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Date: 08/24/14 8:33 PM
From: everemb

Hey! I've been reading a lot of Fan Fictions
on this board and enjoyed it as user who is not
logged in. I finally decided to make an account
and make my own story! And here I introduce to
you.. the first chapter to my first story!
I hope you enjoy!

Chapter One :


The wind blows gently on the Ceoial Island,
as the moon illuminates brightly. A figure in a
dark dusty red cape sits calmingly on a dull boulder.
The figure's eyes are hidden in the dark shadow casted by it's
hood, but you could tell the figure was observing the
path to the Ceoial forest.

As it begins to rain, the figure slowly stood up
in it's black slender knee-high
boots. Then quickly it ran on the path of Ceoial
forest in such speed.The fall colored leaves float
in the dust behind her it's feet. In the middle
of the forest a cave rests... as the figure enters..
torches are magically lit every step she takes.
The fire burns bright purple.
In reaction... the figure grins.. and pushes
through brown ancient stone doors.

A blinding white light appears and
techno music plays. Magical forest Imps are
dancing and partying on the waxed black and
white checkered floor. The figure ignores the
commotion and sneaks past the party without getting
caught with it's huge cape.A golden ancient stone
doors stands firm. Looking like no force can
make the doors fall. The figure swipes over a
symbol of the door and it opens.
It's a cave tunnel again with the
magical torches, but it's distance was much shorter
and led to no colored ancient stone doors. It led
to a dead end.

The figure sighs in frustration and lead it's
feet, crunching under the grass, to the dead end.
The figure took a deep breath and walked right
into the cave wall. A room, small and shallow with
a dusty wooden book stand in the middle and shelf's
surrounding the book stand. The figure cleans away
the cobwebs and places 3 skulls on one shelf.
The next shelf had 1. And the next shelf had 1.
And finally the last shelf had 4 skulls.

The figure lights 11 candles surrounding the book
stand. And begins to hum a tune. A book forms
from sparkling black dust! Then in low
grouchy voice the figure spoke..

"Hic en spiritum...sed non incorpore..evokare
lemures de mortuis... decretum espuganre..
de angelus balberith.. en inferno... INREMABLIS!"

Black lighting charged from the figure hands
landed on the book and connected to the 11
skulls on the shelf's... slowly.. but steadily...
other 11 figures started appear...cackling...

The darkness itself is unleashed...
A new age is beginning...
The Black Magic Age...
They're back...


That was my first chapter! I'll continue you guys
if want to.

Catch ya later! =Ember-

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Date: 09/14/14 11:44 AM
From: yarabloom

Full Name: Princess Blossom of Domino
Gender: Girl
Age: 15
Power: The Dragon Heart
Personality: Kind, caring, a little stubborn and good natured
Hobby: Reading, tending to the secret greenhouse
Looks: fair skin, brown eyes and long brown hair
Transformation Stage: Charmix
Likes: Books, gardens(nature), Fire and love
Dislikes: Ice, Hatred, danger
Strength: When she is near fire or any type of love her full power kicks in.
Weakness: Of course, Ice and water do prove to have some problems
Pet/Pixie: Lucy, pixie of colours
P.S. She is bloom's and Daphne's sister. Also try to put her in, sorry if its a bit late

Date: 09/13/14 9:58 PM
From: WinxWeekly

Yay! Thanks for letting me in!
Vita, Fairy of Life and Death
P.S. I love your fairy! She's hilarious! Oh will there be a romance? It looks that way. When she bumped into the prince it reminded me of how Usagi and Momoru first met in Sailor Moon. I love it!

