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Power Rangers Reunion!

Date: 05/02/12 2:26 PM
From: bgs12

This is a crossover between MMPR, PRNF, PRDT, PRMF, PRJF, and PRSS. So here goes nothing.


Jason: Hey guys, we got an invitation.
Billy: An invitation for what?
Jason: I don't know, I haven't opened it yet.
Kimberly: Well open it then.
Jason: Ok, I will.
Trini: So what is it?
Jason: It looks like an invitation for a some type of party.
Zach: A party, we're so there!
Jason: I don't think we should.
Billy: Why not?
Jason: Because I'm pretty sure whoever wrote this, sent this to the wrong place. I mean there isn't even a return address on it.
Zach: Snooze they lose.
Jason: We can't Zach.
Kimberly: Is there any other way to contact this person?
Jason: Yeah, a telephone number.
Trini: Call it then dude.
Jason: Let's ask Zordon, on what we should do. Hey Zordon.
Zordon: Yes Jason.

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Date: 11/07/13 6:29 PM
From: saracates1

love it!!! please post more really soon

Date: 11/04/13 5:05 PM
From: IceRangerL

Please continue!



Date: 11/04/13 11:05 AM
From: Magic189


Date: 11/04/13 8:11 AM
From: bgs12

Power Rangers Reunion part 60:

At Kira?s house a couple hours later.

Kira: (groaning)
Conner: Hey, guys, Kira?s walking up!

Dr. Oliver, Ethan, and Kira?s father comes running in.

Tommy: How is she?
Mr. Ford: Is she ok?

Ethan walks over to touch Kira?s hand. But Kira slaps it away.

Ethan: She?ll be fine. I just think we should give her sometime to sleep.
Tommy: I think that?s a good idea. Come on, Conner, let?s go. We?ll see her in the morning.
Conner: No! I?m not going anywhere!
Tommy: Do you mind if he stays?
Mr. Ford: I don?t care, honestly. I?m just glad she?s safe. I?m more than likely going to go to bed now, anyway. Knowing she?s up and everything.
Tommy: Thank you, we appreciate it.
Mr. Ford: No thank you.
Tommy: Night, Conner.
Ethan: Bye, buddy.
Conner: Yeah, goodnight. Bye.

Ethan and Dr. O leave.

Outside with the two of them.

Tommy: Why has he been so protective of her recently?
Ethan: I got no clue, Dr. O.
Tommy: (stops and thinks) You don?t think he?s in love with her. Do you?

The two of them just look at each other.

Both: Nah!

Back inside.

Mr. Ford: Well I?m planning on going to bed. Is there anything you would like before then?
Conner: No thank you.
Mr. Ford: Ok, just let me know, or you can help yourself. Goodnight.
Conner: Night.



Date: 11/01/13 7:46 PM
From: bgs12

@Magic189. I think they would notice if he attacked them. Wouldn't you think? That's after all the pieces of the puzzle are put together.

@EvilVampir. Yeah you did, but that's ok. I'm actually watching the one movie in my English class.

@ninmar. Thank you, I appriciate that. I hope you will continue to read and comment as I continue writing this story. If you haven't read to part of me saying that this apart of a trilogy, you know now. So there will be a story after this one. which will have a cliffhanger at the end.

@everyone. I need monsters for the second story in this trilogy. I'm going to set up a post here on fanfiction, and on the megaforce board as well. Please help me with creating monsters. I really could use the help. Thanks.



Date: 11/01/13 6:52 AM
From: ninmar

I've never read this before, and I just started reading it last night! This is a pretty AWESOME fanfic! I LOVE IT! Please, continue!

Date: 10/31/13 6:31 PM
From: EvilVampir

I love it!!Please continue!!
Happy Halloween! May the force be ever in your favor!! Um, I think I mixed up two movies. Oops.

Date: 10/31/13 1:47 PM
From: IceRangerL

Please continue!



Date: 10/31/13 1:00 PM
From: Magic189

EVIL WHITE RANGER! EVIL WHITE RANGER! EVIIIILLLLLLLLLL! O_O when Trent attacks they won't know its the evil version...... MEEP YOU NEED TO CONTINUE DUDE!

Date: 10/31/13 10:07 AM
From: bgs12

Power Rangers Reunion part 59:

In some part of Reefside, Trent?s emotions are getting the best of him.

