Brain: Dark purplish reddish hair that looks like Brandon hair, tan skin, and yellow eyes. He wears gray sweatshirt, jeans, an white tennis shoes. His school uniform is the same as the others just with a yellow stone whatever thing, and a yellow thick light sword as his weapon

Simon: Brown wavy hair, pale skin, and bright green eyes. He wears a blue short sleeve shirt, blue jeans, and black shoes. His school uniform is the same just with a orange stone thing, and a orange wolverine like claws as a weapon.

Hunter: Dark Blue straight hair, fair skin, and light hazel eyes. He wears a white muscle shirt, white pants, and black shoes. His school uniform is the same just with a white stone, and a bow and arrows as his weapon.

Daniel: Dark green curly hair, somewhat tan skin, and dark down eyes. He wears lime green long sleeve shirt, brown pants, and brown shoes. His school uniform is the same just with a lime green stone, and a weapon like Helia's.

Ryan: Red hair style like Helia, aqua eyes, somewhat pale skin. He wears a blue shirt, with a gray jacket, blue jeans, and gray tennis shoes. His school uniform is the same with a blue stone thing, and a blue whip.

Gray: Black wavy hair, silver eyes, fair skin. He wears black t-shirt, black jeans, and sliver tennis shoes. His normal. His school uniform is the same with a black stone thing, and a black sword with a black shield.

They will eventually get more weapons as the time progresses. I didn't give you my info so here.
Me: Black curly hair, purple eyes, tan skin. I wear a black tube top dress, with a golden lace belt, and black and golden thigh high boots.
Princess Tori


Date: 08/25/14 10:41 AM
From: GemFairy

you in you'll most likely be in the next chapter.
The witches in my story are evil, but something happens to at least 2 of them. Is it okay for your character to be evil
Princess Tori

Date: 08/25/14 10:12 AM
From: GemFairy

Chapter 3: The quest beings
Me: "I don't trust those girls in there. Yeah I'm a girl that was a witch, but I'm not like that anymore." I said. He walks over to me, but I go around him. I walk in my living room. *Snaps fingers* "This slide show will show you the history of Sparklix." I said. *Boom*
Katania on wrist communicator: "Get your group to the safe room, mom and dad will be there." she yelled.
Me: "Lets go now." I yelled.
Geneva: "Lets fight not hide." she said.
Me: "I'm not bring you into my planets battles." I said. We walk down the halls and get to the safe room. *Obsidian blast* The obsidian door opens and I see mom and dad in there.
Katania on wrist communicator: "Tori we think they're after the scepters not sure yet. Where's yours?" she ask.
Me: "Still in my room, you know I never take mine out of my room." I said.
Katania: "Go get it now." she yelled.
Me: *Transforms Sirenix* "Tori fairy of the Healing/Bleeding Obsidian." I said as I finish transforming. My Sirenix is purple and red top, with coral like pattern that's red and purple, and red boots, my hairs in a pony tail with an coral like hair clip. I fly out the door going to help my sisters.
~Sonia prov
Me: "Why is Tori so independent?" I ask.
Queen Jacqueline: "Well when she turn 16 she was turn into a witch by force. Then her sisters freed her so she thinks its her job to protect her sisters now." she said.
Ultear: "Maybe we shouldn't call her Goth girl anymore. How about Witch girl." she said with a snicker.
Gray: "Ultear don't be rude, I can tell by looking at Tori that she nice, kind, sweet, gentle, and not to mention pretty." he said kindly.
King Eric: "That's very kind of you to say that stuff about my daughter." he said.
~Layla prov~
Me: "We have to get Katania to put up the barriers." I said.
Xandi: "She can't she will loose to much magic." she said.
Katania: "I'll do it." she said. *Crystals and Gemstones listen to my call, release your energy and create the carrier* It work the barrier up. Tori flew back to mom and dad to see if they we're all right.
~Tori Prov~
I flew to the safe room and everyone was alright. "Who were they mom. I know you got a message." I said.
Mom: "They're after Sparklix." she said. I fall down, but Gray catches me.
Me: "Someone messing with grave of the ancients." I said.
Dad: "That means the others have fallen." he said. Gray carries me to my sisters because I can't walk.
Me: "I have to heal them." I said. *Healing Obsidian* A dark burst flies through them. "Take them to their rooms guards." I said.I grab my quest "buddies" and pulled them back to my room.
Me: "Who told." I yelled angrily
Ryan: "No one did girl." he said.
Me: "My planet has keep Sparklix a secrete from everyone except for Mrs. F. and the magic council. I said angrily.
Ultear: She grins nervously. "I did it so what its just a another transformation." she said.
Me: "Just another transformation, my ancestors died creating the locks." I yell.
Ultear: "Another transformation." she said again.
Me: I had it. *Darkness Explosion*
Ryan: "Calm down ladies." he said.
Me: *Healing Obsidian* I heal Ultear and run out crying. Gray chases after me. "Leave me alone, I just need to be alone right now." I said he grabs my hand and turns me around.
Gray: He wipes away my tears. "Tori calm down, you know you don't have to keep acting strong." he said.
Me: "I have to protect my sisters, I have to stay strong." I said.
Gray: "You have your sisters to protect you and you have me." he said. He kisses me on my cheek gently. He holds my hand and we walk to my room.
Me: "Katania up and she said we need to go to the graves." With those words the quest began. TBC
Princess Tori

Date: 08/25/14 6:24 AM
From: WinxWeekly

Are the witches good or bad? I suppose Leela can be either. By the way, I LOVE this so far!
Name: Leela
Age: 15
Power: Destruction
Planet: Unknown
Clothes: Usually wears a short blue tank dress with black polka dots. Black bracelets on her arms, a big black bow in her hair and black high heels.
Hair: Shoulder length, wavy and blond.
Skin tone: Pale
Eyes: Blue
Personality: Likes to play pranks, enjoys seeing people trip, thinks she's really funny, sort of evil but doesn't really care one way or the other, thinks it is absolutely comical when someone falls for her pranks or gets hurt, not a very nice since of humor.

Date: 08/25/14 3:43 AM
From: Parisluv

Omg! I love you story! I would also love to be in it, here's my info.:
Name: Elizabeth
Age: 15
Power: Sparkling Waters
Level: Sirenix
Looks: Dark chocolate brown, wavy, long hair in a side ponytail. Hazel green eyes and lightly tan skin. black ballet flats with a lavender bow, a navy blue knee length skirt, a turquoise tank top with a purple belt, and a silver locket.
Transformation: Sapphire blue strapless top, cyan ruffled skirt, purple tights with turquoise circles, hair in a low loose ponytail with sapphire blue streaks, summer flowers (blue and green), a turquoise arm wrap with sapphire blue diamond shaped charms, and lavender and blue wings. Underwater hair colors are turquoise with sapphire blue streaks.
Siblings: Ember, older brother
Parents: King Poseidon and Queen Athena (both died when I was 5)
Extra: Always-except in Enchantix-wears Silver locket with a diamond shaped sapphire in the center; last birthday present from mom. First in line for the throne; even though I'm younger.
I hope you pick me! Please keep writing! I love this story!

Date: 08/24/14 9:26 PM
From: GemFairy

You are already in my story since its happening on Crystalaria
Princess Tori

Date: 08/24/14 12:27 AM
From: xandi

Sounds like a good story; can't wait to read the rest of it!