Date: 09/13/14 7:50 PM
From: SappireJem

Can I be in it? Name:Jasmine. I'm a girl. Age:13. Personality:Funny,outgoing,impatient,gets serious when its time to battle. Hobbies:Making music,(usually on my flute),Drawing, there's something else but I can't think of it right now.
Looks:Olive skin,Pink eyes,and Aqua hair. Favorite color:Sky Blue. Transformation Level:Charmix. Pet:A griphon named Fay. Fear: I'm sure I'm afraid of something but I'm not sure what it is yet... Power:Sky Dreams.Transformation outfit: Pink shirt with long sleeve and one short,pink skirt pink and dark pink shoes,blue and yellow wings. Everyday outfit:Sky blue skirt with pink pants and sky flats. If you need more info you can just tell me. -Jasmine P.S. If I'm not in its okay.

Date: 09/13/14 1:57 AM
From: everemb

Alrighty, another chapter! I'm all fired up for this one.
Enjoy reading this one! >O<


Chapter Four :

The Star Friend

The classroom is full with girls that have magical powers.
Foreign girls, princess, some people just down from the
street."They're all fairies.. like me?" Rose wondered, "I've
never seen so many fairies with powers gathered all in one
place like this..amazing..."
The classroom consisted of 4
rows and columns. All made out of fiber glass stained in
pastel blue. The chairs with the same material and color,
are connected to the desk. The classroom is filled with
sunshine from the wall of windows. The teachers desk is different
from the students desk. It's wooden and painted in the color of
rusty rose and has a hologram tablet on top of it. The whiteboard
is also there filled with magic pens that you can write in the air
and erase in the air."'s also..really... fancy.. and
high tech. Man I wish Momo can see this. Too bad
pixies aren't allowed in classrooms," Rose sighed.

"Please take you're seats everyone," ordered an old woman in
a brown jacket and long skirt. She has this stricken face and has
her white hair tied in a bun. Her skin sags but her blue bright
eyes pop out making her seem somewhat powerful looking. Everyone
took there seats. "Welcome to Class A-4, I'm Mrs.Peters," as said,
as she wrote her name with the blue magic-pen. "I am your homeroom
teacher for the rest of your 1st year, in Magicix School Infinity."

"This teacher..? Have I met her before? Her voice is familiar,"
thought Rose.

"Anyways..we have 40 minutes. So let's kill time with some class
introductions! Ah.. let's see. We'll start from Row One. So you there!"
Mrs.Peters pointed at Rose. "We're starting with you. Get up here."

"O-Oh, right," I uttered."I know her! Very well! But I can't
just put my finger on it.. Who is she..?"
I got up and quietly
in front of the classroom,"Hi. I'm Rose. Rose Oversight.. I am
currently 15 years old. Um.. I love to read books and spend time
with my pixie Momo.. I..Uh.." Rose began to become nervous.

"Your power?" Mrs.Peters interpreted.

"Huh? Oh.. I don't have my winx yet.." Rose answered.The class
was silent and still. Everyone seemed to be bored out of their

"You may sit down Rose," Miss.Peters said."Anddd.. I blew it,
nobody thinks I'm cool wish means I can't make friends," Rose
She quickly took her seat.

"Whooooaaa! You don't know yet! How'd you get in this school then?
You must be really smart in combat then! Otherwise they would
have never expected you," a girl said behind her.

"Huh? Um, Thanks," Rose said in total astonishment, thinking that
this girl thinks she is cool.

She walked in front of the class since she was next.
She cleared her throat and began,"Hiiii everyoneee!!!
I'm Lulla Yowane! I love to sing, dance and sing!
I also like stars, they shine so bright in the sky! Auuwwgguh don't
you think so too! Ooh ooh and I also love to read comic books and
eat cakes! Cakes are soooo yummy. Whoops sorry if I drooled there..hehe.
I'm 15 and I have the power of celestial! Aka Stars!"

"Aaah.. interesting. So you're a fairy from Staopia? Correct?" Mrs.Peters

"Hehe. Yeah! Pretty cool righ-," Lulla was cut off by Mrs.Peters.

"Alright, next," she said completely ignoring Lulla and showing no
interest at all anymore. Lulla sighed and sat back her seat.
"Well, Rose. Let's survive homeroom together! As best buddies!" she whispered.