Trent: (thinking to hiself) Why did I do that?!? Kira will never talk to me again. What am I saying? Not only will she ever talk to me again, but she?ll never want to see me again. Why did I punch Conner? That hurt. I should go apologize to him. Her as well.

Then all of a sudden he started cringing in pain, and turned into the evil white ranger.

Trent: (aloud) I?m back! This is going to be good!

With that he opened an invisaportal, and went through it.

Back with Tommy and Jason.

They spot Kira trying to fight a bunch of puddies, Kelzaks and tyranodrones.

Tommy: Kira!
Kira: Dr. O, help!

At that moment Jason and Tommy jumped into action.

Within a couple minutes, all the puddies, Kelzaks and tyranodrones were gone.

Jason: Are you ok?
Kira: I?m fine.
Tommy: Are you sure?
Kira: Yes.

But before anyone could say anything more, Kira fell unconscious.

Tommy: Kira!
Jason: We should get her home.
Tommy: You call the others, I?ll get her home.

Tommy picks Kira up, and starts carrying her home.



Date: 10/28/13 9:11 AM
From: bgs12

Power Rangers Reunion part 58:

With Kira.

Kira: (thinking to herself) God, why did he have to do that?!? Why couldn?t he just talk to me about this? I told him I was home practicing for Reefside Idol. Has our whole relationship been like?!? Did I do the right thing by walking away from him?

But suddenly Kira?s thoughts were interrupted by Puddies, Kelzaks and Tyranodrones.

Kira: (still thinking to herself) What are these things? I know the tyranodrones, but not these other things.

Before she knew it they surrounded her and started attacking.
She tried her hardest to get them off her, but nothing was working.

At one point?

Kira: AAAHHHH! (screaming if you can?t tell)

Sure enough it was her Ptera Scream.

Kira: (thinking to herself again) What is going on here? I shouldn?t have my powers back. These creatures shouldn?t be here, especially the tyranodrones. Why is this happening to me?

Luckily not too far away Tommy and Jason were trying to find her.

Jason: (covering his ears) What was that? (looking at Tommy)
Tommy: (simply just took his hands off his ears, like it wasn?t a problem) Follow me.

They take off running.

With Zach and Kimberly.

Kimberly: Kira?
Zach: (echoing what Kimberly just said) Kira?
Kimberly: Where do you think she went?
Zach: I don?t know. Maybe home?
Kimberly: No.
Zach: The Park?
Kimberly: At this hour?!?
Zach: I used to do it.
Kimberly: Times have changed, Zach.
Zach: I know, but still.

With Billy and Trini.

Trini: If you were a teenager, living in this town, where would be some of your favorite places to hang out?
Billy: Obviously the café. Maybe the school?
Trini: Ok, she?s not us, Billy.
Billy: I know, I was just saying.

With Tori and Cameron.

Tori: She isn?t here. Do you want to try the beach?
Cameron: Sure.

With Cassidy and Devon.

Cassidy: Let?s go check the mall.
Devon: How about the tv station?
Cassidy: Why would she be there?
Devon: Because she works there.
Cassidy: I think we have a better chance of her being at the mall. We?re going to the mall, Devon.

They start heading towards the mall.

With Hunter and Blake.

Hunter: She isn?t here.
Blake: Unless she actually walked into the forest.
Hunter: You?re crazy, if you think I?m walking in there this late at night.
Blake: We have to find her.
Hunter: I know, but I?m not going in there.
Blake: Fine, don?t. I will.

Blake enters the forest, but hunter just stands there.

With Shane and Dustin.

Shane: She?s not here.
Dustin: Where else can we look?
Shane: I have no idea.
Dustin: Me too.

With Conner and Ethan.

Ethan: Where is she?
Conner: I don?t know. I have faith that we will find her though.

At this point no one has heard or seen anything of Anton Mercer and Principal Randall.



Date: 10/25/13 10:11 AM
From: bgs12

Power Rangers Reunion part 57:

Trent walks over to Conner and Ethan.

Trent: This is all your fault, Conner!
Conner: How is this my fault?!?
Trent: You just had to say something, jock boy, didn?t you?!?
Conner: So now we?re back to, ?jock boy?!?? Really smart, Trent!
Trent: Don?t you see what you did?!? You ended my relationship with, Kira! Why I?

All of sudden Trent punches Conner in the mouth.

Conner: (holding his jaw) Is that all you got?

At this point everyone turned their focus on the fight, and forgetting Kira left the property.

Trent: Not even close.

But before he could throw another punch, Jason took him in a grasp.

Trent: LET GO OF ME!!!
Jason: Sorry, Trent, no can do.
Tommy: Trent, say you?re sorry.
Trent: No. NOW LET ME GO!!!
Tommy: Trent?
Trent: No!
Billy: Uh? guys, where?s Kira?

Everyone stopped what they were doing, and started searching around the room for Kira.

Tommy: Haley, go check in the back.

Haley goes in the back, and comes back out.

Haley: She?s not there.
Dustin: So what now? Split up and use the buddy system?
Hunter: Haha that?s funny, dude.
Tommy: No, that?s not such a bad Idea actually.
Dustin and Hunter: What?!?
Cameron: He?s got a point . We?ll be able to cover more ground that way.
Jason: Group assignments: Tommy and I, Billy and Trini, Zach and Kimberly, Shane and Dustin, Blake and Hunter, Cameron and Tori, Conner and Ethan, Kassidy and Devon, and Anton and Randall.
Trent: What about me?
Haley: And me?
Tommy: Trent, you go home. You?ve done enough damage today.

Trent walks out in shame.

Tommy: As for you Haley, stay here incase she comes back.
Jason: We all have our morphers to communicate, right.

Everyone nods.

Tommy: Let?s move out.

Everyone leaves and goes in separate directions.



Date: 10/24/13 10:48 AM
From: Magic189


Date: 10/24/13 8:06 AM
From: bgs12

@Magic189. Here's the chapter you've been looking for. The answer to why Kira gets mad at Trent.

Power Rangers Reunion part 56:

Trent: You might want to sit down.

Kira sits down.

Trent: Long story short, you know I have trust issues and all, but recently it seems like you?ve just been blowing me off. So I?ve doubted a couple things in our relationship. As a precaution I have placed video cameras throughout your house.

Kira stood up.

Kira: You what?!?

In a different part of the building.

Cassidy: What do you think is going on over there? (referring to Trent and Kira arguing)
Devon: I don?t know. I don?t think it?s something that we should be concerning ourselves with either.
Cassidy: I agree.

Back with Kira and Trent.

Kira: I can?t believe you! Why would you do that?
Trent: I told you I was having doubts in our relationship.
Kira: Ok, that doesn?t mean you go to the extreme about it! Why didn?t you come and talk to me?
Trent: Because you wouldn?t of told me the truth anyway. Why are you making a big deal out of this?
Kira: Really, Trent?!? You can?t be serious?!?
Trent: Oh I am.
Kira: You spied on me, because you had doubts in our relationship!
Trent: So?
Kira: Meaning you lost my trust! Now I?m going to leave, have a nice life.

With that Kira leaves.

Trent: Kira, wait! I?m sorry!

Kira ignores him, and continues to walk away.

Kira walks out of the café.



Date: 10/23/13 12:39 PM
From: Magic189

OOHH Ethan! Conner! I think you just blew it for Trent. XD

Date: 10/23/13 9:14 AM
From: bgs12

Power Rangers Reunion part 55:

At the Cyberspace.

Billy: Jason she?s coming!
Jason: Quick everyone hide! She?s coming.

Everyone hides.

Kira walks in with Kylee a few seconds later.

Kylee: Where is everyone?
Kira: I don?t know.

Everyone jumps up.

Everyone: Surprise!
Kira: What is all this?
Zach: It?s a party for you. Dr. Oliver and Haley planned this. So thank them.

Kira walks over to tommy and Haley.

Kira: Hey.
Haley: Hey. How are you?
Kira: I?m good. I just want to thank you for this.
Tommy: No problem, you deserved it.
Dustin: Now let?s see that trophy.
Kira: Sorry, Dustin, but it?s actually in my truck right now.
Dustin: That?s ok, I just want to see it later.
Hunter: Same here.
Blake: Don?t forget about me.
Kira: Sounds like a plan, Dustin.
Anton: Good, now go have some fun.

Kira walks away from retired group of rangers.

She sees Trent talking with Conner and Ethan.

She walks over.

Kira: Hey guys.
Conner: Hey, Kira, congratulations.
Kira: Thanks.
Ethan: So are you going to accept that recording contract deal?
Kira: I don?t know. I do but I don?t.
Trent: Maybe I can help you decide.
Conner: (under his breath) Yeah, her decision to never see you again.
Kira: What did you say, Conner?
Conner: Nothing.
Kira: Ethan, what?s going on here?
Ethan: Ask, Trent.
Trent: Dude!
Etahn: What?
Kira: Trent what?s wrong?
Trent: Come with me.