With a happy smile she nodded and they both sat together, as friends,
listening to the rest of the introductions.

After all the introductions, Mrs.Peters made a announcement, "Make sure
to come back to homeroom so I can introduce you to the Infinite Specialist
Boys right after lunch. We need pair you guys for future purposes."

"Future purposes?"
"Oh my god, did you hear that? Infinite Specialist."
"Amazing! I hope I get paired with a hot boy! Eeeep!"

Before we knew it the bell rang. Perfect timing, that teacher
seriously was strict and mean to everyone.

"Well Rose! Catch you later!" Lolla said waving good bye. Rose
waved back this time with a smile.

For a couple of chapters, I'll be introducing 1 or
2 more characters. So if you want your character to be in
this story you better hurry up and reply with your
character! ;)

Accepted so far;

Catch ya later! =Ember-


Date: 09/12/14 6:53 PM
From: WinxWeekly

Whoops! Forgot to add my power!
Power: Life
Nickname: Vita (Most people call me Vita)

Date: 09/12/14 12:55 AM
From: WinxWeekly

Full Name: Princess Vitalia of Magjiiro
Gender: Girl
Age: 17
Personality: Can have outbursts, likes to get things done HER way, serious, can be funny, likes to stick to the point, wants to know the answers to everything.
Hobby: Reading, Horse Back Riding.
Looks: Pale skin, silver blue eyes, shoulder length red wavy hair.
Transformation Stage: Enchantix
Likes: Horses, books, red roses, big green fields.
Dislikes: Fire, being closed in, being alone.
Strength: When she is angry she overflows with power, she's good at logically figuring things out.
Weakness: Of course, anger does come with disadvantages.
Pet/Pixie: Ruanna, Pixie of Souls, Tilly the Bunny (Fairy Pet), A brown horse named Hunter (Only on her planet), An eagle named Arrow (Only on her planet).

Date: 08/27/14 10:14 PM
From: SappireJem

Love that chapter! -J-Z-I

Date: 08/27/14 8:38 PM
From: everemb

Here it is! Chapter Three.
Chapter Three:

Welcoming myself to Outside

Rose whined,"I can't do this anymore.." She glumly hanged from the private magical air ship window.

The co-pilot turning around panicked, "Miss! You'll fall out of the airship like that! Please
sit back down!" The co-pilot rushed to Rose's side and tried to pull her away from the window.
But she wouldn't budge.

"Sheesh, Co-Pilot it's alright. Rose always does something like this. Don't worry I caught
her before when she fell out last time,"Momo said nonchalantly while nail filing her nails.
But that only made the co-pilot sweat more.

"Huh? Momo do you see this? There's something that isn't made out of emerald?!?!" Rose
said in total astonishment. This is because she spent almost all of her life in Eapidi,
this is not because she is actually stupid...even though she's sticking out half of her
body out of a window, up in the air, 9,000 feet from the ground.

"Well of course silly Rose. Momo knows things know the outside world doesn't use
emerald to build everything. Only Eapidi is the only planet that does that," Momo informed

"I know that too Momo... it's just... so different..even the feels so different," Rose
mouth was in a perfect O. Weird alien-like animals walked in a forest full of lightly colored pink
and purple plants. The lake was glistening, animals calls traveled through the wind. The sun's light and
warmth welcomed her to a new world.

She sat back down to her assigned seat in the air ship. The co-pilot gasped for air and collapsed
onto the floor with his numb noodle arms.
"Momo...what do you think the boarding school will be like?" she asked as she
held up a golden lock charm from the necklace she wore.

Momo smiled, "Mhm! And I bet you're going to meet some good people! Did you know,
the guide says they have a swimming pool! Something to remind you of home! You love swimming, right?"

"Yea, thank goodness.." she sighed and turned her head to window and watched the new world before her.

"WE'RE HEERREE!YAHOOOOO!"shouted Momo and did an jump in the air.

Rose moaned, "..Ugh.."

Momo gave Rose a strict look, "What do you mean,'Ugh'?"