They leave Conner and Ethan.



Date: 10/22/13 9:00 AM
From: bgs12

Power Rangers Reunion part 54:

On stage.

Principal Randall: Welcome back ladies and gentleman. I hope you enjoyed our little break, but it?s time to get back to business. For our third and final round of the first ever Reefside Idol competition, our three contestants will be playing with the school elected band. During our half an hour intermission each one of our finalists had ten minutes to memorize a song. Each song is different, and so let?s see how they did. Ladies and gentleman I present to you Ms. Kira.

Audience applauds.

Kira sings with the band.

Audience applauds.

Principal Randall: Thank you, Kira. Next in this final round, is singer number 1.

Audience applauds.

Singer number 1 sings with the band.

Audience applauds.

Principal Randall: Last but not least we have singer number 7.

Audience applauds.

Singer number 7 sings with the band.

Audience applauds.

Principal Randall: Wonderful job ladies and gentleman. But there can only be one winner. As we wait for the judges? decision, let?s give all our contestants a big round of applause.

Audience applauds.

A judge hands Principal Randall an envelope.

Principal Randall: I have the winning results right here. The winner of the first ever Reefside Idol is? Ms. Kira, contestant number 10.

The crowd cheers as Kira walks onto stage.

Principal Randall: Congratulations Ms. Kira! Not only have you won the first ever Reefside Idol singing competition, you have also just earned your chance at a real life recording contract! Congrats to you! Ladies and gentleman, Ms. Kira.

Audience cheers.

A few minutes later.

Backstage after things calmed down.

Kylee: Congratulations, Kira, I couldn?t be happier for you.
Kira: Thanks, Kylee.
Kylee: You?re welcome. Although I would like to apologize how I kind of left you hanging during intermission. That was really not my plan. I didn?t think I would-
Kira: It?s ok, I?m not mad at you.
Kylee: I know, I feel bad though.
Kira: Don?t. Now let?s go celebrate with a drink at the café.
Kylee: Ok.



Date: 10/21/13 10:08 AM
From: bgs12

Power rangers Reunion part 53:

???: Ms. Kira Ford?
Kira: Yes.
???: My name is Principal Ikner, may we talk in private?
Kira: (to Principal Ikner) Yeah totally. (to the other rangers) I?ll be right back, just one minute.

Kira and Principal Ikner walk away.

Principal Ikner: I know over the phone I said I would wait until the end of this signing competition, to give you the results. But my judges and I have made are decision, and we come to the conclusion that, we would be honored if you would come study with us full scholarship..
Kira: really?!?
Principal Ikner: Indeed. Congratulations, Ms. Ford, you deserve it.
Kira: Thank you very much for this opportunity.
Principal Ikner: No thank you. You have some really good talent, so don?t blow it.
Kira: I won?t.
Principal Ikner: Call me on Monday.
Kira: Will do. Thank You.

Principal Ikner walks away.

The group of rangers comes over.

Conner: So how did it go?
Kira: Fine.
Ethan: What did he say?
Kira: Not much actually.
Tommy: Did he say whether or not you got in?
Kira: Yes.
Haley: Well are you going to tell us?
Kira: No.
Trent: You got in didn?t you?
Kira: Yes.
Kimberly: That?s great!
Trini: I?m so happy for you.
Kira: Thanks. Where did Kylee go?
Hunter: She got crowed by fans.
Kira: Why am I not surprised?
Tori: Hey, don?t worry about it. We?re here for you, not her.
Zach: Actually the only reason why Jason, Billy, Trini, Kimberly and I are here, is because Tommy is here.

Jason elbows Zach.

Zach: Ouch!
Jason: Be nice.
Zach: I?m sorry.
Kira: It?s ok.
Shane: And to be honest we didn?t know about this until this afternoon. So?
Kira: Its fine. You?re here now, and that?s all that matters.

A couple more minutes pass by, when Principal Randall comes looking for Kira.

Principal Randall: There you are, Kira. We need you backstage now.
Kira: Sorry Principal Randall. I?ll see you guys later.

Kira leaves and goes backstage.



Date: 10/20/13 5:30 PM
From: saracates1

got me to wondering who the stranger is

Date: 10/17/13 5:35 PM
From: Magic189