"This sucks. School sucks. I wanna go backk hoommmeee,"Rose dropped her bags and fell on
the floor and rolled like a baby."I'm hungry! I want go back home! I want to have new boots!
My hair is so stinky. I smell stinky! I wanna take a shower! I wanna go HOME!" Rose whined and whined.
People started to gather around Momo and Rose.

Momo sighed, "Enough.Up,up, now!"

"Fineeeeee. But then you better buy me some erdin sou-," suddenly Rose bumped into a something tall and...alive?

"Ow! My head!" someone said in unison with Rose.

"What? Two Roses? No wait," Momo turned around and saw a boy on top of Rose. "WAAAAUUGGHHH!! ROSE IS BEING ATTACKED!
POLICE! POLICE!" Momo cried and screamed in circles, she dropped her tiny little bags. More people circled around Momo
and Rose.

"This isn't what it looks like! Calm down!" said the Rose and the boy unison. "Hey! Stop copying me! I told you stop!"

Rose sighed in frustration, "Get off me you freak face!"

The boy got up and dusted off his shorts and hoodie,"Hey! Watch your mouth Pricky Princess!"

"I am NOT a Pricky Princess!"

"Well before it sounded it like you were whinging like a little 3 year old..."



Then they took a deep breath,took a one foot forward each other,and said together,
"Seriously! You need to stop blabbing and attracting attention!
I never met anyone absolutely positively infuriating, obnoxious, maddening,
troublesome person in a train station before!!!" They both looked at each other
in disgusted looks. A camera flash interrupted their little fight, they realized
the whole train station was looking at them. Even the train lights looked like eyes glaring at them.

"Do you see this right now..?"
"Isn't that THE prince?"
"Look, look Amy! It's him!"
"What's he doing with a girl like that. He's not dating her is she?!"
"I hope not!"

"Well," Rose thought,"Welcome me.. to the outside world..."

I'm not really going to get into the boarding school
thing until the next Chapter. Anyways here it is.

Full Name:
Transformation Stage:

Here's the fourm I told you guys I was going to do. Go ahead and knock yourselves

Catch ya later! =Ember-


Date: 08/27/14 7:14 PM
From: WinxWeekly

I love it! This is really good!

Date: 08/26/14 11:51 PM
From: everemb

Here's the next part readers! :)


Chapter Two Part Two:
The Troublemaker's End

"Eh..?" Rose said in a dull tone. Momo flew close to Rose's ear, whispering.
Seconds later after Momo's explanation she finally caught on. "EHHHH???????????? BOARDING SCHOOL!
BUT WHY?!"Rose said asked in complete shock.

"Rose, I know you hate traveling, but you've passed the line. It's time to go." The king implied
"MOMO QUE THE MUSIC!" Rose ordered.

"YES, MA'AM, YES!" Momo replied.The throne room dimmed...
sad violin beautiful music played...a white spotlight turned on.
The king sighed rolling his eyes.

"Oh poor me,"sniffled Rose,"I? Such a lovely...delicate
innocent flower? Flying away to another DREADFUL planet! Who
knows what dangers lie in the outside world!"

"Hello? ... Yes, 1 ticket to Magix. I also would like
to fill out boarding school paperwork for a commoner. Would you please
hook me up to Mr.Trufto? ... Ah, yes. Okay. ... Thank you. I'll be waiting." the king said while having a conversation
on the magical emerald phone. He completely got used her act and completely ignored it.

"Momo..Catch me.." Rose sobbed falling.
"Rose! No! I'm only a pixie you're going to crush me!"Mom pled. "AAAAHHHH!!!"

Meanwhile.. in a cave on Ceoial Island. Bats and monsters run out in fear.
Deep in the cave a sound of some spitting echoed.

"Agh! Blast. All those years not having bones or flesh... makes you feel stiff," the voice
seems to be coming from a man.

"Oh shut your trap! You haven't been using magic for 10 years to call someone from the living!" a very low warped voice blabbed.
"But... I only called for you to save me.. why call the others?"

"I don't care man! What I want to do is go back and crush some fairy wings!" another male voice said cracking his knuckles.

"Same. Come on team. Back to Earth!"

"Hold it freaks. We're going to freeze annoying pixies first!"an old woman argued with a harsh voice.

"Yeah! Us sisters know where they are anyways!"

"Hold it,"a young grown woman's voice interrupted. "You all of have been gone for 50 years...or more...
for some of you.. and don't know what you're talking about."
A sound clucking boots echoed deep in the cave. "First of all, if you even to managed to even find
the Winx. You're lucky. But I doubt that they will get in our way. Let's just say.. they are busy."
Confused looks of 11 shadows were stamped on their faces. "But... That doesn't matter. What
matters now is we need to take action now. And since I'm the powerful one here.. I'm you're leader.
Anyone who defys me can go back to their graves...Understood?"

None of the people in the cave were foolish enough. They all all sensed the unimaginable power
around her and kept their tongues sealed.

"Good.."grinned the young woman. "MAGIX DIMENSION! PREPARE FOR THE WORST!"


Sorry if this is a bit long. But I wanted to get a lot of stuff for this chapter. I tried to
keep it light and funny for you guys.

Catch ya later! -Ember=


Date: 08/26/14 6:11 PM
From: SappireJem

Nice Chapter! -Jasmine-Zoe-Isabella (Sometimes we'll sign off as - J-Z-I)

Date: 08/26/14 12:59 AM
From: everemb

I guess I'll continue! Thanks for the support!

Chapter Two Part One:
The Troublemaker's End

Now let me create an image for you of
whats happening in Eapidi. You see there is a
carriage in the middle of downtown. The horses
are panicking, and in front of the horses are monsters.
And you see a crowd of downtown customers running away
in fear. Meanwhile, we have guards and angry salesmen/women
chasing behind the carriage. And all of this noise
points to only one person. I introduce to you a 15 year
old girl Rose.

"ROSE! STOP THIS CARRIAGE RIGHT NOW!" A royal guard shouted as
he popped out from a sack of flour.

"If I could I would! But I don't know how to!!!" she replied in tears.

"DON'T WORRY! MOMO GOTS IT!" a flying pixie said snapping her fingers and

"NO MOMO DON- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!" And crash just like that the whole
downtown area was in complete mess! Did you know, Rose broke a new record, that
took a minute and 20 seconds."Mo..Mo..this is all...your...fault..." Rose

After a while in an emerald castle up high...
"How many times...Oh, Rose.." a man complained in a high throne seat.

"I'm sorry! Really I am! Momo is too!" she begged.

NINJA! MOM- OW!" Momo said.

"Apologize!" Rose whispered-yelled as she gave Momo a slap on the head.

"S-S-Sorry.." Momo said being a little imitated.

"When will you give up? Your silly attempts have destroyed many things!
You're 15 and your birthday is about to come. It's time to grow up,"
the man ranted on. His voice became distance and soon got blocked out,
Rose's mind was somewhere else. She started pouting at the reflective emerald floor.

"Growing up? I don't want to grow up. That's boring! Adults get to do nothing but work! I want to stay the same way
as I am right now! Growing up is for lame people! In-fact the Winx had to never grow up! They are still the legendary
Winx out there!"

"...Enough of this. I'm making the choice for you. As king, I declare you're going to boarding school." the King vowed.


I'll have to cut this short for today.
Anyways for the next part I might going to ask help for some characters. If a lot people want
to add their characters in this story. If you guys do then, the next part I will write
a short forum for any of you readers to fill out and post.

Catch ya later! =Ember-


Date: 08/25/14 6:08 AM
From: WinxWeekly

Really cool! Keep going!
Vita, Fairy of Life and Death
P.S. If you get a chance, please read my season 8 fanfic!

Date: 08/25/14 1:58 AM
From: SappireJem

That's pretty cool! -J-Z-I